(termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0276 "blue native page") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0364 ""modeled by curator" []") (mo-definition MI--0026 ""Pairs of multiple alignments of orthologous sequences are used to identify potential interacting partners as proteins that show covariation of their residue identities between different species. Proteins displaying inter-protein correlated mutations during evolution are likely to be interacting proteins due to co-adapted evolution of their protein interacting interfaces." [PMID:11933068]") (subclass MI--0445 MI--0444) (mo-definition MI--0657 ""RNA and cDNA constructs with variable central sequences and a constant flanking region are collected in a complex library. The library is then screened to select either specific binding partners of a bait molecule (generally a protein) or particular enzymatic activities of the nucleic acid molecules themselves. The selected nucleic acids are amplified using the constant flanking regions to increase their abundance. Cycles of selection-amplification can be repeated to increase the specificity of the targets that, at the end, are individually identified by sequencing." [PMID:11539574]") (subclass MI--0503 MI--0495) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0475 ""EMBL" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0009 "bacterial display") (subclass MI--0161 MI--0157) (mo-definition MI--0377 ""Fluorescein isothiocyanate is a yellow-green coloured low molecular weight dye which couples to proteins via reaction with primary amine groups at high pH. FITC is excitable at 488nm, close to its absorption maximum at 494nm, and produces maximum fluorescence emission around 520nm." [PMID:14577292]") (subclass MI--0389 MI--0384) (subclass MI--0425 MI--0424) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0519 ""glutathione S-tranferase tag" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0627 "experiment modification") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0226 "ion exchange chromatography") (subclass MI--0213 MI--0414) (subclass MI--0471 MI--0461) (mo-definition MI--0108 ""T7 is a double stranded DNA bacteriophage with a thin-walled icosahedral capsid, ~550 Angstrom in diameter, which is decorated by 415 copies of the capsid protein, the product of gene 10. gp10 can tolerate insertions at the carboxyterminus without loosing its ability to be inserted into functional phage capsids. Both low density and high density display (albeit only with short peptides) can be achieved." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0621 "author-confidence") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0135 ""acetylmethionine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0327 ""polypeptide" []") (mo-definition MI--0104 ""In static light scattering, the average intensity of scattered light at multiple angles is measured. The data yield information on particle molecular weight, particle size and shape, and particle-particle interactions." [PMID:9013660]") (subclass MI--0082 MI--0433) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0177 ""TPO" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0165 ""N6-methyl-L-lysine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0499 "unspecified role") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0819 ""weight by bromide" []") (subclass MI--0458 MI--0449) (subclass MI--0026 MI--0660) (mo-definition MI--0732 ""The red fluorescent protein derived from Discosoma reef coral can be fused to individual proteins which then acquire fluorescence excitation and emission spectra virtually identical to those of the native." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0562 MI--0157) (subclass MI--0056 MI--0078) (mo-exactSynonym ""other biochemic tech" []") (mo-savedDateTime "22:12:2006 12:25") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0153 "n-palmitoyl-cysteine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0376 "cy5 label") (mo-definition MI--0498 ""Molecule experimentally identified as being captured by a given bait." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0362 ""modeled" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0053 "fluorescence polarization spectroscopy") (mo-definition MI--0465 ""The database of interacting protein (DIP) database stores experimentally determined interactions between proteins. It combines information from a variety of sources to create a single, consistent set of protein-protein interactions. http://dip.doe-mbi.ucla.edu/" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0256 ""RNA interference (RNAi) is a post-transcriptional gene silencing method reproducing a naturally occurring phenomena. RNAi is the process whereby double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) induces the sequence-specific degradation of homologous mRNA. RNAi or dsRNA-induced silencing phenomena are present in evolutionarily diverse organisms, e.g., nematodes, plants, fungi, and trypanosomes. The mechanisms by which RNAi works is initiated by a progressive cleavage of dsRNA into 21 to 23 nucleotide (nt) short interfering RNAs (siRNAs). These native siRNA duplexes are then incorporated into a protein complex called RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC). ATP-dependent unwinding of the siRNA duplex generates an active RISC complex. Guided by the antisense strand of siRNA, the active RISC complex recognizes and cleaves the corresponding mRNA." [PMID:12110901, PMID:12408823]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0542 ""N-aspartyl-glycosylphosphatidylinositolethanolamine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0659 "experimental feature detection") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0427 "mass spectrometry") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0552 ""S-nitrosocysteine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage SecondDuration "second") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "myc tag coimmunoprecipitation") (subclass MI--0806 MI--0805) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0117 "binding site") (subclass MI--0051 MI--0809) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0801 "double nonmonotonic interaction") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0517 ""radiolabeled" []") (mo-definition MI--0805 ""The Worldwide Protein Data Bank (wwPDB) consists of organizations that act as deposition, data processing and distribution centers for PDB data. The founding members are RCSB PDB (USA), MSD-EBI (Europe) and PDBj (Japan). The BMRB (USA) group joined the wwPDB in 2006. The mission of the wwPDB is to maintain a single Protein Data Bank Archive of macromolecular structural data that is freely and publicly available to the global community. http://www.wwpdb.org/" [PMID:14634627]") (subclass MI--0042 MI--0043) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0032 ""ms protein sequence" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0189 ""[K:ub]" []") (mo-definition MI--0699 ""Measures the catalysis of the reaction: deoxynucleoside triphosphate + DNA(n) = diphosphate + DNA(n+1). Catalyzes RNA-template-directed extension of the 3'- end of a DNA strand by one deoxynucleotide at a time." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0210 "hydroxylation reaction") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0065 ""itc" []") (mo-definition MI--0034 ""All the methods that permit the physical linking of a protein/peptide to its coding sequence. As a consequence affinity purification of the displayed peptide results in the genetic enrichment of its coding sequence. By these technologies genes encoding a peptide with desired binding properties can be selected over an excess of up to 1012 unrelated molecules." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0030 ""Analysis of complexes obtained by chemical treatments that promote the formation of covalent bonds among molecules in close proximity." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0829 "multiple parent reference") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0188 "n6-retinal-lysine") (subclass MI--0199 MI--0414) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0035 "docking") (subclass MI--0035 MI--0577) (mo-definition MI--0715 ""Bacterial conjugation is the transfer of genetic material between bacteria through cell-to-cell contact. Bacterial conjugation is often incorrectly regarded as the bacterial equivalent of sexual reproduction or mating. It is not actually sexual, as it does not involve the fusing of gametes and the creation of a zygote. It is merely the transfer of a conjugative plasmid from a donor cell to a recipient" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0558 ""deglycosylation" []") (mo-relatedSynonym ""mM" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0661 ""experimental particp" []") (mo-definition MI--0311 ""The insertion of a substance into a cell through a microneedle. To extrude the substances through the very fine needle tip, either hydrostatic pressure (pressure injection) or electric currents (ionophoresis) is employed." [PMID:3016916]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0577 "feature prediction from structure") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0006 ""anti bait coip" []") (subclass MI--0463 MI--0489) (mo-definition MI--0350 ""Molecule has undergone one or more purification steps to isolate it from the cellular environment." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0318 MI--0383) (subclass MI--0506 MI--0221) (subclass MI--0682 MI--0500) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0182 ""SOX" []") (mo-definition MI--0358 ""Used to indicate the PMID from which the experimental data is extracted." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0538 ""N4-glycosyl-L-asparagine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "nanomolar") (mo-definition MI--0579 ""Any molecule that is able to transfer an electron to another chemical species." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0159 ""N,N,N-trimethyl-L-alanine" []") (mo-definition ""The protein of interest is expressed as a fusion to a poly-His tail. This permits purification by chromatography over a metal column or by binding to commercially available anti poly-His antibodies. OBSOLETE redundant term. Map to feature type: his-tagged (MI:0521) and Interaction detection method: anti tag coimmunoprecipitation (MI:0007)." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0246 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+|ACC\s[A-Z0-9]+|ECACC\s[A-Z0-9]+|LMBP\s[A-Z0-9]+|ICLC\s[A-Z0-9]+|CIP-[0-9]+"") (subclass MI--0802 MI--0798) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0137 ""acetylproline" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0236 ""P32" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0103 "southern blot") (subclass MI--0369 MI--0232) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0018 ""Gal4 transcription regeneration" []") (mo-definition MI--0157 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0705 "anti tag western blot") (mo-definition MI--0728 ""A chimeric protein consisting of the GAL4 DNA-binding domain (aa 1-147 of GAL4) and a transcriptional activation domain from the herpes simplex virus protein VP16 (either aa 411-490 or aa 411-455) can specifically activate transcription of a reporter gene located downstream ofGAL4 DNA binding sites and the E1B minimal promoter. Similarly, two chimeric proteins, one encoding a chimeric GAL4 protein and the other encoding a chimeric VP16 protein, can activate the reporter gene, if the domains fused to the GAL4 and VP16 sequences can complex with appropriate conformation. However, if the domains fused to the GAL4 and VP16 sequences do not interact specifically to form a + complex that reconstitutes GAL4 function, the reporter gene cannot be activated. " [PMID:1387709]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0144 ""L-alanine amide" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0161 ""DM2" []") (subclass MI--0802 MI--0799) (instance Smo-definedSubset BinaryRelation) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0063 ""in silico methods" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0572 "dna cleavage") (mo-definition MI--0368 ""Yellow fluorescent protein from Vibrio fischeri can be fused to individual proteins which then acquire fluorescence excitation and emission spectra virtually identical to those of the native." [PMID:10929120]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0182 ""(S)-2-amino-3-oxopropanoic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0336 "greater-than") (mo-definition MI--0582 ""Gene whose mutation phenotype is suppressed by a given suppressor mutation." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0382 "mutation increasing interaction") (subclass MI--0732 MI--0687) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0185 ""2-amino-4-[[5-(2-amino-2-carboxylato-ethyl)-1,1,3-trimethyl-2,3-dihydroimidazol-2-yl]]but-3-enamide" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0380 ""N15" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0052 ""FCS" []") (subclass MI--0004 MI--0400) (mo-definition MI--0135 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0049]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0122 ""[A:ac]" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0550 ""carboxyglutamic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0452 ""PIRSF is a classification system based on evolutionary relationship of whole proteins. http://pir.georgetown.edu/iproclass/" [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0699 "rna directed dna polymerase assay") (mo-definition MI--0063 ""Computational methods to predict an interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0163 ""glutamatemethylester" []") (subclass MI--0144 MI--0143) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0607 ""snRNA" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0398 ""two hybrid pooling" []") (mo-definition MI--0534 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0122]") (subclass MI--0370 MI--0230) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0244 "search-url: "http://www.reactome.org/cgi-bin/eventbrowser?ID=${ac}"") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0536 "glycosyl-threonine") (mo-definition MI--0826 ""Method where the internal structure of a sample is derived from the intensity distribution of the scattered monochromatic X-ray beam at very low scattering angles. " [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0396 MI--0661) (mo-definition MI--0202 ""S-palmitoyl-L-cysteine, N6-palmitoyl-L-lysine, O-palmitoyl-L-threonine or O-palmitoyl-L-serine are cleaved and return C,K,T or S residues." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0060, RESID:AA0077, RESID:AA0106]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0528 ""(S)-2-amino-5-([imino([adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate) 5'->5'-ester with alpha-D-ribofuranosyl]amino)methyl]amino)pentanoic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0339 ""Term describing a completely unknown or unspecified sequence position." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0198 MI--0212) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0836 "temperature of interaction") (subclass MI--0121 MI--0120) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0151 ""(R,E,E)-2-amino-3-(3,7,11-trimethyl-2,6,10-dodecatrienylsulfanyl)propanoic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0464 ""MIPS" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0407 "direct interaction") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0706 "nucleic acid transformation") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "synthetic growth defect") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0186 ""biotinyllysine" []") (mo-definition MI--0590 ""Collection of topic describing the free text stored as an attribute value." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0537 MI--0533) (mo-definition MI--0012 ""In this variation of the FRET assay the donor fluorophore is replaced by a luciferase (typically Renilla luciferase). In the presence of its substrate, the luciferase catalyses a bioluminescent reaction that excites the acceptor fluorophore through a resonance energy transfer mechanism. As with FRET the energy transfer occurs only if the protein fused to the luciferase and the one fused to the acceptor fluorophore are in close proximity (10-100 Angstrom)." [PMID:9874787, PMID for application instance:10725388]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0077 "nuclear magnetic resonance") (mo-exactSynonym ""flag tag coip" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0495 "experimental role") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0158 ""methylalanine" []") (mo-definition MI--0420 ""Measures quenching of the nonradiative energy transfer between fluorescent long-lifetime lanthanide chelates and different acceptors. Relies on a fluorescence energy donor and acceptor being added from close proximity on the phosphorylated substrate due to the action of the kinase." [PMID:14987100]") (mo-definition ""Results generated by predictive bioinformatics approaches rather than experimental data. OBSOLETE as a full host organisms description is recommended using tax id == -1 as convention to refer to 'in vitro' interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0032 MI--0427) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0165 ""methyllysine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0530 ""(S)-2-amino-5-poly[2'-adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate) 5'->5'-ester with 1alpha-D-ribofuranosyl]oxy-5-oxopentanoic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0534 "glycosyl-cysteine") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0056 ""full dna sequence" []") (mo-definition ""The protein of interest is expressed as a fusion to the peptide YPYDVPDYA (a fragment of the influenza hemaglutinin protein) for which antibodies are commercially available. OBSOLETE redundant term. Map to feature type : ha-tagged (MI:0520) and Interaction detection method: anti tag coimmunoprecipitation (MI:0007)." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0136 ""N-acetyl-L-phenylalanine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0171 ""(S)-2-amino-5-[imino(phosphonoamino)methyl]aminopentanoic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0845 "spin label") (subclass MI--0454 MI--0449) (subclass MI--0712 MI--0704) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0159 ""trimethylalanine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0344 "cell lysate") (subclass MI--0430 MI--0030) (mo-relatedSynonym ""pM" []") (mo-relatedSynonym KelvinDegree ""K" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0229 ""gfp complementation" []") (subclass MI--0529 MI--0527) (subclass MI--0066 MI--0084) (subclass MI--0831 MI--0473) (mo-definition MI--0168 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0064]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0142 "n-acetyl-valine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0554 ""N6-glycyl-L-lysine" []") (subclass MI--0666 MI--0590) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "synthetic phenotype") (mo-exactSynonym ""inhibitor small mol" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0624 "stimulation") (mo-definition MI--0006 ""A specific antibody for the protein of interest (bait) is available, this is used to generate a high affinity resin to capture the endogenous bait present in a sample." [PMID:7708014]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0421 "identification by antibody") (subclass MI--0614 MI--0664) (mo-definition ""A cassette coding for a protein tag is inserted by homologous recombination onto the genomic copy of an open reading frame. The advantage of this delivery method is that the resulting engineered protein is expressed under its natural promoter control. OBSOLETE redundant term. Map to feature type : tag (MI:0507) " [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0077 ""NMR requires a small volume of concentrated protein solution that is placed in a strong magnetic field. Certain atomic nuclei, and in particular hydrogen, have a magnetic moment or spin; that is, they have an intrinsic magnetisation, like a bar magnet. The spin aligns along the strong magnetic field, but can be changed to a misaligned excited state in response to applied radio frequency (RF) pulses of electromagnetic radiation. When the excited hydrogen nuclei relax to their aligned state, they emit RF radiation, which can be measured and displayed as a spectrum. The nature of the emitted radiation depends on the environment of each hydrogen nucleus, and if one nucleus is excited, it will influence the absorption and emission of radiation by other nuclei that lie close to it. It is consequently possible, by an ingenious elaboration of the basic NMR technique known as two-dimensional NMR, to distinguish the signals from hydrogen nuclei in different amino acid residues and to identify and measure the small shifts in these signals that occur when these hydrogen nuclei lie close enough to interact: the size of such a shift reveals the distance between the interacting pair of hydrogen atoms. In this way NMR can give information about the distances between the parts of the protein molecule. NMR provides information about interacting atoms thereby permitting to obtain information about protein structure and protein-protein interaction." [PMID:12120505, PMID for application instance:12062432]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0131 ""acetylisoleucine" []") (mo-definition MI--0086 ""Western blot assay carried out using a mixture of different antibodies that represent the immune response, normally in an experimental animal, to the protein of interest." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0355 MI--0353) (subclass MI--0692 MI--0689) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0402 ""ch-ip" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0531 ""adp-ribosylserine" []") (mo-definition MI--0671 ""This annotation topic should contain information about antibodies when specific antibodies (monoclonal or polyclonal raised against specific regions of the proteins or purified in a specific manner) have been used." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0601 ""so" []") (subclass MI--0177 MI--0170) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0521 ""6-His-tag" []") (subclass MI--0247 MI--0473) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0822 ""weight by hoechst" []") (subclass MI--0522 MI--0507) (subclass MI--0469 MI--0489) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0158 ""AMT" []") (mo-definition MI--0074 ""Several mutant molecules are produced by random or directed techniques and assayed for their ability to support binding. Mutants defective in binding are tested for correct folding to pinpoint the residues that are directly involved in binding." [PMID:14755292]") (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0444 MI--0000) (subclass MI--0508 MI--0406) (mo-definition MI--0303 ""Synonym as used in Gene Ontology." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0211 ""Covalent or non covalent binding of lipid group on a protein residue." [GO:0006497, PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0580 MI--0500) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0182 ""[S:oxal]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0589 "in vitro translated protein") (subclass MI--0680 MI--0319) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0337 "less-than") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0107 ""spr" []") (subclass MI--0826 MI--0067) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0670 "imex") (mo-definition MI--0739 ""Membrane shuttling peptide derived from the Drosophila homeobox protein Antennapedia: RQIKIWFQNRRMKWKK" [PMID:16574060]") (subclass MI--0319 MI--0318) (mo-definition MI--0020 ""During the treatment for microscope analysis a tissue section is incubated with high-specificity antibodies coupled to heavy metals (gold). Any tissue section can then be analysed by electron microscopy to localise the target proteins within the cell. This method supports very high resolution colocalisation of different molecules in a cell." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0054 MI--0051) (mo-definition ""The protein of interest is expressed as a fusion to the peptide EUKLISEED (a fragment of the Myc oncogene protein) for which antibodies are commercially available. Sometimes multiple copies of the peptide are fused in tandem. OBSOLETE redundant term. Map to feature type: myc-tagged (MI:0522) and Interaction detection method: anti tag coimmunoprecipitation (MI:0007)." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0658 MI--0815) (mo-definition MI--0119 ""Residue of a protein whose identity mutation or deletion decreases significantly interaction strength." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0582 "suppressed gene") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0186 ""N6-biotinyl-L-lysine" []") (subclass MI--0167 MI--0548) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0164 ""methylhistidine" []") (subclass MI--0713 MI--0704) (subclass MI--0822 MI--0816) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0213 "methylation reaction") (mo-definition MI--0711 ""Electroporation, or electropermeabilization, is a significant increase in the electrical conductivity and permeability of the cell plasma membrane caused by externally applied electrical field. It is usually used in molecular biology as a way of introducing some substance inside the cell, such as loading it with a molecular probe, a drug that can change cell's function, or a piece of coding DNA." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0212 ""Cleavage of a lipid group covalently bound to a protein residue." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0500 ""Description of molecules polarity on a directional interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0485 "search-url: "http://www.ebi.uniprot.org/entry/${ac}"") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0667 ""cv att name" []") (mo-definition MI--0200 ""S-geranylgeranyl-L-cysteine is cleaved and returns a C residue." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0104]") (subclass MI--0238 MI--0517) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0480 "search-url: "http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/dispomim.cgi?id=${ac}"") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0498 "prey") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0114 ""x-ray diffraction" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0705 ""anti tag western" []") (mo-definition MI--0174 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0035]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0471 "mint") (subclass MI--0614 MI--0669) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0532 ""N4-alpha-D-ribofuranosyl-L-asparagine 5'->5'-ester with adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate)" []") (subclass MI--0164 MI--0157) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0129 ""2-(acetylamino)ethanoic acid" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0805 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9][a-zA-Z0-9]{3}"") (subclass MI--0141 MI--0121) (subclass MI--0102 MI--0433) (mo-definition MI--0167 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0074]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0578 ""maltose binding protein tag" []") (mo-definition Enzyme ""Molecule doing a modification on its interacting partner." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0678 ""antigen capture assay" []") (subclass MI--0358 MI--0353) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0325 ""tRNA" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0410 ""sem" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0082 "peptide massfingerprinting") (mo-definition ""10E-15 moles per liter of solution. OBSOLETE: term redundant with the schema exponent attribute of the parameter." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0556 MI--0195) (subclass MI--0122 MI--0121) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0599 "figure legend") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0306 ""orf name" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0210 ""hydroxylation" []") (subclass MI--0324 MI--0320) (subclass MI--0437 MI--0588) (subclass MI--0605 MI--0814) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0067 "light scattering") (mo-definition MI--0439 ""A technique used to detect genetic interactions between 2 (or more) genes in a sporulating organism by scoring a large population of haploid spores for a phenotype and correlating the phenotype with the presence of single vs double (multiple) mutations. A diploid heterozygous organism harbouring mutations in two (or more) genes is induced to sporulate. Resulting spores are meiotic segregants that are haploid and are either wild type or mutant at each locus. Spores are scored for a phenotype, such as loss of viability." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0353 ""refType" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0195 "covalent binding") (documentation MI--0338 EnglishLanguage "For instance when an amino acid modification is known to be in the region from 5 to 7. Displayed as '..'.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0562 "methylated alanine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0187 ""hypusine" []") (subclass MI--0676 MI--0004) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0177 ""O3-phosphothreonine" []") (mo-definition MI--0208 ""Functional relationship among genes revealed by the phenotype of cells carrying combined mutations of those genes." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0437 ""Two hybrid assay performed with a third protein component is co-transfected into a recombinant yeast strain together with a bait and a prey construct. Negative control show that the interaction between the bait and the prey do not occur when the third protein is not co-transfected." [PMID:12052864, PMID:12761205, PMID:12935900]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0728 ""mammalian two hybrid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0185 ""HDP" []") (mo-definition MI--0672 ""This annotation topic will be used to store information about the cDNA library. If a name is available this should be reported along with a short description of the library." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0151 ""S-farnesyl-L-cysteine" []") (mo-definition MI--0656 ""Peptide whose sequence is experimentally identified and can lead to a full protein identification." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0548 "methylated-lysine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0813 ""pELISA" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0168 ""N-methylmethionine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0166 ""(S)-2-amino-6-dimethylaminohexanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0531 MI--0527) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0130 "n-acetyl-histidine") (subclass MI--0614 MI--0665) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0175 ""pi-phosphohistidine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0449 "interpro") (subclass MI--0816 MI--0815) (mo-definition MI--0813 ""Method allowing efficient and precise interaction detection, along with extensive repertoires of specific binding reagents. It is based on proximity a ligation mechanism that enables sensitive high-capacity protein measurements by converting the detection of specific proteins to the analysis of DNA sequences. Proximity probes containing oligonucleotide extensions are designed to bind pairwise to target proteins and to form amplifiable tag sequences by ligation when brought in proximity." [PMID:15155907]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0159 ""(S)-2-(trimethylammonio)propanoic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0131 ""IAC" []") (mo-definition MI--0237 ""Molecule labelled with the radio isotope 33 of phosphorus atoms." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0176 ""SPO" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0553 ""tyrosine sulfate" []") (subclass MI--0669 MI--0590) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0100 ""sequence phylogeny" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0181 "selenomethionine") (mo-definition MI--0364 ""Evidence based on a curator assumption, either when the complete experimental support is not available or when the results are extended by homology to closely related orthologues sequences." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0698 "dna directed rna polymerase assay") (subclass MI--0614 MI--0667) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0185 ""2-amino-3-[[2-(3-amino-3-carbamoyl-prop-1-enyl)-1,1,3-trimethyl-2,3-dihydroimidazol-5-yl]]propanoic acid" []") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Date/time of last edit and save.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0625 "agonist") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0642 "ec50") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0384 "alexa label") (mo-definition MI--0566 ""Reversible reaction that create a covalent bond between a C-terminus G of an ubiquitine like sumo protein and a K residue of the target." [GO:0016925, PMID:15985640]") (mo-definition MI--0064 ""Protein interactions, experimentally detected in an organism, are extended to a second organism assuming that homologue proteins, in different organisms, maintain their interaction properties." [PMID:11731503]") (subclass MI--0423 MI--0424) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0682 ""coenzyme" []") (mo-definition MI--0136 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0807 ""comigration in gel" []") (subclass MI--0111 MI--0228) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0575 ""AfCS" []") (subclass MI--0465 MI--0461) (subclass MI--0466 MI--0461) (subclass MI--0126 MI--0121) (subclass MI--0593 MI--0353) (mo-definition MI--0483 ""The Rat Genome Database (RGD) curates and integrates rat genetic and genomic data. http://rgd.mcw.edu/" [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0683 MI--0473) (mo-definition MI--0677 ""A tandem tag consists of the concatenation of simple tags that is engineered to be cloned as a unique element onto a sequence of interest. Note that when a protein is fused to many simple tags that are inserted individually and possibly in different sequence positions these should be reported as independent features." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0147 ""(S)-2-formylamino-4-(methylsulfanyl)butanoic acid" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0256 ""rnai" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0519 "glutathione s tranferase tag") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0324 "messenger rna") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0588 "3 hybrid method") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0488 ""PSI-MI" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0713 "nucleic acid passive uptake") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0164 ""[H:meth_n4]" []") (subclass MI--0210 MI--0414) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0043 "electron resonance") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0322 ""grna" []") (mo-definition MI--0717 ""Lipofection (or liposome transfection) is a technique used to inject genetic material into a cell by means of liposomes which are vesicles that can easily merge with the cell membrane since they are both made of a phospholipid bilayer." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0172 ""(S)-2-aminobutanedioic 4-phosphoric anhydride" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0455 "id-validation-regexp:"PS[0-9]{5}"") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0448 ""go" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0188 ""KRT" []") (mo-definition MI--0183 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0031]") (mo-definition MI--0740 ""The peptides named CPPs vary greatly in size, amino acid sequence, and charge, but share the common feature that they have the ability to rapidly translocate the plasma membrane and enable delivery to the cytoplasm or nucleus." [PMID:16574060]") (mo-definition MI--0153 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0060]") (mo-definition MI--0682 ""A cofactor is a small molecule required for the catalysis of an enzyme." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0064 MI--0046) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0104 "static light scattering") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0185 ""2'-[3-carboxamido-3-(trimethylammonio)propyl]-L-histidine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0026 "correlated mutations") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0099 ""RIA Radio Immuno Assay" []") (subclass MI--0055 MI--0051) (subclass MI--0017 MI--0051) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0808 "comigration in sds page") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0164 ""pi-methylhistidine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0620 "search-url-ascii") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0417 "footprinting") (mo-definition MI--0821 ""Molecule whose sequence identity is derived from their molecular weight after a comigration in a gel with molecular weight marker and staining by autoradiography." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0308 ""Method for temporarily permeabilising cell membranes so as to facilitate the entry of large or hydrophilic molecules (as in transfection). A brief (ca 1 msec) electric pulse is given with potential gradients of about 700V/cm." [PMID:6329708]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0255 ""expression interfer" []") (mo-definition MI--0811 ""In this approach, once a molecule is demonstrated to participate in an interaction, several insertion derivatives are produced and tested in the binding assay to detect the regions that are important for the interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0644 ""Michaelis-Menten constant: concentration of substrate at which the reaction rate is equal to half the maximal rate (i.e. Km={s} when Vo=1/2Vmax). Unit Molar." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0341 MI--0340) (subclass MI--0711 MI--0704) (mo-definition MI--0185 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0040]") (subclass MI--0186 MI--0179) (subclass MI--0657 MI--0400) (subclass MI--0114 MI--0013) (mo-definition MI--0123 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0354]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0423 ""in gel kinase assay" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0094 "protein staining") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0528 ""omega-N-(ADP-ribosyl)-L-arginine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym ""fM" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0162 ""QM5" []") (mo-definition MI--0318 ""Linear polymers of nucleotides, linked by 3',5' phosphodiester linkages." [PMID:14755292, SO:0000348]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0129 "n-acetylglycine") (subclass MI--0737 MI--0683) (mo-definition MI--0156 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0078]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0142 ""[V:ac]" []") (subclass MI--0048 MI--0084) (subclass MI--0839 MI--0647) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0095 ""SELDI ProteinChip" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0097 "reverse ras recruitment system") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0125 ""acetylaspartate" []") (subclass MI--0648 MI--0647) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Version of OBO format.") (subclass MI--0415 MI--0401) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0529 ""S-(ADP-ribosyl)-L-cysteine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0546 ""N-threonyl-glycosylphosphatidylinositolethanolamine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0554 ""(S)-2-amino-6-[(aminoacetyl)amino]hexanoic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0496 ""Molecule experimentally treated to capture its interacting partners." [PMID:14755292]") (documentation MI--0334 EnglishLanguage "Displayed as 'c'.") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0054 ""Flow cytometry" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0345 "author assigned name") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0818 ""weight by comassie" []") (subclass MI--0065 MI--0013) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "suppression") (subclass MI--0181 MI--0179) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0126 "n-acetyl-cysteine") (subclass MI--0631 MI--0664) (mo-definition MI--0612 ""Comment for public view. This attribute can be associated to interaction, experiment, Cv term, an organism and any participant." [PMID:14755292]") (domain Smo-inSubset 2 Smo-Subset) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0387 "alexa 488 label") (mo-definition MI--0306 ""A name temporarily attributed by a sequencing project to an open reading frame. This name is generally based on a cosmid numbering system." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0228 "cytoplasmic complementation assay") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0487 "wormbase") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0125 ""[D:ac]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0472 "msd pdb") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0605 ""enzymatic footprint" []") (subclass MI--0077 MI--0659) (subclass MI--0509 MI--0434) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0038 "dynamic light scattering") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0564 "omega-n-methyl-arginine") (subclass MI--0546 MI--0539) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0159 ""(S)-1-carboxy-N,N,N-trimethylethanaminium" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0201 "demyristoylation reaction") (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0647 MI--0000) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0107 ""Optical biosensor" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0172 ""beta-aspartyl phosphate" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0237 ""P33" []") (subclass MI--0488 MI--0444) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0174 ""histidine-N(epsilon)-phosphate" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0574 "digital object identifier") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0661 "experimental participant identification") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0383 "biopolymer") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0385 "alexa 350 label") (mo-relatedSynonym ""genetic tag insertion" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0450 ""CDD" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0509 ""phosphatase htrf" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0084 "phage display") (subclass MI--0159 MI--0562) (termFormat EnglishLanguage Smo-inSubset "inSubset") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0448 "gene ontology") (mo-definition MI--0151 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0102]") (subclass MI--0599 MI--0664) (subclass MI--0155 MI--0560) (subclass MI--0675 MI--0683) (subclass MI--0228 MI--0090) (subclass MI--0540 MI--0539) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0335 ""certain" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0738 "pride") (mo-definition MI--0142 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0054]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0148 "hydroxylated residue") (subclass MI--0123 MI--0121) (mo-definition MI--0201 ""N6-myristoyl-L-lysine is cleaved and returns a K residue." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0078]") (subclass MI--0185 MI--0179) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0181 ""L-selenomethionine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0626 "antagonist") (mo-definition MI--0549 ""Artificial residue modification enabling studies of cysteine binding status." [PMID:15325307]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0175 ""[H:po_d]" []") (mo-remark "To facilitate handling, they all have been merged in this file, though they") (mo-definition MI--0725 ""Protein introduced into a cell via an external organism, usually a virus or bacteria." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0609 MI--0320) (mo-definition MI--0550 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0032]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0795 ""asynthetic" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0165 ""N(zeta)-methyllysine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0124 ""[N:ac]" []") (mo-definition MI--0480 ""Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) is a catalogue of human genes and genetic disorders, with links to literature references, sequence records, maps, and related databases. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?db=OMIM" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0795 ""The phenotype resulting from genetic perturbation of A alone, B alone and AB combined have the same effect on the WT background." [PMID:15833125]") (subclass MI--0327 MI--0383) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0488 "psi-mi") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0214 ""myristoylation" []") (mo-definition MI--0249 ""A Database of Human Unidentified Gene-Encoded Large Proteins Analyzed by Kazusa Human cDNA Project. http://www.kazusa.or.jp/huge/" [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0788 MI--0804) (mo-definition ""Deprecated terms. OBSOLETE term replaced by the default OBO class 'Obsolete'." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0509 ""phosphatase HTRF" []") (mo-definition MI--0808 ""Method allowing the detection of strong interactions between two molecules by their very close proximity or the overlap of their relative bands in a denaturing SDS gel." [PMID:14755292, PMID:16732283]") (mo-definition MI--0236 ""Molecule labelled with the radio isotope 32 of phosphorus atoms." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definedNamespace "PSI-MI") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0327 ""oligopeptide" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0564 ""(S)-2-amino-5-[(imino(methylamino)methyl)amino]pentanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0507 MI--0505) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0720 "nucleic acid delivery by infection") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0152 ""(R,E,E,E)-2-amino-3-(3,7,11,15-tetramethyl-2,6,10,14-hexadecatetraenylsulfanyl)propanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0202 MI--0212) (mo-definition MI--0611 ""Small (300 nucleotides) stable RNAs transcribed by RNA pol III that are part of the signal-recognition particle (SRP). This particle comprises one RNA and six proteins bound to the RNA. SRP function is to assist secretory proteins sorting in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). SRP is a cytosolic particle that transiently binds to the ER signal sequence of a nascent protein, to the large ribosomal unit, and to the SRP receptor in the ER membrane." