(subclass CARO--0000055 AnatomicalStructure) (subclass CARO--0000007 CARO--0000000) (subclass CARO--0000010 CARO--0000007) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Represents the transitive property. (Typedefs only)") (subclass CARO--0000065 CARO--0000040) (subclass CARO--0000029 CARO--0000012) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Default namespace for the ontology.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage Smo-inSubset "inSubset") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000019 "compound organ component") (subclass CARO--0000069 CARO--0000066) (termFormat EnglishLanguage part "part_of") (mo-definition CARO--0000067 ""Unilaminar epithelium that consists of a single layer of cuboidal cells." [CARO:MAH]") (subclass CARO--0000011 CARO--0000054) (mo-definition CARO--0000077 ""Cell which has as its part a cytoskeleton that allows for tight cell to cell contact and which has apical-basal cell polarity." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000066 "epithelium") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000029 "hermaphroditic organism") (mo-definition CARO--0000049 ""Sequential hermaphroditic organism that produces gametes first of the male sex, and then later of the female sex." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-savedDateTime "16:02:2007 12:38") (subclass CARO--0000073 CARO--0000066) (mo-definition CARO--0000012 ""Anatomical structure that is an individual member of a species and consists of more than one cell." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-definition CARO--0000062 ""Anatomical space that is part of a cell." [CARO:mah]") (mo-definition CARO--0000065 ""Acellular anatomical structure that consists of a thin sheet of fibrous proteins that underlie and support the cells of an epithelium. It separates the cells of an epithelium from any underlying tissue." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-definition CARO--0000054 ""Anatomical structure consisting of at least two non-overlapping organs, multi-tissue aggregates or portion of tissues or cells of different types that does not constitute an organism, organ, multi-tissue aggregate, or portion of tissue." [CARO:MAH]") (documentation EnglishLanguage "The user who last edited the ontology.") (mo-synonym CARO--0000029 ""dioecious organism" RELATED []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000077 "epithelial cell") (subclass CARO--0000074 CARO--0000024) (mo-definition CARO--0000008 ""Non-material anatomical entity of one dimension, which forms a boundary of an anatomical surface or is a modulation of an anatomical surface." [CARO:MAH]") (subclass CARO--0000004 CARO--0000006) (subclass Male CARO--0000048) (subclass CARO--0000019 CARO--0000055) (subclass CARO--0000063 CARO--0000004) (mo-definition CARO--0000042 ""Anatomical structure that is contiguous with the embryo and is comprised of portions of tissue or cells that will not contribute to the embryo." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000014 "cell component") (mo-definition CARO--0000072 ""Compound organ that contains one or more macroscopic anatomical spaces." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000000 "anatomical entity") (mo-synonym CARO--0000048 ""monoecious organism" RELATED []") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000070 "simple squamous epithelium") (subclass CARO--0000049 CARO--0000045) (instance Smo-inSubset BinaryRelation) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000064 "single cell organism") (subclass CARO--0000012 AnatomicalStructure) (subclass CARO--0000050 CARO--0000045) (subclass CARO--0000021 CARO--0000055) (mo-definition CARO--0000071 ""Epithelium that consists of epithelial cells not arranged in one ore more layers." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-defaultNamespace "caro") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000008 "anatomical line") (subclass Female CARO--0000048) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Version of data in the ontology.") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Represents the cyclic property. (Typedefs only)") (subclass CARO--0000041 CARO--0000054) (mo-definition CARO--0000021 ""Multi-tissue structure that is not part of a compound organ." [CARO:MAH]") (subclass CARO--0000054 AnatomicalStructure) (mo-definition AnatomicalStructure ""Material anatomical entity that has inherent 3D shape and is generated by coordinated expression of the organism's own genome." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-unidentified "namespace-id-rule: * CARO:$sequence(7)$") (mo-definition CARO--0000050 ""Sequential hermaphroditic organism that produces gametes first of the female sex, and then later of the male sex." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000073 "unilaminar epithelium") (mo-unidentified "pairwise-disjoint: true") (mo-definition CARO--0000006 ""Anatomical entity that has mass." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-definition CARO--0000014 ""Anatomical structure that is a direct part of the cell." [CARO:MAH]") (subclass CARO--0000024 AnatomicalStructure) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000048 "gonochoristic organism") (instance part Sowl-TransitiveProperty) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000071 "atypical epithelium") (documentation EnglishLanguage "The program used to generate the ontology.") (subclass CARO--0000040 AnatomicalStructure) (mo-definition CARO--0000064 ""Cell that is an individual member of a species." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-synonym CARO--0000046 ""serially hermaphroditic organism" RELATED []") (owl-someValuesFrom CARO--0000019 CARO--0000024) (subclass CARO--0000077 Cell) (subclass CARO--0000014 AnatomicalStructure) (instance part BinaryRelation) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Represents the symmetric property. (Typedefs only)") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000021 "simple organ") (termFormat EnglishLanguage Male "male organism") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000040 "acellular anatomical structure") (termFormat EnglishLanguage Cell "cell") (subclass CARO--0000042 AnatomicalStructure) (mo-definition CARO--0000063 ""Portion of organism substance located within a cell." [CARO:mah]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000069 "multilaminar epithelium") (documentation Smo-Subset EnglishLanguage "Subset of OBO terms from the ontology.") (mo-definition CARO--0000029 ""Multi-cellular organism that can produce both male and female gametes." [CARO:MAH]") (subclass Cell AnatomicalStructure) (documentation Smo-definedSubset EnglishLanguage "Subset defined for the ontology.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000024 "compound organ") (mo-definition CARO--0000024 ""Anatomical structure that has as its parts two or more multi-tissue structures of at least two different types and which through specific morphogenetic processes forms a single distinct structural unit demarcated by bona fide boundaries from other distinct anatomical structures of different types." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000007 "immaterial anatomical entity") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000005 "anatomical space") (subclass CARO--0000064 Cell) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000006 "material anatomical entity") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000050 "protogynous hermaphroditic organism") (mo-definition CARO--0000019 ""Multi-tissue structure that is part of a compound organ." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000045 "sequential hermaphroditic organism") (subclass CARO--0000008 CARO--0000007) (termFormat EnglishLanguage AnatomicalStructure "anatomical structure") (subclass CARO--0000009 CARO--0000007) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000004 "portion of organism substance") (mo-definition CARO--0000005 ""Non-material anatomical entity of three dimensions, that is generated by morphogenetic or other physiologic processes; is surrounded by one or more anatomical structures; contains one or more organism substances or anatomical structures." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000062 "cell space") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000072 "cavitated compound organ") (mo-definition CARO--0000010 ""Non-material anatomical entity of two dimensions, that is demarcated by anatomical lines or points on the external or internal surfaces of anatomical structures." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-formatVersion "1.2") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000010 "anatomical surface") (domain Smo-definedSubset 2 Smo-Subset) (mo-definition CARO--0000041 ""Anatomical group that has its parts adjacent to one another." [CARO:MAH]") (subclass CARO--0000005 CARO--0000007) (mo-definition CARO--0000007 ""Anatomical entity that has no mass." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000042 "extraembryonic structure") (subclass CARO--0000046 CARO--0000029) (subclass CARO--0000045 CARO--0000029) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000009 "anatomical point") (subclass CARO--0000043 AnatomicalStructure) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000012 "multi-cellular organism") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000049 "protandrous hermaphroditic organism") (subclass AnatomicalStructure CARO--0000006) (mo-definition Cell ""Anatomical structure that has as its parts a maximally connected cell compartment surrounded by a plasma membrane." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-definition CARO--0000045 ""Hermaphroditic organism that produces gametes first of one sex, and then later of the other sex." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-definition Male ""Gonochoristic organism that can produce male gametes." [CARO:MAH]") (subclass CARO--0000030 CARO--0000012) (mo-definition CARO--0000070 ""Unilaminar epithelium that consists of a single layer of squamous cells." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-definition CARO--0000040 ""Anatomical structure that consists of cell parts and cell substances and together does not constitute a cell or a tissue." [CARO:MAH]") (subclass CARO--0000066 CARO--0000043) (documentation EnglishLanguage "Version of OBO format.") (mo-definition CARO--0000074 ""Compound organ that does not contain macroscopic anatomical spaces." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000055 "multi-tissue structure") (mo-definition CARO--0000069 ""Epithelium that consists of more than one layer of epithelial cells." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-definition CARO--0000043 ""Anatomical structure, that consists of similar cells and intercellular matrix, aggregated according to genetically determined spatial relationships." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000068 "simple columnar epithlium") (mo-definition CARO--0000011 ""Anatomical group that is has as its parts distinct anatomical structures interconnected by anatomical structures at a lower level of granularity." [CARO:MAH]") (documentation EnglishLanguage "General comments on the ontology.") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000074 "solid compound organ") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000054 "anatomical group") (mo-autoGeneratedBy "OBO-Edit 1.100-beta19") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000030 "asexual organism") (documentation EnglishLanguage "A namespace defined for use in the ontology.") (mo-savedBy "Melissa Haendel") (termFormat EnglishLanguage Smo-definedSubset "definedSubset") (subclass CARO--0000071 CARO--0000066) (subclass CARO--0000032 AnatomicalStructure) (mo-definedNamespace "caro") (termFormat EnglishLanguage Smo-Subset "Subset") (mo-definition CARO--0000073 ""Epithelium that consists of a single layer of epithelial cells." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-definition CARO--0000032 ""Anatomical structure which is a primary subdivision of whole organism. The mereological sum of these is the whole organism." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-definition CARO--0000004 ""Material anatomical entity in a gaseous, liquid, semisolid or solid state; produced by anatomical structures or derived from inhaled and ingested substances that have been modified by anatomical structures as they pass through the body." [CARO:MAH]") (domain Smo-inSubset 2 Smo-Subset) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000011 "anatomical system") (instance Smo-definedSubset BinaryRelation) (subclass CARO--0000062 CARO--0000005) (documentation Smo-inSubset EnglishLanguage "Declares a term/typedef to be in a subset.") (subclass CARO--0000006 CARO--0000000) (mo-definition CARO--0000030 ""Multi-cellular organism that does not produce gametes." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000041 "anatomical cluster") (subclass CARO--0000067 CARO--0000073) (mo-definition CARO--0000046 ""Hermaphroditic organism that produces both male and female gametes at the same time." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000067 "simple cuboidal epithelium") (mo-definition Female ""Gonochoristic organism that can produce female gametes." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-synonym CARO--0000045 ""consecutive hermaphroditic organism" RELATED []") (mo-definition CARO--0000000 ""Biological entity that is either an individual member of a biological species or constitutes the structural organization of an individual member of a biological species." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000063 "portion of cell substance") (documentation EnglishLanguage "Date/time of last edit and save.") (mo-definition CARO--0000066 ""Portion of tissue, that consists of one or more layers of epithelial cells connected to each other by cell junctions and which is underlain by a basal lamina." [CARO:MAH]") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000043 "portion of tissue") (mo-definition CARO--0000055 ""Anatomical structure that has as its parts two or more portions of tissue of at least two different types and which through specific morphogenetic processes forms a single distinct structural unit demarcated by bona-fide boundaries from other distinct structural units of different types." [CARO:MAH]") (subclass CARO--0000070 CARO--0000073) (subclass CARO--0000072 CARO--0000024) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000032 "organism subdivision") (mo-definition CARO--0000068 ""Unilaminar epithelium that consists of a single layer of columnar cells." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-definition CARO--0000048 ""Multi-cellular organism that has male and female sexes." [CARO:MAH]") (mo-definition CARO--0000009 ""Non-material anatomical entity of zero dimension, which forms a boundary of an anatomical line or surface." [CARO:MAH]") (subclass CARO--0000048 CARO--0000012) (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000046 "synchronous hermaphroditic organism") (owl-someValuesFrom CARO--0000014 Cell) (subclass CARO--0000068 CARO--0000073) (termFormat EnglishLanguage Female "female organism") (termFormat EnglishLanguage CARO--0000065 "basal lamina") (owl-AnnotationProperty "null")