(termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000441 "follicle stem cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000327 "extracellular matrix secreting cell") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000792 ""suppressor T-cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000780 ""A specialized mononuclear phagocytic cell associated with the absorption and removal of cementum." [GOC:add, PMID:9415452]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000812 CL--0000804) (subclass CL--0000645 CL--0000127) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000792 ""CD4-positive, CD25-positive, alpha-beta regulatory T-lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000713 CL--0000711) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000402 "CNS interneuron") (mo-definition CL--0000270 ""An epidermal cell associated with a stoma and at least morphologically distinguishable from the epidermal cells composing the groundmass of the tissue." [ISBN:047124520]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000294 "sieve cell") (subclass CL--0000664 CL--0000663) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000020 "spermatogonium") (mo-definition Cell ""Minute protoplasmic masses that make up organized tissue, usually consisting of a nucleus which is surrounded by protoplasm which contains the various organelles and is enclosed in the cell or plasma membrane. Cells are the fundamental, structural, and functional units of living organisms." [MESH:A.11]") (subclass CL--0000207 CL--0000206) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000740 ""gangliocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000096 ""mature neutrophil leukocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000497 "red sensitive photoreceptor cell") (subclass CL--0000691 CL--0000099) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000041 CL--0000774) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000037 ""hemopoietic progenitor cell" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000279 "DDANAT:0000006") (subclass CL--0000184 CL--0000183) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000123 "neuron associated cell (sensu Vertebrata)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000511 "androgen binding protein secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000054 "bone matrix secreting cell") (mo-definition CL--0000792 ""A CD4-positive, CD25-positive, alpha-beta T cell which regulates overall immune responses as well as the responses of other T cell subsets through direct cell-cell contact and cytokine release." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000243 "glial cell (sensu Vertebrata)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000289 "chemotactic amoeboid cell (sensu Mycetozoa)") (mo-definition CL--0000541 ""A cell that originates from the neural crest and differentiates into a pigment cell." [Sanbi:mhl]") (subclass CL--0000162 CL--0000548) (mo-definition CL--0000018 ""A male germ cell that develops from the haploid secondary spermatocytes. Without further division, spermatids undergo structural changes and give rise to spermatozoa." [MESH:A.05.360.490.890.860]") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000815 ""suppressor T-lymphocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000693 ""spiderweb cell" []") (subclass CL--0000548 CL--0000255) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000566 CL--0000134) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000603 "dikaryon") (mo-definition CL--0000503 ""A flattened stroma cell forming a sheath or theca outside the basal lamina lining the mature ovarian follicle. Thecal interstitial or stromal cells are steroidogenic, and produce primarily androgens which serve as precusors of estrogens in the granulosa cells." [MESH:A.05.360.319.114.630.535.400]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000815 ""regulatory T-cell" []") (subclass CL--0000846 CL--0000066) (subclass CL--0000057 CL--0000055) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000137 "osteocyte") (mo-definition CL--0000517 ""A type of macrophage containing lipids in small vacuoles and typically seen in atherolosclerotic lesions, as well as other conditions." [GOC:add]") (subclass CL--0000516 CL--0000243) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000431 "iridophore") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000325 "stuff accumulating cell") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Refers to an activated mature lymphocyte phenotype rather than a distinct cell type; consider using 'lymphocyte ; CL:0000542' or one of its children instead.") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000773 CL--0000612) (mo-definition CL--0000442 ""A cell with extensive dendritic processes found in the B cell areas (primary follicles and germinal centers) of lymphoid tissue. They are unrelated to the dendritic cell associated with T cells. Follicular dendritic cells have Fc receptors and C3b receptors, but unlike other dendritic cells, they do not process or present antigen in a way that allows recognition by T cells. Instead, they hold antigen in the form of immune complexes on their surfaces for long periods and can present antigen to B cells during an immune response." [ISBN:127520252]") (subclass CL--0000300 CL--0000413) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000064 "ciliated cell") (subclass CL--0000459 CL--0000457) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000336 ""chromafin cell" []") (subclass CL--0000778 CL--0000113) (subclass CL--0000557 CL--0000839) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000275 "prestalk B cell") (subclass CL--0000320 CL--0000039) (mo-definition CL--0000278 ""A cell containing the two polar nuclei which, after double fertilization, will develop into the endosperm." [TAIR:lr]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage Brown "brown fat cell") (mo-narrowSynonym CL--0000818 ""T3 B cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000537 ""A cell located at the chalazal end of the mature embryo sac in angiosperms." [ISBN:047125208]") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000824 ""LAK cell" [PMID:14685782]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000569 CL--0000134) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000133 ""neurectoderm cell" []") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000332 ""non-hair cell" []") (instance Smo-definedSubset BinaryRelation) (subclass CL--0000211 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000576 CL--0000113) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000428 "yolk cell") (subclass CL--0000365 CL--0000220) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000719 "posterior cone cell (sensu Endoptyeygota)") (subclass CL--0000067 CL--0000075) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000796 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta intraepithelial T-lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000807 "DN3 immature T cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000756 ""DB3 cone bipolar cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000545 ""helper T cell type 1" []") (subclass CL--0000198 CL--0000006) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000834 CL--0000557) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000467 ""corticotropin hormone secreting cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000802 ""CD8-positive, gamma-delta intraepithelial T lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000566 "angioblastic mesenchymal cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000814 ""natural killer T-cell" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000041 CL--0000772) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000787 "memory B cell") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000792 ""suppressor T-lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000809 ""An immature T cell in the thymus expressing the alpha-beta T cell receptor complex as well as both the CD4 and CD8 coreceptors." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000807 ""TN3 thymocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000533 CL--0000530) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000857 "slow muscle myoblast") (mo-definition CL--0000724 "" A differentiated cell that functions as a site of nitrogen fixation under aerobic conditions." [MA:ma]") (mo-definition CL--0000055 ""A precursor cell with a limited number of potential fates." [SANBI:mhl]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000029 CL--0000333) (subclass CL--0000786 CL--0000542) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000504 "enterochromaffin cell") (mo-definition CL--0000616 ""A walled spore produced in a sporangium." [ISBN:08199377X]") (mo-definition CL--0000794 ""A CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell capable of killing target cells in an antigen specific manner." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (documentation CL--0000838 EnglishLanguage "Note that this is a class of cell types, not an identified single cell type.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "regulatory T cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000721 "equatorial cone cell (sensu Endoptyeygota)") (subclass CL--0000227 CL--0000228) (subclass CL--0000777 CL--0000235) (mo-definition CL--0000004 ""A classification of cells by the organisms within which they are contained." [FB:ma]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000317 "sebum secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000592 "large luteal cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000550 ""polychromatic normoblast" [ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000189 CL--0000188) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000789 ""alpha-beta T lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000846 "vestibular dark cell") (subclass CL--0000430 CL--0000147) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000057 "fibroblast") (mo-definition CL--0000574 ""A pigment cell derived from the neural crest. Contains pteridine and/or carotenoid pigments in structures called pterinosomes or erythrosomes. This gives an orange to red appearance." [Sanbi:mhl]") (subclass CL--0000193 CL--0000228) (subclass CL--0000623 CL--0000542) (subclass CL--0000182 CL--0000066) (subclass CL--0000176 CL--0000174) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000571 "leucophore") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000464 CL--0000114) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000782 "myeloid dendritic cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000356 "hair matrix stem cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000041 "mature eosinophil") (mo-definition BloodCell ""A cell found predominately in the blood." [GOC:add]") (subclass CL--0000833 CL--0000836) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000802 ""CD8-positive, gamma-delta intraepithelial T-cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000248 ""pollen mother cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000362 "epidermal cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000182 CL--0000223) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000372 "FBbt:00005171") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000800 ""mature gamma-delta T lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000437 CL--0000167) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000755 "type 3 cone bipolar cell (sensu Mus)") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000160 ""chalice cell" []") (subclass CL--0000629 CL--0000325) (subclass CL--0000685 CL--0000610) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000633 "Hensen cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000181 "metabolising cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000210 "FBbt:00004211") (subclass CL--0000740 CL--0000117) (mo-definition CL--0000320 ""A diploid (2n) cell that undergoes meiosis and produces four haploid (1n) megaspores; also called megaspore mother cell." [ISBN:0471245208]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000791 ""mature alpha-beta T lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000510 CL--0000150) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000680 "muscle precursor cell") (subclass CL--0000605 Spore) (subclass CL--0000288 CL--0000630) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000726 "chlamydospore") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000096 ""mature neutrocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000652 CL--0000163) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000473 "defensive cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000219 "motile cell") (subclass CL--0000256 CL--0000325) (mo-definition CL--0000371 ""The cell protoplasm after removal of the cell wall." [ISBN:08199377X]") (subclass CL--0000620 Spore) (subclass CL--0000715 CL--0000392) (mo-definition CL--0000804 ""An immature form of a T cell, a type of lymphocyte whose defining characteristic is the expression of a T cell receptor complex." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (subclass CL--0000138 CL--0000153) (documentation EnglishLanguage "This term is rather archaic; consider using 'natural killer cell ; CL:0000623', 'pro-B cell ; CL:0000826', 'pro-T cell ; CL:0000827', or other appropriate lymphocyte-related term depending on the context.") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000807 ""DN3 alpha-beta immature T-lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "bursa processed stem cell") (mo-narrowSynonym CL--0000818 ""T1 B cell" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000613 CL--0000557) (mo-definition CL--0000165 ""A neuron that has the specialized function to produce and secrete hormones, and that constitutes, in whole or in part, an endocrine organ or system." [MESH:A.06.688]") (subclass CL--0000172 CL--0000167) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000334 "FAO:0000032") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000619 "support cell (sensu Nematoda)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000065 "ependymal cell") (subclass CL--0000261 CL--0000263) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000591 "warmth sensing thermoreceptor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000080 "circulating cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000069 CL--0000221) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000427 "GLR cell") (subclass CL--0000119 CL--0000117) (subclass CL--0000329 CL--0000325) (subclass CL--0000782 CL--0000113) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000418 "arcade cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000314 "milk secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000017 "spermatocyte") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000069 CL--0000222) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000550 CL--0000549) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000366 ""male gametophyte sperm cell" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000114 CL--0000221) (mo-definition CL--0000017 ""A male germ cell that develops from spermatogonia. The euploid primary spermatocytes undergo meiosis and give rise to the haploid secondary spermatocytes which in turn give rise to spermatids." [MESH:A.05.360.490.890.880]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000433 "functional megaspore") (subclass CL--0000149 CL--0000147) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000811 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta immature T-cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000647 ""syncytial giant cell" [ISBN:0702022918, ISBN:0702024783]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000342 "pigment cell (sensu Vertebrata)") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000069 CL--0000223) (mo-definition CL--0000353 ""An undifferentiated cell produced by early cleavages of the fertilized egg (zygote)." [MESH:A.11.104]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000136 "fat cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000515 "skeletal muscle myoblast") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000779 ""multinucleated osteoclast" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000647 ""Langerhans giant cell" [ISBN:0702022918, ISBN:0702024783]") (subclass CL--0000371 CL--0000578) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000153 ""hyaluronic acid secreting cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000775 ""neutrophil leucocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000307 ""tracheocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000161 CL--0000151) (subclass CL--0000063 CL--0000012) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000504 ""enteroendocrine cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000733 "lymph gland plasmatocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000087 "male germ line stem cell (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (mo-definition CL--0000056 ""An embryonic (precursor) cell of the myogenic lineage that develops from the mesoderm. They undergo proliferation, migrate to their various sites, and then differentiate into the appropriate form of myocytes." [MESH:A.11.635]") (subclass CL--0000378 CL--0000630) (subclass CL--0000340 CL--0000030) (mo-definition CL--0000557 ""A progenitor cell committed to the granulocyte and monocyte lineages." [http://www.copewithcytokines.de, ISBN:0721601464, PMID:15684376, PMID:15867096]") (subclass CL--0000416 CL--0000412) (subclass CL--0000080 CL--0000144) (subclass CL--0000457 CL--0000163) (subclass CL--0000443 CL--0000167) (subclass CL--0000507 CL--0000167) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000306 "FBbt:00004193") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000030 "FBbt:00005145") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000207 "olfactory receptor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000483 "bombesin stimulating hormone secreting cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000787 ""memory B lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000222 "mesodermal cell") (mo-definition ""OBSOLETE: A class of lymphocytes characterized by the lack of surface markers specific for either T or B cells." []") (subclass CL--0000857 CL--0000515) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000555 "brush cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000365 "zygote") (subclass CL--0000342 CL--0000548) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000527 ""output neuron" []") (mo-definition CL--0000783 ""A phagocyte formed by the fusion of mononuclear phagocytes." [GOC:add]") (subclass Brown CL--0000136) (mo-definition CL--0000451 ""A cell of hematopoietic origin, typically resident in particular tissues, specialized in the uptake, processing, and transport of antigens to lymph nodes for the purpose of stimulating an immune response via T cell activation." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-definition CL--0000627 ""A cell involved in transporting nutrients, minerals, water, gases and other chemicals between cells for a variety of purposes including conveying nutrition to other tissues, removing waste products from the tissues, conveying gases for respiration, distributing heat and repelling invasion of foreign substances." [TAIR:sr]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000765 "erythroblast") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000785 CL--0000818) (subclass CL--0000167 CL--0000163) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000408 "male gamete") (subclass CL--0000824 CL--0000623) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000426 "scaffold cell") (subclass CL--0000427 CL--0000548) (mo-definition CL--0000838 ""A progenitor cell of any lymphoid lineage, potentially multipotent." [GOC:add]") (mo-definition CL--0000823 ""An immature form of a natural killer cell, a lymphocyte that can spontaneously kill a variety of target cells without prior antigenic activation via germline encoded activation receptors and also regulate immune responses via cytokine release and direct contact with other cells. Immature natural killer cells have begun to express the characteristic natural killer cell activation and inhibitory molecules through a selection process leading to tolerance to normal self cells." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149, PMID:12457618]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000552 ""acidophilic erythroblast" [ISBN:0721601464]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000009 "fusiform initial") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000211 "electrically active cell") (subclass CL--0000223 CL--0000548) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000155 ""peptic cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000808 "DN4 alpha-beta immature T cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000597 "FAO:0000028") (mo-definition CL--0000858 ""A skeletal muscle myoblast that differentiates into fast muscle fibers." [SANBI:mhl]") (subclass CL--0000429 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000301 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000636 CL--0000127) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000624 "CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000558 CL--0000552) (mo-definition CL--0000631 ""Cells forming a framework supporting the organ of Corti. Specific cells are those of Claudius, Deiters and Hensen." [MESH:A.09.246.631.246.577.543]") (subclass CL--0000478 CL--0000167) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000096 ""mature neutrophilic leucocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000219 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000767 "basophil") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000813 ""memory T lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000066 ""A cell that is usually found in a two-dimensional sheet with a free surface." [FB:ma, MESH:A.11.436]") (subclass CL--0000218 CL--0000328) (subclass CL--0000620 CL--0000616) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000560 ""band cell" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000083 CL--0000223) (subclass CL--0000069 CL--0000068) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000785 CL--0000816) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000514 ""satellite cell" []") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000803 ""IEL" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000567 "polymodal nocireceptor") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000370 ""intermediary cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000647 ""multinucleate giant cell" [ISBN:0702022918, ISBN:0702024783]") (subclass CL--0001658 CL--0000341) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000352 "epiblast cell") (mo-definition CL--0000813 ""A distinctly differentiated long-lived T cell that is readily activated upon reencounter of its antigenic determinant." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (subclass CL--0000431 CL--0000147) (mo-definition CL--0000413 ""A cell whose nucleus contains a single haploid genome." [FB:ma]") (subclass CL--0000389 CL--0000658) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000096 ""polymorphonuclear neutrophil" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000322 "pneumocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000779 "multinuclear osteoclast") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000023 "FBbt:00004886") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000159 "seromucus secreting cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000550 ""polychromatophilic normoblast" [ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-definition CL--0000540 ""The basic cellular unit of nervous tissue. Each neuron consists of a body, an axon, and dendrites. Their purpose is to receive, conduct, and transmit impulses in the nervous system." [MESH:A.08.663]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000091 "Kupffer cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000391 CL--0000395) (mo-definition CL--0000333 ""A cell of the strip of specialized ectoderm flanking each side of the embryonal neural plate, which after the closure of the neural tube, forms a column of isolated cells along the dorsal aspect of the neural tube. Most of the cranial and all of the spinal sensory ganglion cells arise by differentiation of neural crest cells." [MESH:A.16.254.600]") (subclass CL--0000138 CL--0000667) (subclass CL--0000658 CL--0000327) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000549 ""early normoblast" [ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000287 CL--0000210) (mo-definition CL--0000779 ""A specialized multinuclear phagocytic cell associated with the absorption and removal of bone." [GOC:add, PMID:12713016, PMID:9415452]") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000018 "FBbt:00004942") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000204 "acceleration receptive cell") (subclass CL--0000289 CL--0000263) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000582 ""juvenile neutrophil" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000430 "xanthophore") (mo-definition CL--0000827 ""A progenitor cell of the T cell lineage, with some lineage specific marker expression, but not yet fully committed to the T cell lineage." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-definition CL--0000695 ""One of a transient population of pioneering neurons in the cerebral cortex. These cells are slender bipolar cells of the developing marginal zone. One feature of these cells in mammals is that they express the Reelin gene." [PMID:10600995, PMID:9728912]") (subclass CL--0000838 CL--0000837) (subclass CL--0000002 CL--0000010) (subclass CL--0000334 CL--0000521) (subclass CL--0000101 CL--0000526) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000550 "polychromatophilic erythroblast") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000078 "peridermal cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000514 "smooth muscle myoblast") (mo-definition CL--0000288 ""A cell in the micropylar end of the embryo sac associated with the egg in the egg apparatus of angiosperms. Plays a vital role in fertilization." [ISBN:047125208]") (mo-definition CL--0000608 ""A resting spore resulting from the conjugation of isogametes or from the fusion of like gametangia." [ISBN:08199377X]") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Date/time of last edit and save.") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000320 ""megaspore mother cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000299 ""Commonly used for a cell in root epidermis that gives rise to a root hair. The daughter cell produced by the asymmetric division of a root epidermal cell that gives rise to a root hair." [ISBN:0471245208]") (mo-definition CL--0000758 ""An ON-bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with cone photoreceptors cells and neurons in the inner half of the inner plexiform layer. The cell has a loose, delicate axon terminal that opens in sublamina 3 of the inner plexiform layer and descends into sublamina 4." [PMID:14689473]") (subclass CL--0000521 CL--0000255) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000140 CL--0000134) (subclass CL--0000222 CL--0000548) (mo-definition CL--0000814 ""An alpha-beta T cell of a distinct lineage bearing natural killer markers and a T cell receptor specific for a limited set of ligands. NK T cells have activation and regulatory roles particularly early in an immune response." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000794 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta cytotoxic T lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000131 "gut endothelial cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000101 "FBbt:00005124") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000809 ""DP thymocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000278 CL--0000610) (subclass CL--0000361 CL--0000007) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000533 "primary motor neuron") (subclass CL--0000607 CL--0000596) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000439 ""mammotroph" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000775 "neutrophil") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000627 "transporting cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000065 ""ependymocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000604 CL--0000287) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000814 ""NK T lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000820 CL--0000819) (mo-definition CL--0000502 ""A cell found throughout the gastrointestinal tract and in the pancreas. They secrete somatostatin in both an endocrine and paracrine manner. Somatostatin inhibits gastrin, cholecystokinin, insulin, glucagon, pancreatic enzymes, and gastric hydrochloric acid. A variety of substances which inhibit gastric acid secretion (vasoactive intestinal peptide, calcitonin gene-related peptide, cholecystokinin, beta-adrenergic agonists, and gastric inhibitory peptide) are thought to act by releasing somatostatin." [MESH:A.03.492.766.440.175]") (subclass CL--0000379 CL--0000540) (subclass CL--0000064 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000209 "taste receptor cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000779 CL--0000778) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000005 "fibroblast neural crest derived") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000510 "Paneth cell") (subclass CL--0000151 CL--0000144) (mo-definition CL--0000776 ""Any of the immature forms of a neutrophil in which neutrophilic specific granules are present but other phenotypic features of the mature form may be lacking. A neutrophil is a granular leukocyte that in its mature form has a nucleus with three to five lobes connected by slender threads of chromatin, and cytoplasm containing fine inconspicuous granules and stainable by neutral dyes." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-definition CL--0000607 ""A sexual spore produced in an ascus by 'free cell formation'. Has a multilayered spore wall." [ISBN:08199377X]") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000099 "FBbt:00005125") (subclass CL--0000795 CL--0000815) (subclass CL--0000343 CL--0000149) (subclass CL--0000280 CL--0000610) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000139 CL--0000059) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000759 "type 7 cone bipolar cell (sensu Mus)") (mo-definition CL--0000236 ""A type of lymphocyte whose defining characteristic is the expression of an immunoglobulin complex." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000550 ""polychromatic erythroblast" [ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-definition CL--0000485 ""A mast cell of a mucosal tissue." [GOC:add]") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000338 ""neuroblast" []") (subclass CL--0000185 CL--0000075) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000041 ""mature eosinocyte" []") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000613 ""colony forming unit basophil" []") (subclass CL--0000709 CL--0000488) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000407 "FBbt:00005221") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000119 "Golgi cell") (subclass CL--0000563 ProkaryoticCell) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000454 "epinephrin secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000152 "exocrine cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000048 ""multipotent stem cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000564 "neutrophilic promyelocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000282 "trichome") (subclass CL--0000135 CL--0000499) (mo-definition CL--0000233 ""A non-nucleated disk-shaped cell formed by extrusion from megakaryocytes, found in the blood of all mammals, and mainly involved in blood coagulation." [GOC:add, MESH:A.11.118.188]") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000395 "FBbt:00001689") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000346 CL--0000333) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000164 "enteroendocrine cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000804 CL--0000827) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000785 "mature B cell") (subclass CL--0000107 CL--0000029) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000831 "mast cell progenitor") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000072 CL--0000222) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000546 ""helper T-cell type 2" []") (subclass CL--0000059 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000500 CL--0000066) (subclass CL--0000821 CL--0000819) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000808 ""thymocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000734 CL--0000394) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000407 "scolopidial ligament cell") (subclass CL--0000460 CL--0000174) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000440 "melanocyte stimulating hormone secreting cell") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Version of OBO format.