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0114 MI--0659) (mo-definition MI--0009 ""The protein of interest is presented on the outer membrane of Gram negative bacteria by expressing it as a fusion partner to peptide signals that direct heterologous proteins to the cell surface. For instance, a single chain Fv (scFv) antibody fragment, consisting of the variable heavy and variable light domains from two separate anti-digoxin monoclonal antibodies, was displayed on the outer membrane of Escherichia coli by fusing it to an Lpp-OmpA. Similar systems have also been developed for gram positive bacteria. Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS), is used to specifically select clones displaying a protein binding to scFv-producing cells." [PMID:10436088, PMID:8248129]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0532 ""(S)-2-amino-4-([adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate) 5'->5'-ester with alpha-D-ribofuranosyl]amino)-4-oxobutanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0599 MI--0665) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0484 "sgd") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0486 "search-url: "http://www.ebi.uniprot.org/entry/${ac}"") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0007 "anti tag coimmunoprecipitation") (mo-definition MI--0105 ""Methods based on 3D structure information." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0454 "id-validation-regexp:"PD[0-9]{6}"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0657 ""in vitro evolution of nucleic acids" []") (mo-definition MI--0814 ""In protease accessibility laddering (PAL) tagged proteins are purified on magnetic beads in their natively folded state. While attached to the beads, proteins are probed with proteases. Proteolytic fragments are eluted and detected by immunoblotting with antibodies against the tag (e.g., Protein A, GFP, and 6xHis)." [PMID:16615907]") (subclass MI--0845 MI--0505) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0794 "synthetic interaction") (mo-definition MI--0041 ""A combination of NMR and EPR. The lines in the EPR spectrum that are caused by coupling of an unpaired electron nearby nuclei change in intensity when these nuclei are excited at their NMR frequency." [PMID:11817959, PMID:11988476, PMID for application instance:12186859]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0569 "deneddylation reaction") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0088 "primer specific pcr") (mo-definition MI--0110 ""Text mining methods can be used to predict or confirm interactions by automated processing of scientific literature. Co-occurrence in the same sentence of an abstract of gene products labels are analysed to evaluate whether it represents a valid evidence of an interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0814 ""pal" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0071 "molecular sieving") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0223 "under expressed level") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "synthetic lethal") (mo-remark "Author Luisa Montecchi Palazzi luisa@ebi.ac.uk") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0339 "undetermined sequence position") (subclass MI--0235 MI--0517) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0192 "acetylation reaction") (subclass MI--0498 MI--0495) (mo-definition MI--0595 ""Xref pointing to a GO compartment term describing the end location of a migrating molecule." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0432 ""Protein-DNA complementation assay where a single promoter act as bait and is screened against a library of prey transcription factors." [PMID:10589421]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0546 "gpi-anchor amidated threonine") (mo-exactSynonym ""suppression partial" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0812 ""cam tag" []") (subclass MI--0698 MI--0696) (subclass MI--0352 MI--0350) (subclass MI--0523 MI--0507) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0235 ""14C" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0167 ""(S)-2-amino-6-(trimethylammonio)hexanoic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0153 ""[C:palm_n]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0072 "monoclonal antibody western blot") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0174 ""tau-phosphohistidine" []") (mo-definition MI--0154 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0106]") (subclass MI--0182 MI--0179) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0821 ""weight autoradiogra" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0071 ""Gel Filtration" []") (mo-definition ""Two silent mutations show an altered phenotype when they co-occur on the same cell. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'synthetic interaction' MI:0794." [PMID:15608217]") (mo-definition MI--0597 ""The feature text description may include information about the feature detection method." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0123 ""RAC" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0135 ""(S)-2-acetylamino-4-(methylsulfanyl)butanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0506 MI--0803) (mo-definition ""Physical association among molecules. OBSOLETE since too non-specific. Consider using physical interaction (MI:0218) instead." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0178 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0039]") (mo-definition MI--0807 ""The interaction of two molecules is determine by their very close proximity or the overlap of their relative bands in a gel." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0064 MI--0101) (subclass MI--0828 MI--0252) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0004 "affinity chromatography technology") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0122 ""AAC" []") (subclass MI--0411 MI--0421) (mo-definition MI--0467 ""The Reactome project is a collaboration among Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, The European Bioinformatics Institute, and The Gene Ontology Consortium to develop a curated resource of core pathways and reactions in human biology. http://www.reactome.org/" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0469 "id-validation-regexp:"EBI-[0-9]+"") (subclass MI--0554 MI--0179) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0137 ""(2S)-1-acetyl-2-pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0662 ""Interaction identifier of a database belonging to IMEx consortium." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0235 ""Molecule labelled with the radio isotope 14 of carbon atoms." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0835 "kd") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0496 "bait") (mo-definition MI--0681 ""DNA that consists of two base pairing strands. The 2 nucleotide chains are held together by hydrogen bonds between base pairs of nucleotides. " [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0104 ""sls" []") (subclass MI--0407 MI--0218) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0315 "protein complex") (mo-remark "Where possible, short labels are reported as exact synonyms of a term in this file,") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0318 "nucleic acid") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0334 "c-terminal position") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0335 "certain sequence position") (subclass MI--0024 MI--0110) (mo-definition ""Experiments performed with participants removed from the cellular environment e.g. cell extracts, isolated proteins. OBSOLETE as a full host organisms description is recommended using tax id == -1 as convention to refer to 'in vitro' interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0082 MI--0427) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0817 ""weight silver stain" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0126 ""N-acetylcysteine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0456 "scop superfamily") (mo-definition MI--0115 ""The proteins are displayed on the surface of the yeast S. cerevisiae by fusion to signal sequences for protein secretion. This method is limited by the low efficiency of the yeast display system but can take full advantage of exploiting cell sorting methods (FACS) to isolate cells that display molecules with desired binding properties." [PMID:9181578]") (mo-definition MI--0482 ""Rfam is a large collection of multiple sequence alignments and covariance models covering many common non-coding RNA families. http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Software/Rfam/" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0816 ""Molecule whose sequence identity is derived from their molecular weight after a comigration in a gel with molecular weight marker." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0180 ""[C:sel]" []") (subclass MI--0325 MI--0320) (mo-definition MI--0036 ""The rosetta stone, or domain fusion procedure, is based on the assumption that proteins whose homologues in other organisms happen to be fused into a single protein chain are likely to interact or to be functionally related." [PMID:10573422]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0602 "chemical footprinting") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0129 ""aceturic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0847 ""Dansyl is fluorescent tag. Dansyl is the acronyme of 5-dimethylaminonaphthalene-1-sulfonyl radical group reacting with any NH2 groups." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0323 ""A heterogeneous mixture of RNA molecules with a rapid turnover rate that occurs in cell nuclei during protein synthesis; it is the form of RNA synthesized in eukaryotes by RNA polymerase II, which is translated into protein." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-remark "The last accession number used in this file is stored in a separate file,") (termFormat EnglishLanguage Protein "protein") (subclass MI--0030 MI--0401) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0611 ""srprna" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0451 "pfam") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0092 ""PISA" []") (subclass MI--0255 MI--0045) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0053 ""Fluorescence anisotropy" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0123 ""N2-acetyl-L-arginine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0167 ""M3L" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0091 "chromatography technology") (subclass MI--0172 MI--0170) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0554 ""N6-glycyllysine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0145 ""L-arginine amide" []") (mo-definition MI--0591 ""The experimental condition text description, should contain information about the organisms hosting the interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0696 ""nucleotidyltransferase assay" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0300 "alias type") (mo-definition MI--0588 ""Group of method based on complementation assay where a third participant is shown to be necessary for the binding of a given bait prey pair." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0454 "prodom") (subclass MI--0009 MI--0054) (mo-definition MI--0304 ""Isoform synonym." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0146 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (mo-definition MI--0363 ""Evidence based on the author of a paper assumption, either when the complete experimental support is not available or when the results are extended by homology to closely related orthologues sequences." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0189 "ubiquitinated lysine") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0701 ""elongation" []") (mo-definition ""Knocked out gene is the suppressor of a phenotype. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'suppressive interaction' MI:0793 and genetic experimental form 'knock out' MI:0788. " [PMID:15608217]") (subclass MI--0005 MI--0810) (subclass MI--0827 MI--0428) (mo-definition MI--0182 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0185]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0226 ""IEC" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0214 "myristoylation reaction") (mo-definition MI--0175 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0036]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0695 "sandwich immunoassay") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0728 "gal4 vp16 complementation") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0206 "farnesylation reaction") (mo-definition MI--0833 ""Experimental method by which radiolabel is detected by exposure to a photographic emulsion forming a pattern on the film." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0725 ""prot infection" []") (subclass MI--0098 MI--0034) (subclass MI--0710 MI--0706) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0655 ""lambda two hybrid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0176 ""serine phosphate ester" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0391 "alexa 594 label") (subclass MI--0438 MI--0232) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0314 "complex") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0430 "nucleic acid uv cross-linking assay") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0824 ""X-ray" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0377 ""FITC labelled" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0623 "inhibition") (subclass MI--0170 MI--0120) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0515 ""methyltransferase as" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0124 "n-acetyl-asparagine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0187 ""[K:hypu]" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0437 ""trihybrid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0180 ""selenium cysteine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0377 "fluorescein isothiocyanate label") (subclass MI--0409 MI--0417) (subclass MI--0150 MI--0120) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0733 ""CFP" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0413 ""band shift" []") (mo-exactSynonym ""suppress underexpres" []") (mo-definition MI--0828 ""Subpart of a polyprotein that is naturally cleaved in vivo." [PMID:14577292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0234 "131i radiolabel") (mo-definition MI--0159 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0062]") (mo-definition MI--0571 ""Any process by which a pre-mRNA or mRNA molecule is cleaved at specific sites or in a regulated manner." [GO:0006379, PMID:14681407]") (mo-definition MI--0040 ""Electron microscopy methods provide insights into the structure of biological macromolecules and their supramolecular assemblies. Resolution is on average around 10 Angstroms but can reach the atomic level when the samples analysed are 2D crystals. Different types of samples can be analysed by electron microscopy: crystals, single particles like viruses, macromolecular complexes or entire cells and tissue sections. Samples can be chemically fixed or vitrified by rapid freezing in liquid ethane, and then transferred into the electron microscope. Data collection consists of the recording of electron diffraction data (2D crystals) and images. Depending on the type of sample, different approaches are used to analyse and merge images and electron diffraction data." [PMID:11785754]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0483 ""RGD" []") (subclass MI--0530 MI--0527) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0125 "n-acetyl-aspartic acid") (mo-definition MI--0001 ""Method to determine the interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0472 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9][a-zA-Z0-9]{3}"") (mo-definition MI--0605 ""Sites of sequence-specific DNA-protein interaction are identified by altered reactivity of an enzymatic probe to DNA bound by a protein compared to the same nucleotide sequence in naked DNA. Nucleotides in close contact with the binding protein are protected from cleavage by the enzyme. When these enzymes are administrated to intact cells, the pattern of protection from the probes identifies the location of DNA-protein interactions in vivo." [PMID:8238889]") (subclass MI--0076 MI--0577) (mo-definition MI--0148 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (subclass MI--0027 MI--0401) (mo-exactSynonym ""synt growth increase" []") (subclass MI--0456 MI--0449) (mo-definition MI--0548 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0074, RESID:AA0075, RESID:AA0076]") (subclass MI--0032 MI--0659) (mo-definition MI--0615 ""Search engine URL associated to Cv Database terms." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0183 ""pyroglutamic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0165 ""MLZ" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0561 "palmitoylated residue") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0727 ""lexa b52 complement" []") (mo-definition MI--0474 ""A definitive, freely available database of Chemical compounds of Biological Interest (ChEBI). http://www.ebi.ac.uk/chebi/" [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0722 MI--0308) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0127 ""acetylglutamine" []") (subclass MI--0384 MI--0373) (subclass MI--0100 MI--0058) (subclass MI--0846 MI--0845) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0584 "fluorescence acceptor") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0340 ""n-term" []") (subclass MI--0080 MI--0078) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0691 "vp16 activation domain") (subclass MI--0577 MI--0660) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0092 "protein in situ array") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0184 ""[E:gpe]" []") (subclass MI--0553 MI--0179) (subclass MI--0568 MI--0414) (subclass MI--0074 MI--0659) (subclass MI--0386 MI--0384) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0439 ""spore germination" []") (mo-definition MI--0126 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0043]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0248 "id-validation-regexp:"AA[0-9]{4}"") (subclass MI--0618 MI--0669) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0836 ""t interaction" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0552 ""L-cysteine nitrite ester" []") (subclass MI--0713 MI--0716) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0820 "molecular weight estimation by sybr staining") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0693 ""gal4 dna bd" []") (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0190 MI--0000) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0162 ""N(delta)-methylglutamine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0722 "protein electroporation") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0046 "experimental knowledge based") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0529 ""(R)-2-amino-3-([adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate) 5'->5'-ester with alpha-D-ribofuranosyl]sulfanyl)propanoic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0186 ""(3aS-(3aalpha,4beta,6aalpha))-N6-(5-(hexahydro-2-oxo-1H-thieno(3,4-d)imidazol-4-yl)-1-oxopentyl)-L-lysine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0186 ""epsilon-N-biotinyllysine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0172 ""phosphoaspartic acid" []") (subclass MI--0140 MI--0121) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0515 "methyltransferase assay") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0123 ""acetylarginine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0382 ""mutation increasing" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "picomolar") (mo-definition MI--0441 ""Identification of genetic interactions by generation of an organism harbouring mutations in 2 or more genes and scoring for a phenotype, such as loss of viability, that is not observed for any of the mutations in isolation." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "fentomolar") (subclass MI--0474 MI--0473) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0595 "translocation end") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0122 ""N-acetyl-L-alanine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0812 "calmodulin binding protein tag") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0065 "isothermal titration calorimetry") (mo-definition MI--0688 ""Part of a transcription factor responsible for the binding of gene regulatory region prior to their transcription. Such tags are generally used in two hybrid experiments where they are fused to a bait polypeptide tested for its ability to interact with a prey fused to an activation domain tag. " [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0160 ""NG,NG-dimethylarginine" []") (subclass MI--0351 MI--0350) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0169 ""(S)-2-methylamino-3-phenylpropanoic acid" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0816 ""weight by staining" []") (mo-definition MI--0464 ""The MIPS Comprehensive Yeast Genome Database (CYGD) aims to present information on the molecular structure and functional network of the entirely sequenced, well-studied model eukaryote, the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In addition the data of various projects on related yeasts are used for comparative analysis. http://mips.gsf.de/proj/yeast/CYGD. http://mips.gsf.de/genre/proj/mpact" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0835 ""Dissociation rate constant measuring the stability of a complex. Unit SECOND (s-1)" [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0436 "protein footprinting") (mo-definition MI--0317 ""Previously described interaction now being used as an interactor to describe hierarchical build-up of complexes." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0618 MI--0667) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0634 "contact-email") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0158 ""N-methyl-L-alanine" []") (subclass MI--0704 MI--0307) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0136 ""FAC" []") (mo-definition MI--0824 ""Analysis of a diffraction pattern generated by an isotropic sample composed of many randomly oriented crystals. " [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0092 MI--0008) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0648 "molar") (subclass MI--0497 MI--0495) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0183 ""5-oxopyrrolidine-2-carboxylic acid" []") (subclass MI--0119 MI--0118) (mo-definition MI--0251 ""Reference of a protein object pointing to its genomic or nucleic acid sequence." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0723 ""prot microinjection" []") (mo-definition MI--0633 ""Information about how the data was processed. This attribute is used mainly for large scale experiment." [PMID:14755292]") (documentation MI--0108 EnglishLanguage "Reference not index in medline : Rosenberg, A., Griffin, K., Studier, W.S., McCormick, M., Berg, J., Novy, R., Mierendorf, R. inNovations, 1996, 6, 1.") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0543 ""gpi-cysteine" []") (subclass MI--0618 MI--0668) (subclass MI--0484 MI--0683) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0828 ""polyprotein frag" []") (mo-definition ""This approach is based on the expression of peptides that bind to specific target proteins thereby interfering with their activity. In a standard approach the interfering peptide is expressed by genetic fusion to a stable protein scaffold. Interfering peptides can also be introduced into cells by fusing them to proteins or peptides (homeodomains, Tat protein.) having the property of penetrating the cell membrane. The peptide-carrier fusion protein is either synthesized chemically or produced in vivo, normally in bacteria. When the purified fusion protein is added to a cell culture, it penetrates the cell membrane thereby permitting the fused peptide to interfere with its target protein. OBSOLETE as such method can be described using the biological role inhibitor (MI:0586)." [PMID:11731788, PMID:8606778]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "aggregation") (subclass MI--0544 MI--0539) (mo-definition MI--0314 ""Set of interacting molecules that can be copurified. This term and its children should be use only at PARTICIPANT level." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0065 ""Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) measures directly the energy associated with a chemical reaction triggered by the mixing of two components. A typical ITC experiment is carried out by the stepwise addition of one of the reactants (~10-6 L per injection) into the reaction cell (~1mL) containing the second reactant. The chemical reaction occurring after each injection either releases or absorbs heat (qi) proportional to the amount of ligand that binds to the protein with a characteristic binding enthalpy (DH). As modern ITC instruments operate on the heat compensation principle, the instrumental response (measured signal) is the amount of power (microcalories per second) necessary to maintain constant the temperature difference between the reaction and the reference cells. Because the amount of uncomplexed protein available progressively decreases after each successive injection, the magnitude of the peaks becomes progressively smaller until complete saturation is achieved. The difference between the concentration of bound ligand in the ith and (i-1)th injections depends on the binding constant Ka and the total ligand injected. The calculations depend on the binding model (number of substrates). Analysis of the data yields DH and DG = -RTlnKa. The entropy change is obtained by using the standard thermodynamic expression DG = DH-TDS." [PMID:11785756]") (mo-definition MI--0563 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0068, RESID:AA0069]") (subclass MI--0236 MI--0517) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0524 ""tap tagged" []") (subclass MI--0514 MI--0434) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0001 "interaction detection method") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0144 ""alaninamide" []") (subclass MI--0306 MI--0300) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0823 ""predetermined featur" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0221 "expression level") (mo-definition MI--0388 ""Alexa fluorescent dye analogue to Rhodamine 6G with an approximate excitation wavelength maximum of 532nm." [PMID:10449539]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0539 "gpi anchor residue") (subclass MI--0618 MI--0665) (subclass MI--0450 MI--0447) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0428 ""microscopy" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0319 ""dna" []") (subclass MI--0453 MI--0449) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0537 ""glycosylarginine" []") (subclass MI--0575 MI--0489) (mo-definition MI--0068 ""Mass spectrometry can be used to characterise chemical modifications within peptides. One approach consists in the observation of a mass difference when a sample is treated with an enzyme that can specifically remove a peptide modification, for instance a phosphatase. The mass difference corresponds to the mass of the chemical group covalently linked to a residue. Such experiments carried out with a MALDI-TOF (Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight ) do not allow the mapping of the modification site within the sequence, whereas any tandem mass spectrometer (LC MS/MS Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry, nanoESI MS/MS nanoElectrospray Ionisation tandem mass spectrometry, FTMS Fourier Transform mass spectrometry) provide such information. A second approach consists of the direct mass measurement of the ionized chemical group dissociated from the residue within a tandem mass spectrometer. Both approaches need a prior enrichment of the modified peptide population in the samples with IMAC (Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography)or specific anti-modification antibodies." [PMID:11395414, PMID for application instance:11875433]") (mo-definition MI--0819 ""Molecule whose sequence identity is derived from their molecular weight after a comigration in a gel with molecular weight marker and staining of the molecules with bromide dyes." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0230 MI--0090) (mo-definition MI--0013 ""The application of physical principles and methods to biological experiments." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0184 ""L-glutamyl 5-glycerophosphoethanolamine" []") (subclass MI--0608 MI--0320) (mo-definition MI--0636 ""List of authors associated to a publication. This attribute is generally associated to an experiment." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0451 MI--0449) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0465 "dip") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0198 "defarnesylation reaction") (mo-remark "The PSI MI schema defines short labels for controlled vocabulary terms.") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0540 ""N-alanyl-glycosylphosphatidylinositolethanolamine" []") (subclass MI--0361 MI--0353) (subclass MI--0618 MI--0666) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0323 "heterogeneous nuclear rna") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0141 ""(S)-2-acetylamino-3-(4-hydoxyphenyl)propanoic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0230 "membrane bound complementation assay") (subclass MI--0573 MI--0119) (subclass MI--0433 MI--0093) (subclass MI--0697 MI--0696) (mo-definition MI--0180 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0022]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0836 ""Tint" []") (mo-definition ""Death phenotype observed on cells carrying combination of two independently silent mutations. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'synthetic interaction' MI:0794 and external CV for phenotype description (lethal FBcv:0000351)" [PMID:15608217]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0346 "experimental preparation") (mo-definition MI--0181 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0740 ""membrane translocating sequences" []") (mo-definition MI--0524 ""Tag encoding a calmodulin binding peptide, a TEV cleavage site, and the Staphylococcus aureus Protein A fused to a target protein and the introduction of the construct into the host cell or organism, maintaining the expression of the fusion protein at, or close to, its natural level. The fusion protein and associated components are recovered from cell extracts by affinity selection on an IgG matrix. After washing, the TEV protease is added to release the bound material. The eluate is incubated with calmodulin-coated beads in the presence of calcium. This second affinity step is required to remove the TEV protease as well as traces of contaminants remaining after the first affinity selection. After washing, the bound material is released with EGTA. This tag allows two steps purification steps ensuring a highly selective purification of the tapped protein (first round of selection on the protein A, a high affinity tag) under mild condition (non denaturant pH or conditions required to remove the tag)." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0249 "id-validation-regexp:"KIAA[0-9]{4}[A-Z]{0,1}"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0837 ""pHint" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0442 ""sufficient to bind" []") (mo-definition MI--0531 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0237]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0485 "uniparc") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0816 "molecular weight estimation by staining") (mo-definition MI--0369 ""The method is based on the repression of a reporter gene activity by two LexA DNA binding domains with different binding specificities. LexA is a transcription factor with an N-terminal DNA binding/activation domain (DBAct) and a C-terminal dimerization domain. LexA dimerization is required to repress transcription efficiently. The discovery of LexA DNA binding domains that bind to different DNA sequence enabled the development of this system." [PMID:12446730]") (subclass MI--0717 MI--0312) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0174 ""histidine-N1'-phosphate" []") (mo-definition MI--0189 ""Residue modification due to a cross-link between a lysine and a glycine from the ubiquitine protein." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0125]") (subclass MI--0535 MI--0533) (mo-definition ""Experiment undertaken within a cellular environment, although this may not be the natural host of the proteins in the study. OBSOLETE as a full host organisms description is recommended using tax id == -1 as convention to refer to 'in vitro' interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0618 MI--0664) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0217 "phosphorylation reaction") (termFormat EnglishLanguage KelvinDegree "kelvin") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0366 "alkaline phosphatase tag") (mo-definition MI--0567 ""Reversible reaction that create a covalent bond between a Glycine residue of an ubiquitine like NEDD8 protein and a lysine residue of the target." [GO:0045116, PMID:16127432]") (mo-definition MI--0473 ""participant database." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0478 ""FlyBase is a comprehensive database for information on the genetics and molecular biology of Drosophila. http://fbserver.gen.cam.ac.uk:7081/" [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0658 "multidimensional protein identification technology") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0841 "phosphotransfer assay") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0092 ""pisa" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0733 ""cfp tag" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0402 "chromatin immunoprecipitation assays") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0239 "biotin tag") (subclass MI--0373 MI--0505) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0373 ""dye labelled" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0478 "search-url: "http://flybase.net/cgi-bin/fbannq.html?acc=${ac}"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0484 ""SGD" []") (mo-definition MI--0033 ""In this approach, once a molecule is demonstrated to participate in an interaction, several deletion derivatives are produced and tested in the binding assay to identify the minimal fragment (domain) that can still support the interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0125 ""DAC" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0135 ""MAC" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0400 "affinity technology") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0203 ""dephosphorylation" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0162 ""N5-methyl-L-glutamine" []") (subclass MI--0250 MI--0313) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0102 "sequence tag identification") (subclass MI--0787 MI--0346) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0470 "id-validation-regexp:"[a-zA-Z]+:[a-zA-Z]+[0-9]+"") (subclass MI--0789 MI--0804) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0611 "signal recognition particle rna") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0086 "polyclonal antibody western blot") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0591 "experiment description") (mo-definition MI--0569 ""Cleavage of the G-K bond and release of the NEDD8 ubiquitin like proteins. Deneddylation, which removes the NEDD8 moiety, requires the isopeptidase activity of the COP9 signalosome." [GO:0000338, PMID:16127432]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0797 ""epistatic" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0019 ""coip" []") (mo-definition ""An altered expression is the suppressor of a phenotype. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'suppressive interaction' MI:0793 and genetic experimental form 'expression level alteration' MI:0803. " [PMID:15608217]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0125 ""acetylaspartic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0090 ""The function of numerous proteins or ribonucleic particles (enzymes, transcription factors, and others) can be rationally dissected into two fragments that fold autonomously but cannot complement to reconstitute the complex function, unless they are located in close proximity. In a two hybrid experiment, restoration of the activity by complementation of the two fragments when expressed as fusion with two polypeptides is taken as an evidence that the two polypeptides interact together." [PMID:11495741]") (mo-definition MI--0307 ""Method by which molecule is delivered or engineered into a cell." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0507 ""Small molecules, peptides or full proteins that can be used as label as they confer some property that facilitates identification purification and monitoring to the labelled molecule." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0165 ""(S)-2-amino-6-methylaminohexanoic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0149 ""HYP" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0601 "id-validation-regexp:"SO:[0-9]{7}"") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0554 "sumoylated lysine") (subclass MI--0115 MI--0054) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0484 "search-url: "http://genome-www4.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/SGD/locus.pl?locus=${ac}"") (subclass MI--0125 MI--0121) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0841 ""phosphotransfer assa" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0235 "14c radiolabel") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0669 "organism attribute name") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0322 "guide rna") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0011 ""beta lactamase" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0065 ""ITC" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0528 ""N(omega)-alpha-D-ribofuranosyl-L-arginine 5'->5'-ester with adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate)" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0209 ""geranylgeranylation" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0143 "amidated residue") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0003 ""feature detection" []") (mo-definition MI--0526 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0048, RESID:AA0055]") (mo-autoGeneratedBy "OBO-Edit 1.000") (mo-definition MI--0370 ""This assay allow identification of interactions in the inner membrane of E. coli. by using a chimeric construct ToxR-TM-MBP composed of the N-terminal DNA binding/transcriptional activation domain of ToxR (a dimerization dependant transcription factor) fused to a transmembrane domain of interest (TM) and a monomeric periplasmic anchor (the maltose binding protein). Association of the two TM results in the ToxR-mediated activation of a reporter gene such as CAT (chloroamphenicol acetyltransferase activity). The level of CAT expression indicates the strength of TM association. CAT expression can then be tested and quantify by measuring CAM resistance with disk diffusion assay or CAT activity assays on cell-free extracts." [PMID:9927659]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0171 "omega-n-phospho-arginine") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0737 ""pep seq db" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0249 "huge") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0692 ""b42 ad" []") (subclass MI--0043 MI--0013) (mo-definition MI--0085 ""The phylogenetic profile of a protein stores information about the presence and the absence of that protein in a set of genomes. By clustering identical or similar profiles, proteins with similar functions and potentially interacting are identified." [PMID:10200254]") (subclass MI--0113 MI--0421) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0439 ""random-spore analysis" []") (subclass MI--0628 MI--0667) (mo-definition MI--0839 ""Per mole per second, unit for association rate constant" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0610 ""Ribonucleic acid used in RNAi study. These RNA have the reverse complementary sequence of a target gene's mRNA transcript and inhibit its expression." [PMID:10542148]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0363 ""modelled by author" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0199 "deformylation reaction") (subclass MI--0085 MI--0058) (mo-definition MI--0453 ""PRINTS is a compendium of protein fingerprints. A fingerprint is a group of conserved motifs used to characterise a protein family. http://umber.sbs.man.ac.uk/dbbrowser/PRINTS/" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0163 ""5-methyl-L-glutamate" []") (subclass MI--0303 MI--0300) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0425 ""kinase spa" []") (mo-definition KelvinDegree ""A scale that measures an object's temperature over absolute zero, the theoretical coolest temperature where all molecular and atomic motion ceases. On the Kelvin scale, the freezing point of water is 273 (273 K = 0 o C = 32 o F)." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0817 ""Molecule whose sequence identity is derived from their molecular weight after a comigration in a gel with molecular weight marker and staining of the molecules with silver." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0138 ""N-acetyl-L-serine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0313 "interactor type") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0056 "full identification by sequencing") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0691 ""vp16 ad" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0805 "wwpdb") (mo-definition ""Experimental methods that could not be assigned to the other large group of technologies. OBSOLETE use biochemical (MI:0401) instead." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0710 "nucleic acid transformation by treatment with divalent cation") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0732 "red fluorescent protein tag") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0238 ""3H" []") (mo-definition MI--0400 ""Techniques which depend upon the strength of the interaction between two entities." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0067 MI--0013) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0188 ""N6-retinylidene-L-lysine" []") (mo-definition MI--0384 ""All Alexa dyes are fluorescent iodoacetamide dyes that can be conjugated with the primary amines of biomolecules. All Alexa dyes and their conjugates are more fluorescent and more photostable than the commonly used dyes. The numbers in the Alexa names indicate the approximate excitation wavelength maximum in nm)." [PMID:10449539]") (mo-definition MI--0310 ""Molecule introduced into a cell via an external organism, usually a virus or bacteria." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0542 "gpi-anchor amidated aspartate") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0740 ""Trojan peptides" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0167 "n6,n6,n6-trimethyl-lysine") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0187 ""hypusine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0847 ""5-dimethylaminonaphthalene-1-sulfonyl tag" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0131 ""acetylisoleucine" []") (mo-definition MI--0427 ""mass spectrometry." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0208 MI--0190) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0677 "tandem tag") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0609 "small nucleolar rna") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "genomic tagging") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0730 "pubchem") (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0353 MI--0000) (mo-definition MI--0244 ""Collection of functional complexes within Reactome - a knowledgebase of biological processes. http://www.reactome.org/" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0455 ""PROSITE is a database of protein families and domains. It consists of biologically significant sites, patterns and profiles. http://us.expasy.org/prosite/" [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0449 MI--0447) (mo-definition MI--0565 ""Residue modification due to a cross-link between a lysine and a glycine from the Nedd8 protein family." [PMID:111]") (mo-definition MI--0428 ""Methods that provide images of molecules at various resolution depending on the technology used." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0833 MI--0078) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0461 ""interaction xref" []") (subclass MI--0711 MI--0308) (subclass MI--0209 MI--0211) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0161 ""3-carboxy-S-methyl-cysteine" []") (subclass MI--0678 MI--0008) (subclass MI--0538 MI--0533) (mo-definition MI--0324 ""Single-stranded RNA molecule that specifies the amino acid sequence of one or more polypeptide chains." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0029 MI--0027) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0177 "o-phospho-threonine") (mo-definition MI--0436 ""Protein footprinting is a technique for identifying structural changes modulated by protein-ligand binding, and mapping protein-ligand interfaces This technique involves attaching cutting reagents randomly to amino acid residue (e.g. lysine or cysteine) on the proteins surface and then using this lysine-labelled protein to cleave polypeptide backbone of the other protein at exposed residues adjacent to its binding site." [PMID:14600024, PMID:14967031, PMID:14987073]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0202 ""depalmitoylation" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0815 ""weight identificat" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0702 "panther") (mo-definition MI--0488 ""PSI-MI." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0464 MI--0489) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0138 "n-acetyl-serine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0734 ""enhanced green fluorescent protein" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "inhibitor antibodies") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0575 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+"") (subclass MI--0438 MI--0588) (mo-definition MI--0315 ""A stable set of interacting proteins that can be copurified and operate as a functional unit." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0413 ""Gel retardation assay" []") (mo-definition MI--0080 ""Genes are recognised by hybridization of a probe with a fragment of the gene sequence." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0210 ""Irreversible reaction that can affect K,P,Y or R residues." [GO:0018126, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0028, RESID:AA0029, RESID:AA0030, RESID:AA0146, RESID:AA0215]") (mo-definition MI--0417 ""footprinting analysis is used to identify regions of molecules directly involved in binding other macromolecules and therefore protected from the effects of degradative enzymes." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0797 ""The phenotype resulting from genetic perturbation of A and B have different effects (in terms of direction or magnitude) on the wild-type background and the double mutant has the same phenotype as either A or B (for example, A < WT < B = AB)." [PMID:15833125]") (mo-definition MI--0099 ""SPA relies upon the fact that a beta particle emitted from a radioisotope decay can excite a fluorophore only when it is at a very short distance in water solution (few micrometers). The ligand is labelled with a radioactive atom and its potential partner is fixed to fluorophore containing beads, the emitted fluorescence proving their interaction can be measured in a scintillation counter. The scintillator measures only the amount of bound radiolabelled ligand. Competition experiment with cold competitor can be done to estimate the binding affinities (50% inhibitory concentration [IC50], cold ligand versus labelled ligand). Loss of signal can also be used to measure substrate cleavage by an enzyme, and labelled antibodies used to titrate the degree of modified residue present." [PMID:3866247]") (subclass MI--0367 MI--0687) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0799 "additive interaction") (mo-definition MI--0561 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0147 "n-formyl-methionine") (subclass MI--0312 MI--0704) (subclass MI--0320 MI--0318) (mo-definition MI--0570 ""Covalent modification of a polypeptide occuring during its maturation or its proteolytic degradation." [PMID:14744292]") (subclass MI--0026 MI--0101) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0136 ""[F:ac]" []") (mo-definition MI--0503 ""Molecule that makes intramolecular interactions." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0168 ""N-methyl-L-methionine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0575 ""afcs" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0234 ""I131" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0114 ""X-ray" []") (mo-definition MI--0724 ""Proteins are delivered into cells by treatment with cationic lipids." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0145 MI--0143) (mo-definition MI--0463 ""The General Repository for Interaction Datasets (GRID) is a database of genetic and physical interactions. http://biodata.mshri.on.ca/grid" [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0203 MI--0414) (subclass MI--0561 MI--0150) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0844 ""phosphotransfer" []") (subclass MI--0499 MI--0500) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0304 "isoform synonym") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0531 ""O3-alpha-D-ribofuranosyl-L-serine 5'->5'-ester with adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate)" []") (subclass MI--0118 MI--0252) (subclass MI--0032 MI--0093) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0151 "s-farnesyl-cysteine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0822 "molecular weight estimation by hoechst staining") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0813 "proximity enzyme linked immunosorbent assay") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0362 ""modelled" []") (subclass MI--0428 MI--0045) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0510 ""htrf" []") (subclass MI--0016 MI--0013) (mo-definition MI--0481 ""The Reference Sequence (RefSeq) collection aims to provide a comprehensive, integrated, non-redundant set of sequences, including genomic DNA, transcript (RNA), and protein products, for a number of organisms. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/RefSeq/" [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0351 "homogeneous") (mo-definition MI--0823 ""Feature detection based on the knowledge of the molecule, before any experiment. " [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0163 ""EM5" []") (mo-definition MI--0139 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0052]") (subclass MI--0795 MI--0208) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0096 "pull down") (mo-definition MI--0433 ""partial protein sequence identification." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0160 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0068]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0164 ""1-methylhistidine [misnomer]" []") (mo-definition MI--0635 ""Free text notes on how to contact the author organisation which has produced the data This attribute is generally associated to an experiment." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0821 "molecular weight estimation by autoradiography") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0058 ""genome prediction" []") (subclass MI--0251 MI--0353) (mo-definition MI--0325 ""The low molecular weight RNAs that specifically bind amino acids by aminoacetylation to form aminoacyl tRNA and which possess a special nucleotide triplet, the anticodon." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0606 MI--0605) (mo-definition MI--0737 ""database storing sequences detected by peptide identification methods. " [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0098 ""This method permits the coupling of phenotype to genotype via the formation of a non-covalent ternary complex between mRNAs and their encoded polypeptides while they are translated in an in vitro system. As a first step a cDNA library is constructed that encodes chimeric proteins in which the natural proteins or protein domains are fused to a C-terminal tether. As a consequence when the mRNA is translated in vitro the domain can fold while the tether is still in the ribosomal tunnel. Furthermore this chimeric mRNAs lack a stop codon, thus preventing release of the mRNA and the polypeptide from the ribosome. High concentrations of magnesium and low temperature further stabilise the ternary complex. Similarly to phage display, these complexes can be used directly to select for nucleic acids encoding proteins with desired properties." [PMID:11551470, PMID for application instance:12167034]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0502 "enzyme target") (mo-definition ""Two silent mutations show growth increase when they co-occur on the same cell. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'synthetic interaction' MI:0794 and external CV for phenotype description ( FBcv:0000427 'cell growth defective')" [PMID:15608217]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0152 ""geranylgeranylcys" []") (mo-exactSynonym ""suppress expression" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0323 ""heterogeneous nuclear RNA" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0182 ""oxoalanine" []") (subclass MI--0667 MI--0590) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0675 ""ipi" []") (subclass MI--0151 MI--0547) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0330 "molecular source") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0139 ""TAC" []") (mo-definition MI--0812 ""The protein is expressed and purified as a fusion to the calmoduling-binding protein. The fusion protein can be purified by affinity chromatography using a calmodulin resin." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0556 "transglutamination reaction") (subclass MI--0473 MI--0444) (subclass MI--0799 MI--0208) (mo-definition MI--0016 ""Circular dichroism (CD) is observed when optically active molecules absorb left and right hand circularly polarized light slightly differently. Linearly polarized light can be viewed as a superposition of two components of circularly polarized light of equal amplitude and phase but opposite handness. When this light passes through an optically active sample the two polarized components are absorbed differently. The difference in left and right handed absorbance A(l)- A(r) is the signal registered in CD spectra. This signal displays distinct features corresponding to different secondary structures present in peptides, proteins and nucleic acids. The analysis of CD spectra can therefore yield valuable information about the secondary structure of biological macromolecules and the interactions among molecules that influence their structure." [PMID:11578931]") (subclass MI--0242 MI--0353) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0154 ""S-palmitoyl-L-cysteine" []") (subclass MI--0143 MI--0120) (mo-definition MI--0381 ""Molecules labelled with isotope 2 of hydrogen atoms." [PMID:14577292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0155 ""N-myristoyl-glycine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0433 "partial identification of protein sequence") (subclass MI--0241 MI--0365) (subclass MI--0343 MI--0342) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0186 "n6-biotinyl-lysine") (subclass MI--0505 MI--0116) (mo-definition MI--0589 ""Protein sample collected by in vitro translation of its mRNA taking advantage of purified translation machinery." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0524 "calmodulin binding peptide plus protein a tag") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0144 "alanine amide") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0734 ""egfp tag" []") (subclass MI--0334 MI--0333) (mo-definition MI--0106 ""Surface patches are built using 6 criteria: solvation potential, residue interface propensity, hydrophobicity, planarity, protrusion and accessible surface area. Protein structures having similar patches are likely to have the same interactions." [PMID:9299343]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0048 ""filamentous phage" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0483 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0438 ""Three hybrid system" []") (subclass MI--0660 MI--0003) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0439 ""RSA" []") (subclass MI--0566 MI--0414) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0334 ""carboxy-terminus" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0166 ""MLY" []") (mo-definition MI--0695 ""Antibody array where proteins retained by the arrayed antibodies are identified using a detector antibody. The detector antibody is either modified with a directly detectable label (enzyme, fluorescent molecule, isotope, etc.), or it is biotinylated for detection after subsequent probing with labeled streptavidin." [PMID:12454649]") (mo-definition MI--0572 ""Covalent bond breakage of a DNA molecule leading to the formation of smaller fragements." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0173 ""S-phosphonocysteine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0482 "rfam") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0339 ""undetermined" []") (subclass MI--0460 MI--0805) (mo-definition MI--0461 ""interaction database." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0626 MI--0666) (subclass MI--0071 MI--0013) (mo-definition MI--0519 ""The protein is expressed and purified as a fusion to the glutathione S-tranferase protein." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0128 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0044]") (subclass MI--0094 MI--0659) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0578 "maltose binding protein tag") (subclass MI--0582 MI--0495) (mo-definition MI--0405 ""Competitive binding experiments measure equilibrium binding of a single concentration of ligand at various concentrations of an unlabeled competitor. Analysis of these data gives the affinity of the receptor for the competitor." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0701 "dna strand elongation") (subclass MI--0217 MI--0414) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0679 ""poly a" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0439 "random spore analysis") (mo-definition MI--0054 ""Cells in suspension flow through a laser beam, the scattered light or emitted fluorescence is measured, filtered and converted to digital values. Cells can be sorted according to their properties. Using flow cytometry, any fluorescent or light scattering experiment can be carried out on entire cells. With this instrument, interactions occurring either on cell surfaces or in any other subcellular location can be studied by using suitable fluorescent labels." [PMID:11988464]") (mo-definition MI--0707 ""Immunostaining assay performed when specific antibodies for the protein of interest are not available. Therefore the protein is expressed as a hybrid protein fused to a tag peptide/protein for which efficient antibodies are available. The anti tag antibody may be either monoclonal or polyclonal." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0555 "phospho-histidine") (subclass MI--0337 MI--0333) (mo-definition MI--0089 ""The protein array technology allows the screening of biochemical activities or binding abilities of hundreds or thousands of protein samples in parallel. After synthesis and purification by high-throughput methodologies, the proteins are printed onto the chip by using an instrument (micro-arrayer) that is capable of spotting liquid samples in a reproducible manner onto a planar support. The ordered protein array can then be probed with labelled molecules to identify proteins that bind to the bait." [PMID:10976071, PMID:12067604]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0473 "participant database") (mo-definition MI--0619 ""Refers to the metabolic pathway involving an interaction or a complex." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0158 "n-methyl-alanine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0468 ""HPRD" []") (mo-definition MI--0162 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0071]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0245 "search-url: "http://www.reactome.org/cgi-bin/search?SUBMIT=1&QUERY_CLASS=DatabaseIdentifier&QUERY=SWALL:${ac}"") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0596 ""experimental form de" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0465 ""DIP" []") (subclass MI--0516 MI--0515) (documentation EnglishLanguage "A namespace defined for use in the ontology.") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0166 ""lysine derivative Lys(y)" []") (mo-definition MI--0529 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0169]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0529 ""S-alpha-D-ribofuranosyl-L-cysteine 5'->5'-ester with adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate)" []") (subclass MI--0645 MI--0640) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0000 ""mi" []") (mo-definition MI--0176 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0037]") (mo-definition MI--0787 ""Descriptor of an experimental form involved in a genetic interaction" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0055 ""FRET analysis" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0827 "x-ray tomography") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0544 ""gpi-glycine" []") (mo-definition MI--0421 ""antibody mediated identification." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0730 ""PubChem" []") (mo-definition MI--0469 ""INTerAction datanase (IntAct) provides an open source database and toolkit for the storage, presentation and analysis of protein interactions. http://www.ebi.ac.uk/intact" [PMID:14681455]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0183 ""2-oxopyrrolidine-5-carboxylic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0620 ""Search URL to retrieve an external entry in ASCII format. Generally associated to Cv Database terms." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0481 "id-validation-regexp:"[XNZ][A-Z]_[0-9]+|[0-9]+"") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0586 "inhibitor") (subclass MI--0602 MI--0409) (mo-definition MI--0447 ""feature database." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0607 MI--0320) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0511 "protease homogeneous time resolved fluorescence") (mo-definition MI--0207 ""Reaction that can affect K or G residues." [GO:0018256, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0057, RESID:AA0211]") (mo-definition MI--0637 ""Participant isoform's comment. This attribute can be attached to interactions or participants." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0353 "cross-reference type") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0381 "2h label") (mo-definition MI--0386 ""Alexa fluorescent dye analogue to Lucifer Yellow with an approximate excitation wavelength maximum of 430 nm." [PMID:10449539]") (mo-definition MI--0638 ""Post translational modification required for an interaction to occur." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0314 MI--0313) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0173 ""(R)-2-amino-3-(phosphonosulfanyl)propanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0176 MI--0170) (mo-remark "It MUST be updated when this file is updated.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0312 "nucleic acid transfection") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0449 "search-url: "http://www.ebi.ac.uk/interpro/DisplayIproEntry?ac=${ac}"") (subclass MI--0357 MI--0353) (subclass MI--0630 MI--0664) (mo-definition MI--0726 ""Yeast strains are generated in which expression of DB-X/AD-Y or DBPX hybrid proteins is toxic under particular conditions (negative selection). Under these conditions, dissociation of an interaction should provide a selective advantage thereby facilitating detection: a few growing yeast colonies in which DB-X/AD-Y (or DBPX/binding site) fail to interact should be identified among many nongrowing colonies containing interacting DB-X/AD-Y or DBPX/binding site." [PMID:8816797]") (subclass MI--0043 MI--0659) (mo-definition ""10E-9 moles per liter of solution. OBSOLETE: term redundant with the schema exponent attribute of the parameter." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "suppression knockout") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0078 ""sequence cloning" []") (subclass MI--0551 MI--0179) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0351 ""pure" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0218 "physical interaction") (mo-definition MI--0456 ""SUPERFAMILY is a library of profile hidden Markov models that represent all proteins of known structure. The library is based on the SCOP classification of proteins: each model corresponds to a SCOP domain. http://supfam.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk/SUPERFAMILY/" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0415 ""Participants are enzyme or substrate in a biochemical reaction." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "in vivo") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0633 "data-processing") (mo-definition MI--0454 ""The ProDom protein domain database consists of an automatic compilation of homologous domains. http://protein.toulouse.inra.fr/prodom.html" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0380 ""Molecules labelled with isotope 15 of nytrogen atoms." [PMID:14577292]") (subclass MI--0192 MI--0414) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0140 ""acetyltryptophan" []") (mo-definition MI--0047 ""Proteins are fractionated by PAGE (SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis), transferred to a nitrocellulose membrane and tested for the ability to bind to a protein, a peptide, or any other ligand. Cell lysates can also be fractionated before gel electrophoresis to increase the sensitivity of the method for detecting interactions with rare proteins. Denaturants are removed during the blotting procedure, which allows many proteins to recover (or partially recover) activity. However, if biological activity is not recoverable, the proteins can be fractionated by a non denaturing gel system. This variation of the method eliminates the problem of activity regeneration and allows the detection of binding when the presence of a protein complex is required for binding. The protein probe can be prepared by any one of several procedures, while fusion affinity tags greatly facilitate purification. Synthesis in E. coli with a GST fusion, epitope tag, or other affinity tag is most commonly used. The protein of interest can then be radioactively labelled, biotinylated, or used in the blotting procedure as an unlabeled probe that is detected by a specific antibody." [PMID:7708014]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0002 ""participant ident" []") (subclass MI--0597 MI--0668) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0167 ""(S)-5-amino-5-carboxy-N,N,N-trimethylpentanaminium" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0844 "phosphotransfer reaction") (subclass MI--0402 MI--0400) (mo-definition MI--0198 ""S-farnesyl-L-cysteined is cleaved and returns a C residue." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0102]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0619 "pathway") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0358 "primary-reference") (mo-definition MI--0413 ""This method proves the interaction between a nucleic acid and a protein partner. On the same electrophoresis gel 1 lane is loaded with a radiolabeled nucleic acid of known sequence, a second lane is loaded with the same nucleic acid together with a purified protein (or a protein mixture). After the electrophoresis run and autoradiography by comparing the nucleic acid migration in the two lanes the retardation of the nucleic acid due to its interaction with a protein can be easily observed." [PMID:12169687]") (subclass MI--0426 MI--0428) (mo-definition MI--0543 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0160]") (mo-definition ""Molecule being identified as target of an inhibitor. OBSOLETE as term is deprecated to describe the target of an inhibitor that can have any other biological role." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0144 ""[A:am]" []") (subclass MI--0720 MI--0704) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0567 "neddylation reaction") (mo-definition MI--0357 ""Reference to a related paper which more fully describes either the experimental method or one or more of the interactors used within the experiment." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0166 "n6,n6-dimethyl-lysine") (subclass MI--0175 MI--0555) (mo-definition MI--0351 ""The author states a molecule is completely pure, i.e. no other molecular species are present." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0535 ""O3-glycosyl-L-serine" []") (mo-definition MI--0143 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (subclass MI--0569 MI--0414) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0679 ""poly A" []") (subclass MI--0542 MI--0539) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0521 "his tag") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0125 ""(S)-2-(acetylamino)butanedioic acid" []") (subclass MI--0706 MI--0704) (subclass MI--0014 MI--0228) (subclass MI--0541 MI--0539) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0457 "smart") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0733 ""cyan fluorescent protein" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "experiment condition") (subclass MI--0047 MI--0400) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "suppression mutation") (mo-definition MI--0584 ""Fluorophore able to absord the electromagnetic radiation at given wavelength from a specific donor fluorophore, the re-emission of its own charateristic fluorescence." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0602 MI--0814) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0565 "neddylated lysine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0668 "feature attribute name") (subclass MI--0328 MI--0313) (subclass MI--0335 MI--0333) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0570 "protein cleavage") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0411 ""ELISA" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0334 ""c-term" []") (mo-definition MI--0528 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0168]") (subclass MI--0414 MI--0407) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0478 ""FlyBase" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0257 "antisense rna") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0185 ""[H:diph]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0367 "green fluorescent protein tag") (subclass MI--0070 MI--0659) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0144 ""AAM" []") (mo-definition MI--0366 ""Protein is fused to alkaline phosphatase, and the measure of this enzyme activity can be taken as indicative of presence of protein." [PMID:10935637]") (mo-definition MI--0675 ""IPI provides a top level guide to the main databases that describe the proteomes of higher eukaryotic organisms. IPI effectively maintains a database of cross references between the primary data sources, provides minimally redundant yet maximally complete sets of proteins for featured species (one sequence per transcript) and maintains stable identifiers (with incremental versioning) to allow the tracking of sequences in IPI between IPI releases. IPI is updated monthly in accordance with the latest data released by the primary data sources." [PMID:15221759]") (subclass MI--0049 MI--0400) (mo-definition MI--0554 ""Residue modification due to a cross-link between a lysine and a glycine from the sumo (Small Ubiquitin-related MOdifier) protein." [PMID:12612601, RESID:AA0125]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0401 "biochemical") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0804 "mutated gene") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0166 ""N(zeta)-dimethyllysine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0733 "cyan fluorescent protein tag") (mo-definition MI--0472 ""The Macromolecular Structure Database (MSD) - the European project for the collection, management and distribution of data about macromolecular structures, derived in part from the Protein Data Bank (PDB). http://www.ebi.ac.uk/msd/" [PMID:16381867]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0188 ""retinallysine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0564 ""NG-methylarginine;" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0373 "dye label") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0475 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+|[A-Z]{1,2}[0-9]+\.[0-9]+ "") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0139 ""acetylthreonine" []") (subclass MI--0461 MI--0444) (mo-definition MI--0810 ""In this approach, once a molecule is demonstrated to participate in an interaction, several substitution mutants are produced and tested in the binding assay to identify the residues which identity is crucial for the interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0625 ""Description of an activator that acts on an external cell receptor or other upstream molecule to stimulate a downstream interaction, potentially by modification of one or more of the interactors." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0387 MI--0384) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0028 "cosedimentation in solution") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0835 ""koff" []") (mo-definition MI--0053 ""Because of the long lifetimes of excited fluorescent molecules (nanoseconds), fluorescence can be used to monitor the rotational motion of molecules, which occurs on this timescale. This is accomplished experimentally by excitation with plane-polarized light, followed by measurement of the emission at parallel and perpendicular planes. Since rotational correlation times depend on the size of the molecule, this method can be used to measure the binding of two proteins because the observed polarization increase when a larger complex is formed. A fluorescence anisotropy experiment is normally carried out with a protein bearing a covalently added fluorescent group, which increases both the observed fluorescence lifetime of the excited state and the intensity of the fluorescent signal. Residue modification can be assessed by addition of an antibody which binds to the modified residue and alters the molecular weight of the complex. A variation of this technique has been used to show interaction of a DNA binding protein with another protein. In this case the DNA rather than protein is fluorescently labelled." [PMID:12805227, PMID:7708014]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0696 "polymerase assay") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0792 "antimorph") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0227 "reverse phase chromatography") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0568 ""desumoylation" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0204 ""deubiquitination" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0556 ""transglutamination" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0694 ""lexa dna bd" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0489 "source database") (mo-definition MI--0789 ""The gene expression has been significantly reduced compared to wild-type by introduction of an external substance, e.g. by RNA interference." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0452 ""PIRSF" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0545 ""N-seryl-glycosylphosphatidylinositolethanolamine" []") (subclass MI--0603 MI--0602) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0521 ""Hexa-His-tag" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0045 ""experimental interac" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0204 "deubiquitination reaction") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0141 ""[Y:ac]" []") (subclass MI--0382 MI--0118) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0829 ""multiple parent" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0132 "n-acetyl-leucine") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0173 ""phosphocysteine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym ""Predictive" []") (subclass MI--0165 MI--0548) (mo-definition MI--0505 ""The form of a molecule that was actually used to experimentally demonstrate the interaction, that may differ from the sequence described by the identifying accession number." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0477 ""Entrez gene/locuslink" []") (subclass MI--0223 MI--0221) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0127 "n-acetyl-glutamine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0693 "gal4 dna binding domain") (subclass MI--0183 MI--0179) (mo-definition MI--0144 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0660 "feature prediction") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0472 ""e-MSD" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0140 "n-acetyl-tryptophan") (mo-definition MI--0616 ""Example generally associated to Cv terms." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0465 MI--0489) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0657 "systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0164 ""3'-methyl-L-histidine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0598 "feature constrain") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0232 "transcriptional complementation assay") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0019 "coimmunoprecipitation") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0424 "protein kinase assay") (subclass MI--0058 MI--0063) (mo-definition MI--0411 ""Following non-covalent binding of a purified primary ligand to a solid phase, a blocking reagent is added to prevent any non-specific binding. A specific antigen is then allowed to bind to the primary ligand. Unbound antigen is removed by washing and a secondary antibody conjugated to an enzyme (e.g. horseradish peroxidase) is added. Following a washing step to remove unbound secondary ligand, the extent to which a chromogenic substrate (e.g. 3,3', 5,5' tetramethyl benzidine chromogen [TMB]) is converted to a soluble coloured product by the conjugated enzyme in a given time is determined by spectrophotometry using a standard microplate absorbance reader. A similar type of approach can be utilized to detect enzymatic activities. The substrate, attached to a solid phase is incubated in the presence of the enzyme and the enzymatic modification is monitored by an antibody that is specific for the modified substrate (for instance a phosphorylated protein)." [PMID:11906746]") (mo-exactSynonym ""synt growth defect" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0107 "surface plasmon resonance") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0377 ""fluorescein isothiocyanate labbeled" []") (subclass MI--0598 MI--0668) (subclass MI--0342 MI--0346) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0450 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+"") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0206 ""farnesylation" []") (subclass MI--0726 MI--0232) (mo-definition MI--0129 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0046]") (subclass MI--0524 MI--0677) (subclass MI--0245 MI--0467) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0463 "grid") (subclass MI--0511 MI--0435) (mo-definition MI--0039 ""In this procedure the N-terminus amino acid is cleaved from a polypeptide and identified by high-pressure liquid chromatography. The cycle is repeated on the ever-shortening polypeptide until all the residues are identified. On average only 20-30 consecutive cycles can be performed and lead to amino acid identification. Longer polypeptides or full length proteins must be cleaved by specific protease before Edman degradation and their sequences built by fragment overlapping." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0693 MI--0688) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0796 ""suppression" []") (subclass MI--0200 MI--0212) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0518 ""DYKDDDDKV epitope tag" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0432 ""yeast one hybrid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0158 ""N-methylalanine" []") (subclass MI--0040 MI--0428) (subclass MI--0322 MI--0320) (mo-definition MI--0122 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0041]") (mo-definition MI--0741 ""PeptideAtlas addresses these needs by identifying peptides by tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS), statistically validating those identifications and then mapping identified sequences to the genomes of eukaryotic organisms. http://www.peptideatlas.org/" [PMID:15642101, PMID:16381952]") (mo-definition MI--0803 ""Synthesis rate of a molecule under investigation differs from its naturally occurring expression level in a cell." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0733 ""The cyan fluorescent protein derived from Anthozoa reef coral can be fused to individual proteins which then acquire fluorescence excitation and emission spectra virtually identical to those of the native." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0311 MI--0307) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0051 "fluorescence technology") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0017 "classical fluorescence spectroscopy") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0135 ""methionamine" []") (subclass MI--0708 MI--0422) (mo-definition ""Protein activity is inhibited by small inorganic molecules (drugs) that specifically bind to their targets. Recently this classical pharmacological approach is sometime referred to as 'chemical genetics'. OBSOLETE as such method can be described using the biological role inhibitor (MI:0586)." [PMID:10542155, PMID:10780927]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0740 ""PTDs" []") (subclass MI--0681 MI--0319) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0560 "myristoylated residue") (mo-definition MI--0458 ""TIGRFAMs is a collection of protein families, featuring curated multiple sequence alignments, Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) and annotation. http://www.tigr.org/TIGRFAMs" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0645 ""turnover number" []") (mo-definition MI--0686 ""Yet to be identified interaction detection method associated with interaction data imported from a third party database. This database may have potentially different standards of curation." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0227 MI--0091) (subclass MI--0470 MI--0461) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0795 "asynthetic interaction") (mo-definition MI--0425 ""Relies on the radiolabelling of a peptide substrate immobilized on a scintillant coated SPA-bead. The kinase transfers a phosphate isotope from the nucleotide to the substrate." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0166 MI--0548) (mo-definition MI--0057 ""Gene pairs that show a conserved topological neighbourhood in many prokaryotic genomes are considered by this approach to encode interacting or functionally related proteins. By measuring the physical distance of any given gene pair in different genomes, interacting partners are inferred." [PMID:9787636]") (subclass MI--0371 MI--0517) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0537 ""omega-N-glycosyl-L-arginine" []") (mo-definition MI--0070 ""Protein modifications can be identified by gel electrophoresis since any change in the mass and/or the charge of the protein can alter its mobility in PAGE. Although this method does not allow the unequivocally identification of the type of modification that has caused the shift, it is possible, by combining this approach with more direct methods, to correlate the extent of the shift to a specific modification." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0020 ""tem" []") (mo-definition ""10E-12 moles per liter of solution. OBSOLETE: term redundant with the schema exponent attribute of the parameter." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0541 ""N-asparaginyl-glycosylphosphatidylinositolethanolamine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0162 "n5-methyl-glutamine") (mo-exactSynonym ""non covalent inter" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0119 ""mutation decreasing" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0663 "confocal microscopy") (subclass MI--0615 MI--0667) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0608 ""rrna" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0324 ""mrna" []") (mo-definition MI--0228 ""Protein complementation assay performed by dissecting a cytoplasmic protein activity and restoring it through the two hybrid proteins interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0405 MI--0400) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0432 "one hybrid") (subclass MI--0459 MI--0447) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0360 ""secondary-ac" []") (mo-definition MI--0238 ""Molecules labelled with isotope 3 of hydrogen atoms." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0708 ""A monospecific antibody for the protein of interest is available, this is used to detect a specific protein within a cell or tissue sample." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0193 "amidation reaction") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0717 ""nucl lipotransfection" []") (subclass MI--0533 MI--0120) (termFormat EnglishLanguage Smo-Subset "Subset") (subclass MI--0578 MI--0240) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0538 ""glycosylasparagine" []") (subclass MI--0819 MI--0816) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0535 "glycosyl-serine") (subclass MI--0601 MI--0473) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0511 ""Protease HTRF" []") (mo-definition MI--0521 ""The protein of interest is expressed as a fusion to a poly-His tail. This permits purification by chromatography over a metal column or by binding to commercially available anti poly-His antibodies." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0226 ""ion exchange chrom" []") (subclass MI--0031 MI--0030) (subclass MI--0741 MI--0737) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0313 ""participant type" []") (subclass MI--0036 MI--0058) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0622 "confidence-mapping") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0171 ""omega-N-phospho-L-arginine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "his pull down") (mo-definition MI--0626 ""Opposes the effect of a natural ligand by binding at the same receptor or alters the state of an upstream molecule to inhibit a downstream interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0581 MI--0495) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0099 "scintillation proximity assay") (owl-AnnotationProperty "null") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0238 ""tritium" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0516 ""radiolabeled methyl" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0365 "enzyme tag") (mo-definition MI--0029 ""Sedimentation through a density gradient measures the sedimentation rate of a mixture of proteins through either a glycerol or sucrose gradient. Two interacting proteins will sediment mostly as a complex at concentrations above the binding constant. By varying the concentration of one or both of the complex constituents and taking into account the dilution of the species during sedimentation, one can reasonably accurately estimate the binding constant." [PMID:10410796]") (subclass MI--0718 MI--0312) (subclass MI--0411 MI--0400) (mo-definition MI--0184 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0170]") (mo-definition MI--0599 ""Text pointing to a specific paper figure legend where the experimental evidences for an interaction are shown." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0665 ""experiment att name" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0125 ""N-acetyl-L-aspartic acid" []") (mo-definition ""methods supporting genetic interactions. OBSOLETE as too unspecific use Genetic interference instead MI:0254." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0422 MI--0421) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0590 "attribute name") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0153 ""CPN" []") (mo-relatedSynonym ""Immunofluorescence Staining" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0246 "cabri") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0220 "ubiquitination reaction") (mo-definition MI--0606 ""Deoxyribonuclease I (DNase I) do not have high specificity for given sequences or residues, thus footprinting with DNase I permits the exact delineation of the protein-DNA binding site. Moreover DNase I, can be used for in vivo footprinting by treating intact cells with permeabilising drugs. In this latter case DNase I in vivo footprinting allow studies of the chromatin structure in genomic DNA." [PMID:8238889]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0349 "living cell") (subclass MI--0135 MI--0121) (mo-exactSynonym ""temprtr synt lethal" []") (instance Smo-inSubset BinaryRelation) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0459 "mmdb") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0165 "n6-methyl-lysine") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0429 ""required to bind" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0187 ""N6-(4-amino-2-hydroxybutyl)-L-lysine" []") (subclass MI--0218 MI--0190) (mo-definition MI--0515 ""Measures the catalysis of the transfer of a methyl group to an acceptor molecule." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0172 "aspartic 4-phosphoric anhydride") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0717 "nucleic acid transfection with liposome") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0170 ""phosphorylated" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0597 "feature description") (mo-definition MI--0800 ""The phenotype resulting from genetic perturbation of B shows opposing effects in the WT and A backgrounds (for example, B > WT and AB< A); or, A shows opposing effects in the WT and B backgrounds, but not both. " [PMID:15833125]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0809 "bimolecular fluorescence complementation") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0187 ""KHY" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "copurification") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Represents the symmetric property. (Typedefs only)") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0169 ""[F:meth]" []") (mo-definition MI--0477 ""LocusLink provides a single query interface to curated sequence and descriptive information about genetic loci. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/LocusLink/" [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "colocalization by immunostaining") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0514 ""in gel phosphatase" []") (subclass MI--0482 MI--0683) (subclass MI--0385 MI--0384) (subclass MI--0695 MI--0678) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0028 ""solution sedimentati" []") (mo-definition MI--0556 ""Gln-Lys cross-link catalyzed by a transglutaminase." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0124]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0319 "deoxyribonucleic acid") (mo-definition MI--0837 ""pH at which interaction was determined. " [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0113 "western blot") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0728 ""gal4 vp16 complement" []") (subclass MI--0429 MI--0117) (mo-definition MI--0028 ""The ultracentrifuge can be used to characterise and/or purify macromolecules in solution according to their mass and hydrodynamic properties. Sedimentation studies provide information about the molecular weight and shape of a molecule. It is also possible to measure the association state of the sample. Both the mass of a molecule and its shape, that influences the friction forces and diffusion that counterbalances gravity, determine the sedimentation speed." [PMID:10410796]") (mo-definition MI--0091 ""Used to separate and/or analyse complex mixtures. The components to be separated are distributed between two phases: a stationary phase (bed) and a mobile phase which percolates through the stationary bed. The nature of the two phases determines the separation criteria exploited by the column such as affinity, ionic charges, size or hydrophobicity of the molecules under analysis. Each type of column can be implemented with the mobile phase under atmospheric or high pressure condition. In this later case columns are designated as High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0485 "id-validation-regexp:"UPI[A-F0-9]{10}"") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0613 "function") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0303 "gene ontology synonym") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0161 ""L-beta-methylthioaspartic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0124 ""N-acetyl-L-asparagine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0544 ""N-glycyl-glycosylphosphatidylinositolethanolamine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0374 "cyanine label") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0176 ""(S)-2-amino-3-(phosphonooxy)propanoic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0489 ""Source database." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0604 ""k-mn-04 footprinting" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0546 ""gpi-threonine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0728 ""KISS" []") (mo-definition MI--0024 ""Text mining is used to support interactions which have been determined by other methods." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0458 ""TIGRFAMs" []") (subclass MI--0459 MI--0461) (mo-definition MI--0241 ""Protein is fused to horseradish peroxidase, and the measure of this enzyme activity can be taken as indicative of presence of protein." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0186 ""KBT" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0133 ""n2-acetyllysine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0646 "Kd") (mo-definition MI--0788 ""The gene has been completely removed e.g. by genetic engineering " [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0067 ""Dynamic and static laser light scattering probes the size, shape, and structure of biological macromolecules or of their assemblies. A beam is focused on an optically clear cylindrical cell containing the sample. Most of the light passes directly through the sample. A small portion of the light is scattered; the scattered light intensity containing information about the scattering particle is detected at an angle (typically in the range 15-180degrees) from the direction of the incident beam." [PMID:9013660]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0113 ""Immuno blot" []") (mo-definition MI--0804 ""The gene is mutated in some unknown manner" [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0606 "DNase I footprinting") (mo-definition MI--0081 ""The peptide synthesis methods offer numerous opportunities to synthesise and subsequently screen large arrays of synthetic peptides on planar cellulose supports. Discrete spots are arranged as arrays on membrane sheets where each spot is individually accessed by manual or automated delivery of the appropriate reagent solutions. Over the past few years protein-protein recognition, peptide-metal ion interactions, peptide-nucleic acid binding, enzymatic modification of peptides experiments, have been explored using synthetic peptide arrays on planar support." [PMID:11167074]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0831 "cell ontology") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0040 ""Electron crystallography" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0184 ""glycerylpo4etohamine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0126 ""(R)-2-acetylamino-3-sulfanylpropanoic acid" []") (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0300 MI--0000) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0640 "parameter type") (mo-savedBy "luisa") (mo-definition MI--0319 ""Polymer formed by the deoxyribose sugar group, and the nucleotides bases adenine, guanine, thymine and cytosine." [PMID:14755292, SO:0000352]") (mo-definition MI--0518 ""The protein of interest is expressed as a fusion to the peptide DYKDDDDKV for which antibodies are commercially available. Sometimes multiple copies of the peptide are fused in tandem." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0367 ""The green fluorescent protein of the bioluminescent jellyfish Aequorea victoria can be fused to individual proteins which then acquire fluorescence excitation and emission spectra virtually identical to those of the native." [PMID:7491768]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0707 ""anti tag immunost" []") (mo-definition MI--0209 ""Reversible reaction that can affect C residue." [GO:0018348, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0104]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0456 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0186 ""N6-biotinyllysine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0178 ""O4-phosphotyrosine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0137 ""[P:ac]" []") (mo-definition MI--0844 ""Reaction where a phosphate is transferred between two proteins of a phosphorelay system. " [PMID:14755292, PMID:16712436]") (mo-definition MI--0424 ""Catalysis of the transfer of a phosphate group, usually from ATP, to a protein substrate." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0792 MI--0787) (subclass MI--0629 MI--0665) (mo-definition MI--0698 ""Measures the catalysis of the reaction: nucleoside triphosphate + RNA(n) = diphosphate + RNA(n+1). Utilizes a DNA template, i.e. the catalysis of DNA-template-directed extension of the 3'-end of an RNA strand by one nucleotide at a time. Can initiate a chain 'de novo'." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0567 ""neddylation" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0128 ""(S)-2-(acetylamino)pentanedioic acid" []") (mo-definition ""The subcellular location of a protein can be demonstrated by treating cells fixed on a microscope slide with an antibody specific for the protein of interest. A secondary antibody conjugated with a reactive enzyme (e.g. horseradish peroxidase) is then added. Following a washing step to remove the unbound secondary ligand, a chromogenic substrate (e.g. 3,3', 5,5' tetramethyl benzidine chromogen [TMB]) is converted to a soluble coloured product by the conjugated enzyme and can then be visualised by standard microscopic techniques. OBSOLETE since combination of Interaction Detection Method and Interaction Type. Consider using the Interaction Detection Method imaging techniques (MI:0428) coupled with Interaction Type colocalisation (MI:0401) and Participant detection immunostaining (MI:0402) instead." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0334 ""c-terminus" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0404 "comigration in non denaturing gel electrophoresis") (subclass MI--0377 MI--0373) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0635 "contact-comment") (mo-definition MI--0158 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0061]") (mo-definition MI--0145 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0082]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0139 ""(2S,3R)-2-acetylamino-3-hydroxybutanoic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0581 ""Gene whose mutation suppress the phenotype associated to a suppressed mutation." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0629 MI--0664) (mo-definition MI--0190 ""Connection between molecule." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0034 MI--0400) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0472 "search-url: "http://www.ebi.ac.uk/msd-srv/atlas?id=${ac}"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0564 ""omega-N-methyl-L-arginine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0338 "range") (mo-definition MI--0459 ""MMDB (Molecular Modeling DataBase), is a subset of three-dimensional structures obtained from the Protein Data Bank. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Structure" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0391 ""Alexa fluorescent dye analogue to Texas Red-X with an approximate excitation wavelength maximum of 594nm." [PMID:10449539]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0522 "myc tag") (mo-definition MI--0609 ""The small nucleolar RNAs, are stable RNA contained in the nucleoli and these RNAs exist as snoRNA: protein complexes called snoRNPs (also called 'snorps'). The snoRNPs function is in the maturation of ribosomal RNA and other RNAs, by: creating two types of modified nucleotides, (2'-O-methylated nucleotides and pseudouridine), and mediating endonucleolytic cleavages of pre-rRNA." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0483 MI--0683) (subclass MI--0815 MI--0661) (mo-definition MI--0627 ""Modifications of the standard experimental method described in the CV." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0140 ""[W:ac]" []") (subclass MI--0206 MI--0211) (subclass MI--0596 MI--0666) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0388 "alexa 532 label") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0236 ""32P" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0151 ""[C:farn]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0583 "fluorescence donor") (mo-relatedSynonym ""uM" []") (subclass MI--0619 MI--0664) (subclass MI--0010 MI--0228) (subclass MI--0071 MI--0091) (mo-definition MI--0479 ""Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) provides integrated access to data on the genetics, genomics, and biology of the laboratory mouse. http://www.informatics.jax.org/" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0048 ""Filamentous phages (M13, f1, fd) have been extensively used to develop and implement the technology of phage display. Repertoires of relatively short peptides of random amino acid sequences or cDNA libraries have been constructed and searched successfully. Most experiments have taken advantage of the ability to assemble phages decorated with hybrid versions of the receptor protein pIII or of the major coat protein pVIII. Both systems allow the display of foreign peptides by fusion to the amino-terminus of the capsid protein but differ in the number of peptide copies that can be displayed on each phage particle. Display libraries of very diverse protein fragments have been constructed by fusing either genomic or cDNA fragments to gene III or gene VIII." [PMID:7682645]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0066 "lambda phage display") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0381 ""D2" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0356 ""identity" []") (subclass MI--0128 MI--0121) (subclass MI--0735 MI--0740) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0486 "uniprot knowledge base") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0676 "tandem affinity purification") (subclass MI--0624 MI--0664) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0732 ""rfp tag" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0793 "amorph") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "suppression overexpression") (mo-definition MI--0092 ""Protein In Situ Array is a method by which protein arrays are rapidly generated in one step directly from DNA, by cell-free protein expression and simultaneous in situ immobilisation at a surface. Individual genes or fragments are produce by PCR or RT-PCR depending on the source of genetic material using properly designed primers. The PISA is generated by cell-free protein synthesis using coupled transcription and translation to produce a double HexaHis-tagged protein, the reaction being carried out on a surface to which the protein adheres as soon as it is synthesised." [PMID:11470888]") (mo-definition MI--0112 ""In this method the two proteins, whose interaction is under investigation, (in this case mostly membrane proteins) are fused to an terminal fragment (Nub) and to a C-terminal fragment of ubiquitin (Cub). The two fragments do not associate to form a functional ubiquitin unless the two fused membrane proteins form a complex. The association is monitored by an ingenious trick. The C-term fragment of ubiquitin is expressed as a fusion to a transcription factor that being linked to a membrane protein cannot perform its function unless it is released form the ubiquitin fusion by a specific protease. This achieved through the activity of UBP (an ubiquitin specific protease) that cleaves off the reporter protein only when a functional ubiquitin is reconstituted." [PMID:9560251]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0128 ""EAC" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0164 ""pros-methylhistidine" []") (mo-definition MI--0517 ""A radiolabelled molecule has radio isotopes among its constituent atoms that can be used to identify, localize or quantify the full molecule." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0007 MI--0019) (mo-definition MI--0332 ""Unaltered endogenous molecule in its naturally occurring state." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "genetic") (mo-definition MI--0840 ""Molecule stimulating an interaction by interacting with one or more of the participants." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0218 ""aggregation" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0509 "phosphatase homogeneous time resolved fluorescence") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0568 "desumoylation reaction") (mo-definition MI--0407 ""Interaction that is proven to involve only its interactors." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0019 MI--0004) (mo-definition MI--0376 ""The organic cyanine Cy5 emits maximally at 670 nm." [PMID:14577292]") (mo-definition MI--0468 ""The Human Protein Reference Database represents a centralized platform to visually depict and integrate information pertaining to domain architecture, post-translational modifications, interaction networks and disease association for each protein in the human proteome. http://www.hprd.org/" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0051 ""Techniques based upon the measurement of the emission of one or more photons by a molecule activated by the absorption of a quantum of electro-magnetic radiation. Typically the emission, which is characterised by a wavelength that is longer than the one of excitatory radiation, occurs within 10-8 seconds." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0740 "cell penetrating peptide tag") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0134 ""N6-acetyl-L-lysine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0135 ""[M:ac]" []") (mo-definition MI--0829 ""This qualifier is used for hybrid or composite molecules with more than one crossreference to parent molecules." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0009 MI--0034) (mo-definition ""Underexpression is the suppressor of a phenotype. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'suppressive interaction' MI:0793 and genetic experimental form 'under expressed' MI:0223. " [PMID:15608217]") (subclass MI--0257 MI--0255) (mo-definition MI--0434 ""Measures the catalysis of the reaction: a phosphoprotein + H2O = a protein + phosphate." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0147 ""MFM" []") (mo-relatedSynonym ""Immunostaining" []") (mo-definition MI--0596 ""Free text description of all the tags and artificial process undergone by a molecule during an experiment." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0664 ""Attribute name of annotation associated to an interaction element." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0678 ""A microarray consisting of antibodies spotted on a solid support in appropriate orientation is incubated with a biological sample (or antigen). Some proteins are captured by the antibodies in the array. Protein of forming complexes on the array are identified according to their prior labelling (tag, ELISA, biotin and others)." [PMID:12454649]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0483 "rgd") (mo-definition MI--0692 ""B42 is an acidic sequence of 89 residues derived from Escherichia coli acting as weak transcription activation domain. When use in two hybrid experiments, the weakness of B42 as activator increases the sensitivity of the interaction detection." [PMID:14613974]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0131 ""[I:ac]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0244 "reactome complex") (mo-definition MI--0387 ""Alexa fluorescent dye analogue to Oregon Green 488 with an approximate excitation wavelength maximum of 488 nm." [PMID:10449539]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0350 "purified") (subclass MI--0738 MI--0737) (mo-definition ""Two proteins can be localised to cell compartments, in the same experiment, if they are expressed as chimeric proteins fused to distinct proteins fluorescing at different wavelengths (Green Fluorescent Protein and Red Fluorescent Protein for example). Using a confocal microscope the two proteins can be visualized in living cells and it can be determined whether they have the same subcellular location. Fluorescence microscopy of cells expressing a GFP fusion protein can also demonstrate dynamic processes such as its translocation from one subcellular compartment to another. OBSOLETE: use imaging technique (MI:0428) and specific probe as feature of each interacting protein." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0676 ""tap" []") (subclass MI--0225 MI--0008) (mo-definition MI--0002 ""Method to determine the proteins involved in the interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0028 MI--0027) (mo-definition MI--0097 ""In this complementation approach the bait can be any membrane protein (for example a receptor or a channel protein), the prey is cloned as a fusion protein of any cDNA from a library and the coding sequence of cytoplasmic RAS (cdc25 in yeast). If the bait and the prey interact, RAS is recruited close to the membrane and can activate cell growth. This procedure must take place in cells having a mutated RAS (Cdc25-2 yeast strain having a temperature sensitive mutation of RAS) to avoid constitutive growth activation." [PMID:11160938]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0225 "chromatin immunoprecipitation array") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0185 ""2-[3-carboxamido-3-(trimethylammonio)propyl]histidine" []") (subclass MI--0462 MI--0489) (subclass MI--0212 MI--0194) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0580 "electron acceptor") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0145 ""[R:am]" []") (subclass MI--0829 MI--0353) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0826 "x ray scattering") (subclass MI--0256 MI--0255) (mo-definition MI--0593 ""Xref pointing to a GO process term describing the start and end location of a migrating molecule, for instance see GO:0006611, 'protein-nucleus export'." [PMID:14681407]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0512 "zymography") (subclass MI--0179 MI--0120) (subclass MI--0723 MI--0311) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0399 "two hybrid fragment pooling approach") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0571 "mrna cleavage") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0134 ""epsilon-acetyllysine" []") (mo-definition MI--0365 ""Molecule under study is fused to an enzyme, for example alkaline phosphatase, and measure of enzyme activity can be taken as indicative of presence of protein." [PMID:10935637]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0372 ""subcellular prep" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0003 "feature detection method") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0108 "t7 phage display") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0731 "3d repertoire") (subclass SecondDuration MI--0647) (subclass MI--0432 MI--0232) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0138 ""acetylserine" []") (subclass MI--0301 MI--0300) (mo-definition MI--0462 ""The Biomolecular Interaction Network Database (BIND) is a collection of records documenting molecular interactions. http://www.blueprint.org/bind" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0560 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0564 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0069]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0136 ""acetylphenylalanine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0178 ""2-amino-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)propanoic acid 4'-phosphate" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0310 "infection") (subclass MI--0452 MI--0449) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0459 ""MMDB" []") (subclass MI--0349 MI--0342) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0742 "gpm") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0449 "id-validation-regexp:"IPR[0-9]{6}"") (mo-definition MI--0403 ""co-occurrence of interactors in a limited subcellular location or similar distribution in various regions of a cell." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0571 MI--0194) (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0333 MI--0000) (subclass MI--0359 MI--0353) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0230 ""membrane compl" []") (mo-definition MI--0177 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0038]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0135 ""acetylmethionine" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0457 "id-validation-regexp:"SM[0-9]{5}"") (mo-definition MI--0389 ""Alexa fluorescent dye analogue to Cy3 with an approximate excitation wavelength maximum of 546nm." [PMID:10449539]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0077 ""nmr" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0723 "protein microinjection") (mo-definition MI--0052 ""FCS monitors the random motion of fluorescently labelled molecules inside a defined volume irradiated by a focused laser beam. These fluctuations provide information on the rate of diffusion or diffusion time of a particle and this is directly dependent on the particle mass. As a consequence, any increase in the mass of a biomolecule, e.g. as a result of an interaction with a second molecule, is readily detected as an increase in the diffusion time of the particle. From these results the concentration of the different molecules can be calculated as well as their binding constant." [PMID:10733953]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0720 ""nucl infection" []") (mo-definition MI--0499 ""Role not specified or not applicable to the data." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0715 MI--0704) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0154 "s-palmitoyl-cysteine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0127 ""QAC" []") (subclass MI--0147 MI--0146) (subclass MI--0536 MI--0533) (subclass MI--0226 MI--0091) (mo-definition MI--0646 ""The equilibrium dissociation constant of a receptor/ligand or proteinA/proteinB complex. Unit Molar (generally M-1)." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0630 ""Comments on the 3D structure. This attribute is generally associated to an interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0097 ""reverse RRS" []") (subclass MI--0671 MI--0665) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0180 ""L-selenocysteine" []") (mo-definition MI--0802 ""The A genetic perturbation enhances the phenotype of the B perturbation, or vice versa (e.g. WT = A < B < AB or WT = B < A < AB). This could be conditional or additive by the above scheme. " [PMID:15833125]") (subclass MI--0427 MI--0661) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0798 "conditional interaction") (mo-definition MI--0815 ""Molecule whose sequence identity is derived from their molecular weight" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0047 ""Affinity blotting" []") (mo-definition MI--0466 "" EcoCyc is a bioinformatics database that describes the genome and the biochemical machinery of E. coli K12 MG1655. http://ecocyc.org/" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0276 ""bn-page" []") (mo-definition MI--0510 ""Methods based on the exceptionally long fluorescence lifetime characteristics of certain fluorophores, which allows the elimination of the effects of background fluorescence. Uses nonradiative energy transfer or quenching between fluorescent lanthanide chelates and different acceptors to measure reaction rates." [PMID:14987100]") (mo-definition MI--0809 ""The bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC) is an assay for determination of the locations of protein interactions in living cells. This approach is based on complementation between two non fluorescent fragments of the yellow fluorescent protein (YFP) when they are brought together by interactions between proteins fused to each fragment." [PMID:11983170]") (mo-definition MI--0252 ""Property of a subsequence that may interfere with the binding of a molecule and are supported by experimental evidences." [PMID:14755292]") (documentation EnglishLanguage "The user who last edited the ontology.") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0174 ""1-phosphohistidine" []") (mo-exactSynonym ""suppress overexpress" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0076 "neural network on interface properties") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0167 ""N6,N6,N6-trimethyl-L-lysine" []") (subclass MI--0584 MI--0495) (mo-definition MI--0679 ""A sequence of adenine nucleotides that is added to the 3' end of some primary transcript messenger RNA molecules in eukaryotes during post-transcriptional processing. The added tail is believed to confer stability to the molecule." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0361 ""Related object within the same database or pointing to external database." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0718 ""n transfection treat" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0593 "translocation") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0171 ""[R:po]" []") (subclass KelvinDegree MI--0647) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0830 "search-url: "http://srs.ebi.ac.uk/srsbin/cgi-bin/wgetz?[libs%3d{dsmz_mutz%20ecacc_cell%20iclc%20CABI_BACT%20CIP_BACT%20CABI_YEAST%20DSMZ_PLANT_CELL}-id:${ac}]+-e"") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0172 ""phosphoaspartic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0603 ""Dimethylsulphate (DMS) is the most commonly used chemical to study DNA-protein interactions. DMS induces methylation of guanine residues so DNA interaction with protein binding to AT rich sequences or to the phosphate backbone may be not detected by DMS footprinting. However as DMS diffuses across membrane it can also be used for in vivo footprinting. The experiment involves the treatment with DMS of two DNA samples with identical sequence, one protein bound and the other naked. The two samples are treated with piperidine to induce chemical cleavage of the DMS modified guanine residues followed by digestion with restriction enzymes. Once labelled the samples are run in parallel on a gel to visualize the pattern of nested fragments sharing a common end generated by restriction enzyme(or PCR primer extension) and a variable end guanine dependent. The missing bands of the protein bound sample correspond to the guanine residues protected from modification by an interaction." [PMID:8238889]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0245 "reactome protein") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0193 ""amidation" []") (subclass MI--0020 MI--0040) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0823 "predetermined feature") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0093 ""protein sequence" []") (mo-definition MI--0640 ""Parameter for enzymatic or binding kinetic studies." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0165 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0575 "alliance for cellulare signaling") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0631 "3d-r-factors") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0178 ""O4'-phospho-L-tyrosine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0464 ""MPact" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0482 ""rfam" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0077 ""NMR" []") (subclass MI--0843 MI--0500) (subclass MI--0321 MI--0320) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0552 "s-nitrosyl-cysteine") (subclass MI--0124 MI--0121) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0159 ""AM3" []") (mo-definition MI--0448 ""The objective of Gene Ontology (GO) is to provide controlled vocabularies for the description of the molecular function, biological process and cellular component of gene products. http://www.ebi.ac.uk/GO" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0153 ""N-(1-oxahexadecyl)-L-cysteine" []") (mo-definition MI--0042 ""EPR (also called ESR, Electron Spin Resonance) spectroscopy is analogous to NMR, but is based on the excitation of unpaired electrons instead of nuclei. Unpaired (single) electrons are only found in radicals and some metal ions (paramagnetic species); the EPR spectrum provides information about the environment and mobility of the paramagnetic species. The magnetic interaction of two paramagnetic centres in a protein can be used to calculate the distance between them; this allows studies of the movements and interactions of protein segments. In proteins without any intrinsic unpaired electrons it is possible to attach a radical probe (spin label). Stable nitroxide radicals can be bound to amino acid residues, in analogy with fluorescent probes. In combination with site directed mutagenesis this method is used in particular to study structure and assembly of membrane proteins, by measuring with EPR whether an amino acid is in a polar or non polar environment." [PMID:11817959]") (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0002 MI--0000) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0363 "inferred by author") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0168 "n-methyl-methionine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0547 "s-prenyl-cysteine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0134 ""(S)-2-amino-6-(acetylamino)hexanoic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0161 ""3-methylthio-aspartic acid" []") (subclass MI--0419 MI--0415) (mo-definition MI--0245 ""Collection of protein within the Reactome database - a knowledgebase of biological processes. http://www.reactome.org/" [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0111 "dihydrofolate reductase reconstruction") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0005 "alanine scanning") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0399 ""2h fragment pooling" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0129 ""GAC" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0608 "ribosomal rna") (subclass MI--0142 MI--0121) (subclass MI--0793 MI--0787) (mo-definition MI--0320 ""Polymer formed by ribose sugar group, and the bases of the nucleotides adenine, guanine, uracil and cytosine." [PMID:14755292, SO:0000356]") (subclass MI--0620 MI--0667) (mo-definition MI--0457 ""SMART (a Simple Modular Architecture Research Tool) allows the identification and annotation of genetically mobile domains and the analysis of domain architectures. http://smart.embl-heidelberg.de/" [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0664 "interaction attribute name") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0447 "feature database") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0528 ""N(omega)-[alpha-D-ribofuranoside 5'->5'-ester with adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate)]-L-arginine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0550 ""1-carboxyglutamic acid [misnomer]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "suppression scalable") (mo-definition MI--0331 ""Molecule has been added into system from an external source or altered within the cell." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0610 ""micro RNA" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0445 "experiment database") (mo-definition MI--0617 ""The interaction that has a disease association." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-remark "This file is published by the PSI MI working group see http://psidev.sourceforge.net/") (mo-definition MI--0197 ""N6-acetyl-L-lysine or S-acetyl-L-cysteine are cleaved and return K or C residues." [GO:0006476, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0055, RESID:AA0056]") (mo-definition MI--0248 ""The RESID Database of Protein Modifications is a comprehensive collection of annotations and structures for protein modifications including amino-terminal, carboxyl-terminal and peptide chain cross-link post-translational modifications. http://www.ebi.ac.uk/RESID/index.html" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0141 ""N-acetyltyrosine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0064 ""Homology based interaction prediction" []") (mo-definition MI--0845 ""Paramagnetic fragment, most often a cyclic nitroxide derivative, covalently attached to a molecule of interest." [PMID:10966640]") (mo-definition MI--0721 ""Method by which proteins are delivered into a cell." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0799 ""Single-mutant phenotype effects combine to give a double-mutant effect different from the wild type and different from single mutant effect. For instance WT < A= B < AB, B < WT = AB < A, WT < A < B < AB, B < WT < AB < A, and all additional inequalities obtained by interchanging A and B, or reversing the effect of both A and B. " [PMID:15833125]") (subclass MI--0051 MI--0013) (mo-definition MI--0018 ""The classical two-hybrid system is a method that uses transcriptional activity as a measure of protein-protein interaction. It relies on the modular nature of many site-specific transcriptional activators (GAL 4) , which consist of a DNA-binding domain and a transcriptional activation domain. The DNA-binding domain serves to target the activator to the specific genes that will be expressed, and the activation domain contacts other proteins of the transcriptional machinery to enable transcription to occur. The two-hybrid system is based on the observation that the two domains of the activator need to be non-covalently brought together by the interaction of any two proteins. The application of this system requires the expression of two hybrid. Generally this assay is performed in yeast cell, but it can also be carried out in other organism." [PMID:10967325, PMID:12634794, PMID:1946372]") (mo-definition MI--0222 ""A molecule whose synthesis is under control of its natural gene promoter or estimated to be expressed at a similar rate." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0356 MI--0353) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0547 ""prenylcysteine" []") (mo-definition MI--0735 ""Tag derived from the transactivating (Tat) protein of human immunodeficiency virus 1 (HIV-1) that can enter cells efficiently when added exogenously in tissue culture. The Tat tag can carry other molecules into cells, by fusion of Tat peptides (residues 1-72 or 37-72,) to any molecule under study. Tat-mediated uptake may allow the delivery of macromolecules previously thought to be impermeable to living cells. " [PMID:8290579]") (subclass MI--0406 MI--0415) (mo-definition MI--0242 ""This qualifier is used when the crossreference is imported from the Gene Ontology tag definition_reference." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0848 "125i radiolabel") (subclass MI--0374 MI--0373) (subclass MI--0521 MI--0507) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0183 ""PCA" []") (mo-definition MI--0486 ""UniProt (Universal Protein Resource) is the world's most comprehensive catalogue of information on proteins. It is a central repository of protein sequence and function created by joining the information contained in Swiss-Prot, TrEMBL, and PIR. http://www.expasy.uniprot.org/" [PMID:14681372]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0409 "dna footprinting") (subclass MI--0234 MI--0517) (mo-definition MI--0730 ""PubChem provides information on the biological activities of small molecules. http://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/" [PMID:16381840]") (subclass MI--0035 MI--0105) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0070 "mobility shift") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0830 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+|ACC\s[A-Z0-9]+|ECACC\s[A-Z0-9]+|LMBP\s[A-Z0-9]+|ICLC\s[A-Z0-9]+|CIP-[0-9]+"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0486 ""UniProt" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0183 "2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0809 ""bifc" []") (subclass MI--0036 MI--0101) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0464 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+"") (subclass MI--0193 MI--0414) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0714 "nucleic acid transduction") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0615 "search-url") (mo-definition MI--0116 ""Property of a subsequence that may interfere with the binding of a molecule." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0404 MI--0807) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0681 ""ds DNA" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0189 ""N6-glycyllysine" []") (mo-definition MI--0055 ""FRET is a quantum mechanical process involving the radiationless transfer of energy from a donor fluorophore to an appropriately positioned acceptor fluorophore. The fluorophores are genetically fused to the protein in analysis and cotransfected. Three basic conditions must be fulfilled for FRET to occur between a donor molecule and acceptor molecule. First, the donor emission spectrum must significantly overlap the absorption spectrum of the acceptor. Second, the distance between the donor and acceptor fluorophores must fall within the range 20 to 100 Angstrom. Third, the donor and acceptor fluorophores must be in favourable orientations." [PMID:11558993]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0517 ""radiolabelled" []") (mo-definition MI--0132 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (subclass MI--0517 MI--0253) (mo-definition MI--0414 ""terms aiming to represent biochemical reactions referring to their resulting product modifications." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0451 ""Pfam" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0202 "depalmitoylation reaction") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0140 ""WAC" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0238 ""H3" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0826 ""saxs" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0247 "newt") (mo-definition MI--0255 ""This term refers to methods designed to interfere with gene expression at post-transcriptional level rather than with the gene itself." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0470 ""KEGG" []") (mo-definition MI--0513 ""Measures the amount of radiolabel released into the medium when enzyme is added onto a film of isotope-labelled collagen." [PMID:6247938]") (subclass MI--0148 MI--0120) (mo-definition MI--0056 ""sequencing occurs during the course of the experiment. The DNA to be sequenced is used as template for the in vitro synthesis, by DNA polymerase, of a set of partial replicas, all beginning at the same place, but terminating at different points along the DNA chain. The key to this method is the use of dideoxyribonucleoside triphosphates in which the deoxyribose 3'-OH group present in normal nucleotides is missing; when such a modified nucleotide is incorporated into a DNA chain, it blocks the elongation of the chain. To determine the full sequence, the four different chain-terminating dideoxyribonucleosides are used in competition with an excess of deoxyribonucleosides in separate DNA synthesis reactions on the same DNA template. When the products of these four reactions are analysed by electrophoresis in four parallel lanes of a denaturing polyacrylamide gel, the DNA sequence can be derived. Every lane displays a family of DNA fragments of different lengths, reflecting the different sites at which a specific residue occurs in the original DNA." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0313 ""Molecular species involved in the interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0147 ""[M:form]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0112 "ubiquitin reconstruction") (subclass MI--0842 MI--0500) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0441 ""sga" []") (mo-definition MI--0206 ""Reversible reaction that can affect C residue." [GO:0018347, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0102]") (mo-definition MI--0632 ""Resolution of the 3D structure. This attribute is generally associated to an interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0163 MI--0157) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0532 ""N4-(ADP-ribosyl)-L-asparagine" []") (subclass MI--0088 MI--0080) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0839 ""M-1s-1" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0040 "electron microscopy") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0655 "lambda repressor two hybrid") (subclass MI--0063 MI--0001) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0248 "resid") (mo-definition MI--0520 ""The protein of interest is expressed as a fusion to the peptide YPYDVPDYA (a fragment of the influenza hemagglutinin protein) for which antibodies are commercially available." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0810 ""substitut analysis" []") (subclass MI--0420 MI--0424) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0362 "inference") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0643 "ki") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0178 ""YPO" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0541 "gpi-anchor amidated asparagine") (mo-definition MI--0602 ""Sites of sequence-specific DNA-protein interaction are identified by altered reactivity of a chemical probe to DNA bound by a protein compared to the same nucleotide sequence in naked DNA. Nucleotides in close contact with the binding protein are protected from modification or cleavage by the probe. In certain case DNA-protein interactions can be indicated by enhanced modification or cleavage by the probe at particular nucleotides. When these probes are administrated to intact cells, the pattern of protection from the probes identifies the location of DNA-protein interactions in vivo." [PMID:8238889]") (mo-definition MI--0506 ""A molecule is estimated to be expressed at higher levels than in physiological condition." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0568 ""Cleavage of the G-K bond and release of the SUMO ubiquitin like proteins." [GO:0016926, PMID:15985640]") (mo-definition MI--0537 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0327]") (mo-definition MI--0410 ""Electron tomography is a general method for three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction of single, transparent objects from a series of projection images (i.e. from a tilt series) recorded with a transmission electron microscope. It offers the opportunity to obtain 3D information on structural cellular arrangements with a high resolution." [PMID:12160704]") (subclass MI--0412 MI--0413) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0157 "methylated residue") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0847 "dansyl tag") (mo-definition MI--0827 ""X-ray Tomography is a branch of X-ray microscopy. A series of projection images are used to calculate a three dimensional reconstruction of an object. The technique has found many applications in materials science and later in biology and biomedical research. In terms of the latter, the National Center for X-ray Tomography (NCXT) is one of the principle developers of this technology, in particular for imaging whole, hydrated cells." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0188 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0120]") (documentation Smo-Subset EnglishLanguage "Subset of OBO terms from the ontology.") (subclass MI--0134 MI--0526) (subclass MI--0740 MI--0507) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0024 ""conformational tm" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0123 ""[R:ac]" []") (mo-relatedSynonym SecondDuration ""sec" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0557 "adp ribosylation reaction") (mo-definition MI--0216 ""Reversible reaction that can affect C,K,T or S residues." [GO:0018318, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0060, RESID:AA0077, RESID:AA0079, RESID:AA0080, RESID:AA0106]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0174 ""tele-phosphohistidine" []") (subclass MI--0633 MI--0665) (subclass MI--0115 MI--0034) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0184 ""L-glutamyl 5-glycerophosphorylethanolamine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0145 ""(S)-2-amino-5-guanidinopentanamide" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0087 ""predictive tm" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0803 "expression level alteration") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0526 ""acetyllysine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "conditional synthetic lethal nutrition-sensitivity") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0316 ""ribonucleoprot compl" []") (subclass MI--0348 MI--0342) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0408 "disulfide bond") (subclass MI--0207 MI--0414) (subclass MI--0565 MI--0179) (subclass MI--0477 MI--0683) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0548 ""methylatedlysine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0200 ""degeranylation" []") (mo-definition MI--0585 ""IntEnz is the name for the Integrated relational Enzyme database and is the official version of the Enzyme Nomenclature. The Enzyme Nomenclature comprises recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Bio chemistry and Molecular Biology (NC-IUBMB) on the nomenclature and classification of enzyme-catalysed reactions. IntEnz is supported by NC-IUBMB and contains enzyme data curated and approved by this committee. The database IntEnz is available at. http://www.ebi.ac.uk/intenz" [PMID:14681451]") (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0001 MI--0000) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0020 "transmission electron microscopy") (subclass MI--0330 MI--0346) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0331 "engineered") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0377 ""fitc labelled" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0189 ""N6-glycyl-L-lysine" []") (mo-definition MI--0138 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0051]") (mo-definition MI--0470 "" KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes) is a knowledge base for systematic analysis of gene functions, linking genomic information with higher order functional information and also supplies information about chemical compounds, enzyme molecules and enzymatic reactions. http://www.genome.ad.jp/kegg/" [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0604 "potassium permanganate footprinting") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0585 "search-url: "http://www.ebi.ac.uk/intenz/query?cmd=Search&q=${ac}&t=exact&fields=ec"") (mo-definition MI--0078 ""Identification of a nucleotide sequence. Depending on the experimental design, nucleotide sequence can be determined before the interaction detection while building a collection of clones or after the selection of randomly generated clones." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0102 MI--0427) (mo-definition MI--0841 ""Measures the rate of a phosphate transfer between two proteins " [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0470 MI--0473) (subclass MI--0700 MI--0696) (subclass MI--0171 MI--0170) (mo-definition MI--0398 ""In the pooling strategy the sets of bait and prey hybrid vectors are randomly mated. The positives double hybrid clones are sequenced to identify the interacting partners." [PMID:12634794, PMID for application instance:11283351]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0445 ""experiment xref" []") (mo-definition MI--0069 ""Mass spectrometric approaches to the study of protein in complexes permits the identification of subunit stoichiometry and transient associations. By preserving complexes intact in the mass spectrometer, mass measurement can be used for monitoring changes in different experimental conditions, or to investigate how variations of collision energy affect their dissociation. Complexes can be transferred into the gas phase by a nanoflow ESI (Electrospray Ionisation) ionisation device. This is the method of choice for the investigation of the higher-order structure of biomolecules because it allows direct analysis of dilute aqueous solutions and the desolvation process is efficient and closer to the native-like solution environment. Mass measurements of intact macromolecular complexes is largely the domain of time of-flight (TOF) MS. This is mostly due to the high sensitivity and speed of TOF analysis, as well as the virtually unlimited m/z range. Quadrupole TOF (Q-TOF) type mass spectrometers combine a quadrupole mass filter with an orthogonal TOF analyser. These spectrometers provide supplementary structural information for ions isolated in the quadrupole and analysed in the TOF. This allows complexes well in excess of 60 kDa to be dissociated and consequently their subunit composition can be determined." [PMID:12504676, PMID for application instance:12057199]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "inhibitor small molecules") (mo-definition MI--0124 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0708 ""monoclonal immunost" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0479 ""MGD/MGI" []") (subclass MI--0237 MI--0517) (subclass MI--0310 MI--0307) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0577 ""feature struct pred" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0033 "deletion analysis") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0788 ""knock-out" []") (mo-definition MI--0684 ""Molecule required for an observed binary interaction to occur. This molecule may act as stabilizer of any of the interaction partners or may act as a bridge molecule between them but the method does not provide resolution or evidence to demonstrate its actual molecular function (i.e.Mudpit, tri hybrid etc)." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0029 "cosedimentation through density gradient") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0787 "genetic experimental form") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0144 ""(S)-2-aminopropanamide" []") (subclass MI--0518 MI--0507) (subclass MI--0345 MI--0300) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0721 "protein delivery") (subclass MI--0725 MI--0310) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0734 "enhanced green fluorescent protein tag") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0150 "lipid modification") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0550 ""L-gamma-carboxyglutamic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0340 ""amino-terminus" []") (subclass MI--0053 MI--0051) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0370 "tox-r dimerization assay") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0507 "tag") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0176 ""2-amino-3-hydroxypropanoic acid 3-phosphate;O-phosphonoserine;O3-phosphoserine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0530 ""L-glutamyl-5-poly(ADP-ribose)" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0810 "substitution analysis") (subclass MI--0037 MI--0660) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0140 ""N-acetyl-L-tryptophan" []") (subclass MI--0464 MI--0461) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0127 ""[Q:ac]" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0379 ""13C" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0002 "participant identification method") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0163 "glutamic acid 5-methyl ester") (mo-definition MI--0639 ""Post translational modification occurs subsequently to an interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0131 "n-acetyl-isoleucine") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0016 ""cd" []") (subclass MI--0178 MI--0170) (mo-definition MI--0535 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0154]") (mo-definition MI--0203 ""Phosphoresidues are cleaved and return D,C,H,S,T,Y or R residues." [GO:0016311, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0033, RESID:AA0034, RESID:AA0035, RESID:AA0036, RESID:AA0037, RESID:AA0038, RESID:AA0039, RESID:AA0222]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0095 ""seldi chip" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0223 ""under-expressed" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0689 "activation domain tag") (subclass MI--0512 MI--0435) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0471 "id-validation-regexp:"MINT_[0-9]+"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0031 ""Label transfer techniques" []") (mo-definition MI--0007 ""A specific antibody for the protein of interest is not available, therefore the bait protein is expressed as a hybrid protein fused to a tag peptide/protein for which efficient and specific antibodies or a specific ligand are available." [PMID:7708014]") (subclass MI--0316 MI--0314) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0185 ""alpha-(aminocarbonyl)-4-(2-amino-2-carboxyethyl)-N,N,N-trimethyl-1H-imidazole-2-propanaminium" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0702 ""PANTHER" []") (subclass MI--0221 MI--0346) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0481 ""Refseq" []") (subclass MI--0472 MI--0805) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0175 ""(S)-2-amino-3-(3-phosphono-3H-imidazol-4-yl)propanoic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0145 "arginine amide") (mo-definition ""Approaches designed to separate cell components on the basis of their physicochemical properties. The observation that two or more proteins copurify in one or several conditions is taken as an indication that they form a molecular complex. OBSOLETE since too non-specific. Consider use of cosedimentation (MI:0027) or comigration in non denaturing gel electrophoresis (MI:0404) or affinity chromatography technologies (MI:0004) or molecular sieving (MI:0071) or for unspecific cases biochemical (MI:0401)." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0831 "search-url: "http://srs.ebi.ac.uk/srsbin/cgi-bin/wgetz?[libs%3d{dsmz_mutz%20ecacc_cell%20iclc%20CABI_BACT%20CIP_BACT%20CABI_YEAST%20DSMZ_PLANT_CELL}-id:${ac}]+-e"") (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0313 MI--0000) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0163 ""L-glutamic acid 5-methyl ester" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0145 ""arginineamide" []") (mo-definition MI--0720 ""Nucleic acid introduced into a cell via an external organism, usually a virus or bacteria.." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0469 "intact") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0152 "s-geranylgeranyl-cysteine") (subclass MI--0315 MI--0314) (subclass MI--0339 MI--0333) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0467 ""GKB" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0825 "x-ray fiber diffraction") (subclass MI--0105 MI--0063) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0610 ""siRNA" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0485 ""UniParc" []") (mo-definition MI--0218 ""Interaction among molecules that can be direct or indirect." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0440 ""Saturation binding experiments measure specific ligand binding at equilibrium at various concentrations of the ligand. Analysis of these data can determine receptor number and affinity." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "covalent interaction") (mo-definition MI--0164 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0073]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0012 "bioluminescence resonance energy transfer") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0052 "fluorescence correlation spectroscopy") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0305 "ordered locus name") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0352 "partially purified") (subclass MI--0006 MI--0019) (mo-definition MI--0547 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0406 ""Measures the catalysis of the hydrolysis of an acetyl group or groups from a substrate molecule." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0169 ""N-methyl-L-phenylalanine" []") (mo-definition MI--0444 ""Database citation list names of databases commonly used to cross reference interaction data." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0482 "id-validation-regexp:"RF[0-9]{5}"") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0194 "cleavage reaction") (subclass MI--0589 MI--0342) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0405 "competition binding") (mo-definition MI--0460 ""The RCSB PDB provides a variety of tools and resources for studying the structures of biological macromolecules and their relationships to sequence, function, and disease. http://www.pdb.org/" [PMID:14634627]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0175 ""histidine-N(delta)-phosphate" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0173 ""cysteine phosphate thioester" []") (mo-definition MI--0349 ""Molecule is observed within in a living cell." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0713 ""Nucleic acid entrance into cells that does not involved specific treatments but rely on natural cellular processes." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0133 ""N2-acetyl-L-lysine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0711 "nucleic acid electroporation") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0607 "small nuclear rna") (mo-definition MI--0710 ""Stable introduction and expression of nucleic acid carried out by treatment with divalent cation." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0729 ""This strategy uses Renilla luciferase enzyme (RL) fused to proteins of interest, which are then coexpressed with individual Flag-tagged partners in mammalian cells. Their interactions were determined by performing an RL enzymatic assay on immunoprecipitates using an antibody against Flag." [PMID:15761153]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0697 ""dna dna pol assay" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0378 ""rare isotope label" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0419 ""GTPase" []") (mo-definition MI--0830 ""List of tissue used as topic in UniProt RC line. http://www.expasy.org/cgi-bin/lists?tisslist.txt" [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0646 MI--0640) (mo-definition ""A mutation is the partial suppressor of a mutant phenotype. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'suppressive interaction' MI:0793 and genetic experimental form 'knock down' MI:0789. " [PMID:15608217]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0551 "nitro-tyrosine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "synthetic growth increase") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0648 ""M" []") (subclass MI--0137 MI--0121) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "gst pull down") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0128 "n-acetyl-glutamic acid") (subclass MI--0104 MI--0067) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0460 "rcsb pdb") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0185 ""diphthamide" []") (mo-definition MI--0551 ""residue modification." [PMID:15657065, PMID:9636206]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0176 ""2-amino-3-hydroxypropanoic acid 3-phosphate" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0610 ""sirna" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0531 ""O-(ADP-ribosyl)-L-serine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0131 ""N-acetyl-L-isoleucine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0166 ""dimethyllysine" []") (mo-definition MI--0375 ""The organic cyanine Cy3 emits maximally at 570 nm." [PMID:14577292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0093 "protein sequence identification") (mo-definition MI--0592 ""Web resource that allows the investigation of protein interactions in the Protein Data Bank structures at the level of Pfam domains and amino acid residues. iPfam is available on the Web for browsing at. http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Software/Pfam/iPfam/" [PMID:15353450]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0369 "lex-a dimerization assay") (mo-definition MI--0706 ""Transformation is the genetic alteration of a cell resulting from the introduction, uptake and expression of foreign genetic material incorporated into the cell's genome (DNA or RNA)." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0724 ""prot cationic lipid" []") (mo-definition MI--0502 ""Molecule that is the target of its binding partner activity." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "synthetic growth effect") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0659 ""exp feature detect" []") (mo-definition MI--0045 ""Methods based on laboratory experiments." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0796 "suppressive interaction") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0420 ""kinase htrf" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0152 ""CGR" []") (mo-exactSynonym ""synt growth effect" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0132 ""acetylleucine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0458 "tigrfams") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0814 "protease accessibility laddering") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0181 ""[M:sel]" []") (subclass MI--0705 MI--0113) (subclass MI--0736 MI--0716) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0698 ""dna rna pol assay" []") (subclass MI--0072 MI--0113) (mo-definition MI--0714 ""Transduction is the process by which bacterial DNA is moved from one bacterium to another by a virus." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0371 ""35S" []") (mo-definition MI--0371 ""Molecule labelled with 35 radio isotope of sulfur. Proteins are often metabolically labelled, usually be growth in 35S labelled culture medium." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0036 ""Rosetta Stone" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0308 "electroporation") (mo-definition ""Physical interaction mediated by covalent bond rearrangement. OBSOLETE use covalent binding (MI:0195) instead." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0164 ""N(delta)-methylhistidine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0728 ""karyoplasmic interaction ion strategy" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0441 "synthetic genetic analysis") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0511 ""protease htrf" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0464 "cygd") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0203 "dephosphorylation reaction") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0201 ""demyristoylation" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "colocalization by fluorescent probes cloning") (subclass MI--0800 MI--0208) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0251 "gene product") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0341 "ragged n-terminus") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0018 ""two-hybrid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0042 "electron paramagnetic resonance") (subclass MI--0688 MI--0240) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0688 "dna binding domain tag") (mo-definition MI--0574 ""Identifier of a publication prior it pubmed indexing." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0714 ""nucl transduction" []") (subclass MI--0655 MI--0232) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0831 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+|ACC\s[A-Z0-9]+|ECACC\s[A-Z0-9]+|LMBP\s[A-Z0-9]+|ICLC\s[A-Z0-9]+|CIP-[0-9]+"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0161 ""[D:meth_b]" []") (subclass MI--0442 MI--0117) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0636 "author-list") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0513 "collagen film assay") (subclass MI--0073 MI--0034) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "in situ") (mo-definition MI--0673 ""Alternative names to describe a complex." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0091 MI--0401) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0575 "search-url: "http://www.signaling-gateway.org/data/Y2H/cgi-bin/y2h_int.cgi?id=${ac}"") (mo-definition MI--0583 ""Fluorophore which emits electromagnetic radiation of given wavelength." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0360 ""Reference to the corresponding object in another database (like identity xref qualifier) but the identifier used in the external database is a secondary identifier." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0336 MI--0333) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0197 ""deacetylation" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0487 ""WormBase" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0101 ""predict from sequenc" []") (mo-definition MI--0742 ""Global Proteome Machine aim to improve the quality of analysis, make the results portable and to provide a common platform for testing and validating proteomics results. http://www.thegpm.org" [PMID:15595733]") (mo-definition MI--0302 ""Gene name synonym." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition ""The bait protein is expressed and purified fused to an amino or carboxyterminal tail containing a variable number of histidines. The bait protein is normally attached to a metal (usually nickel) resin. OBSOLETE redundant term. Map to feature type : his-tagged (MI:0521) and Interaction detection method: pull down (MI:0096)." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0543 MI--0539) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0080 ""partial dna sequence" []") (subclass MI--0830 MI--0473) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0244 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+"") (mo-definition MI--0082 ""This approach leads to protein identification by matching peptide masses, as measured by mass spectrometry, to the ones calculated from in silico fragmentation of a protein sequence database. A peptide mixture from a tryptic digest is analysed by MALDI-MS (Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry). The list of peptide masses obtained by MALDI MS is automatically compared to the calculated masses of the predicted peptide fragments for each entry in the database. High mass accuracy is very important in order to obtain a statistically significant and unambiguous match This method is best applied to completely sequenced genomes and well characterised proteomes. However, depending on the data quality, proteins that are highly homologous to already characterised proteins (greater than 80 to 90% sequence identity) can also be identified. The retrieved sequence are evaluated by mass accuracy of the peptides, matching of additional peptide masses in the MALDI spectrum after accounting for common modifications such as oxidation, acrylamidation of cysteine and missed cleavages and the use of secondary information (apparent isoelectric point and molecular weight). If any ambiguity about the identification by MALDI-MS still exists, the results must verified by an other identification method. Peptide mass fingerprint is generally carried out with a MALDI-TOF (Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight ) instrument but can also be achieved ESI-TOF (Electrospray Ionisation time-of-flight) or LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) mass spectrometer." [PMID:10967324, PMID:11752590, PMID for application instance:11805826]") (mo-definition MI--0253 ""One of several nuclides having the same number of protons in their nuclei and hence having the same atomic number, but differing in the number of neutrons and therefore, in the mass number." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0012 ""bret" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0141 ""acetyltyrosine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0169 "n-methyl-phenylalanine") (subclass MI--0686 MI--0001) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0134 ""KA6" []") (mo-definition MI--0121 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0133 "n2-acetyl-lysine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0452 "pirsf") (mo-definition MI--0383 ""Molecule consisting of a specific sequence of amino acidic or nucleotidic monomers strung together through chemical bonds." [PMID:14577292]") (mo-remark "mapping an element of the PSI Molecular Interaction XML schema.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0637 "isoform-comment") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0340 ""n-terminus" []") (subclass MI--0552 MI--0179) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0156 ""(S)-2-amino-6-(tetradecanoylamino)hexanoic acid" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0413 ""emsa" []") (subclass MI--0520 MI--0507) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0811 "insertion analysis") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0699 ""rna dna pol assay" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0145 ""argininamide" []") (mo-definition MI--0471 ""The Moleculer INTeraction database (MINT) is a relational database designed to store interactions between biological molecules. http://mint.bio.uniroma2.it/mint/" [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0363 MI--0362) (mo-definition MI--0687 ""Protein having well characterized fluorescence excitation and emission spectra used as fusion with a protein under study to facilitate its localisation or identification." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0807 "comigration in gel electrophoresis") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0534 ""S-glycosyl-L-cysteine" []") (subclass MI--0344 MI--0342) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0740 ""protein transduction domains" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0610 ""dicer RNA" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0726 "reverse two hybrid") (mo-definition ""Interaction concerning ubiquitin that is covalently attached to any Lys residue of its interaction partner. OBSOLETE remap to ubiquitination reaction (MI:0220) or describe ubiquitine as a participant on the interaction using physical interaction (MI:0218) or covalent binding (MI:0195) as interaction type." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0174 MI--0555) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0477 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+|[A-Z]{1,2}_[0-9]+|[A-Z]{1,2}_[A-Z]{1,4}[0-9]+"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0316 ""protein rna complex" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0518 ""FLAG-tagged" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0607 ""snrna" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0012 ""LRET" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0840 "stimulator") (subclass MI--0835 MI--0640) (mo-definition MI--0127 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0045]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0222 ""endogenous" []") (documentation Smo-inSubset EnglishLanguage "Declares a term/typedef to be in a subset.") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0675 "id-validation-regexp:"IPI[0-9]+.[0-9]+|IPI[0-9]+"") (mo-definition MI--0683 ""Database collecting nucleic or amino acid sequences mainly derived from genomic sequence." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0332 "naturally occurring") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0455 ""Prosite" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0641 ""IC50" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0186 ""N6-[5-((3aS,4S,6aR)-hexahydro-2-oxo-1H-thieno[3,4-d]imidazol-4-yl)-1-oxopentyl]-L-lysine" []") (mo-definition MI--0628 ""Regular Expression used to check the validity of cross references' identifier. Attribute generally associated to terms in Cv Database." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0527 MI--0120) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0216 ""palmitoylation" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0145 ""RAM" []") (mo-definition MI--0719 ""Transient introduction and expression of nucleic acid carried out by treatment with calcium phosphate." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0401 MI--0045) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0419 "gtpase assay") (subclass MI--0532 MI--0527) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0164 ""MHS" []") (mo-definition MI--0575 ""Alliance for Cellular Signaling (AfCS -Nature) store yeast 2-hybrid Interaction data and expression data. Information and data are freely available to all. http://www.signaling-gateway.org" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0169 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0089 "protein array") (subclass MI--0557 MI--0414) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0609 ""snorna" []") (mo-definition MI--0842 ""Any molecule that is able to transfer an phosphate to another chemical species." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0087 "predictive text mining") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Represents the transitive property. (Typedefs only)") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0132 ""LAC" []") (subclass MI--0555 MI--0170) (mo-definition MI--0087 ""Methods based on natural language processing to detect possible interactions between proteins (direct physical interactions or indirect genetic interactions). This includes the detection of non ambiguous protein or gene names and analysis of the relation expressed in a sentence among them." [PMID:11791231]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0188 ""N6-retinyl-lysine" []") (subclass MI--0204 MI--0414) (mo-definition MI--0008 ""In this class of methodologies, the molecules to be tested are presented ordered in an array format (typically at high density) on planar supports. The characteristics and chemical nature of the planar support can vary. This format permits the simultaneous assay, in controlled conditions, of several thousand proteins/peptides/nucleic acids for different functions, for instance their ability to bind any given molecule." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0300 ""Descriptor of type of nomenclature used to describe interactor." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0802 ""enhancement" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0175 ""histidine-N3'-phosphate" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0506 ""over-expressed" []") (mo-definition MI--0346 ""Set of terms to describe the participant experimental treatment and status. This term group in fact 4 orthologues short controlled vocabularies delivery method, expression level, molecular source, and sample process. Each participant can then be annotated with a maximum of 4 terms selected from each short list." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0156 ""epsilon-myristoyllysine" []") (subclass MI--0375 MI--0374) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0475 ""DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0532 ""N4-[alpha-D-ribofuranoside 5'->5'-ester with adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate)]-L-asparagine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0397 "two hybrid array") (subclass MI--0379 MI--0378) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0470 "kegg") (subclass MI--0545 MI--0539) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0371 ""s35 radiolabelled" []") (mo-exactSynonym ""tap tag coip" []") (mo-exactSynonym ""nutrition synt letal" []") (mo-definition MI--0254 ""This term refers to methods that aim at interfering with the activity of a specific gene by altering the gene regulatory or coding sequences. This goal can be achieved either by a classical genetic approach (random mutagenesis followed by phenotype characterization and genetic mapping) or by a reverse genetics approach where a gene of interest is modified by directed mutagenesis." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0480 "omim") (mo-definition MI--0416 ""Fluorescent microscopy uses a high intensity light to illuminate the sample. This light excites fluorescence species in the sample, which then emit light of a longer wavelength. A fluorescent microscope also produces a magnified image of the sample, but the image is based on the second light source -- the light emanating from the fluorescent species -- rather than from the light originally used to illuminate, and excite, the sample." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0178 "o4'-phospho-tyrosine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "flag tag coimmunoprecipitation") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0151 ""2-amino-3-(3,7,11-trimethyl-2,6,10-dodecatrienylthio)propanoic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0359 ""Cross reference pointing to a Gene Ontology -'cellular process' term." [PMID:14681407]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0139 ""[T:ac]" []") (mo-definition MI--0580 ""Molecule to which and electron may be transferred from an electron donor." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0621 MI--0664) (mo-definition MI--0445 ""experiment database." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0467 ""Genome Knowledge Base" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0170 "phosphorylated residue") (mo-definition MI--0234 ""Molecule labelled with 131 radio isotope of iodine atoms." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0813 MI--0400) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0359 ""go process term" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0476 "id-validation-regexp:"ENS[A-Z]+[0-9]{11}"") (subclass MI--0588 MI--0090) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0543 "gpi-anchor amidated cysteine") (mo-definition MI--0113 ""Western blot is a procedure to identify and quantify proteins. A mixture of protein is first submitted to an electrophoresis in denaturing condition and then electro-transferred from the gel to a membrane. The membrane is then incubated with a primary antibody specific for a given protein or a specific residue modification in the sample under analysis. A secondary antibody, radiolabelled or fused to fluorophore or to a chromogenic enzyme, targets the first antibody and allows the visualisation of the protein band on the membrane." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0448 "id-validation-regexp:"GO:[0-9]{7}"") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0100 "sequence based phylogenetic profile") (mo-definition MI--0084 ""Peptide sequences or entire proteins can be displayed on phage capsids by fusion to coat proteins to generate a library of fusion phages each displaying a different peptide. Such a library can then be exploited to identify specific phages that display peptides that bind to any given bait molecule for instance an antibody. The selection is performed by a series of cycles of affinity purification known as panning. The bait protein, immobilized on a solid support (plastic, agarose, sepharose, magnetic beads and others) is soaked in the phage mixture and that phage that remains attached to the bait is amplified and carried through a further affinity purification step. Each cycle results in an approximately 1,000-fold enrichment of specific phage and after a few selection rounds (2-4), DNA sequencing of the tight-binding phage reveals only a small number of sequences. Phage display panning experiments can be carried out either on libraries of peptides of random amino acid sequence or on libraries of displaying natural peptides obtained by inserting cDNA fragments into the phage vector (cDNA libraries). Libraries have been assembled on several different phages (Fd, Lambda or T7)." [PMID:10975452, PMID:7708014]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0076 ""interface predictor" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0442 "sufficient binding site") (mo-definition MI--0390 ""Alexa fluorescent dye analogue to Rhodamine Red-X with an approximate excitation wavelength maximum of 568nm." [PMID:10449539]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0333 "feature range status") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0420 ""homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0154 ""[C:palm_s]" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0099 ""SPA" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0564 ""methylarginine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0305 ""Ordered locus name" []") (subclass MI--0702 MI--0449) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0030 "cross-linking study") (mo-definition MI--0604 ""Potassium permanganate bind to single-stranded pyrimidine residues, it is commonly used to detect promoters opening regions in vivo. KMnO4 treatment of cells, followed by treatment with piperidine, followed by either PCR and/or acrylamide gel electrophoresis allows detection of interaction between transcription factor and the DNA sequence under their control." [PMID:8238889]") (mo-definition ""Describes the location of the experiment. OBSOLETE as a full host organisms description is recommended using tax id == -1 as convention to refer to 'in vitro' interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0800 "single nonmonotonic interaction") (subclass MI--0421 MI--0661) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0527 "adp ribosylated residue") (mo-definition MI--0555 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0035, RESID:AA0036]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0466 "ecocyc") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0231 ""mappit" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0235 ""C14" []") (subclass MI--0636 MI--0665) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0618 "caution") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0139 ""N-acetyl-L-threonine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0018 ""2h" []") (documentation EnglishLanguage "General comments on the ontology.") (mo-definition MI--0213 ""The covalent attachment of a methyl residue to one or more monomeric units in a polypeptide, polynucleotide, polysaccharide, or other biological polymer. Irreversible reaction that can affect A,G,M,F,P,C,R,N,Q,E,H,or K residues." [GO:0043414, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0061, RESID:AA0062, RESID:AA0063, RESID:AA0064, RESID:AA0065, RESID:AA0066, RESID:AA0067, RESID:AA0068, RESID:AA0069, RESID:AA0070, RESID:AA0071, RESID:AA0072, RESID:AA0073, RESID:AA0074, RESID:AA0075, RESID:AA0076, RESID:AA0234, RESID:AA0272]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0081 "peptide array") (mo-definition MI--0577 ""Group of method taking advantage of 3D structure to calculate and infer the feature of interacting molecules." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0546 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0164]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0472 ""PQS" []") (mo-definition MI--0832 ""A protein modification that is effectively either one half of a cystine cross-link, or a cysteine residue with one hydrogen atom or proton removed" [MOD:00798, RESID:AA0025, UniMod:374]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0451 "id-validation-regexp:"PF[0-9]{5}"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0525 ""GKPIPNPLLGLDST epitope tag" []") (mo-definition MI--0111 ""The gene for DHFR is rationally dissected into two fragments called F[1,2] and F[3]. Two proteins or protein domains that are thought to bind to each other can then be fused to either of the two DHFR fragments. Reconstitution of enzyme activity can be monitored in vivo by cell survival in DHFR-negative cells grown in the absence of nucleotides. A fluorescence assay can also be carried out taking advantage of fMTX binding to reconstituted DHFR. The basis of this assay is that complementary fragments of DHFR, when expressed and reassembled in cells, will bind with high affinity (Kd 5 540 pM) to fMTX in a 1:1 complex. fMTX is retained in cells by this complex, whereas the unbound fMTX is actively and rapidly transported out of the cells. Survival depends only on the number of molecules of DHFR reassembled." [PMID:10318894]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0540 ""gpi-alanine" []") (mo-defaultNamespace "PSI-MI") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0213 ""methylation" []") (mo-definition MI--0523 ""The protein of interest is expressed as a fusion to the peptide MASMTGGQQMG for which antibodies are commercially available." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0453 ""PRINTS" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0054 ""FACS" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0488 "id-validation-regexp:"MI:[0-9]{4}"") (subclass MI--0643 MI--0640) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0412 "electrophoretic mobility supershift assay") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0729 ""lumier" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0090 ""complementation" []") (mo-definition MI--0019 ""In this approach an antibody, specific for the protein of interest (bait) or any tag expressed within a fusion protein, is used to separate the bait from a protein mixture or a cell lysate and to capture its ligand simultaneously. The protein partners that bind to the bait protein retained by the resin can then be eluted and identified." [PMID:7708014]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0425 "kinase scintillation proximity assay") (mo-definition MI--0003 ""Method to determine the features of the proteins involved in the interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0336 ""Partially determined sequence position known to be in a location higher than a given position." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0526 "n-acetyl-lysine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0319 ""DNA" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0073 "mrna display") (subclass MI--0090 MI--0045) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0390 "alexa 568 label") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0732 ""RFP" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0046 ""experimental info" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0719 "calcium phosphate nucleic acid transfection") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0732 ""red fluorescent protein" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0549 "alkylated cysteine") (subclass MI--0446 MI--0445) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0553 ""(S)-2-amino-3-(4-sulfooxyphenyl)propanoic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0704 "nucleic acid delivery") (mo-definition MI--0562 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0061, RESID:AA0062]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0171 ""RPO" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0237 ""33P" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0152 ""[C:ger]" []") (mo-exactSynonym ""coloc visual technol" []") (subclass MI--0417 MI--0401) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0101 "sequence based prediction") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0176 "o-phospho-serine") (mo-definition MI--0017 ""Proteins contain endogenous fluorophores such as tryptophan residue and heme or flavins groups. Protein folding and protein-protein interaction can be studied by monitoring changes in the tryptophan environment detected by changes in its intrinsic fluorescence. Changes in the fluorescence emission spectrum on complex formation can occur either due to a shift in the wavelength of maximum fluorescence emission or by a shift in fluorescence intensity caused by the mixing of two proteins. The interaction of two proteins causes a shift in the fluorescence emission spectrum relative to the sum of the individual fluorescence spectra, resulting in a difference spectrum [F (complex)-2 F (sum)], which is a measurable effect of the interaction. Loss of fluorescence signal from a substrate can be used to measure protein cleavage." [PMID:7708014]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0558 "deglycosylation reaction") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0371 ""S35" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0162 ""gamma-methylglutamine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0668 ""feature att name" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0142 ""acetylvaline" []") (subclass MI--0243 MI--0353) (subclass MI--0601 MI--0447) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0551 ""nitrated tyrosine" []") (mo-definition MI--0527 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0149 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0030]") (subclass MI--0848 MI--0517) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0307 "delivery method") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "micromolar") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0130 ""[H:ac]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0435 "protease assay") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0174 ""histidine-3-phosphate [misnomer]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0475 "ddbj/embl/genbank") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0175 ""histidine-1-phosphate [misnomer]" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0176 ""phosphoserine" []") (mo-definition MI--0669 ""Attribute name of annotation associated to an organism element." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0064 "interologs mapping") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0342 "sample process") (instance part BinaryRelation) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0475 ""DDBJ" []") (mo-definition MI--0641 ""Molar concentration of an antagonist which produces 50% of the maximum possible inhibitory response for that antagonist. Note this measure depends on the specific antagonist used and upon experimental conditions, notably temperature, pH and solution composition (e.g., salts, chelating agents and others). Thus the ic50 is a relative measure and its values can be compared only when sharing the same experimental setting. Unit Molar." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0531 ""(S)-2-amino-3-([adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate) 5'->5'-ester with alpha-D-ribofuranosyl]oxy)-propanoic acid Formula" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0008 "array technology") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0237 "33p radiolabel") (subclass MI--0086 MI--0113) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0735 ""tat tag" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0055 ""RET" []") (mo-definition MI--0533 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0033 MI--0074) (mo-definition MI--0401 ""The application of chemical principles and methods to biological experiments." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0713 ""nucl passive uptake" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0529 ""S-L-cysteine alpha-D-ribofuranoside 5'->5'-ester with adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate)" []") (subclass MI--0364 MI--0362) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0596 "experimental form description") (mo-definition MI--0088 ""Sequences can be identified in a DNA mixture by launching a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) controlled by sequence specific primers. Such reaction starts only when the hybridization of the primer with a complementary sequence occurs." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0607 ""These RNA molecules are relatively short (less than 200 nucleotides each), and there are five of them (U1, U2, U4, U5, and U6) involved in the major form of pre-mRNA splicing. Known as snRNAs (small nuclear RNAs), each is complexed with at least seven protein subunits to form a snRNP (small nuclear ribonucleoprotein). These snRNPs form the core of the spliceosome." [PMID:14755292]") (domain Smo-definedSubset 2 Smo-Subset) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0545 ""gpi-serine" []") (subclass MI--0424 MI--0415) (mo-definition MI--0147 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0021]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0128 ""acetylglutamate" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0678 "antibody array") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0536 ""O3-glycosyl-L-threonine" []") (subclass MI--0833 MI--0659) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0321 ""catalytic RNA" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0138 ""SAC" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0187 "n6-(4-amino-2-hydroxybutyl)-lysine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0011 "beta lactamase complementation") (mo-definition MI--0647 ""Controlled vocabulary for kinetic constant units." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0798 ""The phenotype resulting from genetic perturbation of A has an effect only in the B background, or the B mutant has an effect only in the A background." [PMID:15833125]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0316 "ribonucleoprotein complex") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0364 "inferred by curator") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0446 "search-url: "http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=${ac}&dopt=Abstract"") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0846 "r1 spin label") (subclass MI--0046 MI--0063) (subclass MI--0823 MI--0427) (mo-definition MI--0663 ""A confocal is a standard epifluorescence microscope with improvement essentially coming from the rejection of out-of-focus light interference. Confocal imaging system achieves this by two strategies: a) by illuminating a single point of the specimen at any one time with a focused beam, so that illumination intensity drops off rapidly and b) by the use of blocking a pinhole aperture in a conjugate focal plane to the specimen so that light emitted away from the point in the specimen being illuminated is blocked from reaching the detector. Only the light from the single point illuminated of the specimen passing through the image pinhole is detected by a photodetector. Usually a computer is used to control the sequential scanning of the sample and to assemble the image for display onto a video screen." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0516 ""Measures the transfer of a radiolabelled methyl group of a donor, for example S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM) to a carboxyl group of an acceptor." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0839 "mole per second") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0168 ""MMT" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0328 "small molecule") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0481 "refseq") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0355 ""function" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "suppression expression alteration") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0322 ""guide RNA" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0013 "biophysical") (subclass MI--0158 MI--0562) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0370 ""toxcat" []") (mo-definition MI--0321 ""Species of RNA that catalyses cleavage or trans-esterification of the phosphodiester link." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0187 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0116]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0123 "n2-acetyl-arginine") (mo-definition MI--0322 ""Small RNA molecules that hybridize to specific mRNAs and direct their RNA editing." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0634 MI--0665) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0557 ""adp ribosylation" []") (documentation MI--0339 EnglishLanguage "Displayed as '?'.") (mo-definition MI--0685 ""Reference pointing to the originating database in which an interaction, or other curated information, was first described." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0423 ""Substrate protein radio-labelled by kinase transferring an isotope of phosphate from the nucleotide. Substrate isolated by gel electrophoresis and radio-labelling confirmed by autoradiography." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0497 ""Molecule role in an experimental setting that does not have an embedded asymmetry." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0350 MI--0342) (mo-definition MI--0049 ""A method in which separation depends upon the ability of one participant to bind to a filter or membrane which the other participants do not. Molecules interacting with the bound molecule will also be retain on the filter. For example, proteins expressed by different clones of an expression library are bound to a nitrocellulose membrane, by colony (bacterial library) or plaque (phage library) blotting. A labelled protein can then be used as a probe to identify clones expressing proteins that interact with the probe. Interactions occur on the nitrocellulose filters. The method is highly general and therefore widely applicable. A variety of approaches can be used to label the ligand, alternatively the ligand can be detected by a specific antibody. " [PMID:7708014]") (mo-definition MI--0356 ""Reference to the corresponding object in another database. Correspondence may be complete or partial." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "non covalent interaction") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0174 ""HPE" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0478 "id-validation-regexp:"FBgn[0-9]{7}"") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0403 "colocalization") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0530 "glutamyl-5-poly(adp-ribose)") (mo-exactSynonym ""his tag coip" []") (subclass MI--0037 MI--0101) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0525 "v5 tag") (subclass MI--0398 MI--0018) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0166 ""epsilon-dimethyllysine" []") (mo-definition MI--0691 ""Full viral protein vp16 exclusively responsible for preferential transcriptional activation of viral genes. Activation requires the formation of a complex with the host cell transcription factor." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0462 "bind") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0329 "unknown participant") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0242 "gene ontology definition reference") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0710 ""n transformat cation" []") (mo-definition MI--0305 ""A name used to represent an ORF in a completely sequenced genome or chromosome. It is generally based on a prefix representing the organism and a number which usually represents the sequential ordering of genes on the chromosome. Depending on the genome sequencing center, numbers are attributed only to protein-coding genes, or also to pseudogenes, or also to tRNAs and other features." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0130 MI--0121) (subclass MI--0739 MI--0740) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0533 "glycosylated residue") (subclass MI--0727 MI--0018) (mo-definition MI--0629 ""Information on the complex being annotated. Attribute generally associated to an interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0813 ""p elisa" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0543 ""N-cysteinyl-glycosylphosphatidylinositolethanolamine" []") (subclass MI--0365 MI--0240) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0069 ""ms of complexes" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0168 ""2-methylamino-4-(methylthio)butanoic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0031 "protein cross-linking with a bifunctional reagent") (subclass MI--0797 MI--0208) (subclass MI--0605 MI--0409) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0644 "km") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0396 "predetermined participant") (subclass MI--0623 MI--0664) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0317 "interaction") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0333 ""CvFuzzyType" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0325 "transfer rna") (mo-exactSynonym ""coloc immunostaining" []") (mo-definition MI--0658 ""MudPIT is a method for rapid and large-scale protein identification by multidimensional liquid chromatography associated with tandem mass spectrometry. The chromatography step consists of strong cation exchange material back-to-back with reversed phase material inside fused silica capillaries. The peptides bound to the cation-exchange resin are freed by the gradually increasing salt concentration of the buffer and are subsequently retained by the reversed phase resin. Increasing buffers hydrophobicity progressively elute peptides from the reversed phase packing directly into the mass spectrometer. Typically this mass spectrometer will be a tandem electrospray, so peptides undergo ionization in the liquid phase, are separated in a primary mass spectrometer, analysed in the second mass spectrometer and identified." [PMID:11231557]") (mo-definition MI--0438 ""In vivo reconstruction of specific RNA-proteins interactions. The DNA binding and transcription activator domains of GAL4 are brought together via the interaction of recombinant RNA. The first hybrid protein contains the DNA binding domain of GAL4 fused to RevM10 (a mutated RNA binding protein of HIV-1 that binds specifically to the Rev responsive element RRE of the env gene). A recombinant RNA contains the RRE sequence and a target RNA sequence X. The second hybrid protein contains the activation domain of GAL4 fused to protein Y tested for its ability to bind the target RNA X. If this interaction occurs the three hybrid reconstructs GAL4 and the transcription of a reporter gene is activated." [PMID:12162957, PMID:8972875]") (subclass MI--0539 MI--0150) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0603 "dimethylsulphate footprinting") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0380 ""15N" []") (mo-definition MI--0553 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0172]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0176 ""[S:po]" []") (subclass MI--0585 MI--0461) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0305 ""locus name" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0410 "electron tomography") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0160 ""dimethylarginine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0066 ""lambda phage" []") (mo-definition MI--0680 ""DNA that consists of only one chain of nucleotides rather than the two base pairing strands found in DNA in the double helix form." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0158 ""[A:meth_n]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0238 "3h radiolabel") (subclass MI--0668 MI--0590) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0729 "luminescence based mammalian interactome mapping") (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0500 MI--0000) (mo-definition MI--0412 ""The EMSA supershift is a EMSA experiment carried out using a third lane loaded with the radiolabeled nucleic acid, a protein mixture and an antibody for a specific protein. If an extra retardation is observed, this is due to the formation of a larger complex including the antibody. By this approach, at least one protein of the complex is directly identified." [PMID:12169687]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0153 ""N-palmitoyl-L-cysteine" []") (mo-definition ""10E-6 moles per liter of solution. OBSOLETE: term redundant with the schema exponent attribute of the parameter." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0676 ""Tandem affinity purification allows rapid purification under native conditions of complexes, even when expressed at their natural level. Prior knowledge of complex composition or function is not required. The TAP method requires fusion of the a multiple tag, either N- or C-terminally, to the target (or bait) protein of interest. The multiple tag allows two steps purification steps ensuring a highly selective complex purification." [PMID:11403571]") (mo-definition MI--0449 ""InterPro combines a number of databases (referred to as member databases) that use different methodologies and a varying degree of biological information on well-characterised proteins to derive protein signatures. http://www.ebi.ac.uk/interpro/" [PMID:1252001]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0802 "enhancement interaction") (subclass MI--0435 MI--0415) (subclass MI--0699 MI--0696) (mo-definition MI--0250 ""interactor for genetic interaction." [PMID:14755292, SO:0000704]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0681 "double stranded deoxyribonucleic acid") (mo-definition MI--0223 ""A molecule is estimated to be expressed at lower levels than in physiological condition." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0806 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9][a-zA-Z0-9]{3}"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0174 ""1'-phospho-L-histidine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0646 ""Kd" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0479 "mgd/mgi") (subclass MI--0723 MI--0721) (subclass MI--0462 MI--0461) (mo-definition MI--0511 ""Measures quenching of the nonradiative energy transfer between fluorescent long-lifetime lanthanide chelates and different acceptors. Fluorescence donor and acceptor are on the same peptide molecule and separated by the action of the protease." [PMID:14987100]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0446 "pubmed") (mo-definition MI--0096 ""A specific affinity chromatography method where a protein of interest (bait) is expressed as a fusion to an affinity tag (GST, HIS tag and others) and linked at high concentration to a support that has affinity for the tag. Purified proteins or cellular extracts are then adsorbed to the resin and the retained binding proteins are identified. Thus, in this approach, the protein that has affinity for the solid support (bait) is expressed and purified first, often in an heterologous system, and then challenged with a solution containing the candidate partner proteins. no antibodies to retain bait but other affinity stuffs." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0609 ""snoRNA" []") (subclass MI--0559 MI--0414) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0420 "kinase homogeneous time resolved fluorescence") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0247 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+"") (mo-definition ""Interaction mediated by non-covalent, weak forces rearrangement. OBSOLETE use physical interaction (MI:0218) instead." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0176 ""O3-phosphoserine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0091 ""chromatography" []") (mo-definition MI--0043 ""A form of spectroscopy in which the absorption of microwave by a sample in a strong magnetic field is used to study atoms or molecules with unpaired electrons." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0328 ""Molecule not part of or directly encoded by the genome, encompasses any constitutionally or isotopically distinct atom, molecule, ion, ion pair, radical, radical ion, complex, conformer, etc., identifiable as a separately distinguishable entity." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0193 ""Irreversible reaction that can affect A,R,N,D,C,Q,E,G,H,I,L,K,M,F,P,S,T,W,Y or V residues." [GO:0001519, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0081, RESID:AA0082, RESID:AA0083, RESID:AA0084, RESID:AA0085, RESID:AA0086, RESID:AA0087, RESID:AA0088, RESID:AA0089, RESID:AA0090, RESID:AA0091, RESID:AA0092, RESID:AA0093, RESID:AA0094, RESID:AA0095, RESID:AA0096, RESID:AA0097, RESID:AA0098, RESID:AA0099, RESID:AA0100]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0032 "de novo protein sequencing by mass spectrometry") (subclass MI--0338 MI--0333) (subclass MI--0195 MI--0407) (mo-definition MI--0340 ""Term describing the first amino acid of a peptide chain." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0516 "methyltransferase radiometric assay") (mo-definition MI--0426 ""Light visible microscopy uses environmental light to illuminate the sample and produce a magnified image of the sample." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0578 ""mbp tag" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0179 "other modification") (subclass MI--0056 MI--0659) (termFormat EnglishLanguage Smo-definedSubset "definedSubset") (subclass MI--0110 MI--0046) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0152 ""S-geranylgeranyl-L-cysteine" []") (subclass MI--0304 MI--0300) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0071 ""Size Exclusion Chromatography" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0735 "transactivating tag") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0510 ""homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence" []") (subclass MI--0399 MI--0398) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0830 "tissue list") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0819 "molecular weight estimation by bromide staining") (mo-definition MI--0716 ""Entrance of molecules into cells that does not involved specific treatments but rely on natural cellular processes." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0521 ""Histidine-tag" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0488 "search-url: "http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ontology-lookup/?termId=${ac}"") (subclass MI--0677 MI--0507) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0463 ""GRID" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0167 ""[K:meth_3]" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0126 ""2-acetylamino-3-mercaptopropanoic acid" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0153 ""n-palmitoylcysteine" []") (mo-definition MI--0072 ""Western blot assay carried out using monospecific antibodies produced in the supernatant of a cell line obtained by fusing a lymphocyte B to a myeloma cell line or selected by phage display technology." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0184 MI--0179) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0173 ""S-phospho-L-cysteine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0041 ""ENDOR" []") (mo-definition MI--0718 ""Transient introduction and expression of nucleic acid carried out by treatment with chemicals." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0414 "enzymatic reaction") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0413 "electrophoretic mobility shift assay") (subclass MI--0725 MI--0721) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0134 ""N(zeta)-acetyllysine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0124 ""NAC" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0503 "self") (subclass MI--0733 MI--0687) (subclass MI--0332 MI--0330) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0682 "cofactor") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0639 "resulting-ptm") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0321 "catalytic rna") (mo-definition MI--0665 ""Attribute name of annotation associated to an experiment element." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0037 "domain profile pairs") (subclass MI--0410 MI--0040) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0563 "methylated arginine") (subclass MI--0658 MI--0093) (mo-definition MI--0355 ""Cross reference pointing to a Gene Ontology -'cellular function' term." [PMID:14681407]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0368 "yellow fluorescent protein tag") (subclass MI--0403 MI--0190) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0120 "post translation modification") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "inhibited") (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0495 MI--0000) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0155 ""GMY" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0550 ""4-carboxyglutamic acid" []") (subclass MI--0547 MI--0150) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0068 ""modified residue ms" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0182 ""L-3-oxoalanine" []") (mo-definition MI--0362 ""Evidence based on human assumption, either when the complete experimental support is not available or when the results are extended by homology to closely related orthologues sequences." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0300 ""CvAliasType" []") (mo-definition MI--0204 ""Cleavage of the G-K bond and release of ubiquitin or ubiquitin like proteins." [GO:0016579, PMID:11583613, RESID:AA0125]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0741 ""PeptideAtlas" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0378 "rare isotope label") (mo-definition MI--0702 ""The PANTHER (Protein ANalysis THrough Evolutionary Relationships) Classification System is a unique resource that classifies genes by their functions using published scientific experimental evidence and evolutionary relationships to predict function even in the absence of direct experimental evidence. www.pantherdb.org/ " [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0177 ""[T:po]" []") (subclass MI--0812 MI--0240) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0227 ""reverse phase chrom" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0529 "s-(adp-ribosyl)-cysteine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0675 "international protein index") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0666 "participant attribute name") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0172 ""DPO" []") (mo-definition MI--0618 ""Warning about errors/ grounds for confusion. Can be associated to interaction, experiment, Cv term or any participant." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0229 ""Protein-protein interaction trap based on fusions of bait and prey protein to two dissected fragment of GFP. The system implemented in E. coli, allow screening of partners, including membrane proteins and also detect transient interaction that are stabilized by the complemented GFP." [PMID:15631464]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0414 ""Biochemical reaction" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0141 "n-acetyl-tyrosine") (subclass MI--0689 MI--0240) (mo-definition MI--0372 ""Cell lysates are partially fractionated to isolate a specific subcellular fraction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0667 ""Attribute name of annotation associated to a CV term." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0716 MI--0307) (subclass MI--0408 MI--0195) (mo-definition ""Literally, in place i.e. the protein is in its natural environment during the experiment. OBSOLETE as a full host organisms is recommended using tax id == -1 as convention to refer to 'in vitro' interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0541 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0158]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0134 ""[K:N6ac]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0505 "experimental feature") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0697 "dna directed dna polymerase assay") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0444 "database citation") (subclass MI--0659 MI--0003) (mo-definition MI--0670 ""International Molecular Interaction Exchange." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0154 ""CPS" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0163 ""glutamic acid gamma-methyl ester" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0137 ""PAC" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0250 "gene") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0487 "id-validation-regexp:"WBGene[0-9]{8}"") (subclass MI--0475 MI--0683) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0161 ""(2R,3Xi)-2-amino-3-methylsulfanylbutanedioic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0514 "in gel phosphatase assay") (mo-definition MI--0624 ""Reaction occurs at a faster rate in the presence of this compound or molecule i.e. the molecule directly physically co-operates with the interaction. Reaction may not occur at all in the absence of this molecule." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0645 ""The number of substrate molecules converted to product in a given unit of time, on a single enzyme molecule when the enzyme is saturated with substrate. Unit per second, or s-1." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0175 ""HPD" []") (subclass MI--0548 MI--0157) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0719 ""ca po nuc transfect" []") (mo-definition MI--0846 ""Paramagnetic molecule (1-oxyl-2,2,5,5-tetramethylpyrroline- 3-methyl)-methanethiosulfonate. that can be covalently attached to any cysteine aminoacid producing a nitroxide side chain designated R1." [PMID:10966640]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0825 ""X-ray" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0368 ""yfp tag" []") (subclass MI--0305 MI--0300) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0160 ""RM2" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0662 "imex-primary") (mo-definition MI--0166 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0075]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0370 ""toxcat" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0166 ""N6,N6-dimethyl-L-lysine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0233 "protein dna complex") (subclass MI--0101 MI--0063) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "obsolete") (subclass MI--0641 MI--0640) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0346 ""experimental prep" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0657 ""selex" []") (subclass MI--0089 MI--0008) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0416 ""fluorescence imaging" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0592 "ipfam") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0141 ""N-acetyl-L-tyrosine" []") (subclass MI--0625 MI--0666) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0411 "enzyme linked immunosorbent assay") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0644 ""Km" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0462 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+"") (subclass MI--0331 MI--0330) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0688 ""dna binding domain" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0115 "yeast display") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0707 "anti tag immunostaining") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0216 "palmitoylation reaction") (subclass Protein MI--0383) (mo-definition MI--0155 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0059]") (subclass MI--0570 MI--0194) (mo-remark "$Id: psi-mi.obo,v 1.162 2007/04/27 03:36:45 girlwithglasses Exp $") (subclass MI--0383 MI--0313) (subclass MI--0189 MI--0179) (mo-definition MI--0738 ""PRIDE is a public repository of protein and peptide identifications for the proteomics community. http://www.ebi.ac.uk/pride/" [PMID:16381953]") (mo-definition ""a given (suppressed) mutation phenotype is reverted by a supressor gene mutation. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'suppressive interaction' MI:0793 and genetic experimental form 'mutated gene' MI:0804. " [PMID:15608217]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0141 ""YAC" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0132 ""[L:ac]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0139 "n-acetyl-threonine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0737 "peptide sequence database") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0107 ""BIAcore(r)" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0160 ""(S)-2-amino-5-[((dimethylamino)iminomethyl)amino]pentanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0794 MI--0208) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0228 ""cytoplasmic compl" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0437 ""bridge assay" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0467 "reactome") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0149 ""[P:hy_g]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0209 "geranylgeranylation reaction") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0406 "deacetylase assay") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0049 "filter binding") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0142 ""VAC" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0127 ""N-acetyl-L-glutamine" []") (subclass MI--0246 MI--0473) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0188 ""(S)-2-amino-6-[(2E,4E,6E,8E)-3,7-dimethyl-9-(2,6,6-trimethylcyclohex-1-en-1-yl)-2,4,6,8-nonatetraenylidene]aminohexanoic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0126 ""N-acetyl-L-cysteine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0098 "ribosome display") (subclass MI--0078 MI--0661) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0137 "n-acetyl-proline") (subclass MI--0156 MI--0560) (subclass MI--0362 MI--0001) (subclass MI--0467 MI--0461) (mo-definition MI--0227 ""Reverse phase chromatography operates on the basis of hydrophilicity and lipophilicity. The stationary phase consists of silica based packings with n-alkyl chains covalently bound. For example, C-8 signifies an octyl chain and C-18 an octadecyl ligand in the matrix. The more hydrophobic the matrix on each ligand, the greater is the tendency of the column to retain hydrophobic moieties. Thus hydrophilic compounds elute more quickly than do hydrophobic compounds." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0434 "phosphatase assay") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0102 ""sequence tag" []") (mo-definition MI--0536 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0155]") (mo-definition MI--0186 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0117]") (mo-definition MI--0103 ""A standard procedure to identify DNA fragments containing specific gene sequences. In this procedure i) a genome is fragmented using a restriction enzyme ii) the generated fragments are separated by electrophoresis iii) the fragments are transferred to a membrane iv)the membrane is incubated with a radio labelled probe that hybridises any complementary subsequence." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0528 ""adp-ribosylarginine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0665 "experiment attibute name") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0614 "url") (subclass MI--0804 MI--0787) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0029 ""density sedimentatio" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0589 ""in vitro translated" []") (mo-definition MI--0095 ""ProteinChip(r) Array technology is a surface-enhanced laser desorption/ionization (SELDI) approach (Ciphergen Biosystems Inc. Fremont, CA, USA) for sample fractionation accomplished by retentate chromatography. Retentate chromatography is performed on ProteinChip Arrays with varying chromatographic properties (e.g. anion exchange, cation exchange, metal affinity and reverse phase). By utilising arrays with differing surface chemistries in parallel and in series, a complex mixture of proteins, as from cells or body fluids, can be resolved into subsets of proteins with common properties. Specific analytes can also be examined by using preactivated arrays to which a bait molecule (such as an antibody or biotinylated DNA) is immobilized and a solution containing the binding partner(s) is presented to the array. This array-based immunoprecipitation or protein-binding experiment has been used with good success to study DNA-binding proteins, receptor-ligand interactions, and protein complexes. Any ligand retained on a SELDI chip can directly be identified by mass spectrometry." [PMID:11827829]") (mo-definition MI--0512 ""Samples run on a gelatine containing gels under non-reducing condition, gels then incubated under conditions in which the enzyme is active. Gels are stained with coomasie and gelatine-free regions of the gel taken as a measure of enzyme activity." [PMID:2071592]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0042 ""EPR" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0520 ""YPYDVPDYA epitope tag" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0832 ""Half of a disulfide bridge" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0716 "passive uptake") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0090 ""PCA" []") (mo-exactSynonym ""cond syntetic lethal" []") (subclass MI--0479 MI--0683) (subclass MI--0106 MI--0577) (mo-definition MI--0834 ""Association rate constant or rate of complex formation. Unit MOLE per SECOND (M-1 s-1)" [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0736 MI--0721) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0518 "flag tag") (subclass MI--0576 MI--0577) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0801 ""double nonmonotonic" []") (mo-definition MI--0373 ""Dye coupled to a molecule allowing its identification isolation and monitoring." [PMID:14577292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0090 "protein complementation assay") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0833 "autoradiography") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Represents the cyclic property. (Typedefs only)") (subclass MI--0563 MI--0157) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0476 "ensembl") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0006 "anti bait coimmunoprecipitation") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0174 ""(S)-2-amino-3-(1-phosphono-1H-imidazol-4-yl)propanoic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0736 "protein passive uptake") (subclass MI--0362 MI--0003) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0311 "microinjection") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0400 ""affinity techniques" []") (subclass MI--0661 MI--0002) (subclass MI--0818 MI--0816) (subclass MI--0728 MI--0018) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "ha tag coimmunoprecipitation") (mo-definition MI--0231 ""The MAPPIT(mammalian protein-protein interaction Trap) is a screening method for protein-protein interaction in mammalian cells, based on the reconstitution of a membrane STAT (signal transducers and activators of transcription) receptor. The bait protein is fused to a STAT recruitment-deficient receptor and the prey protein to a functional STAT recruitment sites. In such a configuration, a given baitprey interaction restores a STAT-dependent responses leading to the expression of a reporter gene. This system, enable to demonstrate not only protein interaction but also modification-independent and tyrosine phosphorylation- dependent interactions." [PMID:12853652]") (mo-definition MI--0822 ""Molecule whose sequence identity is derived from their molecular weight after a comigration in a gel with molecular weight marker and staining of the molecules with Hoechst dyes." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0094 ""A wide range of dyes have been used over the years to visualise proteins in polyacrylamide gels - Coomasie Blue and silver-staining being two classical methods. Fluorescent dyes such as Nile Red and SYPRO Orange are now increasingly used due to their superior dynamic range. Use of non-denaturing gels can allow visualisation of protein protein interactions. Several dyes can be used to specifically indicate residue modification, however this methodology will give no information as the number of residues modified or their position within the protein sequence. Examples include the use of acid fuscian or the fluorescent dansyl hydrazine to show protein glycosylation." [PMID:12015990]") (subclass MI--0252 MI--0116) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0185 ""diphthamide" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0477 ""entrezgene/locuslink" []") (documentation Smo-definedSubset EnglishLanguage "Subset defined for the ontology.") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0368 ""YFP" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0156 ""N6-(1-oxotetradecyl)-L-lysine" []") (subclass MI--0362 MI--0002) (mo-definition MI--0660 ""Feature detection based on computational analysis." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0125 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0042]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0369 ""gallex" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0175 "3'-phospho-histidine") (subclass MI--0656 MI--0505) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0057 "gene neighbourhood") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0437 "protein tri hybrid") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0123 ""acetylarginine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0041 ""endor" []") (documentation MI--0306 EnglishLanguage "For instance MtCY277.28c, SYGP-ORF50, SpBC2F12.04, C06E1.1, CG10954. Also called Sequencing names or Contig names or Temporary ORFNames.") (mo-definition MI--0120 ""Residue covalent modifications occurring in the specific protein form involved in an interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0189 ""KUB" []") (mo-exactSynonym ""suppress knockout" []") (mo-definition MI--0631 ""Free R-Factor and working R-Factor for the quality of the crystallographic model. This attribute is generally associated to an interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0805 ""wwPDB" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0126 ""acetylcysteine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0171 ""phosphoarginine" []") (subclass MI--0612 MI--0669) (mo-definition MI--0794 ""The phenotype resulting from genetic perturbation A and the phenotype resulting from genetic perturbation B have no effect on the WT background, but the combined genetic perturbation of A and B has a phenotypic effect. " [PMID:15833125]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0524 ""CBP-ProtA tagged" []") (subclass MI--0107 MI--0013) (mo-definition MI--0446 ""PubMed is designed to provide access to citations from biomedical literature. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0574 ""doi" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0476 ""Ensembl" []") (subclass MI--0197 MI--0414) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0172 ""L-aspartic 4-phosphoric anhydride" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0187 ""(S,R)-2-amino-6-(4-amino-2-hydroxybutylamino)hexanoic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0119 ""hotspot" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0186 ""(S)-2-amino-6-[5-((3aS,4S,6aR)-hexahydro-2-oxo-1H-thieno[3,4-d]imidazol-4-yl)-1-oxopentyl]aminohexanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0560 MI--0150) (mo-definition MI--0435 ""Measures the enzymatic hydrolysis of a peptide bond within a peptide or protein substrate." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0825 MI--0114) (subclass MI--0400 MI--0401) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "perturbagens peptides") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0612 "comment") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0161 ""beta-methylthio-aspartic acid" []") (subclass MI--0679 MI--0320) (mo-definition MI--0134 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0055]") (mo-definition MI--0643 ""Equilibrium constant for dissociation of an inhibitor. Unit Molar." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0014 ""Adenylate cyclase is encoded by the cyaA gene and contains a catalytic domain which can be proteolytically cleaved into two complementary fragments, T25 and T18, which remain associated in the presence of calmodulin in a fully active ternary complex. In the absence of calmodulin, the mixture of the two fragments does not exhibit detectable activity, suggesting that the two fragments do not associate. When expressed in an adenylate cyclase-deficient E. coli strain (E. coli lacks calmodulin or calmodulin-related proteins), the T25 and T18 fragments fused to putative interacting proteins are brought into close association which result in cAMP synthesis. The level of reconstructed adenylate cyclase can be estimated by monitoring the expression of a cAMP dependent reporter gene." [PMID:9576956]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0252 "biological feature") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0333 ""endStatus" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0183 ""(S)-5-oxo-2-pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0655 ""A protein of interest (the bait) is fused to the full-length bacteriophage lambda repressor protein (lambdacI, 237 amino acids), containing the amino terminal DNA-binding domain and the carboxylterminal dimerization domain. The corresponding target (prey) protein is fused to the N-terminal domain of the alfa-subunit of RNA polymerase (248 amino acids). The bait is tethered to the lambda operator sequence upstream of the reporter promoter through the DNA-binding domain of lambdacI. When the bait and prey interact, they recruit and stabilize the binding of RNA polymerase at the promoter and activate the transcription of the HIS3 reporter gene. Due to the tendency of both the lambda repressor protein and the N-terminal domain of the alfa-subunit of RNA polymerase to dimerize, this system might not be optimal for the analysis of proteins that self-associate unless their interaction with other protein partners depends on the oligomerization." [PMID:15792953]") (mo-definition MI--0703 ""The Gene3D database provides a combined structural, functional and evolutionary view of the protein world. It is focused on providing structural annotation for protein sequences without structural representatives--including the complete proteome sets of over 240 different species. http://cathwww.biochem.ucl.ac.uk:8080/Gene3D/ " [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0381 ""2H2" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0333 ""startStatus" []") (mo-definition MI--0163 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0072]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0820 ""weight by sybr" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0169 ""FMT" []") (subclass MI--0612 MI--0666) (subclass MI--0722 MI--0721) (subclass MI--0169 MI--0157) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0069 "mass spectrometry studies of complexes") (mo-definition MI--0693 ""Part of the yeast transcription factor GAL4 (amino acids 11-38) specifically responsible for DNA binding of a 17 base-pair long sequence in the upstream activating sequence of galactose-induced genes. " [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0246 "search-url: "http://srs.ebi.ac.uk/srsbin/cgi-bin/wgetz?[libs%3d{dsmz_mutz%20ecacc_cell%20iclc%20CABI_BACT%20CIP_BACT%20CABI_YEAST%20DSMZ_PLANT_CELL}-id:${ac}]+-e"") (subclass MI--0437 MI--0018) (subclass MI--0354 MI--0353) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0553 ""2-amino-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)propanoic acid 4'-sulfate" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0740 ""MTS" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0222 "physiological level") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0144 ""alanineamide" []") (subclass MI--0039 MI--0433) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0808 ""comigration in sds" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0167 ""trimethyllysine" []") (subclass MI--0832 MI--0179) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0207 ""formylation" []") (subclass MI--0612 MI--0665) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0168 ""(S)-2-methylamino-4-(methylsulfanyl)butanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0534 MI--0533) (mo-definition MI--0374 ""The organic cyanine dyes emit in the red range (>550 nm), offer a number of advantages. Their emission range is such that background fluorescence is often reduced. In addition these molecules can be linked directly to specific locations in synthetically produced nucleic acids." [PMID:14577292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0334 ""c-terminal" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0739 "penetrating tag") (mo-exactSynonym ""perturbagens pep" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0700 "rna directed rna polymerase assay") (subclass MI--0612 MI--0668) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0155 ""myristoylglycine" []") (subclass MI--0420 MI--0510) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0245 "id-validation-regexp:"[OPQ][0-9][A-Z0-9]{3}[0-9]|[OPQ][0-9][A-Z0-9]{3}[0-9]-[0-9]+|[A-Z]{3}[0-9]{5}|[OPQ][0-9][A-Z0-9]{3}[0-9]-PRO_[0-9]{10}"") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0800 ""single nonmonotonic" []") (subclass MI--0632 MI--0664) (subclass MI--0084 MI--0034) (subclass MI--0662 MI--0353) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0142 ""N-acetyl-L-valine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0138 ""(S)-2-acetylamino-3-hydroxypropanoic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0638 "prerequisite-ptm") (subclass MI--0057 MI--0058) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0458 "id-validation-regexp:"TIGR[0-9]+"") (documentation EnglishLanguage "The program used to generate the ontology.") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0131 ""(2S,3S)-2-acetylamino-3-methylpentanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0457 MI--0449) (mo-definition MI--0634 ""E-mail address to contact the author/organisation which has produced the data. This attribute is generally associated to an experiment." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0576 ""Method to identify domain-domain interactions within the same resolved structure. Domains are first projected onto a pdb structure and then the distance between all pairs of residues in different domains are calculated. When the distance between 2 residues is below the non covalent bond threshold, the corresponding pair of domains is predicted to interact." [PMID:15353450]") (subclass MI--0612 MI--0667) (mo-definition ""A supressed gene mutation cause of an altered phenotype that is reverted to wild type phenotype when cell also carry a suppressor gene with a specific mutation or altered expression level. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'suppressive interaction' MI:0793." [PMID:15608217]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0474 ""ChEBI" []") (subclass MI--0103 MI--0080) (subclass MI--0317 MI--0313) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0177 ""phosphothreonine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0497 "neutral component") (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0590 MI--0000) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0256 "rna interference") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0685 "source reference") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0540 "gpi-anchor amidated alanine") (subclass MI--0388 MI--0384) (subclass MI--0440 MI--0400) (subclass MI--0805 MI--0461) (mo-definition MI--0666 ""Attribute name of annotation associated to a participant element." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0455 MI--0449) (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0640 MI--0000) (mo-definition MI--0348 ""Cells has been fixed by treatment with organic solvent, staining and inclusion in a resin for microscopic analysis." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0530 ""adp-ribosylglutamate" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0139 ""N-acetylthreonine" []") (subclass MI--0503 MI--0500) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0133 ""KAC" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0834 "ka") (subclass MI--0478 MI--0683) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0541 ""gpi-asparagine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0480 ""OMIM" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0465 "id-validation-regexp:"DIP[0-9]+[NE]"") (mo-definition MI--0338 ""Describes a sequence position known to be in a certain range, where the exact position is unclear." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0137 ""acetylproline" []") (subclass MI--0720 MI--0310) (subclass MI--0222 MI--0221) (subclass MI--0791 MI--0787) (subclass MI--0798 MI--0208) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0559 ""glycosylation" []") (mo-definition MI--0243 ""Reference to the master sequence from which this isoform has been derived." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0149 ""4hydroxyproline" []") (mo-definition MI--0114 ""Analysis of a diffraction pattern generated by a single crystal. X-rays have a wavelength, typically around 1 Angstrom (the diameter of a hydrogen atom). If a narrow parallel beam of X-rays is directed at a sample of a pure protein, most of the X-rays will pass straight through it. A small fraction, however, will be scattered by the atoms in the sample. If the sample is a well-ordered crystal, the scattered waves will reinforce one another at certain points and will appear as diffraction spots when the X-rays are recorded by a suitable detector. The position and intensity of each spot in the X-ray diffraction pattern contain information about the position and nature of the atoms in the crystal. The three-dimensional structure of a large molecule can be deduced from the electron-density map of its crystal. In recent years X-ray diffraction analysis has become increasingly automated, and now the slowest step is likely to be the production of suitable protein crystals. This requires high concentration of very pure protein and empirical searching for the proper crystallisation conditions." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0475 ""GenBank" []") (mo-definition MI--0723 ""Microinjection refers to the process of using a micro needle to insert substances at a microscopic level into a single living cell. It is a simple mechanical process in which an extremely fine micro needle penetrates the cell membrane and sometimes the nuclear envelope and releases proteins." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0136 MI--0121) (subclass MI--0823 MI--0003) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0469 ""IntAct" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0359 ""process" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0464 ""CYGD (MIPS)" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0453 "id-validation-regexp:"PR[0-9]{6}"") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0825 ""x-ray fiber diffrac" []") (mo-definition MI--0195 ""Interaction leading to the formation of covalent bond within an autocatalytic molecule or between partners." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0364 ""modelled by curator" []") (subclass MI--0612 MI--0664) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0843 "phospho acceptor") (subclass MI--0586 MI--0500) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0176 ""O-phospho-L-serine" []") (subclass MI--0724 MI--0721) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0036 "domain fusion") (subclass MI--0591 MI--0665) (mo-definition MI--0818 ""Molecule whose sequence identity is derived from their molecular weight after a comigration in a gel with molecular weight marker and staining of the molecules with comassie dye." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0151 ""CFN" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0372 "subcellular preparation") (mo-definition MI--0004 ""This class of approaches is characterised by the use of affinity resins as tools to purify molecule of interest (baits) and their binding partners. The baits can be captured by a variety of high affinity ligands linked to a resin - for example, antibodies specific for the bait itself, antibodies for specific tags engineered to be expressed as part of the bait or other high affinity binders such as glutathione resins for GST fusion proteins, metal resins for histidine-tagged proteins." [PMID:7708014]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0628 ""id-validation-regexp" []") (subclass MI--0558 MI--0414) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0680 "single stranded deoxyribonucleic acid") (subclass MI--0018 MI--0232) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "suppression underexpression") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0797 "epistatic interaction") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0178 ""phosphotyrosine" []") (mo-definition MI--0100 ""Multiple alignments of orthologous sequences in the same species and their corresponding phylogenetic trees are built. Every phylogenetic tree is computed as a matrix of distances between all possible protein pairs. The covariation of the distance matrices reveals interacting protein pairs." [PMID:11707606]") (subclass MI--0511 MI--0510) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0438 "rna tri hybrid") (mo-definition MI--0217 ""Reversible reaction that can affect D,C,H,S,T,Y,R residues." [GO:0016310, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0033, RESID:AA0034, RESID:AA0035, RESID:AA0036, RESID:AA0037, RESID:AA0038, RESID:AA0039, RESID:AA0222]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0001 ""interaction detect" []") (mo-definition MI--0046 ""Predictive algorithms that rely on the information obtained by experimental results." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0669 ""organism att name" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0154 ""2-amino-3-(hexadecanoylthio)propanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0360 MI--0353) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0163 ""(S)-2-aminopentanedioic acid 5-methyl ester" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0367 ""gfp tag" []") (mo-definition MI--0540 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0163]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0667 "controlled vocabulary attribute name") (mo-definition MI--0335 ""Position within the sequence clearly defined." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0068 "mass detection of residue modification") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0519 ""gst tag" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0799 ""additive" []") (mo-definition MI--0093 ""Single amino acid identification along a protein sequence." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0824 "x-ray powder diffraction") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0532 ""adpribosylasparagine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0421 ""antibody detection" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0052 ""fcs" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0177 ""2-amino-3-hydroxybutanoic acid 3-phosphate" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0184 ""(S)-2-amino-5-[2-([([2,3-dihydroxypropyl]oxy)(hydroxy)phosphoryl]oxy)ethyl]amino-5-oxopentanoic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0180 "selenocysteine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0415 "enzymatic study") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0709 "polyclonal antibody immunostaining") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0241 "horseradish peroxidase tag") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0379 "13c label") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0305 ""CDS number" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0471 ""MINT" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0156 ""N6-myristoyl-L-lysine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0573 "mutation disrupting interaction") (subclass MI--0622 MI--0665) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0129 ""[G:ac]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0041 "electron nuclear double resonance") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0508 "deacetylase radiometric assay") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0128 ""N-acetyl-L-glutamic acid" []") (subclass MI--0805 MI--0447) (mo-definition MI--0621 ""Confidence classification assigned by the author of the publication to a specific interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0177 ""(2S,3R)-2-amino-3-phosphonooxybutanoic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0332 ""endogenous" []") (subclass MI--0249 MI--0683) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0152 ""2-amino-3-(3,7,11,15-tetramethyl-2,6,10,14-hexadecatetraenylthio)propanoic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0031 ""A cross-linker is a bifunctional molecule having two reactive ends linked by a spacer, often containing a disulfide bond. Cross-linkers induce the formation of covalent bonds among proteins that are neighbours. When a reducing agent is added the disulfide bridge is cleaved, the cross-linked pairs are released and can be identified. There are various classes of cross-linkers, the most common are those having photoreactive groups that become reactive fluorophores when activated by UV light thereby resulting in photolabeling the cross-linked moieties." [PMID:10679368, PMID:7708014]") (subclass MI--0149 MI--0148) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Version of data in the ontology.") (subclass MI--0730 MI--0473) (subclass MI--0013 MI--0045) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0127 ""(S)-2-acetylamino-5-pentanediamic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0016 ""CD" []") (subclass MI--0447 MI--0444) (mo-definition MI--0117 ""A sequence range within a protein identified as involved in an interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0790 "hypermorph") (mo-definition MI--0559 ""The covalent attachment of a glycosyl residue to one or more monomeric units in a polypeptide, polynucleotide, polysaccharide, or other biological polymer. Reaction that can affect Ser, Thr, Cys, Arg, and Asn residues. This reaction is known to be reversible in the case of Asn substrate." [GO:0043413, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0122, RESID:AA0151, RESID:AA0154, RESID:AA0155, RESID:AA0327]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0432 ""one-hybrid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0576 "structural proximity") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0381 ""deuterium" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0559 "glycosylation reaction") (subclass MI--0223 MI--0803) (subclass MI--0691 MI--0689) (mo-definition ""Two silent mutations show altered growth effect when they co-occur on the same cell. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'synthetic interaction' MI:0794 and external CV for phenotype description ( FBcv:0000427 'cell growth defective')" [PMID:15608217]") (mo-definition MI--0429 ""A sequence range within a protein identified as being absolutely required for an interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0305 ""ONL" []") (mo-definition MI--0476 "" Ensembl is a joint project between the EMBL-EBI and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute that aims at developing a system that maintains automatic annotation of large eukaryotic genomes. http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ensembl" [PMID:15078858]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage Enzyme "enzyme") (subclass MI--0083 MI--0093) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0111 ""dhfr reconstruction" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0159 ""[A:meth_n3]" []") (subclass MI--0113 MI--0659) (subclass MI--0592 MI--0447) (mo-definition MI--0530 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0295]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0128 ""acetylglutamic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "ubiquitin binding") (mo-definition MI--0700 ""Measures the catalysis of the reaction: nucleoside triphosphate + RNA (n) = diphosphate + RNA (n+1); uses an RNA template." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0000 ""Controlled vocabularies originally created for protein protein interactions, extended to other molecules interactions." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0704 ""Method by which nucleic acids are delivered or engineered into a cell." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0253 "isotope label") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0411 ""elisa" []") (subclass MI--0425 MI--0099) (mo-definition MI--0558 ""Reaction catalyzed by PNGase, a deglycosylating enzyme that promotes the hydrolysis of the beta-aspartylglycosylamine bond of aspargine-linked glycopeptides and glycoproteins." [GO:0006517, PMID:15670854]") (mo-definition MI--0027 ""Separation of a protein mixture under the influence of artificial gravity." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym ""coloc fluoresc probe" []") (mo-definition MI--0487 ""WormBase is the central worm database that houses the gene reports, locus reports, translation reports, expression pattern data and genome browser. http://www.wormbase.org/" [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0422 "immunostaining") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0327 "peptide") (subclass MI--0469 MI--0461) (subclass MI--0836 MI--0640) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0129 ""acetylglycine" []") (subclass MI--0448 MI--0447) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0183 ""5-oxoproline" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0014 "adenylate cyclase complementation") (mo-definition MI--0316 ""A macromolecular complex containing both protein and RNA molecules." [GO:0030529, PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0528 MI--0527) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0200 "degeranylation reaction") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0616 "example") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0709 ""polyclonal immunost" []") (documentation MI--0337 EnglishLanguage "Displayed as '<'.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0054 "fluorescence-activated cell sorting") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0367 ""GFP" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0160 ""[R:meth_n7]" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0552 ""(R)-2-amino-3-nitrososulfanyl-propanoic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0276 ""Blue native PAGE (BN-PAGE) permits a high-resolution separation of multi-protein complexes under native conditions. Blue native (BN)-PAGE is a charge shift method, in which the electrophoretic mobility of a complex is determined by the negative charge of the bound Coomassie dye and the size and shape of the complex. Coomassie does not act as a detergent and preserves the structure of complexes. Importantly, the resolution of BN-PAGE is much higher than that of other methods such as gel filtration or sucrose-gradient ultracentrifugation. Combined with other pre-purifications or dialysis steps this method permits the analysis of multi-protein complexes of whole cellular lysates by BN-PAGE." [PMID:14665681]") (subclass MI--0188 MI--0179) (subclass MI--0840 MI--0500) (subclass MI--0513 MI--0435) (subclass MI--0663 MI--0428) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0806 ""PDBj" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0053 ""fps" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0449 ""InterPro" []") (mo-definition MI--0736 ""Proteins entrance into cells that does not involved specific treatments but rely on natural cellular processes." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0181 ""MSE" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0217 ""phosphorylation" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0725 "protein delivery by infection") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0048 "filamentous phage display") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0197 "deacetylation reaction") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0055 ""FRET" []") (mo-definition MI--0422 ""Method using an antibody coupled with some colouring agent to detect a specific protein within a cell or tissue sample. In some cases the primary antibody is directly linked to a colouring agent, more often the primary antibody is targeted by a secondary antibody, targeting the primary antibody." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition ""Dissociation of partners interacting via non-covalent bond. OBSOLETE because considered misleading." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0158 ""(S)-2-methylaminopropanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0703 MI--0449) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0134 "n6-acetyl-lysine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0116 "feature type") (subclass MI--0097 MI--0228) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0086 ""polyclonal western" []") (subclass MI--0380 MI--0378) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0323 ""heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0018 "two hybrid") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0085 "phylogenetic profile") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0072 ""monoclonal western" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "conditional synthetic lethal") (subclass MI--0100 MI--0101) (mo-definition MI--0792 ""The gene function has been antagonized by a mutation in another copy of the gene." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0248 MI--0473) (subclass MI--0811 MI--0074) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0182 ""L-serinesemialdehyde [misnomer]" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0462 ""BIND" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0734 ""EGFP" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0149 "4-hydroxy-proline") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0325 ""transfer ribonucleic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0354 ""go component term" []") (subclass MI--0152 MI--0547) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0162 ""[Q:meth_n5]" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0715 ""nucl conjugation" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0356 "identical object") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0474 "chebi") (subclass MI--0824 MI--0114) (mo-definition Protein ""A linear polymer of amino acids joined by peptide bonds in a specific sequence." [PMID:14755292, SO:0000358]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0553 "o4'-sulfo-tyrosine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0130 ""HAC" []") (mo-definition MI--0727 ""Yeast two-hybrid system using Escherichia coli LexA amino acids 1-202 as the DNA-binding domain (BD), E. coli B42 acidic sequence as the activation domain (AD), and two reporters, lacZ and LEU2, each containing upstream LexA binding elements." [PMID:14613974]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0127 ""acetylglutamine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0229 "green fluorescence protein complementation assay") (mo-definition MI--0140 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (subclass MI--0194 MI--0414) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0727 "lexa b52 complementation") (mo-definition MI--0495 ""Role played by the participant within the experiment." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "tap tag coimmunoprecipitation") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0531 ""O3-[alpha-D-ribofuranoside 5'->5'-ester with adenosine 5'-(trihydrogen diphosphate)]-L-serine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0182 ""L-alpha-formylglycine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0155 ""[G:myr]" []") (subclass MI--0687 MI--0240) (subclass MI--0216 MI--0211) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0146 "formylated residue") (subclass MI--0611 MI--0320) (subclass MI--0276 MI--0404) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0602 ""chemical footprint" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0234 ""131I" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0047 "far western blotting") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0031 ""Photoaffinity labelling" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0173 ""S3-phosphocysteine" []") (subclass MI--0390 MI--0384) (subclass MI--0549 MI--0179) (subclass MI--0690 MI--0689) (mo-definition MI--0118 ""Sequence variation due to insertion, deletion or substitution event." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0305 ""ORF number" []") (mo-definition MI--0408 ""Covalent bond mediated by 2 sulfur atoms." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0689 ""activation domain" []") (subclass MI--0574 MI--0445) (subclass MI--0397 MI--0018) (subclass MI--0112 MI--0228) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0311 ""micro-injection" []") (mo-definition MI--0058 ""Methods that require fully sequenced genomes either because they are based on the comparison of genome topology or on the identification of orthologous sequences in different genomes." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0051 ""fluorescence" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0172 ""[D:po]" []") (subclass MI--0366 MI--0365) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0166 ""[K:meth_2]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0544 "gpi-anchor amidated glycine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0670 ""IMEx" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0428 "imaging techniques") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0484 "id-validation-regexp:"S[0-9]{9}"") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0354 ""component" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0560 ""myristoylated aa" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "in vitro") (mo-definition MI--0101 ""Computational methods based on evolutionary hypothesis, used as criteria to browse sequences and predict interacting pairs." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0557 ""Reaction that can affect Arg, Cys, Glu, Arg and Asn residues." [GO:0006471, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0168, RESID:AA0169, RESID:AA0231, RESID:AA0237, RESID:AA0295]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0632 "3d-resolution") (mo-definition MI--0538 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0151]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0371 "35s radiolabel") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0165 ""epsilon-methyllysine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0715 "nucleic acid conjugation") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "colocalization/visualisation technologies") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0211 "lipid addition") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0306 "open reading frame name") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0456 ""SCOP superfamily" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0594 "translocation start") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0162 ""methylglutamine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0566 "sumoylation reaction") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0832 "half cystine") (mo-definition MI--0430 ""Radiolabelled nucleic acids with a known sequence are incubated with purified proteins or reproducible protein mixture (HPLC eluate fractions) and then irradiated with UV. The complex are treated with an enzyme to remove the unbound nucleic acid (Rnase A or Dnase I for example), washed and then analyzed by electrophoresis. The eventual complexes are identified by autoradiography. The proteins involved in the complex can be recognized by specific antibodies or by retrieving the original protein mixture and carrying further analysis on it. The affinity of the binding can be estimated by adding a non-labelled nucleic acid as competitor before the UV irradiation." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0527 ""adp-ribosylated" []") (subclass MI--0012 MI--0051) (mo-definition MI--0509 ""Measures quenching of the nonradiative energy transfer between fluorescent long-lifetime lanthanide chelates and different acceptors. Relies on a fluorescence energy donor and acceptor being removed from close proximity on the phosphorylated substrate due to the action of the phosphatase." [PMID:14987100]") (subclass MI--0077 MI--0013) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0128 ""[E:ac]" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0467 ""Reactome" []") (mo-definition MI--0329 ""Any type of molecule, including complexes, that may be observed but not identified. This term should be use only at PARTICIPANT level." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0683 "sequence database") (mo-definition MI--0709 ""Immunostaining assay carried out using a mixture of different antibodies that represent the immune response, normally in an experimental animal, to the protein of interest. These antibodies are used to detect the protein within a cell or tissue sample." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0569 ""deneddylation" []") (subclass MI--0162 MI--0157) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0426 "light microscopy") (subclass MI--0734 MI--0367) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0186 ""[K:biotin]" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0018 ""2H" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0680 ""ss dna" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0545 "gpi-anchor amidated serine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0416 "fluorescence microscopy") (subclass MI--0847 MI--0507) (subclass MI--0485 MI--0683) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0171 ""alpha-amino-delta-phosphonoguanidinovaleric acid" []") (subclass MI--0253 MI--0505) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0135 ""N-acetyl-L-methionine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0681 ""ds dna" []") (subclass MI--0131 MI--0121) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0176 ""O-phosphonoserine" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0452 "id-validation-regexp:"PIRSF[0-9]{5}"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0222 ""endogenous level" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0561 ""palmitoylated aa" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0530 ""L-isoglutamyl-poly(ADP-ribose)" []") (subclass MI--0187 MI--0179) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0182 ""L-aminomalonaldehydic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0136 "n-acetyl-phenylalanine") (mo-definition MI--0806 ""PDBj(Protein Data Bank Japan) maintains the database for the protein structures with financial assistance from the Institute for Bioinformatics Research and Development of Japan Science and Technology Corporation(BIRD-JST), collaborating with the Research Collaboration for Structural Bioinformatics(RCSB) and the MSD in the European Bioinformatics Institute(MSD-EBI) in EU. All three organizations serve as deposition, data processing and distribution sites. http://www.pdbj.org/" [PMID:12099029]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0550 ""(S)-3-amino-1,1,3-propanetricarboxylic acid" []") (subclass MI--0045 MI--0001) (mo-definition MI--0402 ""Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) is a powerful approach that allows one to define the interaction of factors with specific chromosomal sites in living cells. ChIP involves treating cells or tissue briefly with formaldehyde to crosslink proteins to DNA. An antibody against a protein suspected of binding a given cis-element is then used to immunoprecipitate chromatin fragments. Polymerase chain reaction analysis of the immunoprecipitate with primers flanking the cis-element reveals whether a specific DNA sequence is recovered in an immune-specific manner and therefore whether the protein contacted the site in living cells." [PMID:12054902]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0133 ""N2-acetyllysine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0380 "15n label") (subclass MI--0627 MI--0665) (mo-definition MI--0230 ""Protein complementation assay based on dissection of a membrane protein." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0225 ""chip-chip" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0684 "ancillary") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0156 ""myristoyllysine" []") (mo-definition MI--0404 ""comigration by non denaturing gel electrophoresis." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0828 "polyprotein fragment") (subclass MI--0644 MI--0640) (mo-definition MI--0661 ""experimental participant identification." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0658 ""mudpit" []") (mo-definition MI--0848 ""Molecule labelled with 125 radio isotope of iodine atoms." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0055 "fluorescent resonance energy transfer") (subclass MI--0796 MI--0208) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0538 "n4-glycosyl-asparagine") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0151 ""farnesylcysteine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0147 ""N-formyl-L-methionine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0160 ""asymmetric dimethylarginine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0718 "nucleic acid transfection by treatment") (subclass MI--0476 MI--0683) (subclass MI--0139 MI--0121) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0461 "interaction database") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0815 "identification by weight") (documentation MI--0305 EnglishLanguage "For instance HI0934, Rv3245c, At5g34500, YER456W.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0687 "fluorescent protein tag") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0686 "unspecified method") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0361 "see-also") (mo-definition MI--0396 ""Molecule whose sequence identity is not checked and has been assumed from external or previous experimental evidence(s)." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0509 MI--0510) (subclass MI--0439 MI--0254) (subclass MI--0340 MI--0333) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0806 "pdbj") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0791 "hypomorph") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0360 "secondary accession number") (documentation MI--0336 EnglishLanguage "Displayed as '>'.") (mo-definition ""Two silent mutations show growth defect when they co-occur on the same cell. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'synthetic interaction' MI:0794 and external CV for phenotype description ( FBcv:0000427 'cell growth defective')" [PMID:15608217]") (subclass MI--0232 MI--0090) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0643 ""Ki" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0475 "search-url: "http://www.ebi.ac.uk/cgi-bin/dbfetch?db=EMBLSVA&id=${ac}"") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0312 ""nucl transfection" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0553 ""sulfotyrosine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0058 "genome based prediction") (subclass MI--0642 MI--0640) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0703 ""Gene3D" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0248 "search-url: "http://srs.ebi.ac.uk/cgi-bin/wgetz?[resid-id:${ac}]+-e"") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0122 "n-acetyl-alanine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0701 ""DNA replication elongation " []") (subclass MI--0480 MI--0683) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0608 ""rRNA" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0466 ""EcoCyc" []") (mo-definition MI--0484 ""SGD is a scientific database of the molecular biology and genetics of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. http://www.yeastgenome.org/" [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0679 "poly adenine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "other biochemical technologies") (mo-definition MI--0073 ""This method relies on the covalent coupling of mRNA to the nascent polypeptide. The mRNA (natural or artificial) is first covalently linked to a short DNA linker carrying a puromycin moiety. The mRNA mixture is then translated in vitro. When the ribosome reaches the RNA-DNA junction the ribosome stalls and the puromycin moiety enters the peptidyltransferase site of the ribosome and forms a covalent linkage to the nascent polypeptide. As a result the protein and the mRNA are covalently joined and can be isolated from the ribosome and purified. In the current protocol, a cDNA strand is then synthesised to form a less sticky RNA-DNA hybrid and these complexes are finally used for affinity selection. As in most display approaches, several selections cycles (3-6) are sufficient to enrich for mRNAs encoding ligand proteins." [PMID:11551470]") (subclass MI--0823 MI--0093) (subclass MI--0468 MI--0461) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0404 ""comig non denat gel" []") (subclass MI--0244 MI--0467) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0468 "hprd") (subclass MI--0099 MI--0013) (subclass MI--0813 MI--0421) (subclass MI--0496 MI--0495) (mo-definition MI--0623 ""The interaction between the proteins or the formation of a complex is disrupted by a biological molecule or by a modification of the interactors." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0525 MI--0507) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0798 ""conditional" []") (subclass MI--0807 MI--0401) (subclass MI--0583 MI--0495) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0348 "fixed cell") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0666 ""participant att name" []") (subclass MI--0154 MI--0561) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0641 "ic50") (subclass MI--0095 MI--0008) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0354 "gene ontology term for cellular component") (mo-definition MI--0697 ""Measures the catalysis of the reaction: deoxynucleoside triphosphate + DNA(n) = diphosphate + DNA(n+1); the synthesis of DNA from deoxyribonucleotide triphosphates in the presence of a DNA template or primer." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0133 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0048]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0016 "circular dichroism") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0740 ""CPPs" []") (subclass MI--0550 MI--0179) (mo-definition MI--0172 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0033]") (mo-definition MI--0532 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0231]") (mo-definition MI--0539 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0793 ""The gene function has been abolished by mutation, though the type of mutation is not known." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0473 ""participant xref" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0552 ""S-nitrosyl-L-cysteine" []") (subclass MI--0809 MI--0090) (subclass MI--0526 MI--0121) (mo-definition MI--0613 ""Biological function of a participant or of an interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0742 MI--0737) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0124 ""acetylasparagine" []") (mo-definition MI--0354 ""Cross reference pointing to a Gene Ontology -'cellular component' term." [PMID:14681407]") (mo-remark "Notes:") (subclass MI--0672 MI--0665) (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0116 MI--0000) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0722 ""prot electroporation" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0363 ""modeled by author" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0680 ""ss DNA" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0155 "n-myristoyl-glycine") (subclass MI--0637 MI--0666) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0154 ""(R)-2-amino-3-(hexadecanoylsulfanyl)propanoic acid" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0824 ""x-ray powder diffrac" []") (subclass MI--0595 MI--0593) (subclass MI--0117 MI--0252) (mo-definition ""The protein of interest is expressed as a fusion to the peptide DYKDDDDKV for which antibodies are commercially available. Sometimes multiple copies of the peptide are fused in tandem. OBSOLETE redundant term. Map to feature type: flag-tagged (MI:0518) and Interaction detection method: anti tag coimmunoprecipitation (MI:0007)." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0729 MI--0004) (mo-definition MI--0791 ""The gene function has been partially reduced compared to wild-type by altering its sequence e.g. a temperature sensitive mutant " [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0321 ""catalytic ribonucleic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0027 "cosedimentation") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0324 ""mRNA" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0156 ""N(zeta)-myristoyllysine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0478 "flybase") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0486 ""uniprotkb" []") (subclass MI--0038 MI--0067) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0042 ""epr" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0161 ""methylthioaspartate" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0199 ""deformylation" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0460 ""PDB" []") (documentation MI--0356 EnglishLanguage "For instance this qualifier, in an interaction entry, can be associated to a cross reference to the same interaction in an other database.") (subclass MI--0201 MI--0212) (mo-definition MI--0341 ""Mixture of protein forms where N-terminus has been progressively truncated." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0156 ""[K:myr]" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0459 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+"") (mo-definition MI--0378 ""Molecule can be labelled including rare isotopes among its constituent atoms that can be used to identify, localize or quantify the full molecule." [PMID:14577292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0522 ""EUKLISEED epitope tag" []") (subclass MI--0613 MI--0666) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0184 ""EGE" []") (subclass MI--0233 MI--0314) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0078 "nucleotide sequence identification") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0212 "lipid cleavage") (mo-definition MI--0522 ""The protein of interest is expressed as a fusion to the peptide EUKLISEED (a fragment of the Myc oncogene protein) for which antibodies are commercially available. Sometimes multiple copies of the peptide are fused in tandem." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0231 MI--0230) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0133 ""[K:ac]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0628 "validation regular expression") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0130 ""acetylhistidine" []") (mo-definition MI--0552 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0230]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0240 "fusion protein") (subclass MI--0637 MI--0664) (subclass MI--0368 MI--0687) (mo-definition MI--0107 ""This method measures formation of complex by monitoring changes in the resonance angle of light impinging on a gold surface as a result of changes in the refractive index of the surface. A ligand of interest (peptide or protein) is immobilized on a dextran polymer, and a solution of interacting protein is passed over it through a cell, with a gold wall coated with this polymer. Macromolecules that interact with the immobilized ligand are retained on the polymer surface, and alter the resonance angle of impinging light as a result of the change in refractive index brought about by the increased protein mass retained on the polymer surface. Since all proteins have the same refractive index and since there is a linear correlation between resonance angle shift and protein concentration near the surface, this allows one to measure changes in protein concentration at the surface as a consequence of protein interaction. Furthermore, this can be done in real time, allowing direct measurement of both the on rate and the off rate of complex formation." [PMID:11896282, PMID:12120258, PMID:16338355]") (mo-definition MI--0690 ""Part of the yeast transcription factor GAL4 (amino acids 766-881) specifically responsible for DNA transcription activation." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0627 ""exp-modification" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0243 ""isoform-parent" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0183 ""pyroglutamic acid" []") (subclass MI--0391 MI--0384) (subclass MI--0011 MI--0228) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0154 ""s-palmitoylcysteine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0156 ""KMY" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0120 ""ptm" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0742 ""Global Proteome Machine" []") (mo-definition MI--0312 ""Introducing DNA into eukaryotic cells, such as animal cells, is called transfection. Transfection typically involves opening transient "holes" or gates in cells to allow the entry of extracellular molecules, typically supercoiled plasmid DNA, but also siRNA, among others. Transfection differs from transformation since the DNA is not generally incorporated into the cell's genome, it is only transiently expressed." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0709 MI--0422) (subclass MI--0617 MI--0664) (mo-definition MI--0232 ""Protein complementation assay performed by dissecting a transcription factor activity (DNA binding domain and transcription activation domain) its restoration through the two hybrid proteins interaction that lead to a reporter gene expression." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0848 ""I125" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0167 ""N(zeta)-trimethyllysine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0010 "beta galactosidase complementation") (subclass MI--0572 MI--0194) (subclass MI--0613 MI--0664) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0340 "n-terminal position") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0704 ""nucl delivery" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0447 ""feature xref" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0162 ""(S)-2-amino-N5-methylpentanediamic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0080 "partial dna sequence identification by hybridization") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0343 "cdna library") (mo-formatVersion "1.0") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0610 "small interfering rna") (subclass MI--0127 MI--0121) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0320 ""rna" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0153 ""(R)-2-hexadecanoylamino-3-sulfanylpropanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0132 MI--0121) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0014 ""adenylate cyclase" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0366 ""alk phosphatase tag" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0110 "text mining") (mo-definition MI--0578 ""The protein is expressed and purified as a fusion to the glutathione maltose-binding protein (MBP). The MBP-fusion protein can be purified by affinity chromatography using an amylose resin." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0369 ""gallex" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0302 "gene name synonym") (mo-definition MI--0485 ""UniProt Archive (UniParc) is part of UniProt project. It is a non-redundant archive of protein sequences derived from many sources. http://www.ebi.ac.uk/uniparc/" [PMID:14681372]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0133 ""(S)-2-acetylamino-6-aminohexanoic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "disaggregation") (subclass MI--0378 MI--0253) (subclass MI--0515 MI--0415) (subclass MI--0239 MI--0507) (subclass MI--0837 MI--0640) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0082 ""fingerprinting" []") (subclass MI--0160 MI--0563) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0182 ""2-amino-3-oxopropionic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0091 ""column chromatography" []") (mo-definition MI--0330 ""Defines whether molecule is endogenously expressed or has in any way been altered, in sequence or expression level, from its native state. For a complete description of the experimental molecule form use the orthogonal CVs expression level, delivery method, and sample process." [PMID:14755272]") (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0346 MI--0000) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0180 ""CSE" []") (mo-definition MI--0173 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0034]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0178 ""[Y:po]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0255 "post transcriptional interference") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0834 ""kon" []") (mo-definition MI--0475 ""DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration exchange new and updated data on a daily basis to achieve optimal synchronisation. http://www.ebi.ac.uk/embl/Contact/collaboration" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0450 ""The Conserved Domain Database may be used to identify the conserved domains present in a protein sequence. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Structure/cdd/cdd.shtml" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0138 ""N-acetylserine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0439 ""rsa" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0119 "mutation decreasing interaction") (subclass MI--0696 MI--0415) (termFormat EnglishLanguage part "part of") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0674 ""peptide-parent" []") (mo-definition MI--0409 ""Experimental method used to identify the region of a nucleic acid involved in an interaction with a protein. One sample of a radiolabeled nucleic acid of known sequence is submitted to partial digestion. A second sample is incubated with its interacting partner and then is submitted to the same partial digestion. The two samples are then analyzed in parallel by electrophoresis on a denaturing acrylamide gel. After autoradiography the identification of the bands that correspond to fragments missing from the lane loaded with the second sample reveals the region of the nucleic acid that is protected from nuclease digestion upon binding." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0131 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0047]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "millimolar") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0321 ""crna" []") (subclass MI--0329 MI--0313) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0174 ""[H:po_e]" []") (subclass MI--0808 MI--0807) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0049 ""Filter overlay assay" []") (mo-definition MI--0137 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0050]") (mo-definition MI--0076 ""Neural networks are trained on the properties of residues belonging to a cluster of residues that are neighbours in space on protein surface. The predictor permits the inference of the residues that are likely to be on an interaction interface." [PMID:11455607, PMID:11874449]") (mo-definition MI--0214 ""Reaction that can affect K or G residues." [GO:0018319, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0059, RESID:AA0078]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0423 "in-gel kinase assay") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0517 "radiolabel") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0241 ""hrp tag" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0118 "mutation") (subclass MI--0820 MI--0816) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0188 ""[K:retin]" []") (mo-definition MI--0038 ""In dynamic light scattering, particle diffusion in solution gives rise to fluctuations in the intensity of the scattered light on the microsecond scale. The hydrodynamic radius of the particles can be easily calculated." [PMID:9013660]") (subclass MI--0616 MI--0667) (subclass MI--0069 MI--0013) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0741 "peptide atlas") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0165 ""[K:meth_1]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0656 "identified peptide") (subclass MI--0220 MI--0414) (subclass MI--0108 MI--0084) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0142 ""(S)-2-acetylamino-3-methylbutanoic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0180 ""3-selenylalanine" []") (subclass MI--0567 MI--0414) (mo-definition MI--0451 ""Pfam is a large collection of multiple sequence alignments and hidden Markov models covering many common protein domains. http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Software/Pfam" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0566 ""sumoylation" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0002 ""participant detection" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0574 "id-validation-regexp:"doi:[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\/"") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0412 ""emsa supershift" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0357 "method reference") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0220 ""ubiquitination" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0690 ""gal4 ad" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0142 ""N-acetylvaline" []") (mo-definition ""Two silent mutations show a conditional synthetic lethal phenotype when they co-occur on the same cell. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'synthetic interaction' MI:0794 and external CV for phenotype description (lethal FBcv:0000351)" [PMID:15608217]") (owl-someValuesFrom MI--0003 MI--0000) (subclass MI--0712 MI--0311) (mo-definition ""10E-3 moles per liter of solution. OBSOLETE: term redundant with the schema exponent attribute of the parameter." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0078 ""nucleotide sequence" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0184 "glutamyl 5-glycerylphosphorylethanolamine") (mo-definition MI--0694 ""Amino terminal (1-220) part of the Escherichia coli lexA repressor, binding to 16 base pair palindromic DNA sequences. " [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0601 ""The Sequence Ontology (SO) is a structured controlled vocabulary for the parts of a genomic annotation. SO provides a common set of terms and definitions that will facilitate the exchange, analysis and management of genomic data." [PMID:15892872]") (subclass MI--0471 MI--0489) (subclass MI--0817 MI--0816) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0055 ""fret" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0105 "structure based prediction") (mo-definition MI--0343 ""Mixed population of cDNAs (complementaryDNA) made from mRNA from a defined source, usually a specific cell type. This term should be associated only to nucleic acid interactors not to their proteins product. For instance in 2h screening use living cells (MI:0349) as sample process." [PMID:6110205]") (subclass MI--0052 MI--0051) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0164 "3'-methyl-histidine") (subclass MI--0487 MI--0683) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0818 "molecular weight estimation by coomasie staining") (subclass MI--0721 MI--0307) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0848 ""125I" []") (mo-exactSynonym ""myc tag coip " []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0247 "search-url: "http://www.ebi.ac.uk/newt/display?search=${ac}"") (mo-definition MI--0801 ""The phenotype resulting from genetic perturbation of both A and B show opposing effects in the WT background and the background with the other mutant gene." [PMID:15833125]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0603 ""dms footprinting" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0004 ""Affinity purification" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0664 ""interaction att name" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0231 "mammalian protein protein interaction trap") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0121 "acetylated residue") (mo-definition MI--0327 ""Chains of amino acids joined by peptide bonds. Distinction between peptides, oligopeptides and polypeptides is arbitrarily by length; a polypeptide is perhaps more than 15 residues." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0345 ""Name assigned to a molecule by the authors within a paper that may differ from the reference database." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0685 MI--0353) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0502 ""substrate" []") (mo-definition MI--0247 ""New EBI Web Taxonomy. http://www.ebi.ac.uk/newt" [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0605 "enzymatic footprinting") (mo-definition ""Techniques enabling the identification of the subcellular localisation of a protein or complex. Two different proteins show a similar distribution in the cell are said to co-localise. Obsolete since combination of Interaction Detection Method and Interaction Type. OBSOLETE. Consider using imaging techniques (MI:0428) as interaction detection method coupled with colocalisation (MI:0401) as interaction type and predetermined (MI:0396) as participant detection." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-remark "psi-mi.lastac.") (subclass MI--0153 MI--0561) (mo-definition MI--0701 ""The process by which a DNA strand is synthesized from template DNA by the action of polymerases, which add nucleotides to the 3' end of the nascent DNA strand." [GO:0006271, PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0108 ""t7 phage" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0581 "suppressor gene") (subclass MI--0180 MI--0179) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0736 ""prot passive uptake" []") (subclass MI--0146 MI--0120) (mo-definition ""Level of over/underexpression scales the 'extend' of a phenotype. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'suppressive interaction' MI:0793 and genetic experimental form 'expression level alteration' MI:0803. " [PMID:15608217]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0440 "saturation binding") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0054 ""facs" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0178 ""tyrosine phosphate" []") (subclass MI--0481 MI--0683) (subclass MI--0579 MI--0500) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0045 "experimental interaction detection") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0630 "3d-structure") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0149 ""4-hydroxy-L-proline" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0319 ""deoxyribonucleic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0154 ""cysteine hexadecanoate thioester" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0132 ""N-acetyl-L-leucine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0433 ""partial id prot seq" []") (subclass MI--0463 MI--0461) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0532 "n4-(adp-ribosyl)-asparagine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "his tag coimmunoprecipitation") (subclass MI--0701 MI--0414) (mo-definition MI--0141 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0053]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0325 ""trna" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0531 "o-(adp-ribosyl)-serine") (mo-definition MI--0333 ""Describes sequence positions resolution of a given participant feature. In PSI schema this CV is associated with the start and end position of a feature range." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0254 MI--0045) (mo-definition MI--0705 ""Western blot assay performed when specific antibodies for the protein of interest are not available. Therefore the protein is expressed as a hybrid protein fused to a tag for which efficient antibodies are available.The antibody may be either monoclonal or polyclonal." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0005 ""This approach is used to identify the residues that are involved in an interaction. Several variants of the native protein are prepared by mutating each residue of interest to an alanine. The mutated proteins are expressed, tested for proper folding and probed in the binding assay." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0376 MI--0374) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0450 "cdd") (mo-definition MI--0397 ""Two-hybrid screening can be done in a colony array format, in which each colony expresses a defined pair of proteins. Because the particular protein pair expressed in each colony is defined by its position in the array, positive signals identify interacting proteins without further characterization, thus obviating the need for DNA purification and sequencing. The interrogation of a two-hybrid colony array usually involves a mating strategy in which every DNA binding domain hybrid (the bait) is tested against all activation domain hybrids (the preys) in a grid pattern. Arrays usually use full-length open reading frames." [PMID:11827624, PMID for application instance:10688190]") (subclass MI--0308 MI--0307) (subclass MI--0803 MI--0787) (subclass MI--0510 MI--0051) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0464 ""CYGD" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0645 "kcat") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0063 "interaction prediction") (subclass MI--0790 MI--0787) (mo-definition MI--0594 ""Xref pointing to a GO compartment term describing the start location of a migrating molecule." [PMID:14681407]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0731 ""3D Repertoire" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0012 ""BRET" []") (subclass MI--0714 MI--0704) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0642 ""EC50" []") (subclass MI--0081 MI--0008) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0323 ""hnrna" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0573 ""mutation disrupting" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0555 ""phosphoshistidine" []") (mo-definition MI--0831 ""Ontology of cell types. http://obo.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/detail.cgi?cell" [PMID:16381901]") (mo-definition MI--0622 ""Description of confidence assessment method generally associated to the experiment." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0344 ""Cell has been physically or chemically broken open and molecule present in resulting mixture of cellular components." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0240 ""The protein under study is expressed as a fusion with a labelling protein, having either fluorescence properties or an enzymatic activity that facilitates its purification, identification, localisation or quantification." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0303 ""go synonym" []") (subclass MI--0068 MI--0659) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0163 ""[E:meth_o5]" []") (mo-definition ""The bait protein is expressed and purified as a fusion to the glutathione S-tranferase protein. The bait protein is normally attached to a glutathione sepharose resin or alternatively to a support containing an anti-GST antibody. OBSOLETE redundant term. Map to feature type : gst-tagged (MI:0519) and Interaction detection method: pull down (MI:0096)." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0173 MI--0170) (subclass MI--0489 MI--0444) (subclass MI--0157 MI--0120) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0673 "complex-synonym") (mo-relatedSynonym SecondDuration ""s" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0301 "gene name") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0130 ""N-acetyl-L-histidine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0655 ""BacterioMatch" []") (subclass MI--0810 MI--0074) (subclass MI--0214 MI--0211) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "suppression partial alteration") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0692 "b42 activation domain") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0712 "nucleic acid microinjection") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0042 ""ESR" []") (subclass MI--0240 MI--0507) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0389 "alexa 546 label") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0325 ""transfer RNA" []") (subclass MI--0096 MI--0004) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0430 ""nucl ac uv crosslink" []") (mo-definition MI--0419 ""Measures the catalysis of the reaction: GTP + H2O = GDP + phosphate." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0687 ""fluorescent prot tag" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0817 "molecular weight estimation by silver staining") (mo-definition MI--0659 ""experimental feature detection." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass Enzyme MI--0500) (subclass MI--0434 MI--0415) (subclass MI--0684 MI--0495) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0432 ""yeast one-hybrid" []") (mo-definition MI--0192 ""Reaction, that can affect K,C,A,D,E,Q,G,I,K,M,P,S,T,Y,V residues." [GO:0006473, PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0041, RESID:AA0042, RESID:AA0043, RESID:AA0044, RESID:AA0045, RESID:AA0046, RESID:AA0047, RESID:AA0048, RESID:AA0049, RESID:AA0050, RESID:AA0051, RESID:AA0052, RESID:AA0053, RESID:AA0054, RESID:AA0055, RESID:AA0056]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0162 ""N-methylglutamine" []") (subclass MI--0594 MI--0593) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0523 ""MASMTGGQQMG epitope tag" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0789 "knock down") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0185 ""2-[(Xi)-3-carboxamido-3-(trimethylammonio)propyl]-4-((S)-2-amino-2-carboxyethyl)-1H-imidazole" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0367 ""green fluorescent protein" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0420 ""kinase HTRF" []") (subclass MI--0225 MI--0402) (mo-definition MI--0334 ""Term describing the last amino acid of a peptide chain." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0457 ""SMART" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0676 ""TAP" []") (subclass MI--0658 MI--0427) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0396 ""predetermined" []") (mo-definition MI--0130 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0074 "mutation analysis") (mo-definition MI--0239 ""Biotin, a 244 Dalton vitamin found in tissue and blood, binds with high affinity to avidin and streptavidin protein. Since biotin is a relatively small molecule, it can be conjugated to many proteins or nucleic acids without significantly altering their biological activity. Biotinylation reagents are available for targeting a variety of specific functional groups, including primary amines, sulfhydryls, carboxyls and carbohydrates that lead to nucleotides or amino acid biotinilation." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0007 ""anti tag coip" []") (mo-definition MI--0226 ""Stable complexes and their component proteins can be separated on the basis of their net charge by ion-exchange chromatography. If a protein has a net positive charge at pH 7, it will usually bind to a column of beads containing carboxylate groups, and can then be eluted by increasing the concentration of sodium chloride or another salt in the eluting buffer by competition of sodium ions with positively charged groups on the protein for binding to the column. Protein that have a low density of net positive charge will tend to emerge first, followed by those having a higher charge density. Positively charged complexes or proteins (cationic proteins) can be separated on negatively charged carboxymethyl-cellulose (CM-cellulose) columns. Conversely, negatively charged complexes or proteins (anionic proteins) can be separated by chromatography on positively charged diethylaminoethyl-cellulose (DEAE-cellulose) columns." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0441 ""SGA" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0480 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0509 ""homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence" []") (subclass MI--0004 MI--0091) (subclass MI--0307 MI--0346) (mo-definition MI--0342 ""Indicates the sample context in which each interacting molecule is presented to its partner." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0585 "intenz") (subclass MI--0120 MI--0252) (mo-definition MI--0648 ""Molarity is the number of moles of solute dissolved in one liter of solution. The units, therefore are moles per liter, specifically it's moles of solute per liter of solution. These units are abbreviated as M and it means moles per liter (not just moles)." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0460 "search-url: "http://www.pdb.org/pdb/explore/explore.do?structureId=${ac}"") (mo-definition MI--0382 ""Residue of a protein whose identity mutation or deletion increases significantly interaction strength." [PMID:14577292]") (subclass MI--0413 MI--0400) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0708 "monoclonal antibody immunostaining") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0740 ""cell-penetrating peptides" []") (subclass MI--0464 MI--0683) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0207 "formylation reaction") (subclass MI--0093 MI--0661) (mo-definition MI--0614 ""URL/Web address describing an experiment, an interaction, a Cv term or an organism." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0586 ""Molecule inhibiting an interaction by interacting with one or more of its participant. " [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0801 MI--0208) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0159 "n,n,n-trimethyl-alanine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0071 ""Siezing column" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0194 ""cleavage" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0806 "search-url: "http://pdbjs3.protein.osaka-u.ac.jp/xPSSS/DetailServlet?PDBID=${ac}&PAGEID=Summary"") (mo-definition ""Overexpression is the suppressor of a phenotype. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'suppressive interaction' MI:0793 and genetic experimental form 'over expressed' MI:0506. " [PMID:15608217]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0446 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9]+"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0320 ""RNA" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0083 "peptide synthesis") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0842 "phospho donor") (subclass MI--0719 MI--0718) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0301 ""gene" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0486 "id-validation-regexp:"[OPQ][0-9][A-Z0-9]{3}[0-9]|[OPQ][0-9][A-Z0-9]{3}[0-9]-[0-9]+|[A-Z]{3}[0-9]{5}|[OPQ][0-9][A-Z0-9]{3}[0-9]-PRO_[0-9]{10}"") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0160 ""omega-N,omega-N-dimethyl-L-arginine" []") (subclass MI--0844 MI--0414) (mo-definition MI--0731 ""The aim of 3D Repertoire is to determine the structures of all amenable complexes in a cell at medium or high resolution, which will later serve to integrate in toponomic and dynamic analyses of protein complexes in a cell. Complex models, EM pictures, expression and purification protocols obtained in the project will be collected in a database connected to the PDB repository." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0173 ""CPO" []") (mo-definition MI--0179 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0535 ""O-glycosyl-L-serine" []") (mo-definition MI--0544 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0161]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0024 "confirmational text mining") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0095 "proteinchip(r) on a surface-enhanced laser desorption/ionization") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0711 ""nucl electroporation" []") (mo-definition MI--0790 ""The gene function has been partially improved compared to wild-type by altering its sequence. " [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0071 ""In sizing columns (gel filtration), the elution position of a protein or of a complex depends on its Stokes radius. Molecules with a radius that is smaller than the bead size are retained and retarded by the interaction with the matrix. The observation that two proteins, loaded on a sieving column, elute in a fraction(s) corresponding to a MW that is larger than the MW of either protein may be taken as an indication that the two proteins interact. Furthermore this technique provides a conceptually simple method for evaluating the affinity of the interaction." [PMID:7708014]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0134 ""n6-acetyllysine" []") (mo-definition MI--0820 ""Molecule whose sequence identity is derived from their molecular weight after a comigration in a gel with molecular weight marker and staining of the molecules with sybr dyes." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0553 ""O4-sulfotyrosine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0135 ""2-acetylamino-4-(methylthio)butanoic acid" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0706 ""nucl transformation" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0518 ""FLAG" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0174 "1'-phospho-histidine") (mo-definition MI--0010 ""Beta-galactosidase activity can be used to monitor the interaction of chimeric proteins. Pairs of inactive beta gal deletion mutants are capable of complementing to restore activity when fused to interacting protein partners. Critical to the success of this system is the choice of two poorly complementing mutant moieties, since strongly complementing mutants spontaneously assemble and produce functional beta-gal activity detectable in absence of any fused protein fragment." [PMID:12042868, PMID:9237989]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0611 ""srpRNA" []") (mo-definition MI--0037 ""This approach uses a protein interaction network of a given organism to infer interaction in another organism using information about the interacting region. The regions or domains involved in interactions are clustered if they share sequence similarity and have common interacting partners. The resulting domain profiles are then used to screen the proteome of another organism and domain-domain interactions are inferred. Ultimately, an inferred protein interaction map is built in this second organism." [PMID:11473021]") (mo-remark "are essentially independent CVs describing different aspects of molecular interactions.") (mo-definition MI--0825 ""Analysis of diffraction pattern of a partially ordered sample composed of fibers oriented parallel to each other." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0156 "n6-myristoyl-lysine") (mo-definition SecondDuration ""The second is the duration of 9 192 631 770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the cesium-133 atom. The second was originally defined as 1/86 400 mean solar day until astronomers discovered that the mean solar day is actually not constant." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0700 ""rna rna pol assay" []") (subclass MI--0441 MI--0254) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0122 ""acetylalanine" []") (mo-definition MI--0668 ""Attribute name of annotation associated to a feature element." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0169 ""N-methylphenylalanine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0169 ""methylphenylalanine" []") (subclass MI--0694 MI--0688) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0192 ""acetylation" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0508 ""radiolabeled acetate" []") (mo-definition MI--0514 ""Substrate protein pre-radiolabelled either synthetically or through the action of a kinase transferring an isotope of phosphate from a nucleotide. Substrate then exposed to phosphate under assay conditions. Substrate isolated by gel electrophoresis and loss of radiolabelling confirmed by autoradiography." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0160 "omega-n,omega-n-dimethyl-arginine") (mo-definition MI--0843 ""Molecule to which a phosphate may be transferred from an phospho donor." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0436 MI--0659) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0537 "omega-n-glycosyl-arginine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0727 ""LexA B52 transcription complementation" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0320 "ribonucleic acid") (mo-definition MI--0734 ""Variation of the green fluorescent protein derived from the bioluminescent jellyfish Aequorea victoria, can be fused to individual proteins which then acquire fluorescence excitation and emission spectra virtually identical to those of the native. " [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0639 MI--0668) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0694 "lexa dna binding domain") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0606 ""dnase 1 footprinting" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0034 "display technology") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0053 ""FPS" []") (mo-definition ""Intracellular or extracellular expression of antibodies is used to target specific gene products in order to inactivate them. Most of the times the antibody scaffold need s to reengineered for efficient expression and solubility in the cytoplasm. OBSOLETE as such method can be described using the biological role inhibitor (MI:0586)." [PMID:10189716]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0154 ""cysteine palmitate thioester" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0477 "entrez gene/locuslink") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0355 "gene ontology term for cellular function") (subclass MI--0502 MI--0500) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0429 "necessary binding site") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0340 ""n-terminal " []") (subclass MI--0448 MI--0461) (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0479 "id-validation-regexp:"MGI:[0-9]+"") (subclass MI--0673 MI--0300) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0031 ""protein crosslink" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0379 ""C13" []") (mo-definition MI--0171 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0222]") (subclass MI--0564 MI--0563) (mo-definition MI--0379 ""Molecules labelled with isotope 13 of carbon atoms." [PMID:14577292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0153 ""2-hexadecanoylamino-3-mercaptopropanoic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0246 ""CABRI cell lines catalogue available at. http://www.cabri.org/" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0820 ""safe DNA gel stain" []") (subclass MI--0082 MI--0815) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0359 "gene ontology term for cellular process") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0164 ""(S)-2-amino-3-(3-methyl-3H-imidazol-4-yl)propanoic acid" []") (subclass MI--0814 MI--0417) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0198 ""defarnesylation" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0129 ""N-acetylglycine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0542 ""gpi-aspartate" []") (mo-definition MI--0573 ""Residue of a protein whose identity mutation or deletion totally disrupt an interaction." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0707 MI--0422) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0208 "genetic interaction") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0173 ""[C:po]" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0460 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-9][a-zA-Z0-9]{3}"") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "conditional synthetic lethal temperature-sensitivity") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0531 ""O3-(ADP-ribosyl)-L-serine" []") (instance part Sowl-TransitiveProperty) (mo-definition MI--0399 ""This two hybrid approach involves the screening of a large number of individual proteins against a comprehensive library of randomly generated fragment as prey. The usage of degenerated fragment allows identification of the minimal protein region required for the interaction. since multiple clones that encode overlapping regions of protein are often identified, the minimal domain for interaction may be readily apparent from the initial screen." [PMID:12634794, PMID for application instance:11196647]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0112 ""ub reconstruction" []") (subclass MI--0211 MI--0414) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0579 "electron donor") (subclass MI--0302 MI--0300) (subclass MI--0138 MI--0121) (mo-remark "Each of the top level terms in this file is the root term of an independent controlled vocabulary") (subclass MI--0041 MI--0043) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0529 ""adp-ribosylcysteine" []") (mo-definition MI--0353 ""Qualifier to describe the type of information a cross-reference is pointing to." [PMID:14755292]") (documentation MI--0340 EnglishLanguage "Displayed as 'n'.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0550 "gamma-carboxyglutamic acid") (subclass MI--0168 MI--0157) (mo-definition MI--0150 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (subclass MI--0087 MI--0110) (mo-definition MI--0442 ""Binding will occur when this sequence range is present within a protein." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0352 ""The author states a molecule is only partially purified, i.e. other molecular species also known to be present." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0063 ""predicted interac" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0671 "antibodies") (mo-definition MI--0542 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0159]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0097 ""reverse rrs" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0030 ""crosslink" []") (mo-definition MI--0152 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0104]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0590 ""CvTopic" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0137 ""N-acetyl-L-proline" []") (subclass MI--0841 MI--0415) (mo-definition MI--0836 ""Temperature at which interaction was determined. Unit KELVIN (K)" [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0004 ""affinity chrom" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0175 ""3-phosphohistidine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0355 ""go function term" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0455 "prosite") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0703 "gene3d") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0510 "homogeneous time resolved fluorescence") (subclass MI--0519 MI--0365) (subclass MI--0381 MI--0378) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0190 "interaction type") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0536 ""O-glycosyl-L-threonine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0184 ""L-glutamyl 5-glycerylphosphorylethanolamine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0690 "gal4 activation domain") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0647 "parameter unit") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0794 ""synthetic" []") (subclass MI--0372 MI--0344) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0182 "3-oxoalanine") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0177 ""O-phospho-L-threonine" []") (mo-definition ""Two silent mutations show a nutrition sensitive lethal phenotype when they co-occur on the same cell. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'synthetic interaction' MI:0794 and external CV for phenotype description." [PMID:15608217]") (mo-definition MI--0674 ""Describe cross link pointing to a peptide parent sequence." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0796 ""The phenotype resulting from genetic perturbation of A has an effect on WT, but that effect is abolished by adding the suppressor B, which itself shows no single-mutant effect (for example, WT = B = AB < A); " [PMID:15833125]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0135 "n-acetyl-methionine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0185 "2'-[3-carboxamido-3-(trimethylammonio)propyl]-histidine") (mo-definition MI--0642 ""Molar concentration of an agonist which produces 50% of the maximum possible response for that agonist. Note this measure depends on the specific agonist used and upon experimental conditions, notably temperature, pH and solution composition (e.g., salts, chelating agents and others). Thus the ec50 is a relative measure and its values can be compared only when sharing the same experimental setting. Unit Molar." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0585 "id-validation-regexp:"[0-6]{1}\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+\.[0-9]+ "") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0138 ""[S:ac]" []") (mo-definition MI--0225 ""The method combines a modified chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) procedure, with DNA microarray analysis. Cells are fixed with formaldehyde, harvested, and disrupted by sonication. The DNA fragments cross-linked to a protein of interest are enriched by immunoprecipitation with a specific antibody. After reversal of the cross-links, the enriched DNA is amplified and labeled with a fluorescent dye (Cy5) by using a ligation-mediatedpolymerase chain reaction (LM-PCR). In parallel a sample of DNA that is not enriched by immunoprecipitation is subjected to LM-PCR in the presence of a different fluorophore (Cy3), and both immunoprecipitation (IP)-enriched and unenriched pools of labeled DNA were hybridized to a single DNA microarray containing a set of intergenic sequences. The ratio of the Cy5 to Cy3 fluorescence intensities measured at each DNA element in the microarray provided a measure of the extent of binding of the transcription factor to the corresponding genomic locus." [PMID:11125145, PMID:11206552]") (mo-definition MI--0301 ""Gene name." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0229 MI--0228) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0147 ""2-formylamino-4-(methylthio)butanoic acid" []") (mo-definition MI--0199 ""N6-formyl-L-lysine is cleaved and returns a K residue." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0211]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0353 ""xref type" []") (mo-definition MI--0161 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103, RESID:AA0232]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0506 "over expressed level") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0114 "x-ray crystallography") (mo-definition MI--0337 ""Partially determined sequence position known to be in a position lower than a given position." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0011 ""This strategy is based on a protein fragment complementation assay (PCA) of the enzyme TEM-1 beta-lactamase. The approach includes a simple colorimetric in vitro assays using the cephalosporin nitrocefin and assays in intact cells using the fluorescent substrate CCF2/AM. The combination of in vitro colorimetric and in vivo fluorescence assays of beta-lactamase in mammalian cells permits a variety of sensitive and high-throughput large-scale applications." [PMID:12042868]") (subclass MI--0674 MI--0353) (subclass MI--0821 MI--0815) (subclass MI--0323 MI--0320) (subclass MI--0486 MI--0683) (mo-definition MI--0257 ""This approach is based on the observation that expression of RNA that is complementary to a specific mRNA can decrease the synthesis of its gene product either by increasing the degradation of the targeted mRNA or by interfering with its translation." [PMID:1340158]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0014 ""bacterial two-hybrid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0188 ""N6-retinal-L-lysine" []") (mo-definition MI--0233 ""A stable set of interacting protein and DNA that can be copurified and operate as a functional unit." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0167 ""epsilon-trimethyllysine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0243 "isoform parent sequence reference") (mo-definition MI--0712 ""Microinjection refers to the process of using a micro needle to insert substances at a microscopic level into a single living cell. It is a simple mechanical process in which an extremely fine micro needle penetrates the cell membrane and sometimes the nuclear envelope and releases nucleic acids." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0375 "cy3 label") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0584 ""fluorescence accept" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0106 "surface patches") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0186 ""biocytin" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0254 "genetic interference") (subclass MI--0008 MI--0400) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0168 ""methylmethionine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0236 "32p radiolabel") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0038 ""dls" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0126 ""CAC" []") (subclass MI--0499 MI--0495) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Default namespace for the ontology.") (mo-definition MI--0545 ""residue modification." [PMID:14755292, RESID:AA0162]") (mo-definition MI--0220 ""Reversible reaction that create a covalent bond between a C-terminus G of ubiquitin and a K residue of the target." [GO:0016567, PMID:11583613, RESID:AA0125]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0591 ""experiment descripti" []") (mo-definition MI--0608 ""RNA that is transcribed from the DNA of the nucleolus and is found, together with characteristic proteins, in the ribosomes." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-definition MI--0598 ""The feature constrain free text will specificity whether a biological feature is shown to be possible (just observed) or required (experimentally demonstrated to be necessary for an interaction)." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0122 ""acetylalanine" []") (mo-definition MI--0221 ""Synthesis rate of a molecule under investigation described in comparison with its naturally occurring expression level in a cell." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0040 ""Electron cryomicroscopy" []") (mo-definition MI--0035 ""Predicts the structure of a protein-protein complex from the unbound structures of its components. The initial approach in the majority of docking procedures is based largely on the 'rigid-body' assumption, whereby the proteins are treated as solid objects. Initial scoring of a complex is based on geometric fit or surface complementarity. This generally requires some knowledge of the binding site to limit the number of solutions." [PMID:9631301, PMID for application instance:11478868]") (subclass MI--0731 MI--0489) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0833 ""full dna sequence" []") (mo-relatedSynonym ""nM" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0601 "sequence ontology") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0474 "id-validation-regexp:"CHEBI:[0-9]+"") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0017 ""fluorescence spectr" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0672 "library-used") (mo-definition MI--0385 ""Alexa fluorescent dye analogue to AMCA (7-amino-4-methylcoumarin-3-acetic acid) with an approximate excitation wavelength maximum of 350 nm." [PMID:10449539]") (subclass MI--0610 MI--0320) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0242 ""go-definition-ref" []") (mo-definition ""Two silent mutations show a temperature sensitive lethal phenotype when they co-occur on the same cell. OBSOLETE: remap to CV intraction type 'synthetic interaction' MI:0794 and external CV for phenotype description (FBcv:0000310 'temperature conditional')" [PMID:15608217]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0010 ""beta galactosidase" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0105 ""predict from struct" []") (subclass MI--0665 MI--0590) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0122 ""(S)-2-(acetylamino)propanoic acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0000 "molecular interaction") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0173 "s-phospho-cysteine") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0523 "t7 tag") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0175 ""pros-phosphohistidine" []") (subclass MI--0037 MI--0046) (mo-exactSynonym MI--0789 ""knock-down" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0553 ""O4'-sulfo-L-tyrosine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0368 ""yellow fluorescent protein" []") (subclass MI--0670 MI--0461) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0123 ""alpha-acetylamino-delta-guanidinovaleric acid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0724 "protein delivery by cationic lipid treatment") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0099 ""spa" []") (subclass MI--0638 MI--0668) (subclass MI--0133 MI--0526) (mo-definition MI--0170 ""residue modification." [PMID:11125103]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0735 ""Tat tag" []") (subclass MI--0635 MI--0665) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0454 ""ProDom" []") (mo-definition MI--0102 ""This approach leads to protein identification by combining mass measurement and short amino acid sequence information obtained by tandem mass spectrometry. This information is then used to automatically find the best match in a sequence database. A mixture of peptides derived from a protease digestion is analysed by nanoelectrospray LC-MS/MS (Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometer or nanoESI MS/MS) mass spectrometry. Electrospray mass spectrometry cannot be applied to dilute samples and is affected by high salt. As a consequence peptides, normally extracted from acrylamide gels by in situ proteolysis, are desalted and concentrated on a microcolumn followed by elution into a capillary used for nanoelectrospray tandem mass spectrometry. A first mass spectrum (Normal mass spectrum or Q1 mass spectrum) gives information about the masses of all the peptides. Peptides observed in the normal mass spectrum are isolated in turn and dissociated into fragments by collision with gas molecules within the mass spectrometer. Some of the fragments obtained from a peptide constitute a nested set, differing by one amino acid, and the mass difference between them allows assignment of a partial sequence. The masses of the fragments define the position of the partial sequence in the peptide. Together with the cleavage specificity of the protease used to cleave the protein, and mass information such sequence tag provides much higher search specificity to match the a database entry. The procedure is repeated with several peptides from the digest, resulting in multiple identifications of the same protein or identification of several proteins from the peptide mixture. Unknown proteins can easily be identified by using the high specificity of the peptide sequence tag for searches in most sequence databases including EST or genome databases." [PMID:10967324, PMID:11752590, PMID for application instance:11805837]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0305 ""systematic gene number" []") (subclass MI--0664 MI--0590) (mo-definition MI--0032 ""The strategy to determine the complete amino acid sequence of a protein by mass spectrometry relies on the generation of a nested set of fragments differing by one amino acid. This permits to reveal the identity of the residue that has been removed at each degradation step by measuring the mass difference of fragments differing of one residue. Peptide fragments can be obtained by protease treatment combined with the fragmentation promoted by collision (or other methods) within a tandem mass spectrometer. This approach can be carried out with LC MS/MS (Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry), nanoESI MS/MS (nanoElectrospray Ionisation tandem mass spectrometry), or FTMS (Fourier Transform mass spectrometry) instruments." [PMID:10984529]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0126 ""[C:ac]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0039 "edman degradation") (mo-definition MI--0696 ""Measures the catalysis of the transfer of a free nucleotidyl group to a nucleic acid chain." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0837 "pH of interaction") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0552 ""nitrosylcysteine" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0171 ""N5-[imino(phosphonoamino)methyl]-L-ornithine" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0386 "alexa 430 label") (subclass MI--0604 MI--0602) (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0353 ""CvXrefQualifier" []") (mo-definition MI--0525 ""The protein of interest is expressed as a fusion to the peptide GKPIPNPLLGLDST for which antibodies are commercially available." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0183 ""[E:pyro]" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0398 "two hybrid pooling approach") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "in silico") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0500 "biological role") (mo-definition MI--0194 ""Covalent bond breakage in a molecule leading to the formation of smaller molecules." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0712 ""nucl microinjection" []") (subclass MI--0416 MI--0428) (mo-exactSynonym ""ha tag coip" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0629 "complex-properties") (mo-definition MI--0689 ""Part of a transcription factor responsible for the activation of DNA transcription. Such tags are generally used in two hybrid experiments where they are fused to a prey polypeptide tested for its ability to interact with a bait fused to a DNA binding domain tag. " [PMID:14755292]") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0177 ""threonine phosphate ester" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0674 "peptide parent sequence reference") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0528 "omega-n-(adp-ribosyl)-arginine") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0469 "search-url: "http://www.ebi.ac.uk/intact/search/do/hvWelcome?searchString=${ac}"") (mo-definition MI--0508 ""Measures the release of radiolabelled acetic acid from pre-labeled histone." [PMID:14755292]") (mo-xrefAnalogous MI--0249 "search-url: "http://www.kazusa.or.jp/huge/gfpage/${ac}"") (mo-definition ""The TAP method involves the fusion of the TAP tag (encoding a calmodulin binding peptide, a TEV cleavage site, and the Staphylococcus aureus Protein A) to the target protein and the introduction of the construct into the host cell or organism, maintaining the expression of the fusion protein at, or close to, its natural level. The fusion protein and associated components are recovered from cell extracts by affinity selection on an IgG matrix. After washing, the TEV protease is added to release the bound material. The eluate is incubated with calmodulin-coated beads in the presence of calcium. This second affinity step is required to remove the TEV protease as well as traces of contaminants remaining after the first affinity selection. After washing, the bound material is released with EGTA. This two steps purification steps ensures a highly selective complex purification of the tapped protein (first round of selection on the protein A, a high affinity tag) under mild condition (non denaturant pH or conditions required to remove the tag). OBSOLETE redundant term. Map to feature type: tap tagged (MI:0524) and as interaction detection method tandem affinity purification (MI:0676)." [PMID:10504710]") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0232 ""transcription compl" []") (mo-definition MI--0083 ""When one of the partners participates in the interaction with a relatively short peptide fragment, it is often convenient to precisely identify the minimal region that supports the interaction by synthesising a series of overlapping peptides and by testing them in the binding assay. Synthetic peptides that are identical with peptides synthesised in vivo are useful experimental tools for such studies. Peptides are routinely synthesised in a test tube from monomeric amino acids by condensation reactions that form peptide bonds. Peptides are constructed sequentially by coupling the C-terminus of a monomeric amino acid to the N-terminus of the growing peptide. To prevent unwanted reactions involving the amino groups and carboxyl groups of the side chains during the coupling steps, a protecting (blocking) group is attached to the side chains. Without these protecting groups, branched peptides would be generated. In the last steps of synthesis, the side chain-protecting groups are removed and the peptide is cleaved from the resin on which synthesis occurs." [PMID:14755292]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0453 "prints") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0617 "disease") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0678 ""sandwich immunoassay" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0168 ""[M:meth]" []") (mo-definition MI--0066 ""Morphologically classified as one of the siphoviridae, lambda is a temperate bacteriophage of E.coli, with a double-stranded DNA genome. It has an icosahedral head attached to a flexible helical tail. Both the tail protein pV and the head protein pD have been used for displaying (C or N terminally) foreign peptides on the viral capsid." [PMID:7682645]") (subclass MI--0248 MI--0447) (mo-definition MI--0722 ""Method for temporarily permeabilising cell membranes in order to facilitate the entry of a protein." [PMID:14755292]") (subclass MI--0575 MI--0461) (subclass MI--0129 MI--0121) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0788 "knock out") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0147 ""formylmethionine" []") (mo-exactSynonym MI--0814 ""protease access" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0178 ""(S)-2-amino-3-(4-phosphonooxyphenyl)propanoic acid" []") (mo-relatedSynonym MI--0182 ""L-amino-malonic acid semialdehyde" []") (subclass MI--0834 MI--0640) (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0161 "beta-methylthioaspartic acid") (termFormat EnglishLanguage MI--0520 "ha tag")