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000753 "type 1 cone bipolar cell (sensu Mus)") (subclass CL--0000582 CL--0000776) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000817 "pre-B cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000519 "phagocyte (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (mo-definition CL--0000242 ""A modified epidermal cell located in the stratum basale. They are found mostly in areas where sensory perception is acute, such as the fingertips. Merkel cells are closely associated with an expanded terminal bulb of an afferent myelinated nerve fiber." [MESH:A.08.800.550.700.500.425]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000190 ""white muscle cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000193 ""A striated muscle cell found in the heart. They develop from cardiac myoblasts." [MESH:A.11.620.500]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000534 "primary interneuron") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000360 "morula cell") (subclass CL--0000021 CL--0000586) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000809 ""DP cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000276 "sclerenchyma cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000083 "epithelial cell of pancreas") (domain Smo-inSubset 2 Smo-Subset) (subclass CL--0000087 CL--0000086) (subclass CL--0000426 CL--0000445) (subclass CL--0000676 CL--0000378) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000366 ""gametophyte sperm cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000373 "histoblast") (mo-definition CL--0000756 ""An OFF-bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with cone photoreceptors cells and neurons in the outer half of the inner plexiform layer. The cell has a diffuse axon terminal with varicosities in sublaminae 1 and 2 of the inner plexiform layer." [PMID:14689473]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000141 CL--0000134) (subclass CL--0000085 CL--0000349) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000786 ""plasmacyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000797 "alpha-beta intraepithelial T cell") (subclass CL--0000055 CL--0000012) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000795 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta regulatory T-cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000198 ""nocireceptor" []") (subclass CL--0000724 ProkaryoticCell) (termFormat EnglishLanguage BloodCell "blood cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000815 ""regulatory T lymphocyte" []") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000794 ""cytotoxic T cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000776 "immature neutrophil") (termFormat EnglishLanguage ProkaryoticCell "prokaryotic cell") (mo-definition CL--0000573 ""One of the two photoreceptor cell types in the vertebrate retina. In cones the photopigment is in invaginations of the cell membrane of the outer segment. Cones are less sensitive to light than rods, but they provide vision with higher spatial and temporal acuity, and the combination of signals from cones with different pigments allows color vision." [MESH:A.08.663.650.650.670.100]") (subclass CL--0000424 CL--0000151) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000641 ""chromophobic cell" []") (subclass CL--0000693 CL--0000691) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000149 "visual pigment cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage Smo-inSubset "inSubset") (mo-definition CL--0000163 ""A cell of an endocrine gland, ductless glands that secrete substances which are released directly into the circulation and which influence metabolism and other body functions." [MESH:A.06.407]") (subclass CL--1000191 CL--0000075) (subclass CL--0000150 CL--0000075) (subclass CL--0000085 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000854 CL--0000133) (mo-definition CL--0000764 ""A immature or mature cell in the lineage leading to and including erythrocytes." [GOC:add]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000492 ""helper T lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000625 CL--0000791) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000525 "syncytiotrophoblast cell") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000557 ""CFU-C , Colony forming unit in culture" [http://www.copewithcytokines.de]") (subclass CL--0000422 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000196 CL--0000228) (subclass CL--0000121 CL--0000527) (mo-alternateID CL--0000043 "CL:0000739") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000773 "eosinophilic metamyelocyte") (mo-definition CL--0000219 ""A cell that moves by its own activities." [FB:ma]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000058 CL--0000222) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000801 ""IEL" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000283 "DDANAT:0000007") (subclass CL--0000328 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000337 CL--0000031) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000577 "enterochromaffin like cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000814 "NK T cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000742 "periarticular chondrocyte") (subclass CL--0000094 CL--0000766) (subclass CL--0000730 CL--0000548) (mo-definition CL--0000508 ""An endocrine cell found in the pyloric gland mucosa (antral mucosa) of the stomach of mammals and responsible for the secretion of gastrin." [MESH:A.03.492.766.440.300]") (subclass CL--0000530 CL--0000540) (subclass CL--0000802 CL--0000801) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000295 ""somatrophic cell" []") (subclass CL--0000061 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000456 "mineralocorticoid secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000599 "conidium") (mo-definition CL--0000284 ""A specialized parenchyma cell associated with a sieve-tube member in angiosperm phloem and arising from the same mother cell as the sieve-tube member." [ISBN:0879015322]") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000775 ""polynuclear neutrophilic leukocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000216 CL--0000511) (mo-definition CL--0000250 ""A haploid (1n) spore developing into a female gametophyte in heterosporous plants." [ISBN:0471245208]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000043 CL--0000770) (subclass CL--0000067 CL--0000064) (subclass CL--0000799 CL--0000804) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000599 "FAO:0000024") (mo-definition CL--0000291 ""Dormant cell protected by a spore coat." [DictyBase:DDB]") (subclass CL--0000540 CL--0000393) (subclass CL--0000276 CL--0000610) (subclass CL--0000215 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000352 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000268 CL--0000610) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000350 "amnioserosal cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000806 ""DN2 cell" []") (subclass CL--0000357 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000142 CL--0000499) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000796 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta intraepithelial T lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000839 ""A progenitor cell of any myeloid lineage, potentially multipotent." [GOC:add]") (mo-definition CL--0000542 ""A cell of the B cell, T cell, or natural killer cell lineage." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (subclass CL--0000286 CL--0000521) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000843 "follicular B cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000836 CL--0000835) (mo-definition CL--0000074 ""A cell that constitutes the mesophyll of a hydathode and is located between the xylem endings and the epidermis. Proposed to be involved in the retrieval of solutes from the xylem sap." [ISBN:0471245208, PMID:12662305]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000150 "glandular epithelial cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000772 CL--0000833) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000299 ""hair cell" []") (subclass CL--0000464 CL--0000055) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000042 ""neutrophilic granuloblast" []") (subclass CL--0000734 CL--0000736) (subclass CL--0000775 CL--0000094) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000671 "centripetally migrating follicle cell") (mo-defaultNamespace "cell") (mo-definition CL--0000136 ""A fat-storing cell found mostly in the abdominal cavity and subcutaneous tissue of mammals. Fat is usually stored in the form of tryglycerides." [MESH:A.11.329.114]") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000374 "FBbt:00005169") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000632 ""perisinusoidal cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000546 ""helper T lymphocyte type 2" []") (subclass CL--0000089 CL--0000085) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000341 "pigment cell (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "IgA B cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000051 ""committed lymphopoietic stem cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000688 "perijunctional fibroblast") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000770 CL--0000769) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000175 "luteal cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000787 ""memory B-cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000273 ""Cell that expresses both ecmA and ecmB either simultaneously or sequentially. During culmination pstA differentiate into pstAB cells." [DictyBase:DDB]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000098 CL--0000710) (subclass CL--0000588 CL--0000092) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Consider using term 'pro-B cell ; CL:0000826' or the term 'immature B cell ; CL:0000816' or one of its children instead.") (subclass CL--0000785 CL--0000236) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000579 "border follicle cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000528 "nitrergic neuron") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000794 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta cytotoxic T-cell" []") (subclass CL--0000407 CL--0000384) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000661 "distal tip cell (sensu Nematoda)") (subclass CL--0000232 CL--0000627) (subclass CL--0000797 CL--0000791) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000177 "testosterone secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000361 "gastrula cell") (subclass CL--0000553 CL--0000839) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000110 "peptidergic neuron") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000837 ""hemopoietic progenitor cell" []") (subclass CL--0000122 CL--0000117) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000615 "basidiospore") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000377 "tracheoblast") (mo-definition CL--0000295 ""An acidophilic cell of the anterior pituitary that produces growth hormone, somatotropin." [Sanbi:mhl]") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000767 ""polymorphonuclear leukocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000851 "neuromast mantle cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000137 CL--0000062) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000162 "parietal cell") (subclass CL--0000813 CL--0000084) (subclass CL--0000524 CL--0000371) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000560 CL--0000582) (subclass CL--0000223 CL--0000220) (subclass CL--0000590 CL--0000179) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000832 CL--0000611) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000382 ""scolopale cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000318 ""A cell secreting sweat, the fluid excreted by the sweat glands of mammals. It consists of water containing sodium chloride, phosphate, urea, ammonia, and other waste products." [MESH:A.12.200.849]") (subclass CL--0000608 Spore) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000838 "lymphoid progenitor cell") (mo-definition CL--0000738 ""A nucleated cell of the myeloid or lymphoid lineages, found in blood or other tissue." [GOC:add]") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000441 "FBbt:00004903") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000220 "cell by lineage") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000188 "skeletal muscle cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000587 "cold sensing thermoreceptor cell") (subclass CL--0000663 CL--0000144) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000385 "FBbt:00005062") (subclass CL--0000667 CL--0000327) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000172 "somatostatin secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000234 CL--0000473) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000771 ""eosinophilic leucocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000189 ""red muscle cell" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000818 CL--0000817) (mo-definition CL--0000581 ""A mononuclear phagocyte that develops from bone marrow precursors but is resident in the peritoneum." [MESH:A.11.329.372.630]") (mo-definition CL--0000681 ""A transient cell present only in the developing CNS. Functions as both a precursor cell and as a scaffold to support neuronal migration." [MGD:dph]") (subclass CL--0000076 CL--0000066) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000547 ""pronormoblast" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000808 CL--0000807) (termFormat EnglishLanguage Cell "cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000345 "dental papilla cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000097 ""mastocyte" [ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000439 ""epsilon-acidophil" []") (subclass CL--0000810 CL--0000790) (subclass CL--1000036 CL--0000036) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000283 "pstO/ALC") (subclass CL--0000836 CL--0000839) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000142 "hyalocyte") (instance develops_from Sowl-TransitiveProperty) (mo-definition CL--0000524 ""A cell, usually of bacteria or yeast, which has partially lost its cell wall." [MESH:A.11.868]") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000366 ""pollen germ cell " []") (subclass CL--0000054 CL--0000151) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000606 "macroconidium") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000364 "ray cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000131 CL--0000223) (subclass CL--0000324 CL--0000048) (subclass CL--0000177 CL--0000174) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000155 ""chief cell" []") (subclass CL--0000659 CL--0000327) (subclass CL--0000173 CL--0000172) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000855 "hair cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000043 CL--0000768) (subclass CL--0000372 CL--0000378) (subclass CL--0000372 CL--0000098) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000037 ""hemopoietic stem cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000295 "somatotropin secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000209 CL--0000206) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000673 "Kenyon cell") (mo-definition CL--0000753 ""An OFF-bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with cone photoreceptors cells and neurons in the outer half of the inner plexiform layer. The cell body of these cells is in the middle of the inner plexiform layer. The dendritic tree is stout and the axon terminates in sublamina 1. The axonal terminal is wide and has only a few varicosities." [PMID:14689473]") (subclass CL--0000467 CL--0000167) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000681 CL--0000710) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000071 "blood vessel endothelial cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000780 ""multinucleated odontoclast" []") (subclass CL--0000182 CL--0000181) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000333 "neural crest cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000642 "folliculostellate cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000236 ""B lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000072 "non-branched duct epithelial cell") (subclass CL--0000682 CL--0000473) (subclass CL--0000791 CL--0000789) (subclass CL--0000462 CL--0000680) (mo-definition CL--0000549 ""A nucleated immature erythrocyte, having cytoplasm generally similar to that of the earlier proerythroblast but sometimes even more basophilic, and usually regular in outline. The nucleus is still relatively large, but the chromatin strands are thicker and more deeply staining, giving a coarser appearance; the nucleoli have disappeared." [ISBN:0721601464]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000272 "cambial initial") (subclass CL--0000059 CL--0000055) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000743 "hypertrophic chondrocyte") (mo-definition CL--0000259 ""Differentiating cell composing the aggregate that has acquired adhesive properties." [DictyBase:DDB]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000737 "striated muscle cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000401 "FBbt:00001686") (subclass CL--0000583 CL--0000235) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000561 ""amacrine neuron" []") (subclass CL--0000397 CL--0000099) (mo-definition CL--0000600 ""A fungal cell with two or more genetically distinct nuclei." [ISBN:08199377X]") (subclass CL--0000723 CL--0000034) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--1000083 "stratified keratinized epithelial stem cell") (subclass CL--0000566 CL--0000048) (subclass CL--0000139 CL--0000053) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000334 "vegetative cell (sensu Fungi)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000731 "urothelial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000548 "animal cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000822 ""B-2 B-cell" []") (subclass CL--0000445 CL--0000144) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000559 CL--0000040) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000419 "seam cell") (subclass CL--0000131 CL--0000115) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000847 ""ciliated sensory neuron" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000835 "myeloblast") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000335 CL--0000134) (subclass CL--0000050 CL--0000839) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000705 "R6 photoreceptor cell") (subclass CL--0000211 CL--0000144) (subclass CL--0000280 CL--0000039) (subclass CL--0000461 CL--0000154) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000079 "stratified epithelial cell") (subclass CL--0000741 CL--0000100) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000768 CL--0000830) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000562 "nucleate erythrocyte") (subclass CL--0000451 CL--0000627) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000472 "chlorenchyma cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000082 CL--0000223) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000151 "secretory cell") (subclass CL--0000360 CL--0000007) (mo-definition CL--0000564 ""A neutrophil precursor in the granulocytic series, being a cell intermediate in development between a myeloblast and myelocyte, and containing a few, as yet undifferentiated, cytoplasmic granules." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000719 CL--0000718) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000222 ""mesoblast" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000552 CL--0000550) (subclass CL--0000558 CL--0000764) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000775 ""poly" []") (subclass CL--0000165 CL--0000163) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000645 "pituicyte") (subclass CL--0000619 CL--0000378) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000382 "FBbt:00005217") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000674 ""stalk cell" []") (subclass CL--0000428 CL--0000548) (subclass Spore CL--0000521) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000470 "digestive enzyme secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000502 CL--0000164) (subclass CL--0000419 CL--0000036) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000464 "epidermoblast") (subclass CL--0000417 CL--0000412) (subclass CL--0000270 CL--0000293) (subclass CL--0000339 CL--0000123) (subclass CL--0000630 CL--0000144) (subclass CL--0000139 CL--0000146) (subclass CL--0000688 CL--0000630) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000822 "B-2 B cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000065 CL--0000710) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000791 ""mature alpha-beta T-cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000467 ""adrenocorticotrophic hormone secreting cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000161 "acid secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000673 CL--0000117) (subclass CL--0000510 CL--0000131) (mo-definition CL--0000726 ""An asexual 1-celled spore (primarily for perennation, not dissemination). Originates endogenously and singly within part of a pre-existing cell by the contraction of the protoplast. Possesses an inner secondary and often thickened hyaline or brown wall, usually impregnated with hydrophobic material." [ISBN:085199377X]") (mo-definition CL--0000561 ""Interneuron of the vertebrate retina. They integrate, modulate, and interpose a temporal domain in the visual message presented to the retinal ganglion cells, with which they synapse in the inner plexiform layer." [MESH:A.08.663.358.050]") (mo-alternateID CL--0000148 "CL:0000572") (mo-definition CL--0000484 ""A mast cell of the connective tissue." [GOC:add]") (subclass CL--0000537 CL--0000610) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000099 "interneuron") (subclass CL--0000732 CL--0000219) (subclass ProkaryoticCell CL--0000004) (subclass CL--0000040 CL--0000839) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000014 ""germline stem cell" []") (subclass CL--0000649 CL--0000312) (mo-definition CL--0000560 ""A late neutrophilic metamyelocyte in which the nucleus is in the form of a curved or coiled band, not having acquired the typical multilobar shape of the mature neutrophil." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-definition CL--0000801 ""A gamma-delta T cell of the columnar epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract. Intraepithelial T cells often have distinct developmental pathways and activation requirements." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000590 "small luteal cell") (subclass CL--0000381 CL--0000527) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000806 "DN2 immature T cell") (subclass CL--0000590 CL--0000175) (subclass CL--0000355 CL--0000035) (subclass CL--0000331 CL--0000672) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000771 "eosinophil") (subclass CL--0000245 CL--0000293) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000802 ""CD8-positive, gamma-delta intraepithelial T-lymphocyte" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000711 CL--0000501) (subclass CL--0000267 CL--0000263) (mo-definition CL--0000128 ""A class of large neuroglial (macroglial) cells in the central nervous system. Form the insulating myelin sheath of axons in the central nervous system." [MESH:A.08.637.600]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000337 "neuroblast (sensu Vertebrata)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000246 "Mauthner neuron") (subclass CL--0000634 CL--0000630) (mo-definition CL--0000363 ""A secondary vascular cell that develops from the fusiform cambial initials and oriented with their longest diameter parallel with the main axis of stem or root. These cells make up the axial system, also known as vertical or longitudinal system." [ISBN:0471245208]") (mo-definition CL--0000281 ""Anterior-like cell expressing both ecmA and ecmB." [DictyBase:DDB]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000564 ""neutrophilic premyelocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000852 "neuromast support cell") (subclass CL--0000330 CL--0000610) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000240 "stratified squamous epithelial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000460 "glucocorticoid secreting cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000235 ""histiocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000145 ""A cell capable of processing and presenting lipid and protein antigens to T cells in order to initiate an immune response." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000320 "megasporocyte") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000831 CL--0000557) (mo-definition CL--0000263 ""Unicellular haploid myxamoebae that feeds on bacteria and divides by binary fission." [DictyBase:DDB]") (subclass CL--0000798 CL--0000084) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000193 "FBbt:00001666") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000187 "FBbt:00005083") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000235 CL--0000576) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000811 ""SP CD8 cell" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000079 CL--0000357) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000561 "FBbt:00005127") (subclass CL--0000805 CL--0000790) (subclass CL--0000159 CL--0000151) (subclass CL--0000026 CL--0000548) (mo-definition CL--0000042 ""A myeloblast committed to the neutrophil lineage. A myeloblast is the most primitive precursor in the granulocytic series, having fine, evenly distributed chromatin, several nucleoli, and a nongranular basophilic cytoplasm." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000193 "cardiac muscle cell (sensu Arthopoda)") (subclass CL--0000829 CL--0000835) (mo-definition CL--0000745 ""A neuron that laterally connects other neurons in the inner nuclear layer of the retina." [ISBN:0195088433]") (subclass CL--0000780 CL--0000588) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000105 "pseudounipolar neuron") (subclass CL--0000436 CL--0000151) (subclass CL--0000642 CL--0000163) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000727 "primary pigment cell") (mo-definition CL--0000361 ""A cell of the embryo in the early stage following the blastula, characterized by morphogenetic cell movements, cell differentiation, and the formation of the three germ layers." [MESH:A.16.254.412]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000345 CL--0000008) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000487 "FBbt:00004995") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000148 CL--0000541) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000798 ""gamma-delta T-lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000504 ""An irregular-shaped argyrophilic cell which produces histamine, chromogranin A/pancreastatin, and an as yet unidentified peptide hormone. They are the predominant endocrine cell type of the oxyntic (acid-producing) mucosa of the mammalian stomach. ECL cells respond to gastrin by releasing their secretory products and this source of histamine acts as the positive paracrine stimulator of the release of hydrochloric acid from the parietal cell." [MESH:A.06.224.365]") (subclass CL--0000651 CL--0000319) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000794 ""cytotoxic T-cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000782 ""A dendritic cell of the myeloid lineage." [GOC:add, PMID:10449155, PMID:9521319]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000335 "mesenchyme condensation cell") (subclass CL--0000202 CL--0000855) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000557 ""GMP" [PMID:15867096, ISBN:0721601464, PMID:15684376]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000812 ""mature T-lymphocyte" []") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Consider using term 'pro-T cell ; CL:0000827' or the term 'immature T cell ; CL:0000804' or one of its children instead.") (mo-definition CL--0000279 ""Cell that express ecmA at a very low level. Located at the posterior half of the prestalk zone. Expresses ecmA from the distal region of its promoter (ecmO)." [DictyBase:DDB]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000297 "socket cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000129 ""microglia" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000268 "sieve element") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000809 ""thymocyte" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000806 CL--0000827) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000577 ""ECL cell" []") (subclass CL--0000404 CL--0000211) (mo-definition CL--0000412 ""A cell whose nucleus, or nuclei, each contain more than two haploid genomes." [FB:ma]") (subclass CL--0000421 CL--0000519) (subclass CL--0000351 CL--0000235) (subclass CL--0000849 CL--0000207) (subclass CL--0000600 CL--0000521) (subclass CL--0000842 CL--0000063) (mo-definition CL--0000578 ""A cell that has been changed as a consequence of a deliberate and specific experimental procedure." [FB:ma]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000273 ""pstAB" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000806 ""TN2 thymocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000793 ""CD4-positive, alpha-beta intraepithelial T lymphocyte" []") (mo-narrowSynonym CL--0000827 ""TN1 cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000137 ""A mature osteoblast that has become embedded in the bone matrix. They occupy a small cavity, called lacuna, in the matrix and are connected to adjacent osteocytes via protoplasmic projections called canaliculi." [MESH:A.11.329.629.500]") (subclass CL--0000437 CL--0000639) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000825 ""NKP" [PMID:12457618, PMID:15032583, PMID:15766674]") (subclass CL--0000841 CL--0000782) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000703 "sustentacular cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000281 "DDANAT:0000031") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000384 "ligament cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000348 "choroidal cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000075 "columnar/cuboidal epithelial cell") (mo-definition ""OBSOLETE: Subpopulation of CD4+ cells which induce CD8+ suppressor T cells to suppress antibody production by B cells. They also stimulate other cellular immune responses." []") (subclass CL--0000783 CL--0000228) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000505 "substance P secreting cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000387 CL--0000385) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000253 "eurydendroid cell") (subclass CL--0000269 CL--0000263) (mo-definition CL--0000829 ""A myeloblast committed to the basophil lineage. A myeloblast is the most primitive precursor in the granulocytic series, having fine, evenly distributed chromatin, several nucleoli, and a nongranular basophilic cytoplasm." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000371 "protoplast") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000557 CL--0000049) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000129 "microglial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000654 "primary oocyte") (subclass CL--0000103 CL--0000099) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000785 ""mature B lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000703 CL--0000630) (subclass CL--0000598 CL--0000117) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000606 "FAO:0000038") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000771 ""eosinocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000819 CL--0000236) (subclass CL--0000390 BloodCell) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000607 "ascospore") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000825 CL--0000051) (subclass CL--0000438 CL--0000639) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000815 ""regulatory T-lymphocyte" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000297 CL--0000538) (subclass CL--0000410 CL--0000402) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000546 "T-helper 2 cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000831 ""CFU-Mast " []") (mo-definition CL--0000706 ""Specialized ependymal cell that produces the cerebrospinal fluid from the blood and secretes it into the lumen of the brain and spinal chord." [JB:jb]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000367 "sheath cell (sensu Nematoda)") (mo-definition CL--0000019 ""A mature male germ cell that develops from a spermatid." [MESH:A.05.360.490.890]") (subclass CL--0000409 CL--0000618) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000594 "skeletal muscle satellite cell") (subclass CL--0000396 CL--0000394) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000217 "insulating cell") (mo-definition CL--0000330 ""An elongated living cell with unevenly thickened nonlignified primary walls." [ISBN:0471245208]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000347 "scleral cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000798 ""gamma-delta T-cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000037 "hematopoietic stem cell") (mo-definition CL--0000751 ""A bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with rod photoreceptor cells and neurons in the inner plexiform layer." [PMID:14689473]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000271 "prestalk A cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000805 ""ISP" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000608 "zygospore") (mo-definition CL--0000546 ""A type of T-helper cell whose cytokine production promotes defense against extracellular parasites and humoral immune responses typical of allergy." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000049 ""CMP" [ISBN:0878932437]") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000405 "FBbt:00005148") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000237 CL--0000114) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000037 CL--0000566) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000128 "oligodendrocyte") (subclass CL--0000704 CL--0000071) (subclass CL--0000658 CL--0000066) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000540 "FBbt:00005146") (mo-definition ""OBSOLETE: A cell of the lymphoid series that can react with antigen to produce specific cell products called antibodies. Various cell subpopulations, often B cells, can be defined, based on the different classes of immunoglobulins that they synthesize." []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000829 "basophilic myeloblast") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "T lymphoblast") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000233 ""blood platelet" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000722 "cystoblast") (subclass CL--0000526 CL--0000029) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000374 ""hair cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000536 "secondary motor neuron") (subclass CL--0000233 BloodCell) (subclass CL--0000234 CL--0000219) (mo-definition CL--0000602 ""A receptor in the vascular system, particularly the aorta and carotid sinus, which is sensitive to stretch of the vessel walls." [MESH:A.08.800.050.800.900.700]") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000043 ""polymorphonuclear leucocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000458 CL--0000457) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000185 "myoepithelial cell") (mo-definition CL--0000234 ""Any cell capable of ingesting particulate matter via phagocytosis." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000827 ""pro-T lymphocyte" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000166 CL--0000333) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000617 "GABAergic neuron") (subclass CL--0000512 CL--0000151) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000761 "type 9 cone bipolar cell (sensu Mus)") (mo-definition CL--0000543 ""One of the series of cellular components of a sieve tube. It shows a more or less pronounced differentiation between sieve plates (wide pores) and lateral sieve areas (narrow pores). Also sieve tube element and the obsolete sieve tube segment." [ISBN:0471245208]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000395 "procrystal cell") (mo-definition CL--0000294 ""A type of sieve element that has relatively undifferentiated sieve areas (with narrow pores), rather uniform in structure on all walls; that is, there are no sieve plates. Typical of gymnosperms and lower vascular plants." [ISBN:0471245208]") (subclass CL--0000066 CL--0000063) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000624 ""CD4-positive, alpha-beta T-lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000068 "duct epithelial cell") (mo-definition CL--0000629 ""A cell that is specialized to store a particular substance(s), which is(are) later released from the store for a particular purpose." [FB:ma]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000210 "photoreceptor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000699 "paraganglial type 1 cell") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000807 ""thymocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000234 CL--0000325) (mo-definition CL--0000094 ""A leukocyte with abundant granules in the cytoplasm." [MESH:A.11.118.637.415]") (subclass CL--0000373 CL--0000146) (subclass CL--0000827 CL--0000838) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000016 "male germ line stem cell") (subclass CL--0000264 CL--0000272) (subclass CL--0000655 CL--0000023) (documentation CL--0000798 EnglishLanguage "Note that gamma-delta T cell have both thymic and extrathymic differentiation pathways.") (subclass CL--0000116 CL--0000540) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000823 "immature natural killer cell") (subclass CL--0000682 CL--0000627) (subclass CL--0000370 CL--0000627) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000184 "pericyte") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000590 CL--0000503) (subclass CL--0000384 CL--0000630) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000767 ""polymorphonuclear leucocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000344 "non-visual cell (sensu Vertebrata)") (subclass CL--0000097 CL--0000766) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000063 "cell by histology") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000791 CL--0000790) (subclass CL--0000783 CL--0000518) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000388 "tendon cell") (subclass CL--0000720 CL--0000718) (documentation CL--0000092 EnglishLanguage "Osteoclasts develop directly from monocytes.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000001 "primary cell line cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000336 CL--0000011) (mo-definition CL--0000434 ""A secretory cell that discharges its product without loss of cytoplasm." [ISBN:0198547684]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000559 "promonocyte") (mo-definition CL--0000769 ""A basophil precursor in the granulocytic series, being a cell intermediate in development between a basophilic myelocyte and a band form basophil." [ISBN:0721601464]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000498 "inhibitory interneuron") (subclass CL--0000019 CL--0000408) (subclass CL--0000776 CL--0000775) (subclass CL--0000030 CL--0000055) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000647 ""foreign body giant cell" [ISBN:0702022918, ISBN:0702024783]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000612 "eosinophilic myelocyte") (subclass CL--0000694 CL--0000488) (subclass CL--0000702 CL--0000488) (subclass CL--0000792 CL--0000815) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000235 "macrophage") (subclass CL--0000383 CL--0000048) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000207 ""Schultze's cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000433 ""In monosporic and bisporic megasporogenesis: the megaspore(s) that will undergo megagametogenesis." [TAIR:lr]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000792 ""CD4-positive, CD25-positive, alpha-beta regulatory T lymphocyte" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000540 "FBbt:00005106") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000111 "peripheral neuron") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000295 ""growth hormone secreting cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000301 "pole cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000794 "CD8-positive, alpha-beta cytotoxic T cell") (subclass CL--0000385 CL--0000390) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000784 ""IPC" []") (mo-definition CL--0000148 ""A pigment cell derived from the neural crest. Contains melanin-filled pigment granules, which gives a brown to black appearance." [Sanbi:mhl]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000781 "mononuclear odontoclast") (subclass CL--0000037 CL--0000048) (subclass CL--0000451 CL--0000145) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000085 "germ line stem cell (sensu Vertebrata)") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000549 ""basophilic normoblast" [ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-definition CL--0000759 ""An ON-bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with cone photoreceptors cells and neurons in the inner half of the inner plexiform layer. The axon terminal is narrowly stratified and are found just below a calretinin-expressing band in sublamina 4 of the inner plexiform layer." [PMID:14689473]") (subclass CL--0000394 CL--0000387) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000038 ""CFU-E" []") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000803 ""intraepithelial lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000398 "polygonal cell") (subclass CL--0000033 CL--0000151) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000818 "transitional stage B cell") (subclass CL--0000577 CL--0000164) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000096 ""polynuclear neutrophilic leukocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000716 CL--0000392) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000561 "amacrine cell") (mo-definition CL--0000232 ""A red blood cell. In mammals, mature erythrocytes are non-nucleated, biconcave disks containing hemoglobin whose function is to transport oxygen." [MESH:A.11.118.290]") (subclass CL--0000779 CL--0000092) (mo-definition CL--0000127 ""A class of large neuroglial (macroglial) cells in the central nervous system - the largest and most numerous neuroglial cells in the brain and spinal cord. Astrocytes (from 'star' cells) are irregularly shaped with many long processes, including those with 'end feet' which form the glial (limiting) membrane and directly and indirectly contribute to the blood-brain barrier. They regulate the extracellular ionic and chemical environment, and 'reactive astrocytes' (along with microglia) respond to injury." [MESH:A.08.637.200]") (mo-definition CL--0000100 ""A neuron which activate muscle cells." [MESH:A.08.663.655.500]") (subclass CL--0000423 CL--0000422) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000363 "axial cell") (mo-definition CL--0000393 ""A cell whose function is determined by its response to an electric signal." [FB:ma]") (subclass CL--0000031 CL--0000055) (subclass CL--0000834 CL--0000839) (mo-definition CL--0000615 ""A spore containing one or two haploid nuclei produced, after meiosis, on a basidium." [ISBN:08199377X]") (mo-definition CL--0000741 ""A motor neuron that is located in the cervical region of the spinal cord and selectively innervates the sternocleidmastoid or trapezius muscle. Unlike other motor neurons, they extend axons dorsally along lateral margins of the spinal cord." [PMID:16267219]") (subclass CL--0000004 CL--0000003) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000296 "vegetative cell") (subclass CL--0000672 CL--0000610) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000062 CL--0000008) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000349 "extraembryonic cell") (subclass CL--0000447 CL--0000151) (mo-definition CL--0000266 ""A cell constituting an active locus of meristematic activity in a tissue composed of somewhat older, differentiating cells." [ISBN:0471245208]") (mo-definition CL--0000048 ""A stem cell that can give rise to mulitple lineages of cells." [GOC:add]") (subclass CL--0000490 CL--0000488) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000762 "thrombocyte") (subclass CL--0000377 CL--0000069) (subclass CL--0000248 CL--0000039) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000100 "motor neuron") (subclass CL--0000242 CL--0000123) (subclass CL--0000456 CL--0000174) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000844 "germinal center B cell") (subclass CL--0000187 CL--0000393) (subclass CL--0000544 CL--0000199) (subclass CL--0000268 CL--0000627) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000669 "adventitial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000600 "heterokaryon") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000391 "podocyte (sensu Diptera)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000501 "granulosa cell") (subclass CL--0000243 CL--0000125) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000477 CL--0000441) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000383 "nephrogenic mesenchyme stem cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000300 "gamete") (subclass CL--0000472 CL--0000628) (mo-definition CL--0000846 ""An epithelial cell of the vestibular sensory organ that is characterized by intense enzymatic activities and numerous basal membrane infoldings." [PMID:11223304]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000584 "enterocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000670 "primordial germ cell") (subclass CL--0000352 CL--0000052) (subclass CL--0000556 CL--0000763) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000547 CL--0000038) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000120 "granule cell") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000782 ""interdigitating cell" []") (subclass CL--0000322 CL--0000157) (mo-definition CL--0000771 ""Any of the immature or mature forms of a granular leukocyte with a nucleus that usually has two lobes connected by one or more slender threads of chromatin, and cytoplasm containing coarse, round granules that are uniform in size and which can be stained by the dye eosin." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000710 CL--0000133) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000788 ""nave B-lymphocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000319 ""mucous cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000015 "male germ cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000310 "iron accumulating cell") (subclass CL--0000260 CL--0000151) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000659 "eggshell secreting cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000825 ""null cell" [PMID:11532393]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000313 "serous secreting cell") (mo-definition CL--0000811 ""An immature T cell in the thymus expressing the alpha-beta T cell receptor complex as well as the CD8 coreceptors." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000839 "myeloid progenitor cell") (subclass CL--0000112 CL--0000540) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000347 CL--0000008) (mo-definition CL--0000316 ""A meristemic ray cell in the vascular cambium that gives rise to ray cells of the secondary xylem and secondary phloem." [ISBN:0471245208]") (subclass CL--0000568 CL--0000165) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000596 "FAO:0000017") (mo-definition CL--0000586 ""The reproductive cell in multicellular organisms." [MESH:A.05.360.490]") (subclass CL--0000822 CL--0000236) (subclass CL--0000735 CL--0000387) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000547 "proerythroblast") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000117 CL--0000337) (mo-definition CL--0000282 ""An outgrowth from the epidermis. Trichomes vary in size and complexity and include hairs, scales, and other structures and may be glandular. In Arabidopsis, patterning of trichome development is not random but does not appear to be lineage-based like stomata." [ISBN:0471245208, PMID:10938806]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000784 ""plasmacytoid T cell" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000282 CL--0000538) (subclass CL--0000619 CL--0000124) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000128 CL--0000339) (subclass CL--0000329 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000013 "dentine secreting cell") (mo-definition CL--0000315 ""A cell secreting tears, the fluid secreted by the lacrimal glands. This fluid moistens the conjunctiva and cornea." [MESH:A.12.200.882]") (subclass CL--0000186 CL--0000548) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000059 CL--0000333) (subclass CL--0000534 CL--0000530) (subclass CL--0000774 CL--0000772) (mo-definition CL--0000843 ""A resting mature B cell with distinct phenotypic characteristics (CD23-positive, CD21-positive) found typically in the B cell follicle region of the spleen." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000788 "naive B cell") (documentation EnglishLanguage "A namespace defined for use in the ontology.") (mo-definition CL--0000049 ""A progenitor cell committed to myeloid lineage, including the megakaryocyte and erythroid lineages." [GOC:add, ISBN:0878932437, PMID:10724173]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000374 "trichogen cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000160 "goblet cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000033 "apocrine cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000741 ""SACMN" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000213 "lining cell") (subclass CL--0000196 CL--0000187) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000248 ""primary sporogenous cell" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000674 "FBbt:00004910") (mo-definition CL--0000740 ""The set of neurons that receives neural inputs via bipolar, horizontal and amacrine cells. The axons of these cells make up the optic nerve." [CL:dph]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000293 "structural cell") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Not a differentiation state per se, and IgA isotypes vary by species. Consider using 'B cell ; CL:0000236' or one of its children instead.") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000811 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta immature T lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000647 CL--0000783) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000801 ""gamma-delta intraepithelial T-lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000126 "macroglial cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000188 CL--0000515) (mo-definition CL--0000850 ""A neuron that releases serotonin as a neurotransmitter." [SANBI:mhl]") (subclass CL--0000778 CL--0000092) (subclass CL--0000107 CL--0000540) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000032 CL--0000114) (subclass CL--0000145 CL--0000738) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000116 "FBbt:00005128") (subclass CL--0000784 CL--0000451) (mo-definition CL--0000492 ""A subpopulation of CD4-positive cells that cooperate with other lymphocytes (either T or B) via direct contact or cytokine release to initiate a variety of immune functions." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149, MESH:A.11.118.637.555.567.569.200.400]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000320 ""archesporial cell" []") (subclass CL--0000208 CL--0000206) (subclass CL--0000452 CL--0000163) (mo-definition CL--0000795 ""A CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell which regulates overall immune responses as well as the responses of other T cell subsets through direct cell-cell contact and cytokine release." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000556 ""megalokaryocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000691 "stellate interneuron") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000215 "barrier cell") (subclass CL--0000244 CL--0000066) (subclass CL--0000502 CL--0000172) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000170 "glucagon secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000477 CL--0000075) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000060 CL--0000008) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000275 "DDANAT:0000024") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000237 "keratinizing barrier epithelial cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000759 ""IMB cone bipolar cell" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000477 "FBbt:00004903") (documentation EnglishLanguage "This term was defined too narrowly; consider using the term 'regulatory T cell ; CL:0000815' instead.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000758 "type 6 cone bipolar cell (sensu Mus)") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000817 ""pre-B lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000321 "seminal fluid secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000298 "xylem element") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000754 ""FMB cone bipolar cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000516 ""A non-neuronal cell that surrounds the neuronal cell bodies of the ganglia." [MESH:A.08.340.685]") (subclass CL--0000061 CL--0000055) (subclass CL--0000300 CL--0000039) (mo-definition CL--0000820 ""A B-1 B cell bearing the CD5 surface marker." [GOC:add, PMID:11861604]") (subclass CL--0000420 CL--0000548) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000556 CL--0000553) (subclass CL--0000382 CL--0000378) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000236 "B cell") (subclass CL--0000317 CL--0000151) (subclass CL--0000498 CL--0000099) (subclass CL--0000723 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000527 "efferent neuron") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000030 "glioblast") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000307 "FBbt:00005038") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000669 ""reticular cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000803 ""CD4-positive, gamma-delta intraepithelial T-cell" []") (subclass CL--0000140 CL--0000013) (subclass CL--0000601 CL--0000202) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000605 "asexual spore") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000112 "columnar neuron") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000803 ""CD4-positive, gamma-delta intraepithelial T lymphocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000476 ""beta-basophil" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000193 CL--0000465) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000202 "auditory hair cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000813 ""memory T-cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000776 ""immature neutrophil leukocyte" []") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000096 ""poly" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000366 "TAIR:0000084") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000216 "Sertoli cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000438 ""gonadotroph" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000810 ""CD4-positive, alpha-beta immature T-lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000451 "dendritic cell") (subclass CL--0000662 CL--0000468) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000784 "plasmacytoid dendritic cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000816 ""immature B-cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000803 ""A CD4-positive, gamma-delta T cell of the columnar epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract. Intraepithelial T cells often have distinct developmental pathways and activation requirements." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-definition CL--0000849 ""An olfactory receptor cell with short cilia growing in an invagination bordered by microvilli." [PMID:16841163]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000165 "neuroendocrine cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000073 "barrier epithelial cell") (subclass CL--0000374 CL--0000098) (subclass CL--0000615 CL--0000596) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000775 ""polymorphonuclear leukocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000603 CL--0000600) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000513 "cardiac muscle myoblast") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000359 "vascular associated smooth muscle cell") (mo-definition CL--0000332 ""A cell formed after asymmetric division of root epidermal cell that does not give rise to a root hair." [ISBN:0387987819]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000651 ""mucous neck cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000388 ""muscle attachment cell" []") (subclass CL--0000203 CL--0000006) (subclass CL--0000393 CL--0000211) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000780 "multinuclear odontoclast") (mo-definition CL--0000275 ""Cell expressing ecmB but not ecmA. Most pstB cells are located at the very rear of the slug (rearguard region). These cells form part of the basal disc of the fruiting body. If a migratory slug is formed, these cells are left behind." [DictyBase:DDB]") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000038 ""BFU-E" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000800 ""mature gamma-delta T-cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000712 "stratum granulosum cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000437 ""gonadotroph" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000469 "FBbt:00005149") (subclass CL--0000856 CL--0000855) (mo-narrowSynonym CL--0000560 ""band" []") (subclass CL--0000301 CL--0000670) (mo-definition CL--0000252 ""A haploid (1n) spore developing into a male gametophyte in heterosporous plants; the uninucleate pollen grain in seed plants." [ISBN:0471245208]") (mo-definition CL--0000760 ""An ON-bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with cone photoreceptors cells and neurons in the inner half of the inner plexiform layer. This cell has the widest dendritic field and the widest axon terminal of all retinal bipolar cells. The axon terminal is delicate and stratified through sublaminae 4 and 5 of the inner plexiform layer." [PMID:14689473]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000631 "labyrinth supporting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000069 "branched duct epithelial cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000446 ""chief cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000652 "pinealocyte") (subclass CL--0000528 CL--0000107) (subclass CL--0000219 CL--0000144) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000029 "neuron neural crest derived") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000529 "pigmented epithelial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000728 "secondary pigment cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000848 ""microvillous sensory neuron" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000508 "G cell") (subclass CL--0000091 CL--0000235) (subclass CL--0000524 ProkaryoticCell) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000602 "pressoreceptor cell") (subclass CL--0000469 CL--0000468) (subclass CL--0000677 CL--0000212) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000049 ""CFU-S" [ISBN:0878932437]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000775 ""neutrophil leukocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000284 CL--0000630) (subclass CL--0000729 CL--0001658) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000228 ""syncytial cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000425 "pore cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000774 CL--0000773) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000592 CL--0000501) (subclass CL--0000823 CL--0000623) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000824 "mature natural killer cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000790 ""immature alpha-beta T-cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000639 "basophil cell of anterior lobe of hypophysis") (subclass CL--0000633 CL--0000630) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000390 "blood cell (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (subclass CL--0000264 CL--0000055) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000236 ""B-cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000807 ""DN3 alpha-beta immature T-cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000429 "imaginal disc cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000814 ""natural killer T-lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000446 "parathyroid hormone secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000538 CL--0000055) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000830 CL--0000829) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000802 ""intraepithelial lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000034 ""A relatively undifferentiated cell that retains the ability to divide and proliferate throughout life to provide progenitor cells that can differentiate into specialized cells." [MESH:A.11.872]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000848 ""microvillous olfactory sensory neuron" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000625 "CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell") (subclass CL--0000398 CL--0000387) (mo-definition CL--0000501 ""A supporting cell for the developing female gamete in the ovary of mammals. They develop from the coelomic epithelial cells of the gonadal ridge. Granulosa cells form a single layer around the mammalian oocyte in the primordial ovarian follicle and advance to form a multilayered cumulus oophorus surrounding the ovum in the Graafian follicle. The major functions of granulosa cells include the production of steroids and LH receptors." [MESH:A.05.360.319.114.630.535.200]") (subclass CL--0000519 CL--0000548) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000784 CL--0000037) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000190 "fast muscle cell") (subclass CL--0000494 CL--0000210) (subclass CL--0000103 CL--0000063) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000205 "thermoreceptor cell") (mo-definition CL--0000854 ""Interneuromast cell is a neuroectodermal cell deposited by the migrating lateral line primordium between the neuromasts. Interneuromast cells proliferate and migrate to form additional neuromasts." [SANBI:mhl]") (subclass CL--0000001 CL--0000010) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "Purkinje fiber") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000366 "sperm cell (sensu Viridiplantae)") (subclass CL--0000480 CL--0000167) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000575 "corneal epithelial cell") (subclass CL--0000179 CL--0000174) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000143 "guidepost cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000201 "auditory receptor cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000352 ""embryonic stem cell" []") (subclass CL--0000844 CL--0000785) (subclass CL--0000800 CL--0000798) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000736 "embryonic gland hemocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000077 "mesothelial cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000807 ""DN3 thymocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000010 CL--0000578) (subclass CL--0000182 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000788 CL--0000785) (mo-definition CL--0000807 ""An immature T cell in the thymus expressing the T cell receptor beta-chain in complex with the pre-T cell receptor alpha chain." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (subclass CL--0000760 CL--0000752) (subclass CL--0000278 CL--0000021) (subclass CL--0000602 CL--1000082) (subclass CL--0000678 CL--0000372) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000252 "microspore") (subclass CL--0000531 CL--0000101) (subclass CL--0000756 CL--0000752) (subclass CL--0000586 CL--0000039) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000553 ""megacaryocyte progenitor cell" []") (subclass CL--0000722 CL--0000548) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000492 ""helper T cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000241 "stratified cuboidal epithelial cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000134 CL--0000222) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000071 CL--0000222) (subclass CL--0000745 CL--0000099) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000324 CL--0000222) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000451 ""interdigitating cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000745 "horizontal cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000499 CL--0000134) (subclass CL--0000003 Cell) (mo-definition CL--0000743 ""A terminally differentiated chondrocyte that differentiates in the late embryonic growth plate of bone." [PMID:15951842]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000798 CL--0000806) (subclass CL--0000584 CL--0000239) (subclass CL--0000324 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000226 "single nucleate cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000451 ""veiled cell" []") (subclass CL--0000087 CL--0000016) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000692 "terminal Schwann cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000324 "metanephric mesenchyme stem cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000809 ""double-positive, alpha-beta immature T lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000465 "cardioblast (sensu Arthropoda)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage Smo-Subset "Subset") (mo-definition CL--0000370 ""Parenchyma cell with the wall ingrowth (or invaginations) that increase the surface of the plasmalemma. Appears to be specialized for short-distance transfer of solutes." [ISBN:0471245208]") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000038 ""blast forming unit erythroid" []") (subclass CL--0000362 CL--0000076) (subclass CL--0000580 CL--0000776) (subclass CL--0000756 CL--0000750) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000540 CL--0000031) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000440 ""melanotroph" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000066 "FBbt:00000124") (subclass CL--0000576 CL--0000145) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000840 "immature myeloid dendritic cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000323 "lysozyme secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000483 CL--0000167) (mo-definition CL--0000788 ""A mature B cell which has not yet been activated by antigen." [GOC:add]") (documentation CL--0000794 EnglishLanguage "Note that while T cels of this subset are loosely referred to 'cytotoxic T cells,' as many other T cell types, including CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cells and gamma-delta T cells exhibit cytotoxicity in vitro and in vivo.") (subclass CL--0000353 CL--0000548) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000823 CL--0000825) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000793 ""IEL" []") (mo-savedDateTime "31:01:2007 21:52") (owl-AnnotationProperty "null") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000653 "podocyte") (subclass CL--0000543 CL--0000268) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000625 CL--0000811) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000034 "stem cell") (subclass CL--0000617 CL--0000107) (subclass CL--0000489 CL--0000210) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000275 ""pstB" []") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000041 ""polymorphonuclear leucocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000202 ""A mechanoreceptor cell located in the organ of Corti that is sensitive to auditory stimuli and in the vestibular apparatus that is sensitive to movement of the head. In each case the accessory sensory structures are arranged so that appropriate stimuli cause movement of the hair-like projections (stereocilia and kinocilia) which relay the information centrally in the nervous system." [MESH:A.08.663.650.250]") (subclass CL--0000527 CL--0000540) (mo-definition CL--0000267 ""Cell that is undergoing differentiation to become a spore." [DictyBase:DDB]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000292 "guard cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000814 ""natural killer T lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000277 CL--0000269) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000836 "promyelocyte") (subclass CL--0000848 CL--0000207) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000792 ""suppressor T lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000226 ""A cell with a single nucleus." [FB:ma]") (mo-definition CL--0000212 ""A cell that takes up stuff and metabolises it." [JB:jb]") (instance Smo-inSubset BinaryRelation) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000354 "blastemal cell") (subclass CL--0000727 CL--0001658) (mo-definition CL--0000368 ""Cell containing glucosinolates ('mustard oil glucosides') and myrosinases, enzymes hydrolyzing the glucosinolates. Occurs in eleven dicotyledon families, the two largest of which are the Brassicaceae and Euphorbiaceae." [ISBN:0471245208]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000049 "common myeloid progenitor") (subclass CL--0000424 CL--0000548) (mo-definition CL--0000160 ""A cell of the epithelial lining that produce and secrete mucins." [MESH:A.03.492.411.369.320]") (subclass CL--0000812 CL--0000084) (subclass CL--0000328 CL--0000325) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000190 CL--0000858) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000214 "synovial cell") (subclass CL--0000488 CL--0000210) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000155 "pepsinogen secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000697 "R4 photoreceptor cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000814 ""natural killer T cell" []") (subclass CL--0000425 CL--0000658) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000439 ""lactotroph" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000512 "paracrine cell") (subclass CL--0000266 CL--0000610) (subclass CL--0000089 CL--0000016) (mo-definition CL--0000701 ""Supports paraganglial type 1 cell." [JB:jb]") (subclass CL--0000715 CL--0000736) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Represents the symmetric property. (Typedefs only)") (mo-definition CL--0000526 ""A neuron which conveys sensory information centrally from the periphery." [MESH:A.08.663.650]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000332 "atrichoblast") (mo-definition CL--0000851 ""Neuromast mantle cell is a non-sensory cell. Neuromast mantle cells surround the neuromast support cells and neuromast hair cells, separating the neuromast from the epidermis, and secrete cupula in which the ciliary bundles of all the hair cells are embedded." [ISBN:0125296509]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000010 "cell line cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000368 "myrosin cell") (subclass CL--0000786 CL--0000154) (subclass CL--0000332 CL--0000538) (mo-definition CL--0000365 ""Diploid cell produced by the fusion of sperm cell nucleus and egg cell." [ISBN:0471245208]") (mo-alternateID CL--0000467 "CL:0000640") (subclass CL--0000826 CL--0000838) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000815 "regulatory T cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000573 "retinal cone cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000257 "Mycetozoan cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000717 "fusimotor neuron") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000681 "radial glial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000027 "smooth muscle cell neural crest derived") (subclass CL--0000012 CL--0000003) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000810 "CD4-positive, alpha-beta immature T cell") (subclass CL--0000098 CL--0000075) (mo-definition CL--0000812 ""A mature form of a T cell, a type of lymphocyte whose defining characteristic is the expression of a T cell receptor complex." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-definition CL--0000750 ""A bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with photoreceptors cells and neurons in the outer half of the inner plexiform layer. These cells hyperpolarize in response to light stimulation of their corresponding photoreceptors." [PMID:14689473]") (subclass CL--0000192 CL--0000187) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000778 "mononuclear osteoclast") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000563 "endospore") (subclass CL--0000015 CL--0000586) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000049 ""colony forming unit granulocyte, erythrocyte, macrophage, and megakaryocyte" [ISBN:0878932437]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000212 "absorptive cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000560 ""rod neutrophil" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000396 "FBbt:00001687") (mo-definition CL--0000559 ""A precursor in the monocytic series, being a cell intermediate in development between the monoblast and monocyte." [ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000108 CL--0000107) (mo-definition CL--0000515 ""A myoblast that differentiates into skeletal muscle fibers." [SANBI:mhl]") (mo-definition CL--0000216 ""A supporting cell projecting inward from the basement membrane of seminiferous tubules. They surround and nourish the developing male germ cells and secrete androgen binding protein. Their tight junctions with the spermatogonia and spermatocytes provide a blood-testis barrier." [MESH:A.05.360.444.849.789]") (subclass CL--0000439 CL--0000167) (mo-definition CL--0000588 ""A specialized phagocytic cell associated with the absorption and removal of cementum." [GOC:add, MESH:A.11.329.679]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000853 ""olfactory sustentacular cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000796 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta intraepithelial T-cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000647 ""A phagocytic cell formed by the fusion of macrophages." [GOC:add, ISBN:0702022918, ISBN:0702024783]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000385 "prohemocyte (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (subclass CL--0000670 CL--0000219) (mo-definition CL--0000038 ""A progenitor cell committed to the erythroid lineage." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000452 "thyroid hormone secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000567 CL--0000198) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000038 ""burst forming unit erythroid" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000448 "white fat cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000074 "epithem cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000116 "pioneer neuron") (mo-definition CL--0000292 ""One of a pair of cells flanking the stomatal pore and causing the opening and closing of the pore by changes in turgor." [ISBN:0471245208]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000566 ""angioblast" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000306 ""cone cell" []") (subclass CL--0000561 CL--0000099) (subclass CL--0000487 CL--0000463) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000665 "permanently open valve cell") (subclass CL--0000643 CL--0000127) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000616 "sporangiospore") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000494 "UV sensitive photoreceptor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000378 "support cell (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (subclass CL--0000855 CL--0000199) (subclass CL--0000413 CL--0000414) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000252 ""pollen" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000820 ""B-1a B lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000176 "ecdysteroid secreting cell") (mo-definition CL--0000297 ""A cell that surrounds a trichome and provides support for the trichome." [PMID:10938806]") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000394 "FBbt:00001685") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000357 "stratified epithelial stem cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000805 ""immature single positive T-lymphocyte" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000809 CL--0000805) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000543 ""sieve tube element" []") (subclass CL--0000009 CL--0000272) (mo-definition CL--0000786 ""A terminally differentiated, post-mitotic, short-lived cell of the B cell lineage devoted to producing large amounts of immunoglobulin. Plasma cells are oval or round with extensive rough endoplasmic reticulum, a well-developed Golgi apparatus, and a round nucleus having a characteristic cartwheel heterochromatin pattern." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464, ISBN:0781735149]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000482 "juvenile hormone secreting cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000813 CL--0000812) (subclass CL--0000238 CL--0000240) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000850 "serotonergic neuron") (subclass CL--0000547 CL--0000764) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000406 "CNS short range interneuron") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000574 "erythrophore") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000042 "neutrophilic myeloblast") (subclass CL--0000435 CL--0000151) (mo-savedBy "minna") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000749 "ON-bipolar cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000812 "mature T cell") (subclass CL--0000295 CL--0000638) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000401 "macrophage (sensu Diptera)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000318 "sweat secreting cell") (mo-definition CL--0000806 ""An immature T cell in the thymus at the earliest stage of T cell receptor rearrangement of the beta, gamma, and delta T cell receptor chains." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (subclass CL--0000233 CL--0000763) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000556 ""megacaryocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000396 "lamellocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000421 "coelomocyte") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000476 ""thyrotrope" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000553 ""megacaryoblast" []") (subclass CL--0000111 CL--0000540) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000366 CL--0000280) (subclass CL--0000356 CL--0000548) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000666 ""window cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000732 "amoeboid cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000101 "sensory neuron") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000107 "autonomic neuron") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000032 "neuroplacodal cell") (subclass CL--0000597 CL--0000599) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000329 "oxygen accumulating cell") (subclass CL--0000275 CL--0000269) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000662 "FBbt:00005147") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000270 "subsidiary cell") (subclass CL--0000250 CL--0000021) (subclass CL--0000221 CL--0000220) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000613 ""basophilic stem cell" []") (subclass BloodCell CL--0000080) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000270 "TAIR:0000296") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000249 "hatching gland cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000392 "crystal cell") (mo-definition CL--0000787 ""A distinctly differentiated long-lived B cell that is readily activated upon reencounter of its antigenic determinant. Memory B cells differentiate from antigen-activated B cells which have been selected for expression of higher affinity immunoglobulin." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000250 CL--0000320) (subclass CL--0000765 CL--0000764) (subclass CL--0000516 CL--0000123) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "idioblast") (subclass CL--0000183 CL--0000144) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000301 "FBbt:00000092") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000213 ""boundary cell" []") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000467 ""corticotrophin hormone secreting cell" []") (documentation CL--0000837 EnglishLanguage "Note that this is a class of cell types, not an identified single cell type.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000315 "tears secreting cell") (mo-definition CL--0000050 ""A progenitor cell committed to the megakaryocyte and erythroid lineages." [GOC:add]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000518 "phagocyte (sensu Vertebrata)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000841 "mature myeloid dendritic cell") (subclass CL--0000031 CL--0000047) (mo-definition CL--0000312 ""An epidermal cell which synthesizes keratin and undergoes a characteristic change as it move upward from the basal layers of the epidermis to the cornified (horny) layer of the skin. Successive stages of differentiation of the keratinocytes forming the epidermal layers are basal cell, spinous or prickle cell, and the granular cell." [MESH:A.11.436.397]") (subclass CL--0000781 CL--0000588) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000399 "phloem element") (mo-exactSynonym Egg ""ovum" []") (subclass CL--0000676 Cell) (mo-definition CL--0000144 ""A classification of cells by their primary end goal or behavior." [FB:ma]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000308 "metal ion accumulating cell") (mo-definition CL--0000166 ""A cell that stores epinephrine secretory vesicles. During times of stress, the nervous system signals the vesicles to secrete their hormonal content. Their name derives from their ability to stain a brownish color with chromic salts. Characteristically, they are located in the adrenal medulla and paraganglia of the sympathetic nervous system." [MESH:A.06.224.161]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000695 "Cajal-Retzius cell") (subclass CL--0000253 CL--0000527) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000808 ""DN4 alpha-beta immature T lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000852 ""Neuromast support cell is a non-sensory cell of the neuromast that extend between the sensory hair cells from the basement membrane to the apical surface; neuromast support cells are surrounded by neuromast mantle cells." [ISBN:0125296509]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000821 "B-1b B cell") (subclass CL--0000128 CL--0000126) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000791 ""mature alpha-beta T-lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000202 CL--0000201) (subclass CL--0000463 CL--0000075) (subclass CL--0000515 CL--0000056) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000097 CL--0000831) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000346 "hair papilla cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000026 ""nurse cell" []") (subclass CL--0000165 CL--0000393) (subclass CL--0000772 CL--0000771) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000242 "Merkel cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000802 "CD8-positive, gamma-delta intraepithelial T cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000804 ""immature T-cell" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000123 CL--0000333) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000804 "immature T cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000050 "megakaryocyte erythroid progenitor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000420 "syncytial epithelial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000358 "sphincter associated smooth muscle cell") (documentation CL--0000145 EnglishLanguage "Note change of name; nearly all somatic cells can present antigens to T cells via MHC Class I complexes leading to effector responses, but professional antigen presenting cells constituitively express MHC Class II as well as constimulatory molecules, and thus can initiate immune responses via T cells.") (subclass CL--0000481 CL--0000167) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000808 ""DN4 cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000613 "basophil progenitor cell") (subclass CL--0000153 CL--0000327) (mo-definition CL--0000225 ""A cell that lacks a nucleus." [FB:ma]") (subclass CL--0000694 CL--0000287) (subclass CL--0000318 CL--0000151) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000792 ""suppressor T cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000221 ""A cell of the outer of the three germ layers of the embryo." [MESH:A.16.254.425.273]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000103 "bipolar neuron") (documentation EnglishLanguage "The user who last edited the ontology.") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000049 ""pluripotent stem cell (bone marrow)" [ISBN:0878932437]") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Not a differentiation state per se; consider using 'B cell ; CL:0000236' or one of its children instead.") (subclass CL--0000143 CL--0000130) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000550 ""intermediate erythroblast" [ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000806 CL--0000804) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000582 "neutrophilic metamyelocyte") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000692 CL--0000125) (mo-definition CL--0000856 ""Neuromast hair cell is a hair cell that acts as a sensory receptor of the neuromast; it is morphologically polarized as a result of the relative position of the single kinocilium and the clusters of stereocilia on its apical surface." [SANBI:mhl]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000264 "phloem initial") (subclass CL--0000321 CL--0000151) (mo-definition CL--0000683 ""A cell that transports hormones from neurosecretory cells." [JB:jb]") (subclass CL--0000084 CL--0000542) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000218 "Schwann cell") (subclass CL--0000793 CL--0000797) (subclass CL--0000641 CL--0000163) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000660 "glycocalyx secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000379 "sensory processing neuron") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000807 ""DN3 alpha-beta immature T lymphocyte" []") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000051 ""lymphoid stem cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000287 "eye photoreceptor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--1000191 "Pillar cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000336 "adrenal medulla cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000058 CL--0000134) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000529 CL--0000710) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000789 ""alpha-beta T-cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000404 ""A cell that initiates an electrical signal and passes that signal to another cell." [FB:ma]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000375 CL--0000335) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000021 "female germ cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000615 "FAO:0000021") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Refers to an activated mature T lymphocyte phenotype rather than a distinct cell type; consider using 'T cell ; CL:0000084' or one of its children instead.") (subclass CL--0000074 CL--0000151) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000651 "neck cell") (subclass CL--0000470 CL--0000154) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000538 "epidermal initial") (mo-definition CL--0000009 ""An elongated cell with approximately wedge-shaped ends, found in the vascular cambium, which gives rise to the elements of the axial system in the secondary vascular tissues." [ISBN:0471245208]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000193 ""cardiocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000006 CL--0000540) (mo-definition CL--0000440 ""A cell of the intermediate pituitary that produces melanocyte stimulating hormone." [Sanbi:mhl]") (subclass CL--0000614 CL--0000768) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000262 "guard mother cell") (subclass CL--0000425 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000437 "follicle stimulating hormone secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000564 CL--0000836) (subclass CL--0000737 CL--0000187) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000066 "epithelial cell") (mo-narrowSynonym CL--0000827 ""DN1 cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000436 "vaginal lubricant secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000341 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000657 CL--0000017) (subclass CL--0000175 CL--0000174) (subclass CL--0000616 CL--0000605) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000125 ""neuroglia" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000309 "copper accumulating cell") (subclass CL--0000102 CL--0000540) (subclass CL--0000113 CL--0000842) (subclass CL--0000206 CL--0000006) (mo-definition CL--0000222 ""A cell of the middle germ layer of the embryo." [MESH:A.16.254.425.660]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000769 CL--0000614) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000689 "myoendocrine cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000141 "cementocyte") (subclass CL--0000248 CL--0000610) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000516 ""perineural satellite cell" []") (subclass CL--0000790 CL--0000789) (subclass CL--0000731 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000078 CL--0000076) (subclass CL--0000771 CL--0000094) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Consider using 'B cell ; CL:0000236' or one of its children instead.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000326 "glycogen accumulating cell") (subclass CL--0000144 CL--0000012) (subclass CL--0000687 CL--0000488) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000225 "anucleate cell") (mo-definition CL--0000262 ""An epidermal cell that divides to produce the guard cells." [ISBN:0471245208]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000182 CL--0000134) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000751 "rod bipolar cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000180 "estradiol secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000058 CL--0000055) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000570 "parafollicular cell") (subclass CL--0000074 CL--0000610) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000763 CL--0000049) (mo-definition CL--0000545 ""A type of T-helper cell whose cytokine production favors cellular immune responses and delayed type hypersensitivity." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (subclass CL--0000254 CL--0000610) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000817 CL--0000826) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000723 "somatic stem cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000263 "vegetative cell (sensu Mycetozoa)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000490 "photopic photoreceptor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000708 "leptomemingeal cell") (subclass CL--0000606 CL--0000599) (subclass CL--0000839 CL--0000837) (subclass CL--0000237 CL--0000311) (subclass CL--0000688 CL--0000057) (documentation CL--0000767 EnglishLanguage "This term covers both immature and mature forms of basophils.") (subclass CL--0000022 CL--0000021) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000319 "mucus secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000212 CL--0000548) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000787 ""memory B-lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--1000191 ""A cell that lines the tunnel of Corti in the mammalian cochlea. The tunnel of Corti lies between the single row of inner hair cells and the first row of outer hair cells." [PMID:12417662]") (subclass CL--0000518 CL--0000766) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000795 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta regulatory T-lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--1000085 CL--0000357) (mo-xrefAnalogous Egg "FBbt:00000034") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000715 "embryonic crystal cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000776 ""immature neutrocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000811 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta immature T-lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000104 CL--0000540) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000187 CL--0000056) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000247 "Rohon-Beard neuron") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000679 "glutamatergic neuron") (mo-definition CL--0000825 ""A progenitor committed to the natural killer cell lineage, expressing certain phenotypic markers of the natural killer cell lineage such as the IL-15 receptor, but lacking many of the phenotypic characteristics of later stages of natural killer cell development such as expression of NK activating and inhibitory molecules." [PMID:11532393, PMID:12457618, PMID:15032583, PMID:15766674]") (mo-definition CL--0000755 ""An OFF-bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with cone photoreceptors cells and neurons in the outer half of the inner plexiform layer. The dendritic tree is delicate and the dendritic tips appear small when compared with type 1 cells. The axon terminal is stratified and restricted to sublamina 2 of the inner plexiform layer." [PMID:14689473]") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000806 ""thymocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000420 CL--0000066) (subclass CL--0000005 CL--0000057) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000623 ""NK cell" []") (subclass CL--0000353 CL--0000007) (subclass CL--0000503 CL--0000499) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000517 "foam cell") (mo-definition CL--0000265 ""Cell that has properties of anterior cells (for e.g., accumulate vital dyes in autophagic vesicles) but that is are scattered throughout the rear of the slug. Some but not all these cells express the ecmA gene and/or the ecmB gene. ALCs maintain an amoeboid appearance during culmination. ALCs that express the ecmO promoter have been called pstO/ALC." [DictyBase:DDB]") (subclass CL--0000088 CL--0000086) (mo-definition CL--0000215 ""A cell whose primary function is to prevent the transport of stuff across compartments." [JB:jb]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000039 "germ line cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000540 "neuron") (mo-definition CL--0000041 ""A fully differentiated eosinophil, a granular leukocyte with a nucleus that usually has two lobes connected by one or more slender threads of chromatin, and cytoplasm containing coarse, round granules that are uniform in size and which can be stained by the dye eosin." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000825 ""preNK cell" [PMID:11532393]") (subclass CL--0000368 CL--0000610) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000680 CL--0000222) (subclass CL--0000578 Cell) (subclass CL--0000467 CL--0000639) (subclass CL--0000707 CL--0000494) (mo-definition CL--0000749 ""A bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with photoreceptors cells and neurons in the inner half of the inner plexiform layer. These cells depolarize in response to light stimulation of their corresponding photoreceptors." [PMID:14689473]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000797 ""alpha-beta intraepithelial T lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000650 "mesangial cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000816 ""immature B lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000401 CL--0000394) (subclass CL--0000665 CL--0000663) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000738 "leukocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000834 "neutrophil progenitor cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000840 CL--0000576) (documentation Smo-Subset EnglishLanguage "Subset of OBO terms from the ontology.") (mo-definition CL--0000285 ""Vacuolated cell located at the center of the stalk tube that has a cell wall composed of cellulose and that die upon terminal differentiation. Stalk cells provide structural support for the fruiting body." [DictyBase:DDB]") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000619 "FBbt:00005144") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000023 "oocyte") (mo-definition CL--0000778 ""A specialized mononuclear phagocytic cell associated with the absorption and removal of bone." [GOC:add, PMID:12713016, PMID:9415452]") (subclass CL--0000790 CL--0000804) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000542 "lymphocyte") (subclass CL--0000344 CL--0000342) (subclass Spore CL--0000004) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000806 ""DN2 alpha-beta immature T-cell" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000042 CL--0000834) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000754 "type 2 cone bipolar cell (sensu Mus)") (mo-definition CL--0000235 ""A mononuclear phagocyte which differentiates from monocytes, is typically resident in a particular tissue, and capable of phagocytosing a variety of extracellular particulate material, including immune complexes, microorganisms, and dead cells." [GOC:add]") (subclass CL--0000441 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000099 CL--0000540) (mo-definition CL--0000453 ""A stellate dendritic cell of myeloid origin, that appears clear on light microscopy and has a dark-staining, indented nucleus and characteristic inclusions (Birbeck granules) in the cytoplasm; Langerhans cells are found principally in the stratum spinosum of the epidermis, but they also occur in other stratified epithelia and have been identified in the lung, lymph nodes, spleen, and thymus." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000545 ""helper T lymphocyte type 1" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000409 "scolopidial sheath cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000207 ""olfactory receptor neuron" []") (subclass CL--0000188 CL--0000228) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000386 "attachment cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000818 ""transitional stage B-lymphocyte" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000477 "FBbt:00004904") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000166 ""phaeochromocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000649 "prickle cell") (documentation CL--0000839 EnglishLanguage "Note that this is a class of cell types, not an identified single cell type.") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000614 CL--0000830) (subclass CL--0000851 CL--0000151) (subclass CL--0000090 CL--0000085) (mo-definition CL--0000206 ""A cell specialized to detect chemical substances and relay that information centrally in the nervous system. Chemoreceptors may monitor external stimuli, as in taste and olfaction, or internal stimuli, such as the concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood." [MESH:A.08.800.550.700.120]") (mo-definition CL--0000642 ""A supportive cell of the vertebrate pituitary that provides macromolecular transport and secretes hormones." [JB:jb]") (subclass CL--0000411 CL--0000076) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000125 CL--0000030) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000586 "germ cell") (subclass CL--0000738 CL--0000080) (subclass CL--0000589 CL--0000202) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000799 ""immature gamma-delta T-lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000343 "visual pigment cell (sensu Vertebrata)") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000541 CL--0000333) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000535 "secondary neuron") (mo-definition CL--0000834 ""A progenitor cell of the neutrophil lineage." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000220 CL--0000012) (mo-definition CL--0000439 ""An acidophilic cell of the anterior pituitary that produces prolactin." [Sanbi:mhl]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000780 CL--0000781) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000624 ""CD4-positive, alpha-beta T-cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000416 "polytene cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000162 ""oxyntic cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000806 ""DN2 alpha-beta immature T-lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--1000082 CL--0000006) (subclass CL--0000696 Cell) (subclass CL--0000247 CL--0000531) (subclass CL--0000251 CL--0000101) (subclass CL--0000152 CL--0000548) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000367 ""glial cell (sensu Nematoda)" []") (documentation EnglishLanguage "This term had an incorrect definition and was overly broad. Consider using 'CD8-positive, alpha-beta cytotoxic T cell ; CL:0000794' (in most cases) or another lymphocyte cell type if cytotoxicity is shown to be part of the cell's phenotype in a particular experimental situation.") (mo-definition CL--0000853 ""Olfactory epithelial support cell is a non ciliated columnar cell that extends from the epithelial free margin to the basement membrane of the olfactory epithelium." [SANBI:mhl]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000273 "prestalk AB cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000236 CL--0000826) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000178 ""interstitial cell" []") (subclass CL--0000743 CL--0000138) (mo-definition CL--0000601 ""A mechanoreceptor in the organ of Corti. In mammals the outer hair cells are arranged in three rows which are further from the modiolus than the single row of inner hair cells. The motile properties of the outer hair cells may contribute actively to tuning the sensitivity and frequency selectivity of the cochlea." [MESH:A.08.663.650.250.315]") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000009 ""xylem mother cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000309 ""cuprophilic cell" []") (subclass CL--0000753 CL--0000752) (subclass CL--0000484 CL--0000097) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000411 "hypodermal cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000847 ""ciliated olfactory sensory neuron" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000031 "FBbt:00005146") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000312 "keratinocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000543 "sieve tube member") (subclass CL--0000684 CL--0000077) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000084 CL--0000827) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000827 CL--0000051) (subclass CL--0000364 CL--0000293) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000223 "endodermal cell") (subclass CL--0000201 CL--0000006) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000192 ""non-striated muscle cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000713 "corona radiata cell") (subclass CL--0000529 CL--0000075) (mo-definition CL--0000770 ""A late basophilic metamyelocyte in which the nucleus is in the form of a curved or coiled band, not having acquired the typical multilobar shape of the mature basophil." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000755 CL--0000752) (subclass CL--0000402 CL--0000099) (subclass CL--0000670 CL--0000039) (subclass CL--0000298 CL--0000363) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000687 "R1 photoreceptor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000750 "OFF-bipolar cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage Spore "spore") (subclass CL--0000094 CL--0000063) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000547 ""rubriblast" [ISBN:0721601464]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000694 "R3 photoreceptor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "null cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000022 "FBbt:00004873") (mo-definition CL--0000767 ""Any of the immature or mature forms of a granular leukocyte that in its mature form has an irregularly shaped, pale-staining nucleus that is partially constricted into two lobes, and with cytoplasm that contains coarse, bluish-black granules of variable size. Basophils contain vasoactive amines such as histamine and serotonin, which are released on appropriate stimulation." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000187 ""myocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000356 CL--0000035) (subclass CL--0000157 CL--0000151) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000056 CL--0000355) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000805 ""immature single positive T-cell" []") (subclass CL--0000808 CL--0000790) (subclass CL--0000755 CL--0000750) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000833 "eosinophilic promyelocyte") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000849 ""crypt olfactory sensory neuron" []") (mo-definition CL--0000553 ""The earliest cytologically identifiable precursor in the thrombocytic series." [ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000761 ""BB cone bipolar cell" []") (subclass CL--0000450 CL--0000136) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000467 "adrenocorticotropic hormone secreting cell") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000794 ""cytotoxic T lymphocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000799 ""immature gamma-delta T-cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000331 ""A tracheary element of the xylem that has no perforations, as contrasted with a vessel member. May occur in primary and in secondary xylem. May have any kind of secondary wall thickening found in tracheary elements." [ISBN:0471245208]") (subclass CL--0000524 CL--0000004) (subclass CL--0000049 CL--0000839) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000353 "blastoderm cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000097 ""tissue basophil" [ISBN:068340007X]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000295 ""somatotrophin secreting cell" []") (subclass CL--0000759 CL--0000749) (subclass CL--0000048 CL--0000723) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000003 "cell in vivo") (subclass CL--0000032 CL--0000548) (mo-definition CL--0000051 ""A progenitor cell committed to the lymphoid lineage." [PMID:10407577]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000729 "tertiary pigment cell") (subclass CL--0000825 CL--0000838) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000189 CL--0000857) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000008 "cranial neural crest cell") (subclass CL--0000555 CL--0000117) (subclass CL--0000753 CL--0000750) (subclass CL--0000479 CL--0000167) (subclass CL--0000666 CL--0000066) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000438 "luteinizing hormone secreting cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000005 CL--0000008) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000263 "DDANAT:0000029") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000612 CL--0000833) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000549 CL--0000547) (subclass CL--0000105 CL--0000540) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000439 "prolactin secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000208 "pH receptor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000709 "R8 photoreceptor cell") (subclass CL--0000225 CL--0000224) (mo-definition CL--0000773 ""A eosinophil precursor in the granulocytic series, being a cell intermediate in development between a eosinophilic myelocyte and a band form eosinophil." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000553 "megakaryocyte progenitor cell") (mo-definition CL--0000134 ""A cell that normally gives rise to other cells that are organized as three-dimensional masses, rather than sheets." [FB:ma]") (subclass CL--0000330 CL--0000063) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000765 ""normoblast" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000019 "sperm") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000067 "ciliated epithelial cell") (subclass CL--0000502 BloodCell) (mo-definition CL--0000837 ""A progenitor cell of any hematopoietic lineage, potentially multipotent." [GOC:add]") (mo-definition CL--0000080 ""A cell which moves among different tissues of the body, via blood, lymph, or other medium." [GOC:add]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000027 CL--0000008) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000059 "ameloblast") (subclass CL--0000137 CL--0000054) (mo-definition CL--0000611 ""A progenitor cell committed to the eosinophil lineage." [http://www.copewithcytokines.de]") (subclass CL--0000705 CL--0000488) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000459 "norepinephrin secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000369 CL--0000187) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000092 ""chondroclast" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000140 "odontocyte") (subclass CL--0000090 CL--0000022) (subclass CL--0000027 CL--0000192) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000814 ""NK T-cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000412 "polyploid cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000853 "olfactory epithelial support cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000259 "DDANAT:0000009") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000805 ""immature single positive T lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000612 CL--0000772) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000822 ""B-2 B-lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--1000036 "hepatic oval cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000564 CL--0000042) (subclass CL--0000315 CL--0000151) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000037 ""HSC" []") (subclass CL--0000674 CL--0000075) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000432 "reticular cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000786 CL--0000785) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000579 "FBbt:00004905") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000098 "sensory epithelial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000144 "cell by function") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000799 ""immature gamma-delta T lymphocyte" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000028 CL--0000338) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000798 "gamma-delta T cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000643 "tanycyte") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000806 ""TN2 cell" []") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000797 ""intraepithelial lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000824 ""A mature form of a natural killer cell, a lymphocyte that can spontaneously kill a variety of target cells without prior antigenic activation via germline encoded activation receptors and also regulate immune responses via cytokine release and direct contact with other cells." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149, PMID:14685782]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000720 "anterior cone cell (sensu Endoptyeygota)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000856 "neuromast hair cell") (subclass CL--0000210 CL--0000006) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000605 "FAO:0000023") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000232 CL--0000558) (subclass CL--0000697 CL--0000488) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000439 ""lactotrope" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000757 "type 5 cone bipolar cell (sensu Mus)") (subclass CL--0000255 CL--0000004) (subclass CL--0000686 CL--0000075) (subclass CL--0000389 CL--0000619) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000232 "erythrocyte") (mo-definition CL--0000826 ""A progenitor cell of the B cell lineage, with some lineage specific activity such as early stages of recombination of B cell receptor genes, but not yet fully committed to the B cell lineage until the expression of PAX5 occurs." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000822 ""B-2 B lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000742 CL--0000138) (subclass CL--0000690 CL--0000488) (mo-definition CL--0000472 ""Parenchyma cells containing chloroplasts; a component of leaf mesophyll and other green parenchyma tissue." [ISBN:0471245208]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000051 ""CLP" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000290 "xylem fiber cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000147 ""chromatophore" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000020 "FBbt:00004935") (subclass CL--0000728 CL--0001658) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000041 ""polymorphonuclear leukocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000035 CL--0000723) (subclass CL--0000858 CL--0000515) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000712 CL--0000501) (mo-definition CL--0000623 ""A natural killer cell is a lymphocyte that can spontaneously kill a variety of target cells without prior antigenic activation via germline encoded activation receptors and also regulate immune responses via cytokine release and direct contact with other cells." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149, PMID:15771571]") (subclass CL--0000738 CL--0000219) (subclass CL--0000221 CL--0000548) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000050 ""colony forming unit erythroid megakaryocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000731 ""A cell of a layer of transitional epithelium in the wall of the bladder, ureter, and renal pelvis, external to the lamina propria." [MA:ma]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000481 "cholecystokin stimulating hormone secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000751 CL--0000748) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000523 "mononuclear cytotrophoblast cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000017 "FBbt:00004936") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000132 CL--0000008) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000595 "enucleate erythrocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "antibody secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000376 "humidity receptor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000455 "starch sheath cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000847 "ciliated olfactory receptor neuron") (subclass CL--0000815 CL--0000812) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000447 "carbohydrate secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000281 "pstAB/ALC") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000185 CL--0000222) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000647 ""macrophage polykaryon" [ISBN:0702022918, ISBN:0702024783]") (subclass CL--0000023 CL--0000021) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000187 "FBbt:00005074") (subclass CL--0000751 CL--0000749) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000147 "pigment cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000165 ""neurosecretory cell" []") (subclass CL--0000750 CL--0000748) (subclass CL--0000388 CL--0000386) (subclass CL--0000218 CL--0000243) (subclass CL--0000770 CL--0000768) (subclass CL--0000434 CL--0000151) (documentation Smo-inSubset EnglishLanguage "Declares a term/typedef to be in a subset.") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000141 CL--0000061) (subclass CL--0000291 CL--0000263) (subclass CL--0000581 CL--0000235) (mo-definition CL--0000672 ""A water conducting cell, tracheid or vessel member." [ISBN:0471245208]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000480 "secretin stimulating hormone secreting cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000738 ""white blood cell" []") (subclass CL--0000214 CL--0000153) (mo-definition CL--0000351 ""A cell lining the outside of the blastocyst. After binding to the endometrium, trophoblast cells develop into two distinct layers, an inner layer of mononuclear cytotrophoblast cells and an outer layer of continuous multinuclear cytoplasm, the syncytiotrophoblast cells, which form the early fetal-maternal interface." [MESH:A.11.936]") (subclass CL--0000536 CL--0000100) (mo-definition CL--0000589 ""A bulbous cell that is medially placed in one row in the organ of Corti. In contrast to the outer hair cells, the inner hair cells are fewer in number, have fewer sensory hairs, and are less differentiated." [MESH:A.08.663.650.250.250]") (mo-definition CL--0000280 ""The cell that will give rise to the generative nuclei which will participate in fertilization." [TAIR:lr]") (mo-definition CL--0000245 ""Cell in exodermis or endodermis that remains thin walled when the associated cells develop thick secondary walls. Has casparian strip in endodermis." [ISBN:0471245208]") (subclass CL--0000263 CL--0000257) (subclass CL--0000290 CL--0000298) (subclass CL--0000558 BloodCell) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000273 "DDANAT:0000021") (subclass CL--0000130 CL--0000095) (subclass CL--0000254 CL--0000675) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000818 ""transitional stage B-cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000417 "endopolyploid cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000620 "zoospore") (subclass CL--0000100 CL--0000527) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Represents the transitive property. (Typedefs only)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000339 "glioblast (sensu Vertebrata)") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000464 "FBbt:00004994") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000040 CL--0000557) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000632 "ito cell") (subclass CL--0000326 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000825 "natural killer cell progenitor") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000088 "FBbt:00004861") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000334 ""yeast-form" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000022 "female germ line stem cell") (mo-definition CL--0000132 ""Cell of the single layer of large flattened cells covering the surface of the cornea." [MESH:A.09.371.060.067.31]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000557 ""colony forming unit granulocyte macrophage" [PMID:15867096, ISBN:0721601464, PMID:15684376]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000768 "immature basophil") (subclass CL--0000540 CL--0000404) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000769 "basophilic metamyelocyte") (subclass CL--0000325 CL--0000144) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000784 ""plasmacytoid monocytes" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000686 CL--0000333) (subclass CL--0000368 CL--0000325) (subclass CL--0000476 CL--0000639) (subclass CL--0000319 CL--0000159) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000556 ""megalocaryocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000766 ""A cell of the monocyte, granulocyte, or mast cell lineage." [GOC:add]") (subclass CL--0000017 CL--0000015) (subclass CL--0000794 CL--0000625) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000383 CL--0000134) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000492 ""helper T-cell" []") (subclass CL--0000682 CL--0000066) (subclass CL--0000646 CL--0000036) (subclass CL--0000187 CL--0000183) (subclass CL--0000246 CL--0000099) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000404 "electrically signaling cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000545 ""helper T-lymphocyte type 1" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000439 ""mammotrophic cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000211 ""A cell whose function is determined by the generation or the reception of an electric signal." [FB:ma]") (mo-definition CL--0000218 ""A neuroglial cell of the peripheral nervous system which forms the insulating myelin sheaths of peripheral axons." [MESH:A.08.637.800]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000363 CL--0000009) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000576 "monocyte") (mo-definition CL--0000254 ""The female gamete of plants." [TAIR:lr]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000741 "spinal accessory motor neuron") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000353 ""blastomere" []") (subclass CL--0000780 CL--0000779) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000062 "osteoblast") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000772 ""immature eosinophilic leukocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000264 ""phloem mother cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000181 ""A cell whose primary function is intermediary metabolism." [FB:ma]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000462 "adepithelial cell") (subclass CL--0000341 CL--0000147) (documentation CL--0000442 EnglishLanguage "Due to its unique lineage and distinct function, this is not a type of dendritic cell; CL:0000451.") (subclass CL--0000791 CL--0000812) (subclass CL--0000169 CL--0000168) (subclass CL--0000792 CL--0000624) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000760 ""DB6 cone bipolar cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000278 "central cell") (mo-definition CL--0000800 ""A mature T cell expressing an gamma-delta T cell receptor complex." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000793 ""CD4-positive, alpha-beta intraepithelial T-lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000355 CL--0000680) (subclass CL--0000639 CL--0000637) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000835 CL--0000557) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000258 "fiber tracheid") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000800 "mature gamma-delta T cell") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000777 ""mesangial cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000557 "granulocyte monocyte progenitor cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000265 ""ALC" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000316 "ray initial") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000823 ""p-NK" [PMID:12457618]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000474 "pericardial cell") (subclass CL--0000497 CL--0000490) (mo-definition CL--0000620 ""A sporangiospore that is motile, having flagella." [ISBN:08199377X]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000707 "R7 photoreceptor cell") (mo-definition CL--0000276 ""Cell variable in form and size, being more or less thick, often lignified, secondary walls. Belongs to the category of subcells and may or may not be devoid of protoplast at maturity." [ISBN:0471245208]") (documentation EnglishLanguage "General comments on the ontology.") (mo-definition CL--0000476 ""A basophil cell of the anterior pituitary that produces thyroid stimulating hormone, thyrotrophin." [Sanbi:mhl]") (subclass CL--0000496 CL--0000490) (mo-definition CL--0000624 ""A T cell expressing an alpha-beta T cell receptor and the CD4 coreceptor." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000125 "glial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000711 "cumulus cell") (subclass CL--0000609 CL--0000202) (subclass CL--0000796 CL--0000625) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000734 "embryonic gland plasmatocyte") (mo-definition CL--0000298 ""A cell composing the xylem." [ISBN:0471245208]") (mo-alternateID CL--0000513 "CL:0000714") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000155 ""zymogenic cell" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000289 "DDANAT:0000001") (subclass CL--0000024 CL--0000021) (mo-definition CL--0000816 ""A immature form of a B cell, a type of lymphocyte whose defining characteristic is the expression of an immunoglobulin complex." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000307 CL--0000377) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000285 "stalk cell") (mo-definition CL--0000289 ""Starved cell that secretes and responds to chemoattractants (cAMP)." [DictyBase:DDB]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000738 ""leucocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000692 CL--0000630) (mo-definition CL--0000840 ""An immature cell of the myeloid dendritic cell lineage, characterized by high levels of antigen uptake via endocytosis, macropinocytosis, and phagocytosis, and typically found resident in the tissues." [GOC:add, PMID: 9521319]") (mo-definition CL--0000797 ""An alpha-beta T cell of the columnar epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract. Intraepithelial T cells often have distinct developmental pathways and activation requirements." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (subclass CL--0000077 CL--0000076) (subclass CL--0000408 CL--0000300) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000121 "Purkinje cell") (mo-definition CL--0000822 ""A conventional B cell subject to antigenic stimulation and dependent on T cell help and with a distinct surface marker expression pattern from B-1 B cells." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149, PMID:11861604]") (subclass CL--0000016 CL--0000014) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000050 ""CFU-EM" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000641 "chromophobe cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000798 CL--0000827) (subclass CL--0000595 CL--0000225) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000299 "trichoblast") (subclass CL--0000744 CL--0000138) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000196 "flight muscle cell") (mo-alternateID CL--0000295 "CL:0000471") (subclass CL--0000687 CL--0000287) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "thymus processed stem cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000221 "ectodermal cell") (subclass CL--0000351 CL--0000349) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000551 "unimodal nocireceptor") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000439 ""lactotropic cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000492 "T-helper cell") (subclass CL--0000016 CL--0000015) (subclass CL--0000163 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000139 "amelocyte") (mo-definition CL--0000625 ""A T cell expressing an alpha-beta T cell receptor and the CD8 coreceptor." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (subclass CL--0000052 CL--0000723) (subclass CL--0000505 CL--0000167) (mo-definition CL--0000682 ""An absorptive cell of the mammalian gut epithelium that endocytoses microorganisms and intact macromolecules from the gut lumen and transports them to the subepithelial space where they are presented to antigen-presenting cells and lymphocytes." [JB:jb]") (subclass CL--0000510 CL--0000323) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000683 "ependymoglial cell") (mo-definition CL--0000765 ""A nucleated precursor of an erythrocyte." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000233 CL--0000556) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000827 "pro-T cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000810 ""CD4-positive, alpha-beta immature T-cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000169 ""beta cell" []") (subclass CL--0000158 CL--0000157) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000136 ""lipocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000790 ""immature alpha-beta T-lymphocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000041 ""mature eosinophil leukocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000811 "CD8-positive, alpha-beta immature T cell") (subclass CL--0000018 CL--0000015) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000848 "microvillous olfactory receptor neuron") (subclass CL--0000086 CL--0000014) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000793 ""intraepithelial lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000730 ""A cell at the front of a migrating epithelial sheet." [MA:ma]") (subclass CL--0000441 CL--0000036) (mo-definition CL--0000366 ""Male gamete, part of male germ unit." [ISBN:0471245208]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000057 CL--0000134) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000256 "uric acid accumulating cell") (subclass CL--0000292 CL--0000262) (subclass CL--0000785 CL--0000145) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000234 "phagocyte") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000819 ""B-1 B lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000644 "Bergmann glial cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000811 CL--0000809) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000554 "gastrin stimulating hormone secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000811 CL--0000790) (documentation CL--0000828 EnglishLanguage "Note that this is a non-mammalian cell type.") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000671 "FBbt:00004906") (subclass CL--0000766 CL--0000738) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000549 ""early erythroblast" [ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000096 ""polynuclear neutrophilic leucocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000562 ""An erythrocyte having a nucleus." [GOC:add]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000814 ""NK T-lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000669 CL--0000630) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000145 "professional antigen presenting cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000553 ""promegacaryocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000523 CL--0000351) (subclass CL--0000716 CL--0000735) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000767 ""basophilic leucocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000609 "vestibular hair cell") (domain Smo-definedSubset 2 Smo-Subset) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000795 ""suppressor T-lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000527 CL--0000029) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000620 "FAO:0000039") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000552 ""eosinophilic erythroblast" [ISBN:0721601464]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000537 "antipodal cell") (mo-definition CL--0000065 ""A neurectoderm derived cell that lines the neural lumen." [JB:jb]") (subclass CL--0000474 CL--0000519) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000657 "FBbt:00004941") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000635 "Deiter's cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000662 "neuroglioblast (sensu Nematoda)") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000831 ""CFU-MC" []") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000096 ""polymorphonuclear leucocyte" []") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000555 ""monodendritic cell" []") (subclass CL--0000022 CL--0000014) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000747 ""blue chromatophore" []") (subclass CL--0000158 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000342 CL--0000147) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000625 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta T lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000514 ""A precursor cell destined to differentiate into smooth muscle myocytes." [MESH:A.11.635.510]") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000056 "FBbt:00005083") (subclass CL--0000226 CL--0000224) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000672 "tracheary element") (subclass CL--0000600 CL--0000228) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000552 "orthochromatic erythroblast") (mo-definition CL--0000583 ""Round, granular, mononuclear phagocyte found in the alveoli of the lungs. Ingests small inhaled particles resulting in degradation and presentation of the antigen to immunocompetent cells." [MESH:A.11.329.372.600]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000502 "D cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000816 CL--0000826) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000800 CL--0000799) (subclass CL--0000448 CL--0000136) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000635 ""phalangeal cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000213 ""A cell within an epithelial cell sheet whose main function is to act as an internal or external covering for a tissue or an organism." [JB:jb]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000136 CL--0000134) (subclass CL--0000574 CL--0000147) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000178 "Leydig cell") (mo-definition CL--0000595 ""An erythrocyte lacking a nucleus." [GOC:add]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000163 "endocrine cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000667 "collagen secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000406 CL--0000402) (subclass CL--0000696 CL--0000325) (subclass CL--0000421 CL--0000080) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000772 "immature eosinophil") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000805 CL--0000808) (mo-definition CL--0000043 ""A fully differentiated basophil, a granular leukocyte with an irregularly shaped, pale-staining nucleus that is partially constricted into two lobes, and with cytoplasm that contains coarse, bluish-black granules of variable size. Basophils contain vasoactive amines such as histamine and serotonin, which are released on appropriate stimulation." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000740 "retinal ganglion cell") (subclass CL--0000747 CL--0000147) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000277 "DDANAT:0000008") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000788 ""naive B lymphocyte" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000135 CL--0000057) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000009 ""xylem initial" []") (subclass CL--0000270 CL--0000610) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000331 "tracheid") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000542 CL--0000051) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000789 "alpha-beta T cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000521 "fungal cell") (subclass CL--0000147 CL--0000325) (mo-definition CL--0000833 ""A neutrophil precursor in the granulocytic series, being a cell intermediate in development between a myeloblast and myelocyte, and containing a few, as yet undifferentiated, cytoplasmic granules." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000299 CL--0000538) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000351 "trophoblast cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000801 ""gamma-delta intraepithelial T-cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000330 "collenchymal cell") (subclass CL--0000440 CL--0000167) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000084 ""T-lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000260 CL--0000610) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000096 ""PMN" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000424 "excretory cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000495 "blue sensitive photoreceptor cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000040 ""colony forming unit macrophage" []") (subclass CL--0000708 CL--0000327) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000663 "valve cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000553 CL--0000050) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000058 "chondroblast") (subclass CL--0000433 CL--0000250) (subclass CL--0000546 CL--0000492) (mo-definition CL--0000057 ""A connective tissue cell which secretes an extracellular matrix rich in collagen and other macromolecules." [MESH:A.11.329.228]") (subclass CL--0000814 CL--0000791) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000794 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta cytotoxic T-lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000583 "alveolar macrophage") (subclass CL--1000083 CL--0000357) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000801 ""gamma-delta intraepithelial T lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000760 CL--0000749) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000639 ""beta cell" []") (subclass CL--0000071 CL--0000076) (subclass CL--0000473 CL--0000144) (subclass CL--0000327 CL--0000499) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000118 "basket cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000646 "basal cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000793 "CD4-positive, alpha-beta intraepithelial T cell") (subclass CL--0000763 CL--0000080) (instance develops_from BinaryRelation) (subclass CL--0000761 CL--0000752) (subclass CL--0000847 CL--0000207) (subclass CL--0000661 CL--0000422) (mo-definition CL--0000198 ""The peripheral receptor for pain. Includes receptors which are sensitive to painful mechanical stimuli, extreme heat or cold, and chemical stimuli. All mammalian nociceptors are free nerve endings." [MESH:A.08.800.550.700.650]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000718 "cone cell (sensu Endoptyeygota)") (subclass CL--0000162 CL--0000161) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000553 ""megakaryoblast" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000608 "FAO:0000040") (subclass CL--0000296 CL--0000610) (subclass CL--0000062 CL--0000055) (subclass CL--0000717 CL--0000100) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000438 ""delta basophila" []") (mo-narrowSynonym CL--0000818 ""T2 B cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000638 "acidophil cell") (mo-definition CL--0000668 ""Typically this is a not distinctly specialized cell with a nucleate protoplast concerned with one or more of the various physiological and biochemical activities in plants. Varies in size, form, and wall structure." [ISBN:0471245208]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000849 "crypt olfactory receptor neuron") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000486 "garland cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000233 ""thrombocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000550 ""intermediate normoblast" [ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000524 ""sphaeroplast" []") (subclass CL--0000679 CL--0000107) (subclass CL--0000113 CL--0000518) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000775 ""polymorphonuclear neutrophil" []") (mo-definition CL--0000793 ""A CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell of the columnar epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract. Intraepithelial T cells often have distinct developmental pathways and activation requirements." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000611 ""colony forming unit eosinophil" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000002 "permanent cell line cell") (subclass CL--0000725 CL--0000144) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000593 "androgen secreting cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000049 ""cfu-gemm" [ISBN:0878932437]") (subclass CL--0000695 CL--0000117) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000822 ""follicular B cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage Smo-definedSubset "definedSubset") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000187 "muscle cell") (subclass CL--0000214 CL--0000213) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000269 "DDANAT:0000025") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000333 CL--0000133) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000056 "myoblast") (mo-definition CL--0000360 ""A cell of the early embryo at the developmental stage in which the blastomeres, resulting from repeated mitotic divisions of the fertilized ovum (zygote), form a compact cell mass." [MESH:A.]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000618 "sheath cell") (subclass CL--0000036 CL--0000035) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000819 "B-1 B cell") (mo-definition CL--0000763 ""A cell of the monocyte, granulocyte, mast cell, megakaryocyte, or erythroid lineage." [GOC:add]") (subclass CL--0000326 CL--0000325) (subclass CL--0000163 CL--0000151) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000504 ""Kulchitsky cell" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000465 "FBbt:00001666") (subclass CL--0000551 CL--0000198) (mo-definition CL--0000467 ""A basophil cell of the anterior pituitary that produces adrenocorticotropic hormone, or corticotropin." [Sanbi:mhl]") (subclass CL--0000816 CL--0000236) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000364 CL--0000316) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000834 ""neutrophil stem cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000510 ""An epithelial cell found in the basal part of the intestinal glands (crypts of Lieberkuhn). Paneth cells synthesize and secrete lysozyme and cryptdins." [MESH:A.03.492.411.369.700]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000800 ""mature gamma-delta T-lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000325 ""A cell that is specialised to accumulate a particular substance(s)." [FB:ma]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000842 "mononuclear cell") (subclass CL--0000011 CL--0000333) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000562 ""red blood cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000799 "immature gamma-delta T cell") (mo-definition CL--0000744 ""A columnar chondrocyte that differentiates in the late embryonic growth plate of bone. Columnar chondrocytes vigorously proliferate and form columns in the growth plate." [PMID:15951842]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000097 ""labrocyte" [ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000409 "FBbt:00005219") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000076 "squamous epithelial cell") (mo-definition CL--0000571 ""A pigment cell derived from the neural crest. Contains uric acid or other purine crystals deposited in stacks called leucosomes. The crystals reflect light and this gives a white appearance under white light." [Sanbi:mhl]") (subclass CL--0000536 CL--0000535) (subclass CL--0000279 CL--0000269) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000621 "fusion competent myoblast") (subclass CL--0000438 CL--0000167) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000496 "green sensitive photoreceptor cell") (subclass CL--0000217 CL--0000215) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000148 ""melanophore" []") (mo-unidentified "namespace-id-rule: * EV:$sequence(7,3000540,9999999)$") (subclass CL--0000482 CL--0000163) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000820 "B-1a B cell") (subclass CL--0000733 CL--0000735) (mo-definition CL--0000205 ""A cellular receptor which mediates the sense of temperature. Thermoreceptors in vertebrates are mostly located under the skin. In mammals there are separate types of thermoreceptors for cold and for warmth and pain receptor cells which detect cold or heat extreme enough to cause pain." [MESH:A.08.800.550.700.840]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000168 "insulin secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000035 "single fate stem cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000786 "plasma cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000182 "hepatocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000556 "megakaryocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000307 "tracheal epithelial cell") (mo-definition Spore ""The reproductive structure of bacteria, fungi and cryptograms." [ISBN:08199377X]") (subclass CL--0000222 CL--0000220) (subclass CL--0000224 CL--0000012) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000123 CL--0000095) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000775 ""polymorphonuclear leucocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000375 "osteoprogenitor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000434 "eccrine cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000179 "progesterone secreting cell") (mo-definition CL--0000260 ""Cell containing mucilages or gums or similar carbohydrate material characterized by the property of swelling in water." [ISBN:0471245208]") (subclass CL--0000518 CL--0000234) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000795 ""suppressor T cell" []") (subclass CL--0000850 CL--0000540) (subclass CL--0000215 CL--0000144) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000795 ""suppressor T lymphocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000810 ""CD4-positive, alpha-beta immature T lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000831 CL--0000839) (subclass CL--0000690 CL--0000287) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000684 "littoral cell of liver") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000036 "epithelial fate stem cell") (subclass CL--0000166 CL--0000165) (subclass CL--0000110 CL--0000107) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000147 ""chromatocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000043 "mature basophil") (subclass CL--0000360 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000660 CL--0000327) (subclass CL--0000014 CL--0000039) (subclass CL--0000115 CL--0000213) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000716 "lymph gland crystal cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000133 "neurectodermal cell") (mo-definition CL--0000836 ""A precursor in the granulocytic series, being a cell intermediate in development between a myeloblast and myelocyte, and containing a few, as yet undifferentiated, cytoplasmic granules." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000736 CL--0000387) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000580 CL--0000564) (subclass CL--0000239 CL--0000075) (subclass CL--0000181 CL--0000144) (subclass CL--0000199 CL--0000006) (mo-definition CL--0000268 ""The cell in the phloem tissue concerned with mainly longitudinal conduction of food materials. Classified into sieve cell and sieve tube member." [ISBN:0471245208]") (subclass CL--0000284 CL--0000668) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000801 "gamma-delta intraepithelial T cell") (subclass CL--0000801 CL--0000800) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000813 "memory T cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000625 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta T-cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000182 ""The main structural component of the liver. They are specialized epithelial cells that are organized into interconnected plates called lobules." [MESH:A.11.436.348]") (mo-definition CL--0000693 ""A stellate interneuron having 7-10 dendrites that may branch." [JB:jb]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000467 ""corticotroph" []") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000553 ""promegakaryocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0001658 "visual pigment cell (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000024 "oogonial cell") (subclass CL--0000672 CL--0000627) (subclass CL--0000014 CL--0000034) (mo-alternateID CL--0000192 "CL:0000191") (mo-definition CL--0000528 ""A nerve cell where transmission is mediated by nitric oxide." [MESH:A.08.663.748]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000082 "epithelial cell of lung") (mo-definition CL--0000796 ""A CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell of the columnar epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract. Intraepithelial T cells often have distinct developmental pathways and activation requirements." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-definition CL--0000210 ""A cell specialized to detect and transduce light." [MESH:A.08.663.650.650]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000019 ""spermatozoon" []") (subclass CL--0000340 CL--0000130) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000135 "fibrocyte") (mo-definition CL--0000431 ""A pigment cell derived from the neural crest. The cell contains flat light-reflecting platelets, probably of guanine, in stacks called reflecting platets or iridisomes. The color-generating components produce a silver, gold, or iridescent color." [Sanbi:mhl]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000239 "brush border epithelial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000558 "reticulocyte") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000262 CL--0000538) (subclass CL--0000683 CL--0000127) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000747 "cyanophore") (subclass CL--0000485 CL--0000097) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000457 "biogenic amine secreting cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000849 ""crypt sensory neuron" []") (subclass CL--0000322 CL--0000548) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000647 CL--0000235) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "epithelial cell of gland") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000092 CL--0000576) (mo-definition CL--0000103 ""A type of interneuron that has two neurites, usually an axon and a dendrite, extending from opposite poles of an ovoid cell body." [ISBN:0444009442]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000795 "CD8-positive, alpha-beta regulatory T cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000251 "extramedullary cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000784 ""pDC" []") (subclass CL--0000503 CL--0000593) (subclass CL--0000707 CL--0000287) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000833 CL--0000832) (subclass CL--0000525 CL--0000351) (mo-definition CL--0000414 ""A classification of cells by the number of haploid genome equivalents of their nucleus or nuclei." [FB:ma]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000387 "hemocyte (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (subclass CL--0000332 CL--0000055) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000832 "eosinophilic myeloblast") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000145 ""APC" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000250 "megaspore") (mo-definition CL--0000582 ""A neutrophil precursor in the granulocytic series, being a cell intermediate in development between a meylocyte and the band form neutrophil. The protein synthesis seen in earlier stages decreases or stops; the nucleus becomes indented and its chromatin becomes coarse and clumped; and the cytoplasm becomes pink like that of a mature granulocyte." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000068 CL--0000066) (subclass CL--0000618 CL--0000075) (mo-definition CL--0000175 ""A Progesterone secreting cell in the corpus luteum. The large luteal cells develop from the granulosa cells. The small luteal cells develop from the theca cells." [MESH:A.05.360.319.114.630.278.400]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000772 ""immature eosinophilic leucocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000228 ""syncytium" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000777 "mesangial phagocyte") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000265 "DDANAT:0000019") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000450 "lipocyte") (subclass CL--0000453 CL--0000840) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000254 "egg cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000854 CL--0000032) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000355 "muscle stem cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000812 ""mature T-cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000550 ""A nucleated, immature erythrocyte in which the nucleus occupies a relatively smaller part of the cell than in its precursor, the basophilic erythroblast. The cytoplasm is beginning to acquire hemoglobin and thus is no longer a purely blue color, but takes on an acidophilic tint, which becomes progressively more marked as the cell matures. The chromatin of the nucleus is arranged in coarse, deeply staining clumps." [ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000784 ""T-associated plasma cells" []") (mo-definition CL--0000742 ""A round chondrocyte that first differentiates in the late embryonic growth plate of bone." [PMID:15951842]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000675 "female gamete") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000136 CL--0000057) (subclass CL--0000343 CL--0000342) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000841 CL--0000840) (subclass CL--0000754 CL--0000750) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000486 "FBbt:00005059") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000775 ""neutrophilic leucocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000258 ""A fiber like tracheid in the secondary xylem; commonly thick walled, with pointed ends and bordered pits that have lenticular to slit like apertures." [ISBN:0471245208]") (subclass CL--0000232 BloodCell) (mo-definition ""A cell in a tissue that markedly differs in form, size, or contents from other cells in the same tissue." [ISBN:0471245208]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000348 CL--0000008) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Represents the cyclic property. (Typedefs only)") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000380 ""sheath cell" []") (subclass CL--0000235 CL--0000145) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Not a differentiation state per se, and IgG isotypes vary by species; consider using 'B cell ; CL:0000236' or one of its children instead.") (mo-definition CL--0000430 ""A pigment cell derived from the neural crest. Contains cartenoid pigments in structures called pterinosomes or xanthosomes. This gives an appearance ranging from a golden yellow to orange and red." [Sanbi:mhl]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000096 CL--0000560) (subclass CL--0000795 CL--0000625) (mo-definition CL--0000283 ""Anterior-like cell that expresses the ecmO promoter and that can move to the position normally occupied by the pstO cells." [DictyBase:DDB]") (documentation CL--0000799 EnglishLanguage "Note that gamma-delta T cell have both thymic and extrathymic differentiation pathways.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000167 "peptide hormone secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000290 CL--0000293) (subclass CL--0000446 CL--0000167) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000248 "microsporocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000549 "basophilic erythroblast") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000810 CL--0000809) (subclass CL--0000486 CL--0000227) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000744 "columnar chondrocyte") (subclass CL--0000086 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000041 CL--0000771) (documentation Smo-definedSubset EnglishLanguage "Subset defined for the ontology.") (mo-definition CL--0000199 ""A cell specialized to transduce mechanical stimuli and relay that information centrally in the nervous system." [MESH:A.08.800.550.700.500]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000807 ""DN3 cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000761 ""An ON-bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with cone photoreceptors cells and neurons in the inner half of the inner plexiform layer. The dendritic tree is wide and the dendritic convergence indicates cone selectivity. The axon terminal is sparsely branched and terminates in sublamina 5 of the inner plexiform layer." [PMID:14689473]") (subclass CL--0000117 CL--0000540) (subclass CL--0000757 CL--0000752) (subclass CL--0000444 CL--0000737) (subclass CL--0000628 CL--0000144) (subclass CL--0000504 CL--0000506) (mo-definition CL--0000768 ""Any of the immature forms of a basophil, in which basophilic specific granules are present but other phenotypic features of the mature form may be lacking. A basophil is granular leukocyte that in its mature form has an irregularly shaped, pale-staining nucleus that is partially constricted into two lobes, and with cytoplasm that contains coarse, bluish-black granules of variable size. Basophils contain vasoactive amines such as histamine and serotonin, which are released on appropriate stimulation." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000576 CL--0000559) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000285 "DDANAT:0000025") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000771 ""polymorphonuclear leukocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000816 "immature B cell") (subclass CL--0000832 CL--0000835) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000149 ""pigment cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000492 ""helper T-lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000855 ""Hair cell is a mechanoreceptor cell that is sensitive to movement of the hair-like projections (stereocilia and kinocilia) which relay the information centrally in the nervous system." [SANBI:mhl]") (subclass CL--0000288 CL--0000610) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000405 "neuroepidermoblast") (mo-definition Brown ""A cell from the thermogenic form of adipose tissue found in newborns of many species, including humans, and in hibernating mammals. Brown fat is capable of rapid liberation of energy and seems to be important in the maintenance of body temperature immediately after birth and upon waking from hibernation." [MESH:A.]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000422 "mitogenic signaling cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000130 "neuron associated cell (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (mo-definition CL--0000708 ""Stromal cell that forms the internal covering of the vertebrate brain and produces ECM for this and the choroid plexus." [JB:jb]") (subclass CL--0000504 CL--0000505) (subclass CL--0000633 CL--0000066) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "B lymphoblast") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000804 ""immature T lymphocyte" []") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Consider using 'osteoclast ; CL:0000092' instead.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000748 "retinal bipolar neuron") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000801 ""intraepithelial lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000309 CL--0000308) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000549 ""prorubricyte" [ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000500 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000132 "corneal endothelial cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000271 ""pstA" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000487 "oenocyte") (mo-definition CL--0000842 ""A leukocyte with a single non-segmented nucleus in the mature form." [GOC:add]") (subclass CL--0000591 CL--0000205) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000260 "mucilage cell") (subclass CL--0000178 CL--0000177) (mo-definition CL--0000774 ""A late eosinophilic metamyelocyte in which the nucleus is in the form of a curved or coiled band, not having acquired the typical multilobar shape of the mature basophil." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000509 CL--0000154) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000596 "sexual spore") (mo-definition CL--0000845 ""A CD23-negative, CD21-positive B cell of the marginal zone of the spleen expressing a B cell receptor usually reactive to bacterial cell wall components or senescent self components such as oxidized-LDL." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000097 "mast cell") (subclass CL--0000632 CL--0000327) (subclass CL--0000180 CL--0000174) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000227 "binucleate cell") (subclass CL--0000731 CL--0000066) (mo-definition CL--0000121 ""The output neuron of the cerebellar cortex." [MESH:A.]") (subclass CL--0000622 CL--0000154) (mo-definition CL--0000097 ""A cell that is found in almost all tissues containing numerous basophilic granules and capable of releasing large amounts of histamine and heparin upon activation." [GOC:add, ISBN:068340007X, MESH:A.11.329.427]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000545 ""TH1 cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000062 ""A bone-forming cell which secretes an extracellular matrix. Hydroxyapatite crystals are then deposited into the matrix to form bone." [MESH:A.11.329.629]") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000112 ""columnar neuron" []") (subclass CL--0000818 CL--0000816) (subclass CL--0000395 CL--0000387) (subclass CL--0000853 CL--0000630) (subclass CL--0000367 CL--0000619) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000221 ""ectoderm cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000858 "fast muscle myoblast") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000228 "multinucleate cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000674 "interfollicle cell") (subclass CL--0000560 CL--0000776) (subclass CL--0000148 CL--0000147) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000596 ""meiotically-derived spore" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000114 "surface ectodermal cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000776 ""immature neutrophil leucocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000455 ""A cell characterized by conspicuous and rather stable accumulation of starch." [ISBN:044174520]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000503 "theca cell") (subclass CL--0000350 CL--0000349) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000269 "prestalk cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000686 "cerebrospinal fluid secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000311 CL--0000548) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000806 ""DN2 thymocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000311 CL--0000325) (mo-definition CL--0000096 ""A fully differentiated neutrophil, a granular leukocyte having a nucleus with three to five lobes connected by slender threads of chromatin, and cytoplasm containing fine inconspicuous granules and stainable by neutral dyes." [GOC:add, MESH:A.11.118.637.415.583]") (subclass CL--0000508 CL--0000164) (subclass CL--0000168 CL--0000167) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000807 ""TN3 cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000259 "aggregate cell") (mo-definition CL--0000696 ""A cell that stores pancreatic polypeptides." [JB:jb]") (subclass CL--0000595 CL--0000232) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000815 ""suppressor T cell" []") (mo-definition ""OBSOLETE: A cell responsible for spontaneous cytotoxicity of a variety of tumor cells without prior immunization. These natural killer cells are found in non-immune humans and experimental animals and are thought by some to be the same as killer cells (killing by antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity), but they can also kill in the absence of antibody." []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000134 "mesenchymal cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "IgE B cell") (subclass CL--0000072 CL--0000068) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000365 "TAIR:0000423") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000011 "trunk neural crest cell") (documentation EnglishLanguage "The program used to generate the ontology.") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000753 ""DB1 cone bipolar cell" []") (subclass CL--0000333 CL--0000219) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000463 "epidermal cell (sensu Insecta)") (mo-definition CL--0000821 ""A B-1 B cell not bearing the CD5 surface marker, but having other phenotypic attributes of a B-1 B cell." [GOC:add, PMID:11861604]") (subclass CL--0000793 CL--0000624) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000604 "retinal rod cell") (mo-definition CL--0000556 ""A giant cell 50 to 100 micron in diameter, with a greatly lobulated nucleus, found in the bone marrow; mature blood platelets are released from its cytoplasm." [ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000535 CL--0000540) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000637 "chromophil cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000828 CL--0000050) (subclass CL--0000537 CL--0000039) (subclass CL--0000828 CL--0000839) (subclass CL--0000845 CL--0000785) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000489 "scotopic photoreceptor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000117 "CNS neuron (sensu Vertebrata)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000578 "experimentally modified cell") (subclass CL--0000306 CL--0000325) (mo-definition CL--0000362 ""A cell found in the outermost layer of the organism." [MA:ma]") (subclass CL--0000552 CL--0000765) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000207 ""olfactory sensory neuron" []") (subclass CL--0000603 CL--0000521) (subclass CL--0000096 CL--0000775) (subclass CL--0000193 CL--0000746) (mo-definition CL--0000785 ""A mature form of a B cell, a type of lymphocyte whose defining characteristic is the expression of an immunoglobulin complex." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (subclass CL--0000386 CL--0000630) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000043 ""mature basophil leukocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000599 CL--0000605) (subclass CL--0000186 CL--0000183) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000530 "primary neuron") (subclass CL--0000349 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000146 "simple columnar epithelial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000233 "platelet") (subclass CL--0000258 CL--0000672) (subclass CL--0000240 CL--0000066) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000509 "gastrin secreting cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000819 ""B-1 B-cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000157 "surfactant secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000132 CL--0000076) (subclass CL--0000837 CL--0000055) (subclass CL--0000265 CL--0000263) (subclass CL--0000131 CL--0000075) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000693 "neuroglioform cell") (subclass CL--0000579 CL--0000477) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000043 ""polymorphonuclear leukocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000249 CL--0000151) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000854 "interneuromast cell") (subclass CL--0000197 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000488 "visible light photoreceptor cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000171 ""alpha cell" []") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000611 ""CFU-Eo" []") (mo-definition CL--0000152 ""A cell of an exocrine gland, i.e. a gland that discharges its secretion via a duct." [ISBN:0198547684]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000109 "adrenergic neuron") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000254 ""female gametophyte egg cell" []") (subclass CL--0000653 CL--0000066) (mo-definition CL--0000576 ""Large, phagocytic mononuclear leukocytes produced in the vertebrate bone marrow and released into the blood." [MESH:A.11.118.637.555.652]") (subclass CL--0000058 CL--0000548) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000624 ""CD4-positive, alpha-beta T lymphocyte" []") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000775 ""PMN" []") (subclass CL--0000759 CL--0000752) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000444 "obliquely striated muscle cell") (subclass CL--0000754 CL--0000752) (subclass CL--0000635 CL--0000066) (subclass CL--0000088 CL--0000022) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000630 "supportive cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000795 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta regulatory T lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000686 CL--0000151) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000544 "slowly adapting mechanoreceptor cell") (subclass CL--0000212 CL--0000144) (subclass CL--0000817 CL--0000816) (subclass CL--0000476 CL--0000167) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000795 ""suppressor T-cell" []") (subclass CL--0000596 Spore) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000096 ""polymorphonuclear leukocyte" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000403 "FBbt:00005133") (subclass CL--0000767 CL--0000094) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000532 "CAP motoneuron") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000026 "FBbt:00004878") (mo-definedNamespace "cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000094 "granulocyte") (subclass CL--0000571 CL--0000147) (subclass CL--0000075 CL--0000066) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "IgG B cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000055 "non-terminally differentiated cell") (mo-definition CL--0000613 ""A progenitor cell committed to the basophil lineage." [GOC:add, http://www.copewithcytokines.de]") (mo-definition CL--0000594 ""An elongated, spindle-shaped, quiescent myoblast lying in close contact with adult skeletal muscle. They are thought to play a role in muscle repair and regeneration." [MESH:A.11.635.500.700]") (mo-definition CL--0000828 ""A progenitor cell of the thrombocyte, a nucleated blood cell involved in coagulation typically seen in birds and other non-mammalian vertebrates." [GOC:add]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000086 "germ line stem cell (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (mo-definition CL--0000704 ""A specialized endothelial cell that senses extracellular signals and guides the directed growth of blood vessels." [PMID:15376331]") (mo-definition CL--0000228 ""A cell with more than one nucleus." [FB:ma]") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000040 ""CFU-M" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000564 ""neutrophilic progranulocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000718 CL--0000306) (subclass CL--0000294 CL--0000268) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000762 CL--0000828) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000286 "hyphal cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000236 ""B-lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000298 CL--0000627) (subclass CL--0000200 CL--0000199) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000437 ""delta basophil" []") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000462 "FBbt:00003219") (subclass CL--0000840 CL--0000782) (subclass CL--0000468 CL--0000055) (subclass CL--0000121 CL--0000117) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000524 "spheroplast") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Version of data in the ontology.") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000050 ""MEP" []") (subclass CL--0000642 CL--0000630) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000826 ""pro-B lymphocyte" []") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000270 ""accessory cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "lymphoblast") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000568 "apud cell") (subclass CL--0000028 CL--0000540) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000051 ""early lymphocyte progenitor" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000784 ""lymphoid dendritic cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000166 "chromaffin cell") (subclass CL--0000241 CL--0000066) (mo-definition CL--0000847 ""An olfactory receptor cell in which the apical ending of the dendrite is a pronounced ciliated olfactory knob." [PMID:16841163]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000783 "multinucleated phagocyte") (subclass CL--0000464 CL--0000548) (mo-definition CL--0000552 ""The final stage of the nucleated, immature erythrocyte, before nuclear loss. Typically the cytoplasm is described as acidophilic, but it still shows a faint polychromatic tint. The nucleus is small and initially may still have coarse, clumped chromatin, as in its precursor, the polychromatophilic erythroblast, but ultimately it becomes pyknotic, and appears as a deeply staining, blue-black, homogeneous structureless mass. The nucleus is often eccentric and sometimes lobulated." [ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000595 ""RBC" []") (mo-definition CL--0000790 ""An immature T cell expressing an alpha-beta T cell receptor complex." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000513 ""cardioblast" []") (subclass CL--0000306 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000637 CL--0000163) (subclass CL--0000664 CL--0000185) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000096 ""mature neutrophil leucocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000577 ""One of a group of basal granular cells of the mammalian gut whose granules stain readily with silver and chromium salts. The cells secrete serotonin, substance P, and enkephalins. There are three types: gastric (antral mucosa), duodenal, and intestinal." [MESH:A.03.492.766.440.250]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000792 "CD4-positive, CD25-positive, alpha-beta regulatory T cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000199 "mechanoreceptor cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000038 CL--0000050) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000198 ""nociceptor" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000106 "unipolar neuron") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000096 "mature neutrophil") (mo-definition CL--0000138 ""Polymorphic cell that form cartilage." [MESH:A.11.329.171]") (subclass CL--0000071 CL--0000115) (subclass CL--0000603 CL--0000227) (subclass CL--0000768 CL--0000767) (subclass CL--0000517 CL--0000235) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000040 "monoblast") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000725 "nitrogen fixing cell") (subclass CL--0000152 CL--0000151) (subclass CL--0000748 CL--0000103) (subclass CL--0000283 CL--0000265) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000086 "FBbt:00004861") (mo-definition CL--0000248 ""A diploid (2n) cell that undergoes meiosis and forms four haploid (1n) microspores; also called microspore mother cell and, in seed plants, pollen mother cell." [ISBN:0471245208]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000504 ""argentaffin cell" []") (subclass Egg CL--0000675) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000803 "CD4-positive, gamma-delta intraepithelial T cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000060 "odontoblast") (mo-definition CL--0000059 ""A cylindrical epithelial cell in the innermost layer of the enamal organ. Their functions include contribution to the development of the dentinoenamel junction by the deposition of a layer of the matrix, thus producing the foundation for the prisms (the structural units of the dental enamal), and production of the matrix for the enamel prisms and interprismatic substance. (From Jablonski's Dictionary of Dentistry, 1992)." [MESH:A.11.436.107]") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000124 "FBbt:00005144") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000400 "pavement cell") (mo-definition CL--0000272 ""A cell localized in the vascular cambium or phellogen. Its periclinal division can contribute cells either to the outside or to the inside of the axis; in vascular cambium, classified into fusiform initials (source of axial cells of xylem and phloem) and ray initials (source of the ray cells)." [ISBN:0471245208]") (subclass CL--0000445 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000766 "myeloid leukocyte") (subclass CL--0000228 CL--0000224) (subclass CL--0000685 CL--0000723) (subclass CL--0000051 CL--0000838) (subclass CL--0000118 CL--0000117) (mo-definition CL--0000791 ""A mature T cell expressing an alpha-beta T cell receptor complex." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000623 ""null cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000061 "cementoblast") (subclass CL--0000565 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000724 CL--0000725) (subclass CL--0000155 CL--0000154) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000821 ""B-1b B lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000747 ""A pigment cell derived from the neural crest. Contains blue pigment of unknown chemical composition in fibrous organelles termed cyanosomes. This gives a blue appearance." [Sanbi:mhl]") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000088 "FBbt:00004873") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000108 "cholinergic neuron") (subclass CL--0000019 CL--0000015) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000724 "heterocyst") (subclass CL--0000752 CL--0000748) (subclass CL--0000272 CL--0000055) (mo-definition ""OBSOLETE (was not defined before being made obsolete)." []") (subclass CL--0000800 CL--0000812) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000531 "primary sensory neuron") (mo-definition CL--0000037 ""A stem cell from which all cells of the lymphoid and myeloid lineages develop, including blood cells and cells of the immune system." [GOC:add]") (mo-definition CL--0000808 ""An immature T cell in the thymus that has passed the beta-selection checkpoint and is rapidly proliferating and beginning to rearrange the T cell receptor alpha chain." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-definition CL--0000830 ""A basophil precursor in the granulocytic series, being a cell intermediate in development between a myeloblast and myelocyte, and containing a few, as yet undifferentiated, cytoplasmic granules." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass Spore ProkaryoticCell) (mo-definition CL--0000092 ""A specialized phagocytic cell associated with the absorption and removal of bone." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149, PMID:10428500]") (subclass CL--0000681 CL--0000337) (subclass CL--0000531 CL--0000530) (subclass CL--0000350 CL--0000548) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000787 CL--0000785) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000818 ""transitional stage B lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000089 "male germ line stem cell (sensu Vertebrata)") (subclass CL--0000276 CL--0000293) (subclass CL--0000562 CL--0000232) (mo-definition CL--0000630 ""A cell whose primary function is to support other cell types." [FB:ma]") (subclass CL--0000542 CL--0000842) (subclass CL--0000541 CL--0000055) (subclass CL--0000559 CL--0000839) (subclass CL--0000124 CL--0000340) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000845 "marginal zone B cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000300 "FBbt:00005412") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000648 "juxtaglomerular cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000148 "melanocyte") (subclass CL--0000659 CL--0000500) (subclass CL--0000320 CL--0000610) (subclass CL--0000418 CL--0000548) (mo-definition CL--0000819 ""A B cell of distinct lineage and surface marker expression. B-1 B cells are thought to be the primary source of natural IgM immunoglobulin, that is, IgM produced in large quantities without prior antigenic stimulation and generally reactive against various microorganisms, as well as the source of T-independent IgA immunoglobulin in the mucosal areas." [GOC:add, PMID:11861604]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000439 ""mammotropic cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000599 ""A non-motile asexual spore that has not developed by cytoplasmic cleavage (see: sporangiospore ; CL:0000616) or free-cell formation (see: ascospore ; CL:0000607)." [ISBN:08199377X]") (subclass CL--0000106 CL--0000540) (subclass CL--0000575 CL--0000076) (mo-definition CL--0000628 ""A cell that can perform photosynthesis, in which carbohydrates are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water, using light as the energy source." [TAIR:sr]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000735 "lymph gland hemocyte") (subclass CL--0000314 CL--0000151) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000797 ""alpha-beta intraepithelial T-cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000183 ""A cell whose primary function is to shorten." [FB:ma]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000271 ""pstAO" []") (mo-definition CL--0000841 ""A mature cell of the myeloid dendritic cell lineage, characterized by a high capacity for antigen presentation and typically found in a lymph node." [GOC:add, PMID: 9521319]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000265 "anterior like cell") (subclass CL--0000439 CL--0000638) (subclass CL--0000285 CL--0000263) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000797 ""IEL" []") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000040 ""monocyte stem cell" []") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000815 ""suppressor T lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000775 CL--0000518) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000837 CL--0000037) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000557 ""granulocyte-macrophage progenitor" [PMID:15867096, ISBN:0721601464, PMID:15684376]") (mo-definition CL--0000125 ""A non-neuronal cell of the nervous system. They not only provide physical support, but also respond to injury, regulate the ionic and chemical composition of the extracellular milieu. Guide neuronal migration during development, and exchange metabolites with neurons." [MESH:A.08.637]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000506 "enkephalin secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000403 "serotinergic neuron") (mo-definition CL--0000848 ""An olfactory receptor cell in which the apical ending of the dendrite is a knob that bears numerous microvilli." [PMID:16841163]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000052 "totipotent stem cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000136 ""adipocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000115 "endothelial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000124 "glial cell (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000271 "DDANAT:0000022") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000053 "enamel secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000272 CL--0000685) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000526 "afferent neuron") (subclass CL--0000762 BloodCell) (subclass CL--0000492 CL--0000624) (termFormat EnglishLanguage "osteochondroclast") (subclass CL--0000420 CL--0000228) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000084 ""T lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000761 CL--0000749) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000439 ""mammotrope" []") (subclass CL--0000631 CL--0000630) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000831 ""colony forming unit mast cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000612 ""A eosinophil precursor in the granulocytic series, being a cell intermediate in development between a promyelocyte and a metamyelocyte; in this stage, differentiation of cytoplasmic granules has begun." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000798 ""gamma-delta T lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000018 "spermatid") (mo-definition CL--0000703 ""Cell that provides some or all mechanical, nutritional and phagocytic support to their neighbors." [JB:jb]") (mo-definition CL--0000099 ""Most generally any neuron which is not motor or sensory. Interneurons may also refer to neurons whose axons remain within a particular brain region as contrasted with projection neurons which have axons projecting to other brain regions." [MESH:A.08.663.358]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000782 ""DC1" []") (mo-definition CL--0000052 ""A stem cell from which all cells of the body can form." [GOC:add]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000806 ""DN2 alpha-beta immature T lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000826 "pro-B cell") (subclass CL--0000233 CL--0000225) (subclass CL--0000519 CL--0000234) (mo-definition CL--0000815 ""A T cell which regulates overall immune responses as well as the responses of other T cell subsets through direct cell-cell contact and cytokine release." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-definition CL--0000271 ""Cell expressing the ecmA marker from a promoter region that is proximal to the ATG (ecmAO promoter). They are located at the anterior-most region of the slug. During culmination pstA cells differentiate into pstAB cells." [DictyBase:DDB]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000837 "hematopoietic progenitor cell") (mo-definition CL--0000781 ""A specialized multinuclear phagocytic cell associated with the absorption and removal of cementum." [GOC:add, PMID:9415452]") (subclass CL--0000313 CL--0000159) (subclass CL--0000312 CL--0000311) (subclass CL--0000293 CL--0000144) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000634 "Claudius cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000448 CL--0000005) (subclass CL--0000513 CL--0000056) (subclass CL--0000428 CL--0000325) (subclass CL--0000411 CL--0000228) (mo-definition CL--0000689 ""A cell with both myofibrils and secretory granules." [JB:jb]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage Egg "egg") (subclass CL--0000174 CL--0000163) (mo-definition CL--0000610 ""A cell found in seeded plants." [TAIR:syr]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000500 "follicular epithelial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000277 "prestalk I cell") (subclass CL--0000235 CL--0000113) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000545 ""helper T-cell type 1" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000760 "type 8 cone bipolar cell (sensu Mus)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000012 "cell by class") (subclass CL--0000656 CL--0000017) (subclass CL--0000593 CL--0000174) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000037 ""hematopoietic progenitor cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--1000082 "stretch receptor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage develops_from "develops_from") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000113 "mononuclear phagocyte") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000223 ""endoderm cell" []") (subclass CL--0000668 CL--0000610) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000245 "passage cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000507 "endorphin secreting cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000813 ""memory T-lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000382 "scolopidium") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000062 CL--0000375) (subclass CL--0000308 CL--0000325) (subclass CL--0000412 CL--0000414) (subclass CL--0000534 CL--0000099) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000440 ""melanotrope" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000831 ""MCP" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000306 "crystallin accumulating cell") (mo-definition CL--0000598 ""A projection neuron in the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus. Pyramidal cells have a pyramid-shaped soma with the apex and an apical dendrite pointed toward the pial surface and other dendrites and an axon emerging from the base. The axons may have local collaterals but also project outside their cortical region." [MESH:A.]") (mo-definition CL--0000762 ""A nucleated blood cell involved in coagulation, typically seen in birds and other non-mammalian vertebrates." [GOC:add]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000682 "M cell") (subclass CL--0000237 CL--0000240) (subclass CL--0000455 CL--0000325) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000261 "anterior cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000041 ""mature eosinophil leucocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000415 CL--0000414) (subclass CL--0000635 CL--0000630) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000267 "DDANAT:0000003") (subclass CL--0000835 CL--0000839) (subclass CL--0000056 CL--0000055) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000570 CL--0000333) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000756 "type 4 cone bipolar cell (sensu Mus)") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000793 ""CD4-positive, alpha-beta intraepithelial T-cell" []") (mo-alternateID CL--0000009 "CL:0000274") (subclass CL--0000465 CL--0000513) (subclass CL--0000538 CL--0000685) (subclass CL--0000308 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000621 CL--0000056) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000700 "dopaminergic neuron") (mo-definition CL--0000187 ""A mature contractile cell, commonly known as a myocyte, that forms one of three kinds of muscle." [MESH:A.11.620]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000623 CL--0000825) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0001658 "FBbt:00004230") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000393 "electrically responsive cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000214 CL--0000134) (subclass CL--0000809 CL--0000790) (subclass CL--0000204 CL--0000006) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000809 "double-positive, alpha-beta immature T cell") (subclass CL--0000671 CL--0000477) (subclass CL--0000060 CL--0000055) (subclass CL--0000363 CL--0000293) (subclass CL--0000573 CL--0000287) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000380 "thecogen cell") (subclass CL--0000065 CL--0000067) (subclass CL--0000709 CL--0000287) (mo-definition CL--0000798 ""An immature or mature T cell expressing an gamma-delta T cell receptor complex." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (subclass CL--0000508 CL--0000509) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000114 ""surface ectoderm cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--1000085 "stratified non keratinized epithelial stem cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000650 CL--0000134) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000550 ""rubricyte" [ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000020 CL--0000015) (subclass CL--0000216 CL--0000215) (subclass CL--0000803 CL--0000801) (subclass CL--0000085 CL--0000014) (mo-definition CL--0000400 ""An epidermal cell with a characteristic convoluted anticlinal cell wall that gives a jigsaw like appearance to the lamina." [ISBN:087694289]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000738 CL--0000037) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000822 ""B-0 B cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000484 "connective tissue type mast cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000038 ""colony forming unit erythroid" []") (subclass CL--0000008 CL--0000333) (subclass CL--0000504 CL--0000164) (subclass CL--0000532 CL--0000533) (subclass CL--0000526 CL--0000540) (mo-definition CL--0000604 ""One of the two photoreceptor cell types of the vertebrate retina. In rods the photopigment is in stacks of membranous disks separate from the outer cell membrane. Rods are more sensitive to light than cones, but rod mediated vision has less spatial and temporal resolution than cone vision." [MESH:A.08.663.650.650.670.650]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000055 ""blast cell" []") (subclass CL--0000610 CL--0000255) (subclass CL--0000807 CL--0000804) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000133 CL--0000221) (subclass CL--0000188 CL--0000187) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000037 ""colony forming unit hematopoietic" []") (mo-definition CL--0000802 ""A CD8-positive, gamma-delta T cell of the columnar epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract. Intraepithelial T cells often have distinct developmental pathways and activation requirements." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000126 CL--0000339) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000049 CL--0000037) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Refers to an activated mature B lymphocyte phenotype rather than a distinct cell type; consider using 'B cell ; CL:0000236' or one of its children instead.") (mo-definition CL--0000084 ""A type of lymphocyte whose defining characteristic is the expression of a T cell receptor complex." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000397 "gangion interneuron") (subclass CL--0000779 CL--0000783) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000288 "synergid") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000678 "commisural neuron") (subclass CL--0000245 CL--0000610) (mo-definition CL--0000364 ""A cell that develops from the ray initial and composes all rays (panels of tissue variable in height and width, formed by the ray initials in the vascular cambium and extending radially in the secondary xylem and secondary phloem) in the secondary vascular tissues." [ISBN:0471245208]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000499 "stromal cell") (subclass CL--0000644 CL--0000127) (subclass CL--0000109 CL--0000107) (subclass CL--0000472 CL--0000668) (subclass CL--0000705 CL--0000287) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000028 "CNS neuron (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (subclass CL--0000787 CL--0000236) (subclass CL--0000804 CL--0000084) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000232 ""RBC" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000004 "cell by organism") (subclass CL--0000164 CL--0000163) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000458 "serotin secreting cell") (mo-definition CL--0000677 ""Cell of the intestinal epithelium with a brush border made up of many parallel packed microvilli; associated with absorption, particularly of macromolecules." [JB:jb]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000476 ""thyrotroph" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000244 "transitional epithelial cell") (subclass CL--0000120 CL--0000117) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000193 ""heart muscle cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000192 "smooth muscle cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000636 "Muller cell") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000775 ""polynuclear neutrophilic leucocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000186 "myofibroblast cell") (subclass CL--0000009 CL--0000610) (subclass CL--0000432 CL--0000057) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000461 "renin secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000476 "thyroid stimulating hormone secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000676 "cap cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000746 "cardiac muscle cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000372 "tormogen cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000340 "glioblast (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (mo-formatVersion "1.0") (subclass CL--0000154 CL--0000151) (mo-definition CL--0000192 ""A non-striated, elongated, spindle-shaped cell found lining the digestive tract, uterus, and blood vessels. They develop from specialized myoblasts (smooth muscle myoblast)." [MESH:A.11.620.520]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000664 "closable valve cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000581 "peritoneal macrophage") (mo-definition CL--0000264 ""A cambial cell on the phloem side of the cambial zone that is the source of one or more cells arising by periclinal divisions and differentiating into phloem elements with or without additional divisions in various planes." [ISBN:0471245208]") (mo-definition CL--0000565 ""A cell whose primary function is intermediary metabolism." [FB:ma]") (subclass CL--0000422 CL--0000144) (subclass CL--0000080 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000757 CL--0000749) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000445 "apoptosis fated cell") (mo-definition CL--0000223 ""A cell of the inner of the three germ layers of the embryo." [MESH:A.16.254.425.407]") (subclass CL--0000218 CL--0000217) (mo-definition CL--0000317 ""A cell secreting sebun, an oily substance secreted by sebaceous glands, composed of keratin, fat, and cellular debris." [MESH:A.12.200.702]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000706 "choroid plexus epithelial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000623 "natural killer cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000828 "thromboblast") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000771 ""polymorphonuclear leucocyte" []") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000794 ""cytotoxic T-lymphocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000560 ""band form" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000805 "immature single positive T cell") (subclass CL--0000675 CL--0000300) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000038 "erythroid progenitor cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000400 CL--0000538) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000816 ""immature B-lymphocyte" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000766 CL--0000049) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000394 "plasmatocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000588 "odontoclast") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "nodal cardiac cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000140 CL--0000060) (mo-definition CL--0000063 ""A classification of cells by their microscopical appearance." [FB:ma]") (subclass CL--0000323 CL--0000154) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000389 "socket cell (sensu Nematoda)") (subclass CL--0000611 CL--0000839) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000031 "neuroblast") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000582 CL--0000580) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000295 ""somatotropic cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000808 ""DN4 thymocyte" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000624 CL--0000810) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000154 "protein secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000696 "pp cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000764 "erythroid lineage cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000589 "inner hair cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000095 "neuron associated cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000291 "DDANAT:0000029") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "IgM B cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000704 "endothelial tip cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000095 CL--0000133) (subclass CL--0000722 CL--0000586) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000562 ""RBC" []") (subclass CL--0000796 CL--0000797) (mo-definition CL--0000603 ""A fungal cell with two genetically distinct haploid nuclei." [ISBN:08199377X]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000096 ""mature neutrophilic leukocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000545 "T-helper 1 cell") (subclass CL--0000402 CL--0000117) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000328 "myelin accumulating cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000243 CL--0000339) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000469 "ganglion mother cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000338 "neuroblast (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (mo-definition CL--0000844 ""A rapidly cycling mature B cell distinct phenotypic characteristics involved in T-dependent immune responses and found typically in the germinal centers of lymph nodes." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000295 ""somatotrope" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000810 ""SP CD4 cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000752 "cone retinal bipolar cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000415 "diploid cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000373 "FBbt:00001789") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000238 "non keratinizing barrier epithelial cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000807 CL--0000806) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000158 "Clara cell") (subclass CL--0000190 CL--0000188) (subclass CL--0000789 CL--0000084) (mo-definition CL--0000580 ""A neutrophil precursor in the granulocytic series, being a cell intermediate in development between a promyelocyte and a metamyelocyte; in this stage, differentiation of cytoplasmic granules has begun." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-definition CL--0000777 ""A mononuclear phagocyte of the renal glomerular mesangium, of hematopoietic origin." [GOC:add, ISBN:0702022918, ISBN:3540536663, PMID:1600140, PMID:16146841]") (subclass CL--0000613 CL--0000839) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000850 ""5-HT neuron" []") (mo-definition CL--0000091 ""A specialized phagocytic cell of the reticuloendothelial system found on the luminal surface of the hepatic sinusoids." [GOC:add, MESH:A.11.329.372.588]") (subclass CL--0000273 CL--0000269) (subclass CL--0000549 CL--0000765) (subclass CL--0000654 CL--0000023) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000263 ""ameoba" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000026 "nurse cell") (subclass CL--0000232 CL--0000329) (mo-definition CL--0000784 ""A dendritic cell type of distinct morphology, localization, and surface marker expression from other dendritic cell types and associated with early stage immune responses, particularly the release of physiologically abundant amounts of interferon-gamma in response to infection." [GOC:add, PMID:15549123, PMID:15596797]") (subclass CL--0000182 CL--0000417) (subclass CL--0000403 CL--0000107) (subclass CL--0000358 CL--0000192) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000771 ""eosinophilic leukocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000279 "prestalk 0 cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000803 ""CD4-positive, gamma-delta intraepithelial T-lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000513 ""A precursor cell destined to differentiate into cardiac myocytes." [MESH:A.11.635.470]") (subclass CL--0000259 CL--0000263) (mo-remark "$Revision: 1.23 $ Drafted by Jonathan Bard, Michael Ashburner, David States, Seung Y. Rhee, and Pascal Gaudet. Incorporating terms and synonyms from the eVOC cell ontology of Janet Kelso, Win Hide et al. http://www.sanbi.ac.za/evoc/ontologies.html. Hematopoietic cell terms revised by Alexander Diehl, MGI, The Jackson Laboratory. Contact Oliver Hofmann, oliver@sanbi.ac.za, at SANBI, University of the Western Cape.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000291 "spore (sensu Mycetozoa)") (subclass CL--0000758 CL--0000752) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000475 "degenerate megaspore") (subclass CL--0000257 CL--0000255) (mo-definition CL--0000688 ""A fibroblast-like cell that provides support at neuromuscular junctions in vertebrates and are localized outside the synaptic basal lamina." [JB:jb]") (mo-definition CL--0000547 ""An immature, nucleated erythrocyte occupying the stage of erythropoeisis that follows formation of erythroid progenitor cells." [ISBN:0721601464, MESH:A.]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000784 ""interferon-producing cell" []") (subclass CL--0000468 CL--0000047) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000171 "pancreatic A cell") (mo-definition CL--0000772 ""Any of the immature forms of an eosinophil, in which eosinophilic specific granules are present but other phenotypic features of the mature form may be lacking. An eosinophil is a granulocyte that in its mature form has a nucleus that usually has two lobes connected by one or more slender threads of chromatin, and cytoplasm containing coarse, round granules that are uniform in size and which can be stained by the dye eosin." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000506 CL--0000507) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000812 ""mature T lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000365 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000359 CL--0000192) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000776 ""immature neutrophilic leucocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000185 CL--0000183) (subclass CL--0000746 CL--0000187) (subclass CL--0000354 CL--0000048) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000478 "oxytocin stimulating hormone secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000197 "receptor cell") (subclass CL--0000026 CL--0000412) (subclass CL--0000053 CL--0000151) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000474 "FBbt:00003184") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000222 ""mesoderm cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000423 "tip cell") (subclass CL--0000668 CL--0000063) (subclass CL--0000475 CL--0000250) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000613 ""CFU-Bas" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000138 CL--0000058) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000772 ""immature eosinocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000327 CL--0000151) (subclass CL--0000281 CL--0000265) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000629 "storage cell") (mo-definition CL--0000717 ""A subset of motor neurons that innervates intrafusal muscle fibers and has small diameter axons." [PMID:15582775]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000443 "calcitonin secreting cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000369 "single cell sarcomere") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000595 ""red blood cell" []") (subclass CL--0000316 CL--0000272) (subclass CL--0000213 CL--0000215) (mo-definition CL--0000748 ""A bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with photoreceptors cells and neurons in the inner plexiform layer." [PMID:14689473]") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000051 ""ELP" []") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000611 ""eosinophil stem cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000598 "pyramidal cell") (subclass CL--0000781 CL--0000778) (subclass CL--0000545 CL--0000492) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000776 ""immatuer neutrophilic leukocyte" []") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000038 ""erythroid stem cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000775 ""neutrophilic leukocyte" []") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000796 ""intraepithelial lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000485 "mucosal type mast cell") (subclass CL--0000495 CL--0000490) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000611 "eosinophil progenitor cell") (subclass CL--0000068 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0000501 CL--0000174) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000088 "female germ line stem cell (sensu Nematoda and Protostomia)") (subclass CL--0000852 CL--0000630) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000824 ""lymphokine activated killer cell" [PMID:14685782]") (documentation CL--0000762 EnglishLanguage "Note that this is a non-mammalian cell type. Use platelet ; CL:0000233 for thrombocytes (platelets) in mammals.") (subclass CL--0000184 CL--0000548) (mo-definition CL--0000113 ""A vertebrate phagocyte with a single nucleus." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (subclass CL--0000455 CL--0000610) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000666 "fenestrated cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000755 ""DB2 cone bipolar cell" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000030 CL--0000133) (mo-definition CL--0000538 ""A relatively unspecialized cell that will give rise to specialized cell types of the epidermis." [TAIR:lr]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000647 "multinucleated giant cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000381 "FBbt:00005130") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000829 CL--0000613) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000047 "neuronal stem cell") (mo-definition CL--0000832 ""A myeloblast committed to the eosinophil lineage. A myeloblast is the most primitive precursor in the granulocytic series, having fine, evenly distributed chromatin, several nucleoli, and a nongranular basophilic cytoplasm." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000601 "outer hair cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000051 ""lymphopoietic stem cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000614 ""A basophil precursor in the granulocytic series, being a cell intermediate in development between a promyelocyte and a metamyelocyte; in this stage, differentiation of cytoplasmic granules has begun." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-definition CL--0000425 ""Forms the terminal part of the cuticle-lined excretory duct of C. elegans." [JB:jb]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000677 "gut absorptive cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000007 "early embryonic cell") (subclass CL--0000351 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000658 "cuticle secreting cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000399 CL--0000264) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000804 ""immature T-lymphocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000775 ""Any of the immature or mature forms of a granular leukocyte that in its mature form has a nucleus with three to five lobes connected by slender threads of chromatin, and cytoplasm containing fine inconspicuous granules and stainable by neutral dyes." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000802 ""IEL" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000183 "contractile cell") (subclass CL--0000701 CL--0000630) (subclass CL--0000799 CL--0000798) (mo-definition CL--0000499 ""A connective tissue cell of an organ found in the loose connective tissue. These are most often associated with the uterine mucosa and the ovary as well as the hematopoietic system and elsewhere." [MESH:A.11.329.830]") (mo-alternateID CL--0000193 "CL:0000466") (mo-exactSynonym CL--1000274 ""trophectoderm cell" []") (subclass CL--0000113 CL--0000226) (subclass CL--0000511 CL--0000154) (subclass CL--0000682 Cell) (subclass CL--0000429 CL--0000146) (subclass CL--0000514 CL--0000056) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000850 ""5-hydroxytryptamine neuron" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000104 "multipolar neuron") (subclass CL--0000376 CL--0000006) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000077 CL--0000222) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000796 ""IEL" []") (subclass CL--0000366 CL--0000408) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000479 "vasopressin stimulating hormone secreting cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000372 ""socket cell" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000849 ""crypt cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000138 "chondrocyte") (subclass CL--0000392 CL--0000391) (subclass CL--0000171 CL--0000170) (subclass CL--0000454 CL--0000457) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000174 "steroid hormone secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000697 CL--0000287) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000738 ""immune cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000435 "alkali secreting cell") (subclass CL--0000721 CL--0000718) (mo-definition CL--0000835 ""The most primitive precursor in the granulocytic series, having fine, evenly distributed chromatin, several nucleoli, and a nongranular basophilic cytoplasm." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000128 ""oligodendroglia" []") (mo-definition CL--0000293 ""A cell whose primary function is to provide structural support, to provide strength and physical integrity to the organism." [TAIR:sr]") (subclass CL--0000355 CL--0000548) (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000049 ""myeloid stem cell" [ISBN:0878932437]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000266 "meristemoid") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000768 ""immature basophilic leukocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000819 ""B-1 B-lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000126 CL--0000243) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000306 ""lens cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000296 ""Cell type formed after the first mitotic division of the microgametophye, The nucleus of this cell migrates to the tip of the pollen tube after germination and disintegrates when the pollen tube penetrates the nucellus." [ISBN:0140514031, TAIR:lr]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000092 "osteoclast") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000789 ""alpha-beta T-lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000700 CL--0000107) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000189 "slow muscle cell") (subclass CL--0000689 CL--0000163) (mo-definition CL--0000129 ""A small, migratory, phagocytic, interstitial cell of hematopoietic origin found in the central nervous system. Microglial cells are of various forms and may have slender branched processes." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000124 CL--0000125) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000569 "cardiac mesenchymal cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000203 "gravity sensitive cell") (subclass CL--0000013 CL--0000151) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000824 CL--0000823) (subclass CL--0000375 CL--0000035) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000776 CL--0000564) (subclass CL--0000357 CL--0000036) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000625 ""CD8-positive, alpha-beta T-lymphocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000552 ""orthochromatic normoblast" [ISBN:0721601464]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000628 "photosynthetic cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000087 "FBbt:00004861") (subclass CL--0000092 CL--0000518) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000791 "mature alpha-beta T cell") (mo-definition CL--0000805 ""An immature T cell in the thymus that has passed the beta-selection checkpoint and is rapidly proliferating and rearranging the T cell receptor alpha chain and expressing the CD8 coreceptor. This stage comes between the DN4 and DP stages." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000611 CL--0000557) (subclass CL--0000380 CL--0000378) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000782 CL--0000576) (subclass CL--0000706 CL--0000627) (subclass CL--0000769 CL--0000768) (subclass CL--0000594 CL--0000515) (subclass CL--0000638 CL--0000637) (mo-definition CL--0000184 ""A slender, contractile, mesenchymal-like cell found in close association with capillary walls. They are relatively undifferentiated and may become fibroblasts, macrophages, or smooth muscle cells. (From Stedman, 26th ed)." [MESH:A.07.231.330.600]") (subclass CL--0000073 CL--0000548) (subclass CL--0001658 CL--0000149) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000526 ""input neuron" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000541 "melanoblast") (subclass CL--0000843 CL--0000785) (mo-definition CL--0000415 ""A cell whose nucleus has two haploid genomes." [FB:ma]") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000337 ""neuroblast" []") (mo-definition CL--0000527 ""A neuron which sends impulses peripherally to activate muscles or secretory cells." [MESH:A.08.663.655]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000710 "neuroepithelial cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000102 "polymodal neuron") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000768 ""immature basophilic leucocyte" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000047 CL--0000133) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000516 CL--0000339) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000169 "pancreatic B cell") (mo-definition CL--0000752 ""A bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with cone photoreceptor cells and neurons in the inner plexiform layer." [PMID:14689473]") (subclass CL--0000132 CL--0000115) (mo-definition CL--0000475 ""In monosporic and bisporic megasporogenesis: the megaspore(s) that do not participate in megagametogenesis." [TAIR:lr]") (subclass CL--0000565 CL--0000181) (subclass CL--0000365 CL--0000610) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000797 ""alpha-beta intraepithelial T-lymphocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000730 CL--0000066) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000477 "follicle cell") (subclass CL--0000034 CL--0000012) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000381 "neurosecretory neuron") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000087 "FBbt:00004929") (subclass CL--0000146 CL--0000075) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000370 "transfer cell") (mo-definition CL--0000685 ""A cell synthesizing protoplasm and producing new cells by division and with only a primary cell wall." [PO:0004010]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000610 "plant cell") (subclass CL--0000525 CL--0000228) (subclass CL--0000762 CL--0000763) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000200 "touch receptor cell") (mo-definition CL--0000757 ""An ON-bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with cone photoreceptors cells and neurons in the inner half of the inner plexiform layer. The axon terminal is restricted to sublamina 3 of the inner plexiform layer. It is narrowly stratified and branched. The dendritic tree has many delicate branches." [PMID:14689473]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000122 "stellate cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000546 ""TH2 cell" []") (subclass CL--0000773 CL--0000772) (subclass CL--0000533 CL--0000100) (subclass CL--0000129 CL--0000235) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000790 ""immature alpha-beta T lymphocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000006 "receptor cell (sensu Animalia)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000774 "band form eosinophil") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000051 CL--0000037) (mo-definition CL--0000040 ""A progenitor cell committed to the monocyte lineage." [GOC:add, http://www.copewithcytokines.de]") (subclass CL--0000830 CL--0000836) (subclass CL--0000405 CL--0000338) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000607 "FAO:0000020") (mo-definition CL--0000831 ""A progenitor cell of the mast cell lineage." [GOC:add, http://www.copewithcytokines.de, PMID:16006518, PMID:16330751, PMID:8629001, PMID:9354811]") (mo-definition CL--0000857 ""A skeletal muscle myoblast that differentiates into slow muscle fibers." [SANBI:mhl]") (subclass CL--0000370 CL--0000668) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000224 "cell by nuclear number") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000657 "secondary spermatocyte") (mo-definition CL--0000754 ""An OFF-bipolar neuron found in the retina and having connections with cone photoreceptors cells and neurons in the outer half of the inner plexiform layer. The dendritic tree is not well filled and the dendrites are more delicate than in type 1 cells. The axon terminal is bushier and exhibits a dense plexus of varicosities in the inner part of sublamina 1." [PMID:14689473]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000614 "basophilic myelocyte") (mo-definition CL--0000290 ""A fiber of the xylem tissue, Two types are recognized in the secondary xylem: fiber tracheids and libriform fibers." [ISBN:0471245208]") (subclass CL--0000236 CL--0000542) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000453 "Langerhans cell") (mo-alternateID CL--0000051 "CL:0000044") (mo-narrowSynonym CL--0000827 ""DN1 thymocyte" []") (mo-definition CL--0000558 ""An immature erythrocyte showing a basophilic reticulum under vital staining." [GOC:add, ISBN:0721601464]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000597 "microconidium") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000442 "follicular dendritic cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000799 CL--0000806) (subclass CL--0000232 CL--0000764) (mo-definition CL--0000818 ""An immature B cell of an intermediate stage between the pre-B cell stage and the mature nave stage. Transitional B cells express surface immunoglobulin, and are subject to the process of B cell selection." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000050 CL--0000049) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000280 "generative cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000788 ""nave B-cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000810 ""An immature T cell in the thymus expressing the alpha-beta T cell receptor complex as well as the CD4 coreceptors." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000198 "pain receptor cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000552 ""pyknotic erythroblast" [ISBN:0721601464]") (subclass CL--0000289 CL--0000732) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000702 "R5 photoreceptor cell") (subclass CL--0000295 CL--0000167) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000730 "leading edge cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000398 "FBbt:00001691") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000565 "fat body cell") (subclass CL--0000361 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000410 "CNS long range interneuron") (subclass CL--0000766 CL--0000763) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000763 "myeloid cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000019 ""spermatozoid" []") (subclass CL--0000592 CL--0000177) (mo-definition CL--0000609 ""A mechanoreceptor located in the acoustic maculae and the semicircular canals that mediates the sense of balance, movement, and head position. The vestibular hair cells are connected to accessory structures in such a way that movements of the head displace their stereocilia. This influences the membrane potential of the cells which relay information about movements via the vestibular part of the vestibulocochlear nerve to the brain stem." [MESH:A.08.663.650.250.380]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000188 ""striated muscle cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "paraganglial cell") (subclass CL--0000252 CL--0000015) (subclass CL--0000442 CL--0000473) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000560 "band form neutrophil") (subclass CL--0000648 CL--0000192) (subclass CL--0000706 CL--0000065) (subclass CL--0000047 CL--0000048) (subclass CL--1000274 CL--0000349) (subclass CL--0000038 CL--0000839) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000173 "pancreatic D cell") (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000468 "FBbt:00005147") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000311 "keratin accumulating cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000090 "female germ line stem cell (sensu Vertebrata)") (mo-definition CL--0000020 ""An euploid male germ cell of an early stage of spermatogenesis." [MESH:A.05.360.490.890.900]") (subclass CL--0000764 CL--0000763) (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000815 ""suppressor T-cell" []") (subclass CL--0000205 CL--0000006) (subclass CL--0000738 CL--0000473) (mo-definition CL--0000224 ""A classification of cells by the number of their nuclei." [FB:ma]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000580 "neutrophilic myelocyte") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000135 CL--0000005) (subclass CL--0000749 CL--0000748) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Default namespace for the ontology.") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000546 ""helper T-lymphocyte type 2" []") (subclass CL--0000592 CL--0000175) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000656 "primary spermatocyte") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000757 ""DB4 cone bipolar cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000799 ""An immature T cell expressing an gamma-delta T cell receptor complex." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000770 "band form basophil") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000463 CL--0000464) (subclass CL--0000007 CL--0000548) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000051 "common lymphocyte progenitor") (subclass CL--0000170 CL--0000167) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000252 CL--0000248) (subclass CL--0000160 CL--0000319) (subclass CL--0000758 CL--0000749) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000048 "multi fate stem cell") (subclass CL--0000414 CL--0000012) (subclass CL--0000627 CL--0000144) (mo-definition CL--0000286 ""A cell of a filament of a fungal mycelium." [ISBN:08199377X]") (subclass CL--0000043 CL--0000767) (subclass CL--0000726 CL--0000605) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000127 "astrocyte") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000414 "cell by ploidy") (subclass CL--0000634 CL--0000066) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000758 ""DB5 cone bipolar cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000668 "parenchymal cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000546 ""helper T cell type 2" []") (subclass CL--0000310 CL--0000308) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000701 "paraganglia type 2 cell") (subclass CL--0000733 CL--0000394) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000267 "prespore cell") (subclass CL--0000550 CL--0000765) (subclass CL--0000699 CL--0000165) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000740 ""RGC" []") (subclass CL--0000039 CL--0000144) (mo-definition CL--0000243 ""A non-neuronal cells of the nervous system. They not only provide physical support, but also respond to injury, regulate the ionic and chemical composition of the extracellular milieu. Form the myelin insulation of nervous pathways, guide neuronal migration during development, and exchange metabolites with neurons. Neuroglia have high-affinity transmitter uptake systems, voltage-dependent and transmitter-gated ion channels, and can release transmitters, but their role in signaling (as in many other functions) is unclear." [MESH:A.08.637]") (subclass CL--0000266 CL--0000723) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000638 ""alpha cell" []") (subclass CL--0000127 CL--0000126) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000153 "GAG secreting cell") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000570 ""C cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000790 "immature alpha-beta T cell") (subclass CL--0000339 CL--0000030) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000019 ""sperm cell" []") (mo-definition CL--0000789 ""An immature or mature T cell expressing an alpha-beta T cell receptor complex." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-definition CL--0000692 ""A neuroglial cell of the peripheral nervous system inside the basal lamina of the neuromuscular junction providing chemical and physical support to the synapse." [JB:jb]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage "cytotoxic T cell") (subclass CL--0000554 CL--0000167) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000796 "CD8 positive, alpha-beta intraepithelial T cell") (mo-autoGeneratedBy "OBO-Edit 1.100-beta16") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000655 "secondary oocyte") (subclass CL--0000486 CL--0000519) (mo-definition CL--0000817 ""A fully committed immature B cell that expresses the pre-B cell receptor." [GOC:add, ISBN:0781735149]") (mo-definition CL--0000473 ""A cell whose primary function is to protect the organism." [JB:jb]") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000084 ""T-cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000255 "eukaryotic cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000284 "companion cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000468 "neuroglioblast") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000623 ""large granular lymphocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000775 ""neutrocyte" []") (subclass CL--0000842 CL--0000738) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000685 "meristematic cell") (subclass CL--0000782 CL--0000451) (mo-definition CL--0000422 ""A cell whose primary function is to cause growth by stimulating cell division in its immediate cellular environment." [FB:ma]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--1000274 "trophectodermal cell") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000049 ""multipotential myeloid stem cell" [ISBN:0878932437]") (mo-definition CL--0000700 ""A neuron that releases dopamine as a neurotransmitter." [CL:dhill]") (subclass CL--0000042 CL--0000835) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000560 ""stab cell" []") (subclass CL--0000111 CL--0000029) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000206 "chemoreceptor cell") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000413 "haploid cell") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000096 CL--0000776) (mo-xrefAnalogous CL--0000019 "FBbt:00004954") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000467 ""corticotrope" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000232 ""red blood cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000014 "germ line stem cell") (subclass CL--0000134 CL--0000063) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000784 ""DC2" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000084 "T cell") (mo-broadSynonym CL--0000782 ""veiled cell" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000516 "perineuronal satellite cell") (subclass CL--0000338 CL--0000031) (subclass CL--0000136 CL--0000325) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000043 ""mature basophil leucocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000785 ""mature B-cell" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000569 CL--0000011) (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000026 CL--0000722) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000557 ""CFU-GM" [PMID:15867096, ISBN:0721601464, PMID:15684376]") (mo-definition CL--0000277 ""Initial population of prestalk cells that activate the ecmA promoter at the mound stage and that presumably further differentiate into pstA and pstO cells." [DictyBase:DDB]") (mo-definition CL--0000568 ""A cell that develops from primitive cell types in the neural crest. During ontogeny they migrate to the foregut and specific locations of the neuroendocrine system. Properly located these cells form part of the normal hormone producing tissues of the neuroendocrine system. If misdirected these cells may become hyperplastic, adenomatous, or malignant." [MESH:A.11.070]") (mo-relatedSynonym CL--0000295 ""somatotroph" []") (owl-someValuesFrom CL--0000826 CL--0000051) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000622 "acinar cell") (subclass CL--0000077 CL--0000213) (subclass CL--0000271 CL--0000269) (subclass CL--0000524 CL--0000521) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000767 ""basophilic leukocyte" []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000690 "R2 photoreceptor cell") (subclass CL--0000702 CL--0000287) (subclass CL--0000624 CL--0000791) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CL--0000830 "basophilic promyelocyte") (subclass CL--0000587 CL--0000205) (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000785 ""mature B-lymphocyte" []") (mo-exactSynonym CL--0000792 ""CD4-positive, CD25-positive, alpha-beta regulatory T-cell" []")